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Monday, July 29, 2013

MTC Letters!

I know this is a little late.  Molly writes emails as well as handwritten letters.  This is a letter that she started to our family on July 10th (the day she arrived at the MTC).  It is handwritten but I thought I would type it in here just as she wrote it - - exclamation points and all!

July 10, 2013

Hello, Hello, Momma and Daddy!!!

Oh my goodness I can't believe that it was only a little while ago that we said goodbye to each other!  This has been a most exhausting and spirit filled day?  Oh and what a small world!  So after you dropped me off and cute Sister Cauldwell (I'm pretty positive that was her name . . . it did start with a C, I know that!)showed me around, (we had some class together at USU, we just couldn't figure out what class!) I went to my classroom to meet my district.  There are 12 of us, 6 sisters, and 6 elders and I love them all!  Okay, now back to my small world comment.  My envelop that has all my info on  it said my companion's name is Sister Paislee Painter.  She came in later and we started talking . . . .   Guess where she is from . . . Yup Grantsville!  And yes she does know Grandma!  Crazy!  That is why it is a small world!  I like Sister Painter!

After the classroom we went to the Meet the President meeting thing.  It was fun.  Then dinner (at 4:15!  I wasn't even hungry!) and then we did the teaching experience.  That was way cool!  Also VERY overwhelming!  Oh my golly I am so not prepared!  Some of the Elders were amazing and all I could thing was it would be really nice if they could share their gospel knowledge a little bit then I would really be grateful!  Then we went back to the classrooms, talked some more and then went to the dorms.

One sister in our rooms is ASL (American Sign Language).  JEALOUS!!   The other 2 sisters leave in the morning at 1 a.m.  Sister Pendleton (ASL) is a solo sister.  She just got told by our Branch President that she now is companions with Sister Painter and me.  She is really cute!  I told her that she could practice her ASL on me since I'm a bit rusty!  Oh and I'm so tired!  I kinda feel like I am at EFY.  But nope!  That's Gabe and Bean's (Lacey for those who may not know) territory!

I have gone to pull out my phone to text you a few times but I can't!  I have been informed that tomorrow is going to feel even longer than today but that will be way good as soon as I make it to Sunday!  As long as I don't die of sleep deprivation before that!  I love you lots!!

   Molly in front of the Provo Temple
It was closed the whole time she was in the MTC
 One last family Picture!
 Lacey and Molly
 Sydney and Molly
 Gabe and Molly
I just said, "One last kiss for 3 years!" 
Molly burst into tears and said, "That's not fair!"
 Final MTC hugs!
 Hannah and Molly
 Molly and her dad
Molly and her mom before they got on the Wrights 
plane to go to Provo!  Thank you sweet Wright Family!!

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