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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blessed with an Overwhelming Feeling of Love

Feb 3, 2014

Greetings and Salutations☺

Ha!  I'm goin' all Charlotte's Web on ya.☺

Today was pretty fun!  Last night we got home at 11:30.  I was so stinkin' exhausted!  I brushed my teeth, got my pjs on, washed my face all in record time!  I said my prayers and went to bed.  Unfortunately, I was at the point that I was so tired I had a hard time falling asleep!  Sister Nettleton didn't come to bed.  She was doing something in the living room.  FINALLY I fell asleep!  When the alarm went off this morning it took everything I had just to turn it off!  But, I got up and got ready.  We didn't get to the gym which I hate.

I had a blast at Zone P-day!  It was so fun!  We played volleyball and hung out.☺  I really miss being with other missionaries!  This Zone is just tons different than Sugar Hill Zone.  I miss it.  But, I have some good friends in this Zone!  Sister Hamilton, Sister Iketau, and Elder Henson are all here.  It was fun to hang with them!

Sister Nettleton really didn't want to go to Zone P-day.  I begged and begged and promised that if we could go then I would let her choose how we spent out next weeks P-day.  She wouldn't really play with us.  I tried and Sister Hamilton tried to get her to play but she wouldn't.  I really wish she would have.  It would have been more fun with her.  We ended up leaving early.  Sister Pickett, from when I was in Suwanee, gave me a bunch of Chick-fil-A cards for free stuff.  I told her I would get her lunch for coming with me even though she didn't want to.

After we got home she took and nap and I wrote letters.  Dinner was at the Araves (pronounced RV's).  They have 4 little kids.  Dinner was crazy fun.  When people have little kids my goal is always to focus on the kids and have fun with them.  Lots of times I will ask them if they want to wear my name tag.  They always puff out their little chests and get really proud.  Then I ask them if they are going to be a missionary.  I always get an enthusiastic YES!  I really do love their children.  I love helping them want to be a missionary.  It also ensures that I have a whole bunch of kids running up to me on Sundays which I love.

Then we went to the Tye's for Family Home Evening.  Sister Tye invited us yesterday so I said, "Yes!"  They wanted to do a missionary centered lesson.  So I shared the story of Bill Carpenter.  I love that story and the meaning it gives to missions.

February 4, 2014

This morning I worked out in the living room.  Not my favorite but it is better than nothing.  I also started my new Book of Mormon study today.  I finished my Latter Day and missionary workbook.  It has become one of my most treasured copied of the Book of Mormon.  I love flipping through and seeing all the marks and the writing in the margins. . . .   My next go through, I have dedicated to the Lord.  Whenever it says, "Lord, God, I, He, Him, etc. . . " it gets marked.  Then I mark in a different color whenever it says, "God spake" to the. . . .   I got to Chapter 9 today.  I am amazed how much is already marked!  I am now a firm believer in studying this way!  It may be the only way I study for the rest of my life cause I love it so much!!☺

Today was District Meeting.  Whoot!  I like District Meeting. . . usually.  My first week here was awkward.  But!  It has since improved.  Sister Nettleton was given a training on using time wisely and being accountable.  She said one way we could be accountable is not sleeping in.  I am a firm believer of getting up on time.

We went to  the Olive Garden for lunch as a district.  I'm all for the unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks!  Sometimes the elders just make me laugh and roll my eyes.  The were asking us if sisters talk about elders and if they are cute.  They make me laugh.  Some elder made a list one time of the cutest sisters in the mission.  A sister retaliated and made one of the elders.  Luckily, that didn't get too far before it got discovered and taken away.  Kinda crazy.  Ah well.  We have been advised over and over about flirting and such.

After lunch we had to go borrow Sister King's washer and dryer because we STILL don't have one and Sister Nettleton needed to wash to get through the week.  Lowe's is supposed to call us any day now, to bring us a washer and dryer.  They were supposed to call 4 weeks ago, and then for sure 3 weeks ago, and then 2 weeks ago, and positively last week. . . .   Well maybe this week sometime.  I'm just hoping sometime before transfers.  They've got 2 weeks.

Then we went tracting.  It was nice to tract.  Sister Nettleton said she is starting to like it a little more.  Hopefully it will stay that way for her.  It truly makes it easier if you have a good time with it.

We had dinner at the Hutchinsons.  Their home is SO cute!  Sister Hutchinson is like a master decorator.  Well she is a nurse. . . but really good at decorating!  They have one son on a mission and then 2 girls and their son at home.  They have a son who doesn't believe in God.  He said he hasn't since he was about 12.  I have no idea what happened.  He was nice to us though.

After dinner we went over to the Dustin's.  LOVE THEM.  They got back from Poland on Sunday night.  Brother Dustin answers the door and tells us to be quiet.  The house is dead silent.  He said that Nana (Sister Dustin's mom) fainted and bonked her head on the toilet and they just got back from the emergency room.  Sister Dustin is the cutest mom ever.  I told them about shushing Nana last week when they were in Poland.  Sister Dustin couldn't stop laughing.  I think she was more shocked than anything because that has probably never happened to Nana in her life.

They got us Tolberone in Poland☺ Cute Dustins!  They got the elders the ligit fur hats that Polish people wear.  It was cute of them to think of us!  I just love them!!

February 5, 2014

Today was rough.  Like an "I just want to go home, crawl in bed and cry/sleep" kind of day.  We had a full day planned!  Tons of people to go see, tracting, the whole 9 yards.  And no one was  home.  Literally, no one.  After 3 and a half hours of no one answering their doors, we were really discouraged.  I was about to just tell Sister Nettleton to turn around and go home.  At that point, all I wanted to do was take a nap.  I haven't been sleeping all the great so I was so exhausted anyways.  And then having no one answer the door just added to my frustrations and tiredness.  It was 2:00 and we got to a road that if we took one way, we could go home or we could go a different way.  I was SO tempted to just say turn home.  But, I knew that would be bad and I want to be a good missionary.  So I said, "Let's pray." instead.  So, I prayed.  I told Heavenly Father that we were tired and frustrated.  That we were pretty much done with today.  I felt better and more awake after we prayed but still had no idea what we should do.  So we just drove.

Then Sister Nettleton said there was a former investigator up the road that kept popping into her head.  So we went and knocked on her door.  She didn't answer for a very long time!  Just as we were about to turn around, she answered her door!  And then she let us in.☺  Oh happy day!  We just sat and talked with her for a little while.  She is a cutie.  Not ready quite yet for accepting the gospel but a cutie!  We shared a thought and left after about an hour.

Then we decided to go visit Billie.  I LOVE Billie!  She is like my Hickory Flat Richard.  I just adore her!  She is so stressed right now.  Her husband, Mayo (yes that is his name☺) is getting hard for her to take care of, even with home hospice help.  She doesn't want to put him in a home though, and she just doesn't know what to do.  I asked her if there was anything we could do.  It took her a minute and finally she said, "You know, there is.  Before he got sick, my husband would get me something for Valentine's Day.  Nothing big, just a flower or a card.  Well, I don't get anything like that now that he's sick.  That's what I want."  Well shoot!  I'll buy out a whole flower shop if I need to for Billie!  I asked her if she had plans for that night and I would cook her dinner.  She got all teary eyed.  So we are having dinner with Billie next week.  But we are moving Valentine's Day to Thursday because it's easier for her.  I told her she was one of my favorite people and that I write home about her.  I told her that you guys don't hear about people unless I really love them (or if they are crazy, but I left that part out☺).  She looked at me and said, "Can I ask you something?"  Of course.  She goes, "Can I be your. . . I don't want to be a grandma. . . can I be your mom here?  But I want to be a special mom!  I want to be a selfish mom."  I looked into that sweet lady's eyes, and felt an even larger amount of love for her than I though possible!  I told her I would be honored!   The only other person I consider my Hickory Flat mom is Sister Dustin, and probably Sister King.  But Billie is my special Hickory Flat mom.☺  She assured me she wasn't there to take away my Momma's place.☺  She just wanted a place of her own.  She had a place even before she asked for one though!☺  Then she asked if she could have a picture of me for her fridge.  Ah!  I love Billie!  I love her so much!

My day was made when we left.  I was happy.☺  Even though most of it was a fail and full of frustration.  We didn't have a DA so we just worked through dinner and went tracting.  At one point, 2 little boys got ahead of us and kept turning around.  We finally got to where they were with their sisters.  One of the little girls (turns out she has the same name as one of my most very favorite people. . . Hannah!) says, "Excuse me!  Could I see what you're selling?"  I told them we weren't selling anything, we were missionaries, and we were helping people get closer to Jesus.  Their eyes got big and excited.☺  I asked them what church they went to and what their favorite parts were.  Then I told them about the Book of Mormon, and asked them if they wanted one.  An enthusiastic yes!  They were cute.☺  It just goes to show you can plant a seed with anyone and lots of times kids end up being easier than adults!  It ended as a good day.  The Lord blessed us for not stopping, even though I wanted to so stinking badly!

February 6, 2014

Today was good.☺  We first attempted to go visiting teaching with Sister Cooley and Sister Owens.  Unfortunately, no luck.  But that's okay!  After lunch we went and saw Andrea and her sister-in-law Karen.  We had dinner with them last week.  As we visited everyone started sharing their not so proudest moments.  Things that were about the really not good stuff they did in High School and what not.  And here's me, just sittin' on the couch, not saying a word because well, I didn't do anything.  Never drank, had a boyfriend, snuck out . . . nope.  I was just miserable in high school but I never did anything I really regret doing!  So I got teased during the conversation instead.  I'd rather be teased though than have stories like that to share.

After that, we went and visited Jillian.  They are a cute family and have really cute kids!  But she and Matt aren't progressing.  They are holding each other back and its sad to see.  Hopefully they will get there one day!  Then we tracted.  We were almost done when we got to a house with an invisible fence and a barking dog.  Sister Nettleton's has a great fear of dogs, but I am conscious about it and try to watch out for her.  Well, the dog sensed her fear and started snarling and showing it's teeth.  It would have been fine if she could just calm down.  But I guess when you have phobia's you don't have much control over such things.  I have to honestly say that it is annoying and makes things quite difficult at times.  I try to be calm and understanding though.

We didn't have a DA again to night, so we went home and ate before mutual.  Daddy, I got Grandpa's funeral package.  Thanks.☺  I don't know if I will ever be able to spend Grandpa's "sock money."☺  The story made me laugh and cry all at the same time!  I haven't gotten a chance to listen or watch the video. . .   I kinda need to work up to that.  thanks for the stamps.☺  The should keep me going for a little while!

We got to finish the youth's mini mission tonight!  It got cancelled last week because of snow.  So tonight they got to go "tracting."  Before they did, Bishop asked Sister Nettleton and I to talk to them a little bit.  I told them about how I found Richard.  I told them who they were representing and shared with them 3 Nephi 5:13.  then I got to go be an investigator with them!  It was awesome!☺  They had a hard time thinking of me as not a missionary.  I would ask questions, they would hesitantly answer, and then look at me and say, "Right?"  It was cute.☺  I talked with cute Autumn Dustin and Makayla Hutchinson for a little bit.

After the activity they had treats.  I was talking to Elder Peña. . . . Funny boy!  I asked if he was ready to get a training call.  Partly I was teasing but I'm almost 100% positive he will be training.  He asked if i was ready.  I told him I wasn't sure I would be.  There are only 6 sisters coming in this transfer.  He looked at me and said, "Sister George!  Why would they put you in a training area if they weren't going to have you train again?!  You've already trained once!  You will do it again."  Oh I know I will do it again.  It's just a matter of when.  I would really like to train again though!☺

February 7, 2014

We went on exchanges today.  Sister Breinholt is here with me and Sister Nettleton is with Sister Dunn in Woodstock.  I like exchanges!  It's always an adventure.☺  Oh My Goodness!!!  I LOVE Sister Breinholt!  We had SO much fun together!  It was a blast!

We started out visiting less actives.  Sister Jenkins was the first.  she is so sweet!  I don't really know why she is less active because she is so awesome and she loves the church.  She doesn't consider herself less active though.  She told us how she joined the church and bet Brother Jenkins.  She had been attending church since she was like 12, but her dad wouldn't give her permission to be baptized.  Her brother and sister joined.  She kept coming.  Finally her dad gave her permission to be baptized.  A year later she and Brother Jenkins were married.  She was only 18 years old.

We also saw Sister Craig.  She had us paint her nails again.  Sister Breinholt thought it was so funny.  Oh the things you do as a missionary!  Then we saw the Tye's new puppies!  Sister Tye breeds German Shepherds and their dog had her litter last night.  They were so little!

Then we tracted and we just talked and talked.  It was just so fun.  I like her and tracting was so much fun.

My heart is so sad.  We had some missionaries from our mission who got sent home this last week.  Which means a ton more rules on Tuesday  in Zone Meeting.  I am so sad.  I love the missionaries in this mission.  I really do.  They are great people.  I also know that we make mistakes that have consequences.  I also know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  It works!  It works for everyone!  I don't know what happened and I don't need to.  I just know that I love them and will pray for them and their families.  I pray that they know that the Atonement is for them as well.  I am thankful that I am able to use the healing power of the Atonement every day of my life.  I am just having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

I know I'm guilty of not being exactly obedient, but I am trying!  I'm trying hard!  I am going to try even harder.  I may not like all the rules I know we will be getting on Tuesday, but I'm going to do everything in my power to follow them as best I can!  I know that rules are set in place to protect us.  Just like commandment from a loving Heavenly Father.  He doesn't give them to us to limit us but to enable us to enjoy agency to it's fullest.

After tracting, we went to dinner at the Drakes. . . .  Ah!  I love them.☺  Sister Drake isn't a member, but she might as well be!  Their story is crazy!  So they met in college and got married.  Then they got divorced and went their separate ways.  They both got married again.  Brother Drake got baptized and sealed to his wife and had 6 kids.  Sister Drake got married and had 1 child.  Well the both got divorced again and reconnected over Facebook and got married.  HaHa!  It's awesome!  Sister Drake has a couple of reasons why she won't join the church one of them being she believes that coffee is one of the greatest gifts of the earth.  That is not the only thing but it is one of the things.  She loves the church, loves the missionaries and everything else!  She is awesome!  And she knows everything that we would teach!  She will get there one day!!

After dinner we went and visited the Frias family.  Arianna (13 year old) came to mutual last night and was a missionary!  She even taught about Joseph Smith!  I was so proud of her.☺

It was such a fun day!  Sister Breinholt and I had a blast!  I would LOVE to be her companion some day.  That list of sisters who I would love to be companions with just gets longer and longer.  Even though I learned about things that mad my heart so very sad, I also had a bunch of happy things to surround the sad with!!☺

February 8, 2014

This morning was AWESOME!!  Both sister Breinholt and I got up together, worked out together, had personal study, and comp study together!  I miss that kind of stuff when it doesn't happen.  Hickory Flat could really start to pick up.  This is a great place to be and an awesome ward full of great people!

We first went and saw Morgan.  I had told Sister Breinholt a little bit about Morgan.  Morgan had told us that she had some new for us when we came over.  I was a bit nervous.  Well, she told us she was ready to be baptized.  Here's the problem.  She isn't.  She told us that she had talked with Elder Buckway about it.  I would like a word with him.  Okay, background, Elder Buckway goes home at the end of this transfer.  he was Morgan's first missionary and he is in Allatonna right now.  I told him when he asked, that Morgan isn't quite ready.  But he ignored me because he just wants to end with a baptism and President told him if Morgan wanted him to, he could baptize her.  I am a little irritated with him right now.  So, now I have an investigator who wants to be baptized even though she isn't ready.  So I told Morgan that she needed to meet with Bishop first and there are a few more things that we need to go over.  I think that appeased her for the moment.  I called Bishop and explained the situation.  He has a interview with her tomorrow.

After Morgan, I took Sister Breinholt to meet the Dustin's.☺  We pull up and they are all in camo looking like a bunch of cute little hicks!  Brother Dustin just bought the most redneck looking boat you have ever seen.  It was so funny!  They were taking it out on the lake for the first time.

I was talking with Sister Dustin and it appears that Nana has forgiven me shushing her.  I think that maybe she likes me even though I was a little naughty.

Then we switched back.  I was sad to Sister Breinholt go!  It was the most fun I've had in a while.  But I love Sister Nettleton and so I was happy to see her when we got to switch point.

We went to one of our less actives, Gina Little.  She owns a horse therapy business and asked us to help.  It was SO fun!!  We got to be around a bunch of special needs kids and around horses!  I was totally in an element that I loved.☺  I know it's silly, but I've missed the musty smell of farm animals.  I'm a country girl at heart.♥  Sister Nettleton always says she is a city girl but then she decided that she was part country girl.

We went home and showered.  Then we went tracting.  I found a 'Michael' street.☺  So of course I took a picture.  We tracted that street.  I will sent the picture to Michael.

We went to dinner with Sister Lineback's daughter Skye.  She is crazy!  Awesome - - but crazy.☺  She is hilarious and it was a blast.  After which we went home and finished weekly planning.  Whoot.

February 9, 2014

Happy Sabbath!☺  We went to a Methodist church with the elders this morning.  It was fun.  I liked it, but I didn't feel the spirit.  The preacher was pretty good though.  He talked about in Ephesians how it says that there are pastors and preachers called but we all need to do work.  It was better than the Revolution church.

We tracted for a little while and ran into a lady named Pauline.  Mom!!  Wouldn't it be cool if she got baptized?!?  Then we could both have a Pauline from our missions.☺  That would be AWESOME!  We are going back on Wednesday to see her.  Keep her in your prayers because that is better that fingers crossed!!

Church was good.  At the end of sacrament meeting they do announcements.  Brother Potter reminded everyone that the Stake President asked that the wards pray for their missionaries by name.  One by one he had us stand up as he said our names.  Then we taught gospel principles.  Sister Nettleton didn't want to plan last night.  She told me I could plan and she would wing it.  It ended up not being as coordinated as I would have liked.  Oh well.

Relief Society was good.  They like me in there.☺  I am willing to do stuff like lead even though Sister Nettleton makes fun of me.  It's okay because I really like to help out where I can so the teasing is no big deal.

Our correlation meeting focused on cute Morgan.  Bishop gave her the go ahead to get the baptismal interview.  I love that girl I just don't think that she is ready right now.  Sister Nettleton said that I am not being as supportive of Morgan as I should be.  I hope Morgan doesn't think that because I love her and I think the best way to support her is to be honest with her while I am loving her.  I just want her to be ready and to feel comfortable in her own skin and make this decision because it is the one that is right for her and not for someone else.  I want her to make a commitment that she is ready to make with no looking back and no regrets. This whole situation is frustrating!!!

Dinner was great!  It was at the Dustin's.  Oh I love their kids and I love playing with them!  It is a good feeling to go into a home where you love them and where you can feel their love for you!

Well, I love you people!  You're all my favoritest people on the planet!  I miss y'all buckets!  Tomorrow, I will have been out for 7 months.  Ugh!  Ah!  Keep me in your prayers!  You're all in mine!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whoa!! Testifying to Pastor Norman

January 27, 2014

So last night Sister Nettleton threw up and then in the middle of the night again.  This morning I woke up and just let her sleep, thinking that she could sleep it off and I wouldn't have to skip emailing.  She woke up not feeling good still but we mad it to the library.  Good heavens!  I was crying all over the place as I read your e-mails and looked at pictures.  It looked to be a beautiful and grand funeral.  My heart wishes I could have been there, my spirit knows that this is where I need/needed to be though.

On Saturday night at Stake Conference we had made plans with Sister Hamilton☺ and Sister Harris to hang out.  Sister Hamilton had a Macy's gift card she wanted to use and Sister Harris wanted to go to the Disney Store.  Sister Nettleton still wasn't feeling good but she wanted to go, so we did!

Sister Hamilton is the kindest person I have ever met.  She is absolutely darling with whoever her companion is.  Sister Harris has no idea how blessed she is to have Sister Hamilton.  That girl is amazing I tell ya.  Sister Nettleton had told me that she and Sister Harris had become good friends in the MTC.  Well, all I can tell you is that Sister Hamilton is an amazing example to me.  If she ever has a bad day or struggles she NEVER shows it.  She only ever shows her positive happy self.  I so want to be like that!  Oh Mom!  She loves that you read her blog.  She put a little hello in this weeks entry, so try to read it!  All I know is that it made her day a lot brighter when she got your letter Momma.  I love Sister Hamilton so much!  She is so in my top faves missionary list!  Even if Heavenly Father doesn't allow us to be companions, at least He is allowing us to be close to each other!  Sister Hamilton bet me lunch that we would both be training again this next transfer.  I have no doubt that she will be.  I think it would be fun to train again but I don't know if I will be.  We shall see!

After hangin', we went and got groceries.  Our dinner cancelled on us so we just stayed at home.  Sister Nettleton said she didn't feel good enough to go out, so we stayed home.  She just went to sleep.  There was not much that I could do.  It is hard to be sick and it is hard to wait and have patience when someone else is.  At the end of the night we realized that Sister Nettleton had left our phone at WalMart so we had to go back and find it.  That was a bit of a hassle but no harm, no foul- -found it!

January 28, 2014

Well, today was quite an adventure!  We got a voicemail from President telling us all of North Georgia was preparing for a "snow storm."  He said we could have district meeting but we needed to be back in by 12:00.  He grounded our cars and bikes and told us that at 12 we were only allowed to walk.

Ellijay is about an hour away from us so we did district meeting early.   Well about half way through DM it started to snow.  Not like the little wussy flurries but SNOW!  It was AWESOME.  The Ellijay sisters started heading back right away.  The elder stayed to have lunch with us.  Traffic was ridiculous as we started home.  Georgia drives don't know how to drive in the snow.  We got half way to our apartment when we got to a car stuck on a hill.  We were following our elders and had Ellijay (actually they are Jasper. . . but they are close to Ellijay) elders behind us.  We ended up pulling over to help the stuck car.  Next thing we know, we are helping most of the cars up the hill!  For 2 hours we did that.  We passed cards out to them while we helped!  We had so much fun!  Go contacting.☺  That's one way to do it!  Poor drivers though, we talked to a lot of women basically sobbing as they tried to drive.  I think having us help them eased their panicking a bit.

We were all soaked by the end.  but we were happy and content.☺  We helped a ton of people.  By the time we finally got back into our cars it was like 3:30.  It sure didn't feel like we had been helping out for that long!  We ended up parking our  cars at a gas station about a fourth of a mile away from our apartments and walking.  There was an 8 car pile up in front of the entrance of our apartment so we couldn't get in except by walking.  What an adventure!  It took us an hour and half to get home.  By then President changed his mind and our feet were grounded to inside too.  So we are grounded until further notice!

I love Sister Nettleton!  She needs love - - we all do.  She tells me stories about her family lots.  We all love our families.  I just know that I need to remember to be patient and love my companion.  She was a real trooper today helping with all of the cars.

I was talking to Sister Hamilton.  President had been doing interviews but as soon as he saw that he snow was sticking, he told everyone in their district to go home.  She said sh had never seen President look so panicked.  I guess it is a pretty heavy burden to be responsible for so many people most of whom are 18-23 years old.

I called Elder Residori to let him know our cars were parked at the gas station.  Turns out a few missionaries were in wrecks and President and Sister Wolfert ended up getting a hotel instead of driving back to Lilburn.  Crazy I tell ya!  Crazy!  I think we got about 4 inches of snow.  I took pictures so you can see our "snowmageddon!"  Whoot!  So that was our day.☺  Fun and snow filled.  Jasper elders get get to have a sleep over with our elders and we are just chillin' here until further notice.  So, that's snow in Georgia for ya!  It is really the freezing rain that becomes the problem.

I talked to Sister Knight tonight.  She misses me and I miss her.  Funny girl!  She just talked for like 45 minutes straight.  I couldn't get a word in edgewise!  That's okay though.☺  It was fun to hear her voice.   She has my GPS because she is terrible at directions and has no clue where anything is.  She was supposed to sent it back last wee though, but it hasn't come.  Luckily, turns out she still hasn't sent it.  So it's not lost in the mail!  Phew!

January 29, 2014

Well, today wasn't nearly as productive as I would have hoped.

I got up this morning at 6:30.  Canton is in a water boil alert so I started boiling water so we would be able to drink it.  We got a text saying our car and bikes were grounded still, but our feet weren't!  Yay for feet that have been freed!!  I was excited and ready to go.  When we finally left we stopped real quick at the elders to drop some stuff off.  I'm really jealous.  They are all having tons of fun together.  I was kinda wishing some sisters had been stuck with us. ☺

Our apartment is on the very edge of our area, basically with nothing super close.  The elders just tracted the closest neighborhood last week.  There were just random people walking in the road.  Cars were parked and abandoned.  Some had crashed into each other and then just left.  It felt like the end of the world or something!
Getting ready to mess up the snow!

We found out that like 780 ish accidents were reported so far and hundreds of kids had to sleep in the high school.  Pretty crazy!  Georgia just isn't prepared for this.  They have not salt or snow plows.  People 20 minutes away from home were stuck in traffic for 16 hours.  It's just crazy!!

We got to a road and knocked on doors.  One guy opened the door, looked at me and said, "You messed up my snow!"  All I could say was sorry.  It was weird.  He was so mad at me!  Sister Nettleton's ankle started to hurt.  I guess she stepped on a stick or something. I dunno.  She told me that it was bad enough that we had better go home.  That made me sad.  I didn't want her to be hurt but I really wanted to keep tracting.  I hate being cooped up in the apartment.  She was frustrated because I had refused to drive the car.  But really it was only because we had been told that they were still grounded.  Yeah, the ice had begun to melt but it was still way dangerous!

We got back at like 2 and I just read my scriptures.  I read all of Ether and learned some pretty cool stuff that I had never realized.  So that was fun.  It is always good stuff to immerse yourself in the scriptures.

January 30, 2014

Today was another mostly frustrating day because we ended up in the apartment again.  I basically had 4 hours of personal study.  I have found that Heavenly Father is the best source to go to when you are frustrated.  Of course sometimes you have to pray for a very long time before you get unfrustrated.  I wasn't getting anything out the the scriptures until I prayed.  I was totally stopping the Spirit from being with me.  Scriptures are MUCH better when the Spirit is available to teach and testify.  I did end up finishing the Book of Mormon sot that was awesome!

Sister Nettleton told me that her ankle hurt and she wouldn't be able to tract today.  We left the apartment around 12:30.  We had to walk up the hill to our car that we had parked at the gas station.  She made it though so that is good.  She also drove.

She decided to take the back road to get to Billie's (the lady we were going to visit).  Well we got to this huge hill still covered in ice and snow.  Along the hill were about 7 cars, a jeep flipped on it's side, a few cars jammed into trees, some tilted on their side, all abandoned.  She started up it.  Well the car couldn't make it, too icy.  But, she backed up onto the dry spot and I looked at her and said, "We aren't going to make it." She tried again and we almost ended up like all the rest of the cars on the road.  After I finally got her backed up onto dry ground I said, "Just turn around."

We finally go to Billie's.  Cute Billie!  She was the highlight of my day!  We get to her house and her driveway is covered in snow.  She is about 80 years old and her husband has Alzheimer's.  We knock on her door and she "yells" at us for being outside.  She made us take off our shoes before we came in.  We Sat down and just let her talk.  i first asked her though, if she had a push broom or square garden shovel so I could get her snow off her driveway.  She kept telling me she wasn't going to let me do that.  She kept talking, trying to distract me so I would forget about her driveway.  Finally I looked at her and said, "Billie, I know that you are trying to make me forget about your driveway, but it won't work!  Where is your shovel?!?"  She looked at me with tear filled eyes and said, "Are you really going to do that for me?"  I assured her that I was!  She ended up calling her neighbor for a shovel.  Turns out it was a legit snow shovel!!  Probably the only one in all of Georgia!

So I shoveled that darling little lady's driveway.  When I got back inside we prayed with her.  She gave the prayer and asked if I could get double blessings.☺  I won that sweet little lady's heart by doing something so very simple.  I am so very glad she let me shovel for her.  Though I probably would have found a way to do it even if she had refused.☺

After Billie's we went to Dustin's.  Oh! Wait!  Before we left Billie's, I passed her husband on the chair and I just patted his shoulder.  Billie looked at me and said, "you can kiss him on the cheek, go ahead."  So I did.  He looked up at me and said, "What are you doin'?"  I told him I was giving him a kiss goodbye.  He frowned and grumbled, "Well shoot, (except he didn't say shoot☺) you just got here and now you're leaving!?  You just walked through the door!"  Billie patted his hand (after giggling a little at his swearing.☺)
and said to him, "It's alright Daddy, just go back to sleep."  It was just so sweet and made me smile. ☺

Okay, now the Dustins!  Mom, my first week here you asked about their kids and ages.  Autumn is 13, Malia is 11, Aunna is 9, Elaina is 7, Allen is 4 and Abram is 2.  So Brother and Sister Dustin are in Poland right now on a business trip.  Sister Dustin's sister Shauna, and Nana (her mom, who has been visiting for 3 months) are with the kids.  Shauna and Autumn had gone to the store so Nana had the other kids.  Abram was asleep so we were playing with the kids while Nana cleaned.  Elaina and Allen had my sunglasses on and were playing.  Elaina snuggled into my side and said, "Sister George, you're my favorite missionary!"  She pretty much melted my heart.

I hope I didn't make Nana too mad at me.  I teased her a little bit.  So even though the kids were being pretty darn quiet, she kept shushing them and threatening them with bed.  Well, they were  all being silent and she shushes them again.  Well she had the vacuum and she dropped it and it made a huge crash.  Totally without thinking I said quietly, "Nana, shh."  I grinned at her but she didn't think it was funny.  Oops! :\  The kids did though!  I felt pretty dang bad!

We had an hour before dinner.  I wanted to tract but Sister Nettleton said her foot still hurt too bad to walk.  So we only got one productive thing done.  We went to see one of the people on our lost sheep list.  She is now a 'Do Not Contact.'  She yelled at us an told us she wanted nothing to do with us.  I always wonder what happened to those people that they become so extremely hateful toward the church.

We ended our night with dinner at the Rethkes.  When we got there dinner wasn't quite ready.   So we sat by Andrea and talked.  Her sister-in-law, Karen, and her husband are living with them. Karen is awesome! I am thankful for members who so willingly share what they have with us.  I know that it is sometimes a bit difficult to feed us.  But they do.  Over and over they willing share what they have.

January 31, 2014

This morning I told Sister Nettleton that we had to choose families and we had to call and make appointments.  That is really the best way to make visits.  It is much better than just dropping by or fumbling to figure out what you are going to do in the evenings.  She handed me a list of people that she doesn't know well and I started calling.  We got some things planned and I am hopeful that we will have some good experiences.

After weekly planning, we went out with Sister Wyman to try and go visit a less active, who is also a part member family.  Her husband answered the door.  He is just the sweetest thing ever!  We talked to him for a minute.  His wife was in the shower so we left.  But hey!  At least we got to talk to her husband!

Sister Wyman then took us to get some frozen yogurt.  Yummy!  I really like Sister Wyman.  I find her just delightful!

Because of the snow storm, we haven't gotten mail this whole week.  But today I got 5 letters!  Whoot!☺  I got one from Hannah☺ and Momma☺(thanks for that talk and the story!!), I got one from Sister Hooker, Sister Jacobs, and my cute little Josephine (Marni's daughter).  I love my Sister Hooker and I miss her more than I can say.  How could anyone not just instantly LOVE my Sister Hooker?!?  I am always so very jealous of her companions.  She is truly an amazing person.  I hope that soon we will be in position to see each other again.

We got a call while we were with Sister Wyman and they left a voicemail.  It was the sweetest voicemail I have ever heard!  On Tuesday, while we were helping people, we were also giving them cards with our numbers on them.  We got a call from a man we had helped.  He said he was so amazed at what we did and that we did it with smiles.  He said if it hadn't been for us, he would have been stuck 10 miles from home.  It was the greatest feeling that someone actually would call with such gratitude.  It kind of reminded me of the 10 lepers.  I know what Jesus did was lots more amazing than helping someone out of the snow.  But I did get a little glimmer of how he must have loved the one who turned back.  We didn't expect anything for what we did but oh my how nice it is to have the person you help recognize and thank you.  The elders loved the voicemail too.  It was so sweet!

So Monday is Zone P-day.  I want to go so badly.  Sister Nettleton says she hates Zone P-days.  I asked her why and what had happened at the last one and she said she had actually never been to one.  Well, that did it for me.  We are going to Zone P-day.  They really are always so much fun.  I promised her that I would do whatever she wanted next P-day.  It doesn't take much to have fun at the Zone P-day, all you have to do practically is show up.

Dinner was cancelled on us, so we tracted.  No on really answered.  There was one cute old man that we talked to.  I told him if he needed anything to give us a call.  We left and a minute later he comes out asking us to come back.  He said he and his wife have no food.  I told him if he would come to church on Sunday we would have someone he could talk to.  He seemed earnest about it.  I hope he comes!

We went home and had dinner, then went over to the Wyman's.  Sister Wyman's son Heath, is less active.  He has a 12 year old daughter, Katelyn.  Katelyn loves the church and wants to be baptized.  Her mom is okay with it and Heath is willing to be there for the lessons!  Tonight was the first time we have met with Katelyn.  Oh. My. Goodness!  This little girl is elect!  Teaching her was like teaching Ben.  She had no questions.  She said everything we taught made sense.  She already reads her Book of Mormon.  She prays exactly how she should.  The first thing she told us when we asked her what she knew about the church was, "Well, not much.  But I know it's the true church!"  She is amazing!  I fell instantly in love with her!  I believe she will be baptized soonish.  Heath only has her every other weekend, so we are working around that, but she said she wants us over whenever we can!

I am amazed at how the Lord prepares His children.  I feel so blessed to be a part of watching them grow and learn!  I feel so privileged to be the missionary who gets to teach these elect children!  It makes me wonder, would I be this elect?  I highly doubt it!  Luckily I never have to find out.☺

February 1, 2014 (Where has the time gone?!?)

Today was a very crazy day!  So do you remember last Friday when we had our lesson with Haleigh and Luke at the Tyes house?  Well Haleigh texted us and basically said she wanted to do it her way.  She wanted to do a testimony meeting with us, her parents, and her pastor. . .umm okay.  Well, luckily Bishop came.  So did the Tyes.  Pastor Norman and his brother  run 2 of the biggest churches here in Cherokee county.  The high schools have their graduations at their churches because they are so big.

We met and talked with Bishop before and he said he would take the lead on this one.  I was WAY okay with that!  He said we weren't going to bash and if it came to that we would just leave.  I was WAY okay with that too!  Bashing makes me anxious and I don't like it!  And I refuse to do it!  Engaging in it does not seem very Christian.

When we got there we just chatted for a while.  Turns out I know lots of Haleigh's dad's family in Suwanee!  I LOVE the Humphrey's!  From what I know Haleigh's family blames them for not staying in the church.  I dunno the whole story but I have a hard time believing it.  Her mom isn't a member so that's more why.  From what I saw during the meeting her dad still knows it is true deep down.

So Pastor Norman started off by telling his story.  He was actually baptized into our church but never did anything.  He smoked and drank.  Basically he was baptized along with his family.  He says he passed the sacrament and what not but from other parts of his story I am not so sure.  So many holes.  He's never read the Book of Mormon or anything.  He was saved and has bee a pastor for 32 years.

Whenever anyone of us bore our testimony the Spirit would make it's way into the room.  I really think Pastor Norman felt it too because he would get antsy and try to attack anything we said.  Basically he told me I was fake because I said I have never doubted that the church was true.  I believe that is one of my gifts of the Spirit- -to believe.  In the scriptures it says that we are all given different gifts of the Spirit.  For me Doctrine and Covenants 46:13-14 says it as well as anything.  He is a mean vicious man.  That's okay though because my testimony stands as a witness to him forever.

He tried so very hard the whole time to bash, but we wouldn't.  We were there forever though!  He tripped over himself a few times.  So maybe we could have held our own if we would have bashed but that is the problem we would have totally been on our own.  The Spirit never stays in those situations.

We finally got out of there at like 2:30.  Haleigh dropped us.  So, I got to bear my testimony to one of the biggest baptist preachers in Cherokee county!  I don't think that will ever happen again.  Only in the South.☺  Oh funny story.  So when we first walked in and we were shaking hands and introducing ourselves, I'm behind Sister Nettleton as she shakes Haleigh's dad's hand.  She goes, "Hi!  I'm Sister George!"  I was so confused!  I didn't know how to introduce myself!!  So I'm shaking his hand and I say, "Umm. . .actually I'M Sister George.  That's Sister Nettleton and I have no idea why she introduced herself as me."  It was funny but kinda awkward.

After, Bishop had us all go to the Tye's house and talk about it.  We all agreed that is was quite the experience and that Pastor Norman is . . .  well ya.

Then the Kings took us out to lunch.  That was fun.  I really like them!  They are a good family!  Their story is pretty cool.  Sister King got baptized when when was 12.  When she was 14 they had the Nauvoo pageant and she got to be in it.  Bishop was in her group and he was 17.  They lived in the same city but quite a ways from each other and they became really good friends.  Well Sister King fell in love with Bishop but just didn't tell him.  He thought they were just friends.  Then he went off to college and realized how much he missed her.  So they dated for a little bit, he went on his mission and she waited for him  Pretty cute!

We stayed at their house for quite a while, talking and sharing a thought.  Sister Nettleton started saying she had a stomach ache and her head hurt so she needed to go back to the apartment.

Dinner was at the Tye's tonight.  And I guess they told the elders to come too.  So we all had dinner.  It was kinda nice, not gonna lie.  I like our elders they are good young men.

Elder Peña loves calling me an oldie.  He will turn 19 in June and he know I will be 21 in May.  Elder Rodrick likes telling me that since I've been out 7 months now my mission is basically over.  The little punks!  They are funny though.☺  I like'em.

So we just got a call from the Sister Training Leaders.  They asked us if we could meet them at 3:45 tomorrow so we could get to Atlanta on time.  Huh?  Well, turns out tomorrow we get to go to Atlanta and stand in front of the theater where The Book of Mormon Musical is playing!!!  The forgot to tell us.  Haha☺  I'm so excited!  Oh!  AND Sister Hamilton is coming with us!  Her companion went home so she's with the Sister Training Leaders until transfers in 2 weeks.  So only like 10% of the sisters in our mission get to go to Atlanta and do this and I'm one of them!  Whoot!☺

February 2, 2014

Happy fast Sunday/visiting Atlant day!  Whoot!

This morning we got ready and went tracting for a while.  No one was home.  We got one contact.  We had ward council and we went to that.  Bishop told everyone about yesterday and how it went with Pastor Norman.

Testimony meeting was good!  The elders both got up and bore theirs.  The did an awesome job!  I love listening to testimonies!

We left church early cause we needed to meet up with the Sister Training Leaders at 3:45 and church ends at 4:00.  So we came home, broke our fast, and left.  I had the keys but Sister Nettleton wanted to drive so I just handed them over.

We met up with the Sister Training Leaders and wen to Lilburn to get supplies from the AP's. Ah!  SO much fun!

Atlanta is pretty dang cool!  It's a fun visit, but I will never be a city girl.  Too dirty and loud.  The AP's told us there was free parking but where they told us, there wasn't.  I was the only one with cash, so lucky me, I got to pay.  Ah well, I was just excited!

Sister Hamiton and Me!!

Sister Nettleton and Me!!

We got there at the time the AP's told us but the play had already started.  So we just tried to contact.  We also met the Atlanta missionaries that were there.  The didn't know Michelle Tavenner was.  Ah darn!  It would have been fun to have them tell cute Sister Tavenner hello!  One of the sisters was just going through a whole list of names asking if I knew them.  Turns out she went to high school with Elder Hales so that was fun.
Fox Theatre downtown Atlanta
At intermission there were people who left angry about the play.  They were the ones willing to talk to us. It was so much fun.  I just love being a missionary.  The play got out at 9:30.  Swarms of people came out.  We just tried to hand out cards and books to every who would take them.  Some people were so rude.  But, eh, that's all part of the job.  Other people loved that there were real Mormon missionaries outside.

It was quite an adventure!  Not many missionaries get to say the did this!  I'm glad I got to be a part of it!☺ It was just such a great experience.  We got home last night at 11:30.  I haven't stayed up that late in FOREVER!  Totally worth it though!☺

Well family, I love you lots!  Can't wait to e-mail☺


Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Week My Grandpa Left His Earthly Existance

January 20, 2014

Hey Fam☺

So since it was Martin Luther King Day, the library was closed. : /  Luckily Sister King told us we could e-mail at her house.  she had us com at like 8:30 though cause she wanted to make us breakfast before she went to tennis.  Kristin, her daughter, told her we weren't allowed to used her computer.  So we had one for the both of us.  I am so thankful that they shared with us cuz I love my e-mails.

I used it for about 2 hours and then Sister Nettleton used if for about 2 hours.  We were also washing our clothes at the Kings because our apartment doesn't have a washer or dryer.  Though we are supposed to be getting one sometime in the next week or so.  

I wish I was  home to say goodbye to Grandpa!  I honestly thought I didn't have to worry, that he would be there when I stepped off the plane.  I know Heavenly Father has some work for him to do.

We went shopping and then went home.  I wrote letters and Sister Nettleton wrote letters and took a nap.
TJMaxx - Using stool as a pogo stick?

Our dinner cancelled on us so the Dustins said they would feed us.  It was a much needed thing to be with them.  They are a good family.☺  It was nice to just forget and laugh for a little bit.  We went to TJ Maxx with them.  Sister Dustin is redecorating their room so she was getting stuff.  I feel so loved when I'm around them!  They love missionaries and they show that love to us.  it's nice to feel so loved when you are so far from home.

January 21, 2013

It was a good day today.  We didn't have district meeting today cause we have interviews on Thursday so it was moved to then.  Which is nice cause it gives me more time to procrastinate on my training I have to give of how to be an effective and successful missionary.☺  So today felt like Wednesday.

We went to see a lady named Tiffany.  She has been investigating for a long while.  Her 2 boys are baptized and as active as they can be.  She is having a crazy hard time trying to stop smoking.  She has failed quitting a few times so she stopped coming and recently started coming again.  She has a testimony, loves the church, but can't stop smoking.  She is a couponer.  she was showing us her binder and it was crazy!  Pretty cool though.

We got a referral today!  Her name is LaQuita Anderson.  She said she really wants to meet with us.  She seemed pretty legit so hopefully that will turn into something.  We should be meeting with her sometime next week.

We went tracting today.☺  Sister Nettleton is petrified of dogs, which makes things difficult at times.  If there is even an inkling of a sign that there is a dog she refuses to go to the house.  I try to be understanding but I have to admit it is frustrating.  Especially with how many people have dogs.

We went with a lady in our ward, Bonnie Bond, to VT her people.  Well she hadn't called or made appointment and so unfortunately no one was home.  I started feeling really sick in the car and I had a massive headache.  This the 2nd time in like 3 days!  I don't know what's the matter with me!  Sister Nettleton had the keys and so after we were done with Sister Bond she drove to the Dustins to get me some medicine.  When they found out I didn't feel good, they made me lay on the couch and cute Elaina instructed me to take my shoes and socks off so she could rub my feet.  Darling  funny girl!☺

Pettits had us over for dinner.  They have some crazy cute kids!  Two boys and a girl.  Sister Pettit is doing this crazy cross fit died so we basically had diet food.  It was really good and I always am thankful for a change up.

Then we went over to sister Ashment's.  I needed my hair trimmed badly.  Luckily Sister Ashment is a hair dresser.☺ YAY!  So I got my hair trimmed like 2 inches.  Even when it's just a little bit, my head feels SO much lighter!  I love it!  so now I have healthy hair again!  Yay!  

Ah!  I forgot!  so today during tracting it SNOWED! ☺☺  Okay, well they were just little flurries, but there were little snowflakes!  Best ever!  The grocery parking lots were jammed packed with Georgia people getting their eggs bread, and milk.  Funny people.☺  They would all die if they were in Idaho.

January 22, 2014

Today was good.  Not anything crazy adventurous anything, but good.  After lunch, sister Dustin came out with us to go visit people....well try to.  We ended up only getting in with one person.

So when I got here, Sister Nettleton showed me this list of investigators.  Well, in all reality they are all just potentials, or back ups if something falls through.  None of them are true solid investigators.  Which is totally fine, our numbers were a little messed up for the first week, but we got it figured out.

Okay, anyways, I was going somewhere with that....There is a couple named Matt and Jillian.  They have 3 kids.  I've never met Matt before because he is always working.  They are really nice but keep no commitments.  They say they want to read the Book of Mormon together, so since they are so busy, they haven't.  They say they want to come to church but something always comes up.  Actually, she told us she wanted to come this Sunday and Sister Nettleton basically let her off the hook!  She said it would be stake conference and so it wouldn't be all that great with all her kids.  I wanted to say "Don't listen to that, come!" And I tried to in a nice way, but now they aren't going to come.  Hopefully we get them to came another time.

We tried a few other people but no one else was home.  So Sister Dustin took us back to her house and we sat and chatted for a while.  Then we went tracting.  We had picked this street that had HUGE houses on it! There was one house that looked like the White House!!  Instead of taking a picture I took a video!☺ There was another house that had a sign "Do NOT run from dogs" I made sister Nettleton stand by it, that one I did take a picture of.

After tracting we went to dinner with the Owens.  They have 4 darling little boys.  Oh! They are SO cute! Benjamin, Micah, Jacob, and Caleb.  Micah and I became great friends by the end of the night.☺  For our thought we did an object lesson with cups and building towers, they LOVED it!

We ended our night with the Dustins and the Kings and the elders.  So, when you get bishop out of the church, he is funny.  He and brother Dustin were on a  roll!  We were all in stitches!  Good times had by all.☺  I told sister Dstin about the marker, dot game that we had played with the Johnsons and Tuleys!  She was so excited to play it.  That will be an adventure for sure.

January 23, 2014

Well, today was not an easy day.  My heart was heavy and all I could do was pray.  We decided to do breakfast together before district meeting at Waffle House.  It's a chain that you will only ever find in the South and everyone knows about it!  It's one of those places, that depending on which one you go to, food poisoning may or may not happen.  It was us, our elders and the Jasper elders.  Our three companionships seem to be the most willing to do things.  It was fun and we had a good time.  I just got hash browns, but yummy.  They were tasty.☺

Then we had district meeting/ interviews.  Our district meeting had gotten pushed back so that the other district could do their interviews first.  After president was all done he pulled us all into the same room.  Sister Painter was there.  She gave me a hug, so that was fun.  She looks happy, I am glad.  President spoke with us all together a little while and then he excused the other district to go back to their areas and he pulled me out first for interviews.

As we sat down he asked of I would start out with a prayer.  Then he pulled out a folder and said "Your dad e-mailed me..."   Then he pulled out Grandpas obituary.  I just started to crying.  I knew it was probably going to happen that I found out during my interview, that is why he pulled me out first.  But it still threw me off a little.  He asked me to tell him a little bit about Grandpa.  I told him that Grandpa led his life with quiet dignity.  I told him about the 6 Pence song.  Then president said he heard President Monson talk about that song.  He then pulled out another piece of paper.  He said my Daddy didn't want me to be sad and the e-mail you had sent him was full of comfort and you didn't want me to be worry.  He started  to read it to me but tears filled his eyes.  He ended up folding it and told me I could read it because he couldn't.  He told me to call if I needed anything.  He told me I was a good missionary and that was the end of my interview. I went back into district meeting, trying not to cry.  I sat next to Elder Peña, and he looked at me and asked "Are you okay?" I nodded and cocked a smile and said "Yeah, I just found out that my Grandpa passed away. But I'm okay"   Elder Peña was so sweet!! He told me if I needed to talk, he's here,  He lost his dad and brother when he was younger, so sadly, he is no stranger to this.

I had to give a training at the end.  My mind was having a hard time focusing so it wasn't all that great, I don't think.

Elder Smith (he was my old District Leader) is now the Zone Leader.  We're pretty good friends.  I think President told him about grandpa, at the end he looks at me with a lot of concern and asked if I was okay. I just smiled and nodded because I am, but my heart is sad.

I still had to do my little interview with Sister Wolfert so we waited.  When it was my turn I sat down and she asked me how I was doing, I told her I was okay.  She looked at me and said "You don't sound very sure of that.."  Not rude just wondering why.  I knew she was aware of Grandpa but I figured she had forgotten.  So I awkwardly, trying to be polite said, "Well I am just trying to wrap my head around that my grandpa is gone..."  Then she went, "Oh! Sister George! I am sooo Sorry! I forgot."  I told her it was okay, she has 250 other missionaries to focus on too.  She really is a sweet lady and I love her.

After that we went to lunch with the elders.  I actually wasn't that hungry and didn't really want to eat but knew that I should.  So I went.

Anyhow after lunch it was around 2:30ish.  Sister Nettleton wanted to go to the Dustins, but I wasn't really in the mood to cry and I was afraid I might if we went because I could relax and think.  So I told her no, we are going tracting.  I don't think she liked that very much but we never really go tracting because she does everything she possibly can to get out of it.

So we tracted.  There was one house that we walked uphill to.  The cute old man told us no.  But he told us that he had voted for Mitt Romney and that we had earned his respect because his driveway is 1/10 of a mile to walk up to.  It was funny.☺  And I needed to laugh.

Morgan had signed up to feed us. I love Morgan.  We end up staying there longer than we should every time.  But we went over for dinner.  We we had the second half of our lost sheep meeting at 7 that we were 45 minutes late- -I told you we always end up staying too long.

We finally got to the meeting but had to leave before they were done so we could get home on time.

Thank you for sending President Grandpas obituary.  I love the picture that they used.  I have the picture of me, Grandma, and Grandpa the day I left, I love that picture!☺ It is one that makes me happy, I will cherish it forever.

January 24, 2014

Last night was rough.  I had time to think and I just cried.  I'm just sad that I never got to say goodbye.  I mean, I did.  But it was more of a  "See you in a year and a half!"  I thought that Grandma was wrong.  I thought Grandpa would be home when I got back.  That's what's the hardest part for me.  One of the fist things I want to do when I get back  is go to his grave.  I hate that, I am missing the funeral tomorrow.  I'm sure that it will be grand and beautiful.  I can only imagine how packed it will be.

Last night I slept terribly.  I was completely exhausted, both emotionally and physically.  I had the biggest bags under my eyes.  I looked terrible.

Instead of weekly planning right away, we went over to one of our part members homes, Ashley Edge, who is going through the temple in a few weeks.  Her daughter, Paisley, was sooo cute!!  She had just woken up, she grabbed her blanket and snuggled right up into my side and popped her thumb into her mouth.  There is something so comforting about a little kid snuggling up into you.  It's like she sensed that I needed some loving!☺

We went home and planned for the week.  My body felt like it was shutting down because it was soo tired.  So for lunch, instead of eating, I took a nap.  I am pretty sure I was out before my head hit the pillow.  President instructed Sister Nettleton to keep an eye on me yesterday.  She let me sleep longer than the 1 hour allotted for lunch but woke me up in time for the 2 o'clock appointment we had.

Our appointment was with Haleigh and Luke.  They are friends of Seth Tye (a kid in out ward).  It didn't end up going so well.  That made me sad because it started out so well.  Sometimes members who come on teaches with us end up taking us in a directions that we don't feel is best.  Things got a little out of hand.  So instead of finishing off with the Plan of Salvation like we had planned we ended up somewhere else.  When we got a minute we just quickly ended the lesson and left.  We couldn't teach them in that environment.

The Dustin's are in Poland for a business trip and left the kids with her sister.  Sister Dustin called and told us to go meet her sister.  Well, we were supposed to go tracting but that usually happens when I drive.  So instead of tracting we ended up at the Dustin's.  It was fun to mee her sister.  they look a lot a like.  I shared a message so that I felt at least a little productive.

After Dustin's we drove around for a little while trying to find a place to tract.  We ended up at Morgan's.

Some days are a lot more difficult than other days.

January 25, 2014

Nothing crazy exciting happened today.  Mostly we just tracted (okay, that was actually exciting because we do not do that a ton).  We met some nice people to no one that was ready to hear the gospel.

Mom, you told me I won't want all the pictures of houses and sunsets later on.  Your right.  So, instead I have started taking videos of all that stuff so I can comment on why.  Haha!  Plus, I've decided that taking video is much more fun!  And yes, there are videos on the card I sent home.

After tracting we met up with Sister Drake.  sister Drake isn't a member but her husband is.  Their story is crazy!  And I love them all the more because of it.  They were married before but they got a divorce.   They both got married again to other people and had kids.  Brother Drake got baptized and sealed in the temple.  then they both went through divorces again!  Then they found each other again and got remarried.  I love happily ever after no matter how you get there.  She has a few issues with the church that she just can't get over.  One of them being coffee!  She thinks it is a gift from God.  But she comes to church and doesn't drink or smoke, she feed the missionaries and she generally loves the church.  It's crazy and sad.  The church really needs her.  And I think she needs us too.  She is a super sweet lady!

Tonight we had stake conference.☺  It was really good!  All about hastening the work.  We (missionaries) sang the EFY medley.  I wish we would have known before.  I would have brought the new sister's version.  It would have been way cooler!  But alas, no such luck.  Ah well, it was still cool.

I got to see a few of my homies!  Elder Henson is one of the Spanish elders in the Marietta zone.  The first thing I heard when we walked in was "St Geezy!!!!"  Aw man!  I have missed Elder Henson!  I also got to see Sister Iketau!  I have missed her!  She was the only sister willing to hang with us at the Stake Center on P-days.  AND I got to be with sister Hamilton!☺  LOOOOOVE her!  We made plans to hang out on Monday!  I am excited.☺

January 26, 2014

Today was pretty dang awesome!  We had Stake Conference.  It was a broadcast to like 48 stakes in Florida, Georgia, and some of North Carolina.  Elder Nelson was presiding.  It was a great meeting!  Again, all about hastening the work.☺  I feel like they are trying to get something across to us.☺

Afterwards we talked with the Bishop for a minute and then we pretty much spent the rest of the day tracting.  there are a few that we ran into that have potential.  I'm excited to see if anything comes because of it!

Dinner was at the Linebacks.  We had hamburgers!!!☺  Yummy!  They are really nice people.

then we had the missionary fireside with the youth!  Ah!  It was so cool!!  There were 4 districts so they split us up, one missionary for each.  Mine was Venezuela.  It was the weirdest feeling no to have my companion right by me.  Part of me loved it, I felt free and slightly giddy.  The other part felt a bit lost.  It's going to be an interesting feeling when i get home in a year.  I feel like I will be a bit lost.  I'll probably just follow you around everywhere, Momma.☺

When we got home Sister Nettleton threw up.  The elders came over and gave her a blessing.  gotta love that priesthood power.☺

Well family, I LOVE YOU!  Have a fantabulous week!☺


Monday, February 17, 2014

Molly Mormon?!? Who would name their child Molly if they are Mormon?

January 13, 2014

Well, it was a pretty fun P-day here in Hickory Flat!  Different, but fun.  We first went over to the library.  Talk about a pain way to e-mail!  I miss having the family history center as my e-mail place.  It was nice cause since we hung out there, you could check your e-mail on and off whenever you pleased.  At the library, it’s get it done or forever hold your peace!

Daddy, it was fun to have you on for a little while at the same time.  I hope that the test went ok and everything is fine!  Keep me updated on everything!

I hope by next Monday, sister Knight will have sent me my camera cord so that I can send pictures.  Luckily the Dustin's texted you some pictures so you know that I am safe, pretty happy and you have seen some pictures of me and Sister Nettleton. 
Sisters George and Nettleton

After e-mailing was shopping.  Now, I left Suwanee’s pantry fully stocked for Sister Heyland.  (I didn’t buy stuff for her, I just didn’t take anything ).   On the other hand Hickory Flat's pantry is completely empty.  It makes me laugh because Sister Nettleton told me that was normal for there.  Oh my.  They have never had any food in the apartment.  So we went and got food… and cleaning supplies.  There is black mold everywhere.  Now, in Georgia you are going to get black mold in your bathroom, it is inevitable.  Therefore, cleaning is vital.  After cleaning, we dropped our stuff off and just went and hung out with the Dustins.  They are a crazy super awesome family. 

We had dinner at the Curvelos.  I guess Sister Curvelo signed up for us and the elders.   They really haven’t enforced the new rule about sisters and elders at the same dinner appointment.  Brother Curvelos was still at work so we just ate with Sister Curvelos.  She is nice.

After than we went home to deep clean.  We basically sprayed everything down with pure bleach, killed the mold, and scrubbed.  All our doors were open!  Fumigation and all.  It was quite the task.  But, we got it done and it feels more homey now.  Hey, what would one use to get rust off of your bike?  Mine needs to be cleaned.

January 14, 2014

Man, do I miss Suwanee!  I miss knowing the area and the members.  It makes things so much easier.  We just go visit people all day long and mostly it is members.  Tracting is not the highest priority in this area.  I hope to work into more of that.  I really do enjoy tracting. 

I miss my old district.   Today was district meeting.  It is hard getting to know new missionaries.  It takes a while to feel comfortable.  Sister Macedone, so nice to have her here, gave a training on listening to the Spirit.  She did a role play and had Elder Jackman whisper stuff to her across the room.  At first she just ignored him.  The second round she was trying to follow what he was telling her.  But she couldn’t hear at one point in time and said “WHAT?!?”  Fail.  It was funny though and probably no unlike listening to the spirit.

We went to lunch with our elders and the elders from Jasper (there are like 4 areas in our district).  Sister King was there.  So we just sat with her and talked.  She is a cutie! 

We went and visited Sister Tye.  She has a lot of health problems but she is the sweetest lady ever!  She told us that she is working her way to the temple.  I hope it is soon.  She is just awesome!

We had dinner with the Dustin's after that.  They took us to a BBQ place.  It was really good!  I like the Dustin's a lot.  They have been added to my People-That-I-Love-In-Georgia-and-will-come-back-and-visit-list.  I gotta come up with a shorter name.  We were a huge group cause there was us (2), the Dustins (8), Sister Dustin’s mom (1) and friends (2).  There were 13 of us and it was a little crazy but quite fun.  I have now officially had the Southern BBQ.  Yummm!

After dinner there was a relief society activity.  It was cute.  They had a game called telestrations that is pretty fun.  I think y’all have a game like it on the ipad.  You draw a picture and then pass it on to the next person, they write what they think it is and pass it to the next person, they write what they think it is and pass it along to the next person who draws again.  So on and so forth.  Well we played and then each table had to choose which drawing they thought was the funniest.  I got chosen at my table to stand up and show mine.  I could tell by the looks on faces that nobody knew who I was.  I heard someone say, “Where is Sister Kelly?”  So I just introduced myself, “Hi, I am Sister George!  I am the new missionary in the area.  I come from Suwanee and I have been out for 6 months.”  I then answered the common questions everyone asks to cover everyone at once.  

It is always awkward going to a new area.  Some people inevitably miss the old missionary.  Others may be glad that person is gone.  I can tell that they loved Sister Kelly.  I find my spot but I am missing Suwanee right now.  I knew where I stood with everyone. 

January 15, 2014

So today we went visiting teaching with Sister Lineback and Sister King.  They took us out to lunch.  I try to have a salad when we go out.  One of the families that we went to visit was Sister Presley.  She is a nice lady and it was fun talking to her and getting to know her.

After that, we went home and I changed into some service clothes.  We were going to take lights down for Billie, an older lady that we often go and visit.  Sister Nettleton chose to not change into her service clothes, which is a good thing I guess, because when we got there the lights were already down.   Her daughter must have done it for her or something.  Darn it!  I was in my pants all ready to go.

Instead of stopping at Billie’s to chant with her, we went to a lady down the road named Ashley Rose.  There was nowhere to change so I was still in my pants…  Ashley is a single mom with an 11 year old daughter named Bella.  Bella very much wants to be baptized but her mother isn’t ready for that yet.  The church fascinates Ashley and she loves the people and everything.  But she wants them to do it together if they do it.  Bella would like to be baptized right now.  Ashley goes to a church called “Revolution”.  We asked her if we could come with her this Sunday since our church doesn’t start until 1:00.  So we are going to Revolution.

We had dinner at Morgan’s.  We had a fire and cooked hot dogs.  Morgan has become a good friend to Sister Nettleton and to Sister Kelly.  It is good to be friends but missionaries need to be careful about that.  Note to self - - be conscious of that in the future. 

I have been struggling lately.  This routine is so much different than what I am used to.  It is hard to just come in and change everything.  I miss tracting and teaching lessons.  I am happy, but struggling.  Elder Pena asked me today if I was doing okay.  I told him “Yah”.  He said, “We could give you a blessing, would you like one?”  Yes!  So, sometime this week I will be getting a blessing.  Sometimes I forget about blessings and I think it is a gift that is taken for granted a lot.  I haven’t allowed the elders to exercise their priesthood in that way as I should.  I know that it’s not only doing a disservice to me and also to them, but I’m doing a disservice to Heavenly Father because I’m taking for granted, and not using all the tools He has given me.

We went to visit one of the ladies that we teach in our apartment complex.  Her name is Judy.  She is the mother in-law of one of our members.  She smokes which is a smell I am not fond of but she is a sweet lady.  It is kind of funny, she is like the girl version of Richard.  She has a dog named Lucy that is really overweight and she has to sit on Judy's lap.  Judy sits in the rocking chair with the tv on but the sound off.  I dunno, but it was kinda nice to see/feel something similar to Suwanee.

January 16, 2014

Today was quite an adventure.  We went out with Sister Owens for about 2 hours this morning, trying to visit people.  Not too much luck.  But, I got to get to know Sister Owens a bit and I got to sit in the back with her son Caleb, who is 6 months old.  Ah!  It was the best!  I hate the rule that we can’t hold little kids.  It kills me!  I just want to sit with a baby on my lap.  Is that too much to ask?  I think not!  But alas, no such luck! : (  In a year I can hold all the babies I want.  Just not mine.

After lunch we went to visit Sister Craig.  She has a crazy life.  She just got back from Hawaii.  The second day she was there she got hit by a car and landed on her knee.  So she got surgery before coming back.  She has a boyfriend that lives in some foreign country.  She has 8 kids and is really active.  When we got there, she had us help her paint her nails, do her makeup, and she had us put some purple in her hair.  It was kind of crazy. 

We then went to go see Sister Jenkins, a less-active member.  She is really sweet.  I wish that she would come all of the time.  She is a good missionary and talks to people all of the time.  She just doesn’t come.  We sat and just visited with her for a while.  Hopefully, having church at 1:00 will help.

After that we went tracting.  Ah!  Yah!  I really don’t feel amazingly productive unless I have tracted.  Well, since we have only tracted one other time since I have been here, I haven’t felt productive.  But I finally got Sister Nettleton to tract.  Happy day!  I was driving today and controlled the agenda a little more.  I found a house that made me think of Sister Watkins.  It made me miss her.  It had a skull knocker and was just all her personality.

We had dinner at the Wymans.  Sister Wyman reminds me of Grandma George.  You all know how much I love Grandma George.   It was nice.  I really do appreciate the kindness of member being so willing to share what they have with us and feed us all the time.

After dinner we went to a meeting with the bishopric, relief society president, elder’s quorum president, and the high priest group leader.  It was called the “lost sheep meeting”.  Basically we went through as much of the ward list as we could and talked about all of the less-active those that want no contact.  We were there for 2 hours and only got halfway through the list.  We are doing the other half of the ward next Thursday.  Oh boy, hopefully it won’t take too long.

January 17, 2014

Weekly planning today.  Sort of discouraging.  We updated the map of the area.  Not a whole lot going on right now on the map.  We spent some time trying to get that updated.  And one day we will work on the area book.  Cause it is also not up to date. 

We went and contacted a referral.  She was really sweet!  Her husband just passed away in December.  Hopefully we will be able to get in and teach her about how she will be able to see him again.
After that we went to Andrea’s.  She is like the first person I met.  She is a recent convert .  We talked to her for a while.

Then we met up with Sister Tye to go to Morgan’s  She has been dying to meet Morgan.  They clicked really well.   We tried to get going after an hour but they were still talking.  They really clicked. 

We had dinner at the Dustin’s tonight.  Brother Dustin made ribs…  Yummy!  So while we were eating we were talking.  There is a girl named Molly in this ward and they were talking about that family.  Brother Dustin knows that my name is Molly but he forgot.  He said, “What parents would name their child Molly when they are Mormon?!?  It’s like naming your son Peter!”  I was laughing so hard.  Sister Nettleton looked at him and said, “Ummm,  Sister George’s name is Molly.”  Poor Brother Dustin.  He was so embarrassed.  He kept apologizing the whole dinner.  He felt really bad.  But I don't know why I didn’t mind and to be honest I am still giggling about it.  I would be in trouble if I got offended every time I was called Molly Mormon or got teased because of my name. Thanks Mom and Dad!  Luckily it takes quite a bit to offend me.  And anyhow he was really talking about you Mom and Dad not me!!  HAHA!

January 18, 2014

Today was a productive day.  We went tracting!  Whoot!  The road we tracted was kinda out in the middle of nowhere which made it lots of fun.  The driveways we walked up were super long and curvy and bendy.  It was tons of fun.  Sister Nettleton had a good time too but we walked quite a bit.  She also is scared of dogs.  That is a bad thing because everyone seems to have a dog.

By the time we got done tracting, it was about 4.  At the Lost Sheep meeting on Thursday, Bishop gave us some people to try and go see so we decided we would try to see them before we reported back on Sunday.  We pull up to the first house and got out of the car.  A boy about 13 opens the window and asks if he can help us.  We told him that we were missionaries and that we were looking for Lisa.  He told us she was out but that his dad was home.  We told him we would just come back later.  Then we asked him what his name is.  He got flustered and starts saying “Ummm…” and rubbing his face.  Then he says, “Uh.. Capper!” and throws his hands up.  Well….Sure that is his name.  It was pretty funny.

I finally got my blessing tonight!  Elder Pena gave it to me.  He was really in tune with the Spirit.  He said a little silent prayer before giving me the blessing.  In my blessing he said that Heavenly Father knows of my struggles and that He placed me here because it is where I need to be.  He said that I will have some trials come up, but that they will make me stronger and better.  I was told that I need to remember why I came out on my mission.  I was instructed to read my patriarchal blessing and pay attention to the counsel in that blessing.  Then he said one of the most important things.  He said don’t worry about my family.  They will be okay and be blessed because I am here and while I am here.

It amazes me that Heavenly Father allows these young men to give blessings and lets them know exactly what to say.  I feel like I can’t even put into words the awe that I feel each and every time I have hands placed on my head.  I feel honored to be serving with these young men who are worthy to give blessings and to hold the priesthood.  I am filled with pride knowing that I have an amazing brother who is like one of these young men and that I have a Daddy that has shown me what I want to have in my life always.  Thanks Daddy!  Thanks for being that example to me!  Gabe, thanks for being you!  Thanks for being the brother that I can boast and brag on.  Because I know many sisters here who can’t say that about their brothers.
After I got my blessing we went to the Frias family.  They are an awesome family!  Towards the end I started feeling REALLY sick.  We left, got home and I just laid down and was out for the night!  Not too bad of a day for the most part though.

January 19, 2014

This morning I didn’t even hear the alarm.  I still felt really sick.  Anyways I got up but I was just laying on the couch.  Sister Nettleton got up and took a shower.  I was trying not to die.  I dunno what happened but my stomach felt like there were knives in it and I felt like I had stayed up for 48 hours even though I had slept all night.  I finally got up off the couch and got into the shower.  I don’t know what it is about a shower but they always make me feel better. 

We went to the Revolution before church.  The elders came with us.  The elders and Sister Nettleton all wanted to take their name tags off but I said what was the point of going if we didn’t have our name tags?  I won.☺  It started out with a band singing hard rock Jesus music.  Everyone was rocking out and yeah, the music was fun, but it didn’t feel like church to me.  I am glad that I went, but the whole time I was waiting for the warm feeling that I get during church.  I kind of felt empty inside the whole time.  I am grateful that I know what church is really supposed to feel like.

After Revolution the elders asked us if we wanted to have a tracting competition.  They were trying their way to get us to go tracting.  We beat them by one contact.

Then there was ward council.  So cute Autumn Dustin is the Beehive president.  She came up with this amazing idea to do a mini-mission for the youth.  They have set up 4 missions that the youth can get called to.  On Sunday at their fireside as each youth walks in, they will be handed an envelope with their name on with the church logo.  But they are not allowed to open it.  When they do open it, it will be exactly like the official mission call (they took a real mission call and copied the text).   Everyone will be assigned to one of the 4 missions.  They got people in the ward who served in those places to teach about the culture and a little of the language.  They will split up and go to the different rooms and be in the Missionary Training Center.  They will be given name tags, a copy of the Book of Mormon and some pass along cards.  Basically, their goal is to place the Book of Mormon before mutual on Thursday.  On Thursday for mutual the missionaries (us) will teach them the Restoration, then they will be split into companionships and go teach investigators (ward members).  At the end of mutual they will get together and have a testimony meeting.  It’s going to be so cool!  I’m way excited!

They are going to encourage the youth to wear the name tags to school too.  I hope the youth get into it cause it will be awesome if they do!

After church we went tracting.  One guy told us he wanted nothing to do with our “cult”.  I think that he mistook us for somebody else J  Dinner was at the Burkharts.  It was fun but we probably stayed a little too long. 

I miss Suwanee.  I do like it here and I love the people but this just doesn’t seem like home to me like Suwanee did.  I know you tell me that it takes time and that I will love it and I will love these people and not want to leave them when the time comes.  I just need to figure out why the Lord sent me here.  I know that I need to help myself and to help Sister Nettleton be better missionaries.  I hope that I grow stronger while I am in this area.  I dunno.  I guess that I will figure it out. 

Well, I love y’all!  I’m excited to e-mail you.  We are at the King's tomorrow because the library is closed for Martin Luther King day.  Love you.