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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There She Went!!

I love being Molly's mom about as much as I love anything in this world.  This week has been an amazing 7 days.  Seven days ago at this very moment I was sitting in the hospital waiting for Brad, Molly's dad and my husband, to come out of emergency surgery.  Molly came up to sit with me in the waiting room.  Brad ended up with an 8 or 9 inch slit in his stomach.

That was the beginning of our 7 days but I must say that it really began 3 days before that when Molly Camillie spoke in Sacrament Meeting for the last time in 18 months.  It was so great to see all of our friends and family.  My family decided that it would be a great week to have our family reunion as everyone would come for Molly anyhow.  That was an amazing day for me filled with overwhelming love for so many people.    Some that I met for the first time that day!  I will write more details in my journal about this day!!

Our reunion was so delightful.  I adore my brothers and sisters - - be they the ones I grew up with or those who attached themselves to whom I grew up with (don't know if I used the who and whom correctly but I think it sounded good!).  My nieces and nephews are just my favorites!!  I would love to live in a world filled with my nieces and nephews (doesn't matter if they are from the George side or the Syndergaard side -- LOVE them)!!

On Wednesday everyone who had a temple recommend loaded up in the cars and headed to the Rexburg Temple.  I did a session with some of my family while our children did baptisms.  When I got home Brad told me that he didn't feel well.  I continued to get our children ready to go to Rigby Lake with everyone.  By the time they were ready to go my Brad was lying on the floor groaning.  I knew that I would be taking him to the emergency room.  He had felt these same pains 4 years ago when he was working in Logan and had had surgery there.  He was indeed correct - - it was the same.  Not long after we checked in Ian, my nephew, and his amazing friend Robson showed up and gave Brad a priesthood blessing.  I am so very thankful for worthy priesthood holders.

So we spent the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of July in the hospital.  My family reunion continued without me.  Molly jumped into Mom mode and took great care of her siblings.  On the morning of the 5th we had a sweet moment as Molly was set apart as a missionary.  Our entire Stake Presidency were heading to Philmont.  President Hodges came to set her apart.  Molly sat close to Brad's hospital bed so as to assist his ability to be part of the setting apart.  It was a tender moment for us.

I was so very thankful when, on Sunday morning at 7:39 I got a text from Brad saying I could pick him up!  I spoke with Molly and told her that Brad would no way be able to drive down to Provo with us to drop her off and that she needed to make sure to tell him that it would be okay with her to get her hugs and kisses here.  She was so sad but put on a stiff upper lip.

Sunday evening we said a final family prayer.  Lacey and Gabe were headed to EFY in Provo.  I knew it would be the last prayer of it's kind as we would not be together again for 3 years if Gabe goes on his mission when he is 18.  It was a sad moment for me as my favorite callings on earth is being a wife to my Boyfriend and mom to my 5 favorite people.

Dear friends (angels to me) began taking care of us by bringing dinner both Tuesday and Wednesday and mowing our front lawn.  One angel found out that Brad would not be able to go with us to Provo.  Soon Brad called me over and said look at this text I just got.  It said, "Brad, let me run an idea by you. . . . if you felt you could fly, I would be willing to fly you guys to Provo on Wednesday so you could be with your daughter to drop her off at the MTC.  It's probably about 40 minutes each way.  They'll have a crew car at the airport for you to use to get back and forth to the MTC."  Molly just sobbed as the possibility of having her daddy and all of the rest of us with her for 1 last hug at the MTC became a probable reality.

So that is what we did today.  We flew first class with more food than we knew what to do with.  Sydney sat in as "co-pilot" on the way down and Hannah on the way back.  Molly looked beautiful and happy.  Our cute missionary next door neighbor, Elder Zach Radford, was the missionary who pulled her bags out of the trunk of the car.  Hugs and a few tears and well, There She Went!!!

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