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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Most Amazing Day

July 19, 2013

Momma! Daddy!

Oh my goodness!  I could not have asked for a more amazing day!  ATTENTION!  It was so, so, cool!  So it was P-Day and since we didn't have temple time because it is closed (BOO!) we just had a ton of personal time.  So we did laundry (there was a lot!) and e-mailed (thank you both!  I LOVE the letters and e-mails!).  Just basically a fun, productive P-Day!

The best part came after dinner when we did our TRC.  We knew nothing about the girl we were teaching so Sister Painter and I just got to know her a little bit.  She is from Indiana, going into pediatric nursing, going to BYU for the summer semester because her cousin dragged her here, and she has been less active since she was 14.  She told us it was her 2nd time at TRC, her cousin got her to go.  She felt the spirit last week with the elders who taught her and she had gone to church after the elder invited her.  Oh my goodness!
Both Sister Painter and I had an AH-HA moment!  It was amazing!  She asked how she could feel the spirit again so I read her Moroni 10:4 and told her if she would pray like it says then the spirit would come.  We shared the love that the Lord has for her and promised (side note: This is the first time I have ever felt like I could  really promise an investigator something and KNOW  the Lord would keep my promise!  SO COOL!) that if she would pray and read the scriptures the spirit would be with her always.  Both Sister Painter and I felt the spirit telling us what to say and do.  We asked if she would pray and she did - - even though she was nervous.  She thanked the Lord for helping her feel the spirit again and asked if she could keep feeling it!  It was SO amazing!  THIS is why I am a missionary!  It makes me so excited to get out to Georgia and have more of these experience!  Well I was just so happy and excited that I wanted to tell you both ☺ I love you lots!

Molly's MTC District!!

This is Sister Hooker, Molly (Sister George) and Sister Painter
She said they took it because they were all wearing mint green.

First P-day email!

Molly did actually email us as well as hand write letters.  This is from her first email which happened to be on Friday.  So really only 2-3 day's after she left us.

July 19, 2013

Mommy Dearest!

Oh my goodness how I love, love, LOVE mail!!! I love snail mail the most but I really really do like e-mails too :) If the letter that you handed the guy at the airport was from the day before I left then yes, I got it! I really hoped that somehow I would get a letter but then I wasn't so sure so I just kept telling myself that I wasn't going to get one, I'm so happy that I was wrong!!!

That is so very much fun that Nanners got to fly the plane! I bet that none of the rest of us will ever be able to say that! Ninny may not have been able to fly the plane but she sure had fun in the front! She would have loved it a ton if she had been able to though!

I'm glad that Lacey really does love me so much that she will miss me. I know that we have had a rocky relationship sometimes and a great relationship other times. It is good to know that our good outweighs the bad for the most part! I really do love her lots and lots and I know that I really don't tell her that even kind of enough! Dang it! Now I might start crying in the computer lab! Luckily it's pretty empty! It is kind of hard knowing that Gabe and Lacey are just over the fence but I can't see them! If I look hard enough I can see Helaman Halls through my window. I try not to think that they are just a 2 minute walk away!

I'm glad that the peas are growing! Yay for peas! I think that is one thing that I miss a lot even just after a few days is not having fresh garden food! It's not bad here, but I like my momma's cooking best!

I know that it is really hard with Daddy's surgery and I don't want you to be stressed and worried about it Momma!  If I have learned one thing here it is that the Lord blesses us in ways that we didn't even thing were possible!  I love learning about Christ every single day!  Who would have thought how fun it could be ?!?!  I love it here!  I love all my little 18 year old elders in my district!  And yes, every  single one of them is 18!  I love it though!  All of the sisters in my district are 20 so that is kind of fun.  Wanna know a way that I found out how stinkin' small this world is?  Tell Grandma that my companion is Sister Painter . . . . Guess where she is from. . . .   YUP!  Grantsville!  I'm sure that you know her family too.  It's funny how things work out like that!  Small, small world!

I have had the hardest time not just pulling out my phone to text you when something funny happens or I just want to talk, so because of this, you have a (so far) 2 page letter coming to you! I know it will be way longer than that by the time I am finished with it though! Plus that letter isn't timed so I don't have to cram everything I can into an e-mail! Are you going to save all my letters and put them in a binder? I sure hope so! Cause I'm saving all of mine!

Well my beautiful Momma, My time is almost up! That darn little times is a ticking away and I want to be able to send this thing to you before it kicks me out! I love, love, love you with all my heart and I pray for you, and daddy, and the kiddos! Write me cause dang it is fun to get handed a letter and rip that thing open!


Brad got a letter too and email that was separate from mine.  We'll just let him keep that to himself!  Hannah, Syd, Lace, and Gabe got one that was hand written.  Those are in her book of letters.  If you want to read them I guess you will have to just come visit us!

MTC Mail Continued

So actually Molly just kept writing a seriously long letter.  The first part was posted as MTC letters.  However that was only the first part.  She kept that letter going for 4 more pages.  Here goes the next part which accounts for day 2 and so on in the MTC.

July 11, 2013

Oh my goodness!  Today was the longest day ever!  At 1:00 I could have sworn it was 5 and then I just really wanted to go to sleep!  Oh I was so tired the whole day!  It was a way great day though!  I have at times had that annoying "What am I doing here?!?" thought but then I just have to think shame on me!  I'm not here for me!  I 'm here because of the Lord and the people of Georgia!

July 12, 2013

I'm just shoving in writing wherever I can!  Luckily today is P-day so I have time to finish this thing!  But I might just continue it cause they stop picking up mail at 2 on Fridays and you have to wait until Monday.  Last night we did interviews with our Branch President, President Born.  He is so sweet!  I love him lots!  Elder Zimmerman got called as our district leader last night so we finally got mail today! :)  Yay for letters!  Keep 'em coming!  It's crazy how important it is to me that I get them and I have only been here 3 days!

We taught our first investigator today.  It was an awesome experience.

So P-day has been way awesome!  I love wearing my jeans, though after wearing skirts for 3 days straight it feels a little weird.  They aren't as strict about the dress code here as was thought.  I don't have to wear nylons! Yay!  None of the sisters or the sister teachers do.

I love, love, love Sister Pendleton!  She is so much fun.  It is way fun to talk with her!  I feel bad because she is having a hard time being a solo sister.  I don't blame her!  I think it would be way tough.  There were supposed to be 3 other sisters with her but their mission president changed them all to English speaking.

We got our travel info today!!!  Yay!  We leave here at 3:30 am on Tuesday the 23rd.  Our flight is at 7 am.  there are 31 of us flying together!  Crazy!  So expect a quick phone call early in the mornin'. :)  Luckily I'm sure you will be up!  It will be fun to hear your voice and daddy's and the little girls if they wake up!

July 13, 2013

Oh my goodness!  This day has been insane!  I woke up and it was super fabulous!  Then we had comp and personal study and that went great!  Breakfast was so much fun because I was with my whole district and we just talked and laughed together.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the elders and sisters of my district.

After breakfast we taught our second lesson to our investigator Jeffery.  Our first lesson went ok but he just thought it was cool learning about different churches, he didn't really care about joining or feeling the spirit.  Our goal was to have him pray so that he could learn for himself but he didn't want to.  It's amazing how much love you have for them and how much you just want with all your heart for them to accept your message.  He wouldn't pray the first time and I knew it was the best way to get him to feel the spirit so it made me so frustrated!  But, we got him to pray today!  Yay!  It was great!

After our lesson we had more study time so we planned our next lesson for Monday.  We found what he needed and I think we planned a really great lesson.  Then we got to go exercise, it was great!  Being cooped up too long can totally stress you out.  Then we at hamburgers. YUM!  Though not as good as homemade ones.

After lunch we had more class.   We talked about the restoration and the whole process of the restoration and how to teach that to investigators.  Then we had more companionship study.

July 14, 2013

Sunday has been awesome.  It's a little more relaxed and we have quite a bit of time for ourselves.  We had a devotional tonight and we sat by the ASL interpreters so that Sis. Pendleton could practice.  It was SO cool!  I loved it!  I feel like I have been here for years and then I look and realize I only have one Sunday left!  Oh!  It is so very exciting!  Well, the mail will be picked up tomorrow so I will end this letter and send it off to you!  Six pages for the first letter has got to be some kind of record!  I love, love, love, you!


Monday, July 29, 2013

MTC Letters!

I know this is a little late.  Molly writes emails as well as handwritten letters.  This is a letter that she started to our family on July 10th (the day she arrived at the MTC).  It is handwritten but I thought I would type it in here just as she wrote it - - exclamation points and all!

July 10, 2013

Hello, Hello, Momma and Daddy!!!

Oh my goodness I can't believe that it was only a little while ago that we said goodbye to each other!  This has been a most exhausting and spirit filled day?  Oh and what a small world!  So after you dropped me off and cute Sister Cauldwell (I'm pretty positive that was her name . . . it did start with a C, I know that!)showed me around, (we had some class together at USU, we just couldn't figure out what class!) I went to my classroom to meet my district.  There are 12 of us, 6 sisters, and 6 elders and I love them all!  Okay, now back to my small world comment.  My envelop that has all my info on  it said my companion's name is Sister Paislee Painter.  She came in later and we started talking . . . .   Guess where she is from . . . Yup Grantsville!  And yes she does know Grandma!  Crazy!  That is why it is a small world!  I like Sister Painter!

After the classroom we went to the Meet the President meeting thing.  It was fun.  Then dinner (at 4:15!  I wasn't even hungry!) and then we did the teaching experience.  That was way cool!  Also VERY overwhelming!  Oh my golly I am so not prepared!  Some of the Elders were amazing and all I could thing was it would be really nice if they could share their gospel knowledge a little bit then I would really be grateful!  Then we went back to the classrooms, talked some more and then went to the dorms.

One sister in our rooms is ASL (American Sign Language).  JEALOUS!!   The other 2 sisters leave in the morning at 1 a.m.  Sister Pendleton (ASL) is a solo sister.  She just got told by our Branch President that she now is companions with Sister Painter and me.  She is really cute!  I told her that she could practice her ASL on me since I'm a bit rusty!  Oh and I'm so tired!  I kinda feel like I am at EFY.  But nope!  That's Gabe and Bean's (Lacey for those who may not know) territory!

I have gone to pull out my phone to text you a few times but I can't!  I have been informed that tomorrow is going to feel even longer than today but that will be way good as soon as I make it to Sunday!  As long as I don't die of sleep deprivation before that!  I love you lots!!

   Molly in front of the Provo Temple
It was closed the whole time she was in the MTC
 One last family Picture!
 Lacey and Molly
 Sydney and Molly
 Gabe and Molly
I just said, "One last kiss for 3 years!" 
Molly burst into tears and said, "That's not fair!"
 Final MTC hugs!
 Hannah and Molly
 Molly and her dad
Molly and her mom before they got on the Wrights 
plane to go to Provo!  Thank you sweet Wright Family!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter to President Wolfert from Mom

Oh my, since I am really keeping this blog for Molly I decided to add a letter that I wrote to President Wolfert.  He had written and asked us to email him and tell him a little about her background, talents, and other characteristics.  I told Brad that he would  have to do it but then he upped and got put in the hospital.
Here is what I wrote:

Dear President Wolfert,

I know this was supposed to be taken care of before today.  I apologize. I assigned this task to my husband as I know that I am glaringly prejudice about my children.  Unfortunately he had to have emergency surgery yesterday and is still in the hospital.  He informed me today that he had not written this letter as I had asked. 

We adore our daughter and are so very thankful for the blessing that she has been given to serve a mission.  She is bright and happy.  She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and is so excited about Georgia!!  She has attended and been engaged in all activities of the church throughout her life.  She did take piano lessons for a good portion of her life but is not able to sight read any piece that is placed in front of her without some practice.  Still she can pitch hit if necessary.  She has attended Utah State University for 2 years.  At the moment she is declared as a nursing major, but for the past year has taken sign language and is thinking about switching to deaf education.  She is the oldest child of five.  She is one of the stronger personalities in our family.  She is neat and thoughtful about her appearance and living space.  She has had a job since her junior year of high school and is a hard worker.  

I know that she will be an asset to your mission and the people who she serves.  She is my friend and I am thankful that I have been blessed to have her on loan from a loving Heavenly Father.  I happily return her to Him as a representative of Jesus Christ.

When asked by my daughter what he (my husband and her father) was going to write to you he said, "I will tell him that you get along with most of the people most of the time, some of the people some of the time, and a few of the people none of the time."  She just laughed and said that she guessed that was probably true but that she hoped that was true of most people.  He then told her that there was a board in every mission and inevitably there are marks on some of those missionaries who take up more time than most missionaries but that she would never be one of the missionaries that you have to worry about.  She will be obedient, work hard, and love what she is doing.

I hope that is what you wanted.  If not send me more specific questions and I will be happy to answer them.  

Thank you so very much!  To this day I bless the name of my mission president.  He was a great man and leader in my life.  I appreciate that you are there and that my Molly will be with you.


Kelly George

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There She Went!!

I love being Molly's mom about as much as I love anything in this world.  This week has been an amazing 7 days.  Seven days ago at this very moment I was sitting in the hospital waiting for Brad, Molly's dad and my husband, to come out of emergency surgery.  Molly came up to sit with me in the waiting room.  Brad ended up with an 8 or 9 inch slit in his stomach.

That was the beginning of our 7 days but I must say that it really began 3 days before that when Molly Camillie spoke in Sacrament Meeting for the last time in 18 months.  It was so great to see all of our friends and family.  My family decided that it would be a great week to have our family reunion as everyone would come for Molly anyhow.  That was an amazing day for me filled with overwhelming love for so many people.    Some that I met for the first time that day!  I will write more details in my journal about this day!!

Our reunion was so delightful.  I adore my brothers and sisters - - be they the ones I grew up with or those who attached themselves to whom I grew up with (don't know if I used the who and whom correctly but I think it sounded good!).  My nieces and nephews are just my favorites!!  I would love to live in a world filled with my nieces and nephews (doesn't matter if they are from the George side or the Syndergaard side -- LOVE them)!!

On Wednesday everyone who had a temple recommend loaded up in the cars and headed to the Rexburg Temple.  I did a session with some of my family while our children did baptisms.  When I got home Brad told me that he didn't feel well.  I continued to get our children ready to go to Rigby Lake with everyone.  By the time they were ready to go my Brad was lying on the floor groaning.  I knew that I would be taking him to the emergency room.  He had felt these same pains 4 years ago when he was working in Logan and had had surgery there.  He was indeed correct - - it was the same.  Not long after we checked in Ian, my nephew, and his amazing friend Robson showed up and gave Brad a priesthood blessing.  I am so very thankful for worthy priesthood holders.

So we spent the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of July in the hospital.  My family reunion continued without me.  Molly jumped into Mom mode and took great care of her siblings.  On the morning of the 5th we had a sweet moment as Molly was set apart as a missionary.  Our entire Stake Presidency were heading to Philmont.  President Hodges came to set her apart.  Molly sat close to Brad's hospital bed so as to assist his ability to be part of the setting apart.  It was a tender moment for us.

I was so very thankful when, on Sunday morning at 7:39 I got a text from Brad saying I could pick him up!  I spoke with Molly and told her that Brad would no way be able to drive down to Provo with us to drop her off and that she needed to make sure to tell him that it would be okay with her to get her hugs and kisses here.  She was so sad but put on a stiff upper lip.

Sunday evening we said a final family prayer.  Lacey and Gabe were headed to EFY in Provo.  I knew it would be the last prayer of it's kind as we would not be together again for 3 years if Gabe goes on his mission when he is 18.  It was a sad moment for me as my favorite callings on earth is being a wife to my Boyfriend and mom to my 5 favorite people.

Dear friends (angels to me) began taking care of us by bringing dinner both Tuesday and Wednesday and mowing our front lawn.  One angel found out that Brad would not be able to go with us to Provo.  Soon Brad called me over and said look at this text I just got.  It said, "Brad, let me run an idea by you. . . . if you felt you could fly, I would be willing to fly you guys to Provo on Wednesday so you could be with your daughter to drop her off at the MTC.  It's probably about 40 minutes each way.  They'll have a crew car at the airport for you to use to get back and forth to the MTC."  Molly just sobbed as the possibility of having her daddy and all of the rest of us with her for 1 last hug at the MTC became a probable reality.

So that is what we did today.  We flew first class with more food than we knew what to do with.  Sydney sat in as "co-pilot" on the way down and Hannah on the way back.  Molly looked beautiful and happy.  Our cute missionary next door neighbor, Elder Zach Radford, was the missionary who pulled her bags out of the trunk of the car.  Hugs and a few tears and well, There She Went!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here I Go!!!

Hey Ya'll!
Yes, after 5 whole long months of waiting, here I go! I will be leaving tomorrow for the MTC where I will spend 13 days and then I will be sent to the lovely state of Georgia where I will be able to teach some wonderful people about the gospel!
My mission address is....

Sister Molly George
Georgia Atlanta North Mission
1150 Cole Dr SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

I also have an e-mail that I can be sent letters too...

Though if you have a little time please do send me letters by snail mail! It is just so very satisfying to open an envelope, hold the letter in your hands and read!

My mom will be updating this blog on how I am doing and hopefully she can get pictures up on here too! Just as long as she doesn't forget to do all of that ;)

Well, I love you all and I hope that I hear from each and every one of you! I promise that if I am lucky enough to get a letter from you then you can bet on a letter back!

Here I go to do great things!
Sister Molly George