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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Most Amazing Day

July 19, 2013

Momma! Daddy!

Oh my goodness!  I could not have asked for a more amazing day!  ATTENTION!  It was so, so, cool!  So it was P-Day and since we didn't have temple time because it is closed (BOO!) we just had a ton of personal time.  So we did laundry (there was a lot!) and e-mailed (thank you both!  I LOVE the letters and e-mails!).  Just basically a fun, productive P-Day!

The best part came after dinner when we did our TRC.  We knew nothing about the girl we were teaching so Sister Painter and I just got to know her a little bit.  She is from Indiana, going into pediatric nursing, going to BYU for the summer semester because her cousin dragged her here, and she has been less active since she was 14.  She told us it was her 2nd time at TRC, her cousin got her to go.  She felt the spirit last week with the elders who taught her and she had gone to church after the elder invited her.  Oh my goodness!
Both Sister Painter and I had an AH-HA moment!  It was amazing!  She asked how she could feel the spirit again so I read her Moroni 10:4 and told her if she would pray like it says then the spirit would come.  We shared the love that the Lord has for her and promised (side note: This is the first time I have ever felt like I could  really promise an investigator something and KNOW  the Lord would keep my promise!  SO COOL!) that if she would pray and read the scriptures the spirit would be with her always.  Both Sister Painter and I felt the spirit telling us what to say and do.  We asked if she would pray and she did - - even though she was nervous.  She thanked the Lord for helping her feel the spirit again and asked if she could keep feeling it!  It was SO amazing!  THIS is why I am a missionary!  It makes me so excited to get out to Georgia and have more of these experience!  Well I was just so happy and excited that I wanted to tell you both ☺ I love you lots!

Molly's MTC District!!

This is Sister Hooker, Molly (Sister George) and Sister Painter
She said they took it because they were all wearing mint green.

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