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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter to President Wolfert from Mom

Oh my, since I am really keeping this blog for Molly I decided to add a letter that I wrote to President Wolfert.  He had written and asked us to email him and tell him a little about her background, talents, and other characteristics.  I told Brad that he would  have to do it but then he upped and got put in the hospital.
Here is what I wrote:

Dear President Wolfert,

I know this was supposed to be taken care of before today.  I apologize. I assigned this task to my husband as I know that I am glaringly prejudice about my children.  Unfortunately he had to have emergency surgery yesterday and is still in the hospital.  He informed me today that he had not written this letter as I had asked. 

We adore our daughter and are so very thankful for the blessing that she has been given to serve a mission.  She is bright and happy.  She loves the gospel of Jesus Christ and is so excited about Georgia!!  She has attended and been engaged in all activities of the church throughout her life.  She did take piano lessons for a good portion of her life but is not able to sight read any piece that is placed in front of her without some practice.  Still she can pitch hit if necessary.  She has attended Utah State University for 2 years.  At the moment she is declared as a nursing major, but for the past year has taken sign language and is thinking about switching to deaf education.  She is the oldest child of five.  She is one of the stronger personalities in our family.  She is neat and thoughtful about her appearance and living space.  She has had a job since her junior year of high school and is a hard worker.  

I know that she will be an asset to your mission and the people who she serves.  She is my friend and I am thankful that I have been blessed to have her on loan from a loving Heavenly Father.  I happily return her to Him as a representative of Jesus Christ.

When asked by my daughter what he (my husband and her father) was going to write to you he said, "I will tell him that you get along with most of the people most of the time, some of the people some of the time, and a few of the people none of the time."  She just laughed and said that she guessed that was probably true but that she hoped that was true of most people.  He then told her that there was a board in every mission and inevitably there are marks on some of those missionaries who take up more time than most missionaries but that she would never be one of the missionaries that you have to worry about.  She will be obedient, work hard, and love what she is doing.

I hope that is what you wanted.  If not send me more specific questions and I will be happy to answer them.  

Thank you so very much!  To this day I bless the name of my mission president.  He was a great man and leader in my life.  I appreciate that you are there and that my Molly will be with you.


Kelly George

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