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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ben's Baptism!!! Hannah's too!!!

December 30, 2013

Happy Almost New Year!

Today was probably my favorite P-day ever!  It was so much fun.  When we were all sick the elders kept telling us to come play monopoly with them, knowing full well that we couldn’t and wouldn’t.  So today the Sharon Springs elders, Elders Kilmer and McMurdie, came down and all 6 of us played monopoly at the Family History Center where we always e-mail.  It was so much fun!
May the game begin!! Show no mercy!
Sister Knight and I went to go get lunch and when we came back my camera was filled with pictures and one funny video. 
Our Sharon Springs Elders - - Silly
Love the Shades - - especially Elder Rahman's
Silly elders.  But that is fine because guess who won the monopoly game?  ME!  When we first started the elders asked me if I was ready to be crushed.  One of them was really out to get me and I made him go bankrupt.  Was I proud of it?  Heck ya!  Monopoly is a really long game so sorry about the pathetic short to non-existent e-mails.

I’m so sad that next Monday is my last here.  It kills me every time I think of it.  I’ve just decided that I will just tell the AP’s no whey they call. . . .  Okay, I won’t really do that but with all my heart I will WANT to tell them no.  I will cry and cry.

The elders took the car so we called Sister Landers who was feeding us.  She is a cute lady.  Her husband isn’t a member but supports her.  She is a temple worker and attends regularly.

After that, she dropped us off at the Rodriguex’s.  They were coming with us to try and see a less active in our ward that no one has ever been able to get a hold of.  President Galt is the only one who has ever met him and that was once about 4 years ago.  Sister Knight and I met his wife the other day and she said he would be home today.  No such luck.  He didn’t’ answer the door.  : /  We ended up giving the Rodriguez’s their Family Home Evening lesson.

Okay, funny story I just remembered.  So we were emailing and suddenly one of the elders just starts saying, “Ah!  No!  Are you kidding me?!?!”  He told us to come over to his computer.  This elder is the 2nd youngest and has some nieces and nephews.  His sister sent him a picture of his nieces (who are about 4 and 2) with pillows in their shirts saying they had babies in their bellies. It was actually really cute!

December 31, 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!

District meeting today was tons of fun.  We had a blast together.  Elder McMurdie did a joke training on flirting.  Elder Kilmer became Sister Kilmer and they did a bunch of ridiculous stuff.  Elder Kilmer was so funny!  He had on one of those head bands that have braids on them and talked in a high pitched voice.  It was quite the training.

After DM, we went and had lunch.  Before we went though, Ben had his baptismal interview.  Before he gets baptized he has to get an interview with President Wolfert.  Hopefully everything will work out!  I want to be at his baptism!

After lunch we went home and did 12 week.  We went back to the church cause Sister Knight wanted to grab an address she forgot yesterday.  The elders were there.  They had just finished with an appointment. 

We all left to go tracting.  About a half hour later we got a call from Elder Hales.  Elder Rahman hurt his knee and they needed the mission nurse’s number.  He made it sound like it wasn’t’ bad so we didn’t worry too much about it.  We tracted and then went to dinner at the Rhodes’.

Brother Pickett had invited us and the elders to his house for the evening.  When we got there, the elders weren’t there and neither was Brother Pickett.  We were told they were in the ER.  What?!?  Yeah, Elder Rahman’s knee is bad.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!  Wow!  I cannot believe it is 2014!

Training calls are today.  The elders called.  Elder Hales said he had bad news and worse news.  First Elder Rahman is leaving Suwanee, that was the bad news.  The worse news is that Elder Hales is training.  He said he doesn’t want to.  He will be great though.  No calls for Sister Knight or me.

We went to brunch with our elders and Elder Bridge and Elder McMurdie (they were on exchange).  Poor Elder Rahman!  He has his leg all braced up, can’t put any weight on it so he has to walk around on crutches.  His knee is HUGE!  So they are basically stuck in the apartment all day, every day, until transfers.  Elder Hales better be nice to Elder Rahman, he gets cranky when he is stuck inside.

After that we tried to go see some less actives Brother Tiszai had asked us to try and see.  No luck.  So we tracted.  We contacted a lot of people but no one who was really interested.

Dinner was at the Holgados.  Sister Holgado stayed upstairs the whole time.  Her dad is in the hospital.  Brother Holgado had just woken up from a nap.  So mostly we were with our amazing Sarah.  LOVE HER!
This is our lovely Sarah!!  I know this was taken on Christmas
but I wanted you to see her face!!  We love this girl!

After dinner we got to go teach Ben. ☺  We taught him at the Collettes and it was fabulous!  We taught him about tithing and fasting.  Like usual, he just soaked it all up with no worries or questions.  I really hope that his baptism doesn’t get postponed!!  I just love him so very much!  He is an amazing man.

January 2, 2014
It was quite a busy day today!  Man oh man!  We tried to go see Richard.  That man just breaks my heart.  I called and called.  He never picks up and his phone won’t let me leave a voicemail.  So finally I grabbed some caramels and we just went over there.  He wouldn’t even let us in.  He just opened the door a crack and would barely talk to me.  He took the caramels.  I told him I was probably going to be leaving.  He told me I had made a difference in his life.  It’s amazing this love that is given to you as a missionary.  If someone would have told me before that I would grow to love this little 65 year old man with no teeth who believes in the Book of Mormon and everything else too, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.  But it’s true.  I just wanted to give him a hug and say goodbye.  Seeing him this one last time just about broke me.  I won’t give up on him!  I know he will be baptized eventually!  Though in this life or the next, I don’t know.

We went and saw Marni today.  I just love that family!  They are really sad that I will probably be leaving.  I’m the one who has been there the whole time.  They would be a family I will be coming back to see their baptism.  It will happen!  And I will be there when it does!  I am leaving them in the very capable hands of Sister Knight.

Dinner was at the Hunsakers.  I just love that family!  They are amazing examples to me.  Bishop is awesome.  Sister Hunsaker is one of the sweetest people I know!  I just love ‘em!

Ben’s baptism interview with President Joyner (1st counselor in the mission presidency) was after dinner.  We got there and waited with him.  Ben is usually on time so we called him and he had lost track of time.  He hurried over as fast as he could.  I love how President Joyner did the interview.  He had us come in with them for a bit.  He asked us questions like, “What change have you seen in Ben?”  “Why do you think he is ready for baptism?”  We answered and then we left.  They did the interview, then President Joyner had Ben come out with us while he prayed about it (which didn’t take too long. . . . I thought we would be waiting for a while).  Then he brought us all back in.  He looked at Ben and asked  him when his baptism was scheduled for.  Ben said, “Saturday at 5.”  President Joyner smiled and said, “I think that’s a fine time!  Congratulations!”  Yay!!  So it’s official!  Saturday.  5o’clock.  Ben gets baptized!!☺

We then went to the Tuley’s to give a lesson.  The elders were there and then the Johnson’s came in with a bag of markers.  They told us to get in a circle.  We were playing the dot game.   Basically you all have a number and your clapping.  You say. . .”One has no dots how many dots does 3 have?”  All you need to remember is your number and how many dots you have.  If you mess up, whoever passed it to you gets to take a marker and draw on you.  A dot consists of (I think she lost her train of thought because this doesn’t make much sense) as long as you don’t lift the marker.  It was SO fun.  The elders tried to gang up on me.  Punks!  I still got 2 marks. . . .   Everyone got at least one mark.  It was so funny!  We may just play that on P-day.☺

January 3, 2014

Today was quite an adventure.  We started out with weekly planning/getting final touches for Ben’s baptism.

The elders went to Lilburn for the trainers meeting.  We talked to them after and Elder Rahman had talked with President.  He told Elder Rahman that he would probably be going home.  That makes me so sad!  I’m praying that he won’t have to.  In President’s office are all our pictures with little dots on them.  Mine has 3.  Cute Elder Rahman knows I don’t want to leave so he asked if I would be staying.  President said he didn’t know yet, but if you have 3-4 dots you most likely will leave.

Planning for the baptism took up almost our whole day cause we were making calls all over the place.  We went  tracting and then our phone died and we were waiting for calls about the baptism.  It was all just a crazy mess.

Our appointments for the evening all cancelled so we were trying to figure out what to do.  We called Sister McKenna and ended up there.  We didn’t have a dinner so we ate with them.  She got a perplexus for Christmas from Brother McKenna.  Hers is a ton harder than mine  We traded but just for a few days.☺  I really love the McKennas!  Mom, she loved emailing you and that you emailed her back.  I told her that you raved about her. ☺  She liked that!

January 4, 2014

HAPPY BAPTISM DAY!!!!  Hannah!!  Yay!  I’m so proud of you baby girl!  Did you like the video?  I hope it got there on time.  Thanks for all the pictures.☺  I loved them all!  They made me so very happy!  Gabe, you looked like a stud.☺  Hannah, Sydney, and Lacey, you all looked beautiful!
Hannah with her brother, who baptized her
Hannah and her daddy who confirmed her.
Hannah with Lacey and Sydney who love her.

Hannah with her mom who adores her!!!
We basically spent our entire day at the church.  We went over first because Katelyn Galt and Jordan Johnson were doing the musical number for us and I was playing.  They sang, “If the Savior Stood Beside Me.”  So we were there practicing for a while.  We left for a bit to go contacting, no luck!  Then we came back to fill up the font.  That thing takes forever!  We had to stay there for the whole time.

The elders had been on exchange so Elder Hales could get out of the house.  The all walked in.  They said they had a present for us.  Last time when Elder Baker and Elder Howell said that  it ended up being a live wolf spider.  I was skeptical.  They kept assuring me that it was a good present.  But we had to wait until tonight to open it.

Ben showed up and we took pictures and everything.☺  I couldn’t stop smiling!  Ah!  Best day ever!
♥Sister Knight, Our Ben, and Sister George♥
This man has our hearts!!

Ben!!!  He is so good and I just love him
I am so thankful that Father let me be on of his
So many people showed up!  It was awesome!  The room was full!  The whole thing went fabulously!  Everyone did a great job!  The Spirit was so strong!  It was just amazing!  I felt like I was going to burst. 

After Ben got baptized, during the interlude, I just started crying.   They were happy tears!  President Galt leaned over to me and said, “This is the best present you could have given your sister!”  Which just sent another wave of tears.  When I told Hannah I would do what I could to have a baptism on the same day, the odds were not in my favor.  I prayed that it would happen though.  I can’t thank Heavenly Father enough!  What a great blessing and the sweetest of tender mercies.

We went home but first stopped at the elders so we could open our “present.”  They told us we weren’t allowed to shake it because it would break.  It was super light, almost like there wasn’t anything in it.  We opened the box and there was toilet paper in there so we had to take that out and underneath is a dead lizard that Elder Hales and Elder Kilmer found.  I yelped, Sister Knight screamed, and the elders laughed.  I’ll admit it was a good one.  There was a reason why I was skeptical though!!  Elder Hales forgot to film it.  Ha!  He was so mad that he had forgotten!

Sister Hamilton called us before bed to ask how the baptism went.  As we were talking, I just got the feeling that my work is done here in Suwanee.  All the missionaries say they get a feeling when they will be transferred.  I hadn’t gotten that.  So while logically, I knew I would be leaving, I didn’t feel it.  I do now.

January 5, 2014

I woke up today with the thought of, “Ben is baptized, that’s why I was sent here.  My work is done here.”  It was stronger than it was last night.  It makes me sad but I also feel really peaceful, like this is a good thing, it will be okay.  It does make me sad.  Sister Knight and I have become great friends.  I will miss her!  I haven’t told her yet that I officially feel like I’ll be leaving.  What if I’m wrong?  Though, I don’t think I am. 

Church was great today.  Ben was confirmed a member in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  I’m just so happy!  What a fabulous way to end my 6 months here!

I bore my testimony.  I almost just lost it up there!  When I came to Suwanee, no one thought I was a greenie.  So now they just all assumed that I was done and going home.  I had to tell many people I still had a year left!

Dinner was at the Johnsons.  Man!  I absolutely ADORE that family!  I am going to miss them a crazy ton!

We went to Michael and Brittany’s to end our night.  Sister Knight still wants to hold on to them.  I don’t think they are ready but I understand having a hard time of letting people go.  They will get there eventually.

Well family, by the time you get this, I will more than likely have left my beloved Suwanee.  It will hold a special place in my heart forever.


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