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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Week My Grandpa Left His Earthly Existance

January 20, 2014

Hey Fam☺

So since it was Martin Luther King Day, the library was closed. : /  Luckily Sister King told us we could e-mail at her house.  she had us com at like 8:30 though cause she wanted to make us breakfast before she went to tennis.  Kristin, her daughter, told her we weren't allowed to used her computer.  So we had one for the both of us.  I am so thankful that they shared with us cuz I love my e-mails.

I used it for about 2 hours and then Sister Nettleton used if for about 2 hours.  We were also washing our clothes at the Kings because our apartment doesn't have a washer or dryer.  Though we are supposed to be getting one sometime in the next week or so.  

I wish I was  home to say goodbye to Grandpa!  I honestly thought I didn't have to worry, that he would be there when I stepped off the plane.  I know Heavenly Father has some work for him to do.

We went shopping and then went home.  I wrote letters and Sister Nettleton wrote letters and took a nap.
TJMaxx - Using stool as a pogo stick?

Our dinner cancelled on us so the Dustins said they would feed us.  It was a much needed thing to be with them.  They are a good family.☺  It was nice to just forget and laugh for a little bit.  We went to TJ Maxx with them.  Sister Dustin is redecorating their room so she was getting stuff.  I feel so loved when I'm around them!  They love missionaries and they show that love to us.  it's nice to feel so loved when you are so far from home.

January 21, 2013

It was a good day today.  We didn't have district meeting today cause we have interviews on Thursday so it was moved to then.  Which is nice cause it gives me more time to procrastinate on my training I have to give of how to be an effective and successful missionary.☺  So today felt like Wednesday.

We went to see a lady named Tiffany.  She has been investigating for a long while.  Her 2 boys are baptized and as active as they can be.  She is having a crazy hard time trying to stop smoking.  She has failed quitting a few times so she stopped coming and recently started coming again.  She has a testimony, loves the church, but can't stop smoking.  She is a couponer.  she was showing us her binder and it was crazy!  Pretty cool though.

We got a referral today!  Her name is LaQuita Anderson.  She said she really wants to meet with us.  She seemed pretty legit so hopefully that will turn into something.  We should be meeting with her sometime next week.

We went tracting today.☺  Sister Nettleton is petrified of dogs, which makes things difficult at times.  If there is even an inkling of a sign that there is a dog she refuses to go to the house.  I try to be understanding but I have to admit it is frustrating.  Especially with how many people have dogs.

We went with a lady in our ward, Bonnie Bond, to VT her people.  Well she hadn't called or made appointment and so unfortunately no one was home.  I started feeling really sick in the car and I had a massive headache.  This the 2nd time in like 3 days!  I don't know what's the matter with me!  Sister Nettleton had the keys and so after we were done with Sister Bond she drove to the Dustins to get me some medicine.  When they found out I didn't feel good, they made me lay on the couch and cute Elaina instructed me to take my shoes and socks off so she could rub my feet.  Darling  funny girl!☺

Pettits had us over for dinner.  They have some crazy cute kids!  Two boys and a girl.  Sister Pettit is doing this crazy cross fit died so we basically had diet food.  It was really good and I always am thankful for a change up.

Then we went over to sister Ashment's.  I needed my hair trimmed badly.  Luckily Sister Ashment is a hair dresser.☺ YAY!  So I got my hair trimmed like 2 inches.  Even when it's just a little bit, my head feels SO much lighter!  I love it!  so now I have healthy hair again!  Yay!  

Ah!  I forgot!  so today during tracting it SNOWED! ☺☺  Okay, well they were just little flurries, but there were little snowflakes!  Best ever!  The grocery parking lots were jammed packed with Georgia people getting their eggs bread, and milk.  Funny people.☺  They would all die if they were in Idaho.

January 22, 2014

Today was good.  Not anything crazy adventurous anything, but good.  After lunch, sister Dustin came out with us to go visit people....well try to.  We ended up only getting in with one person.

So when I got here, Sister Nettleton showed me this list of investigators.  Well, in all reality they are all just potentials, or back ups if something falls through.  None of them are true solid investigators.  Which is totally fine, our numbers were a little messed up for the first week, but we got it figured out.

Okay, anyways, I was going somewhere with that....There is a couple named Matt and Jillian.  They have 3 kids.  I've never met Matt before because he is always working.  They are really nice but keep no commitments.  They say they want to read the Book of Mormon together, so since they are so busy, they haven't.  They say they want to come to church but something always comes up.  Actually, she told us she wanted to come this Sunday and Sister Nettleton basically let her off the hook!  She said it would be stake conference and so it wouldn't be all that great with all her kids.  I wanted to say "Don't listen to that, come!" And I tried to in a nice way, but now they aren't going to come.  Hopefully we get them to came another time.

We tried a few other people but no one else was home.  So Sister Dustin took us back to her house and we sat and chatted for a while.  Then we went tracting.  We had picked this street that had HUGE houses on it! There was one house that looked like the White House!!  Instead of taking a picture I took a video!☺ There was another house that had a sign "Do NOT run from dogs" I made sister Nettleton stand by it, that one I did take a picture of.

After tracting we went to dinner with the Owens.  They have 4 darling little boys.  Oh! They are SO cute! Benjamin, Micah, Jacob, and Caleb.  Micah and I became great friends by the end of the night.☺  For our thought we did an object lesson with cups and building towers, they LOVED it!

We ended our night with the Dustins and the Kings and the elders.  So, when you get bishop out of the church, he is funny.  He and brother Dustin were on a  roll!  We were all in stitches!  Good times had by all.☺  I told sister Dstin about the marker, dot game that we had played with the Johnsons and Tuleys!  She was so excited to play it.  That will be an adventure for sure.

January 23, 2014

Well, today was not an easy day.  My heart was heavy and all I could do was pray.  We decided to do breakfast together before district meeting at Waffle House.  It's a chain that you will only ever find in the South and everyone knows about it!  It's one of those places, that depending on which one you go to, food poisoning may or may not happen.  It was us, our elders and the Jasper elders.  Our three companionships seem to be the most willing to do things.  It was fun and we had a good time.  I just got hash browns, but yummy.  They were tasty.☺

Then we had district meeting/ interviews.  Our district meeting had gotten pushed back so that the other district could do their interviews first.  After president was all done he pulled us all into the same room.  Sister Painter was there.  She gave me a hug, so that was fun.  She looks happy, I am glad.  President spoke with us all together a little while and then he excused the other district to go back to their areas and he pulled me out first for interviews.

As we sat down he asked of I would start out with a prayer.  Then he pulled out a folder and said "Your dad e-mailed me..."   Then he pulled out Grandpas obituary.  I just started to crying.  I knew it was probably going to happen that I found out during my interview, that is why he pulled me out first.  But it still threw me off a little.  He asked me to tell him a little bit about Grandpa.  I told him that Grandpa led his life with quiet dignity.  I told him about the 6 Pence song.  Then president said he heard President Monson talk about that song.  He then pulled out another piece of paper.  He said my Daddy didn't want me to be sad and the e-mail you had sent him was full of comfort and you didn't want me to be worry.  He started  to read it to me but tears filled his eyes.  He ended up folding it and told me I could read it because he couldn't.  He told me to call if I needed anything.  He told me I was a good missionary and that was the end of my interview. I went back into district meeting, trying not to cry.  I sat next to Elder Peña, and he looked at me and asked "Are you okay?" I nodded and cocked a smile and said "Yeah, I just found out that my Grandpa passed away. But I'm okay"   Elder Peña was so sweet!! He told me if I needed to talk, he's here,  He lost his dad and brother when he was younger, so sadly, he is no stranger to this.

I had to give a training at the end.  My mind was having a hard time focusing so it wasn't all that great, I don't think.

Elder Smith (he was my old District Leader) is now the Zone Leader.  We're pretty good friends.  I think President told him about grandpa, at the end he looks at me with a lot of concern and asked if I was okay. I just smiled and nodded because I am, but my heart is sad.

I still had to do my little interview with Sister Wolfert so we waited.  When it was my turn I sat down and she asked me how I was doing, I told her I was okay.  She looked at me and said "You don't sound very sure of that.."  Not rude just wondering why.  I knew she was aware of Grandpa but I figured she had forgotten.  So I awkwardly, trying to be polite said, "Well I am just trying to wrap my head around that my grandpa is gone..."  Then she went, "Oh! Sister George! I am sooo Sorry! I forgot."  I told her it was okay, she has 250 other missionaries to focus on too.  She really is a sweet lady and I love her.

After that we went to lunch with the elders.  I actually wasn't that hungry and didn't really want to eat but knew that I should.  So I went.

Anyhow after lunch it was around 2:30ish.  Sister Nettleton wanted to go to the Dustins, but I wasn't really in the mood to cry and I was afraid I might if we went because I could relax and think.  So I told her no, we are going tracting.  I don't think she liked that very much but we never really go tracting because she does everything she possibly can to get out of it.

So we tracted.  There was one house that we walked uphill to.  The cute old man told us no.  But he told us that he had voted for Mitt Romney and that we had earned his respect because his driveway is 1/10 of a mile to walk up to.  It was funny.☺  And I needed to laugh.

Morgan had signed up to feed us. I love Morgan.  We end up staying there longer than we should every time.  But we went over for dinner.  We we had the second half of our lost sheep meeting at 7 that we were 45 minutes late- -I told you we always end up staying too long.

We finally got to the meeting but had to leave before they were done so we could get home on time.

Thank you for sending President Grandpas obituary.  I love the picture that they used.  I have the picture of me, Grandma, and Grandpa the day I left, I love that picture!☺ It is one that makes me happy, I will cherish it forever.

January 24, 2014

Last night was rough.  I had time to think and I just cried.  I'm just sad that I never got to say goodbye.  I mean, I did.  But it was more of a  "See you in a year and a half!"  I thought that Grandma was wrong.  I thought Grandpa would be home when I got back.  That's what's the hardest part for me.  One of the fist things I want to do when I get back  is go to his grave.  I hate that, I am missing the funeral tomorrow.  I'm sure that it will be grand and beautiful.  I can only imagine how packed it will be.

Last night I slept terribly.  I was completely exhausted, both emotionally and physically.  I had the biggest bags under my eyes.  I looked terrible.

Instead of weekly planning right away, we went over to one of our part members homes, Ashley Edge, who is going through the temple in a few weeks.  Her daughter, Paisley, was sooo cute!!  She had just woken up, she grabbed her blanket and snuggled right up into my side and popped her thumb into her mouth.  There is something so comforting about a little kid snuggling up into you.  It's like she sensed that I needed some loving!☺

We went home and planned for the week.  My body felt like it was shutting down because it was soo tired.  So for lunch, instead of eating, I took a nap.  I am pretty sure I was out before my head hit the pillow.  President instructed Sister Nettleton to keep an eye on me yesterday.  She let me sleep longer than the 1 hour allotted for lunch but woke me up in time for the 2 o'clock appointment we had.

Our appointment was with Haleigh and Luke.  They are friends of Seth Tye (a kid in out ward).  It didn't end up going so well.  That made me sad because it started out so well.  Sometimes members who come on teaches with us end up taking us in a directions that we don't feel is best.  Things got a little out of hand.  So instead of finishing off with the Plan of Salvation like we had planned we ended up somewhere else.  When we got a minute we just quickly ended the lesson and left.  We couldn't teach them in that environment.

The Dustin's are in Poland for a business trip and left the kids with her sister.  Sister Dustin called and told us to go meet her sister.  Well, we were supposed to go tracting but that usually happens when I drive.  So instead of tracting we ended up at the Dustin's.  It was fun to mee her sister.  they look a lot a like.  I shared a message so that I felt at least a little productive.

After Dustin's we drove around for a little while trying to find a place to tract.  We ended up at Morgan's.

Some days are a lot more difficult than other days.

January 25, 2014

Nothing crazy exciting happened today.  Mostly we just tracted (okay, that was actually exciting because we do not do that a ton).  We met some nice people to no one that was ready to hear the gospel.

Mom, you told me I won't want all the pictures of houses and sunsets later on.  Your right.  So, instead I have started taking videos of all that stuff so I can comment on why.  Haha!  Plus, I've decided that taking video is much more fun!  And yes, there are videos on the card I sent home.

After tracting we met up with Sister Drake.  sister Drake isn't a member but her husband is.  Their story is crazy!  And I love them all the more because of it.  They were married before but they got a divorce.   They both got married again to other people and had kids.  Brother Drake got baptized and sealed in the temple.  then they both went through divorces again!  Then they found each other again and got remarried.  I love happily ever after no matter how you get there.  She has a few issues with the church that she just can't get over.  One of them being coffee!  She thinks it is a gift from God.  But she comes to church and doesn't drink or smoke, she feed the missionaries and she generally loves the church.  It's crazy and sad.  The church really needs her.  And I think she needs us too.  She is a super sweet lady!

Tonight we had stake conference.☺  It was really good!  All about hastening the work.  We (missionaries) sang the EFY medley.  I wish we would have known before.  I would have brought the new sister's version.  It would have been way cooler!  But alas, no such luck.  Ah well, it was still cool.

I got to see a few of my homies!  Elder Henson is one of the Spanish elders in the Marietta zone.  The first thing I heard when we walked in was "St Geezy!!!!"  Aw man!  I have missed Elder Henson!  I also got to see Sister Iketau!  I have missed her!  She was the only sister willing to hang with us at the Stake Center on P-days.  AND I got to be with sister Hamilton!☺  LOOOOOVE her!  We made plans to hang out on Monday!  I am excited.☺

January 26, 2014

Today was pretty dang awesome!  We had Stake Conference.  It was a broadcast to like 48 stakes in Florida, Georgia, and some of North Carolina.  Elder Nelson was presiding.  It was a great meeting!  Again, all about hastening the work.☺  I feel like they are trying to get something across to us.☺

Afterwards we talked with the Bishop for a minute and then we pretty much spent the rest of the day tracting.  there are a few that we ran into that have potential.  I'm excited to see if anything comes because of it!

Dinner was at the Linebacks.  We had hamburgers!!!☺  Yummy!  They are really nice people.

then we had the missionary fireside with the youth!  Ah!  It was so cool!!  There were 4 districts so they split us up, one missionary for each.  Mine was Venezuela.  It was the weirdest feeling no to have my companion right by me.  Part of me loved it, I felt free and slightly giddy.  The other part felt a bit lost.  It's going to be an interesting feeling when i get home in a year.  I feel like I will be a bit lost.  I'll probably just follow you around everywhere, Momma.☺

When we got home Sister Nettleton threw up.  The elders came over and gave her a blessing.  gotta love that priesthood power.☺

Well family, I LOVE YOU!  Have a fantabulous week!☺


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