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Monday, February 17, 2014

Molly Mormon?!? Who would name their child Molly if they are Mormon?

January 13, 2014

Well, it was a pretty fun P-day here in Hickory Flat!  Different, but fun.  We first went over to the library.  Talk about a pain way to e-mail!  I miss having the family history center as my e-mail place.  It was nice cause since we hung out there, you could check your e-mail on and off whenever you pleased.  At the library, it’s get it done or forever hold your peace!

Daddy, it was fun to have you on for a little while at the same time.  I hope that the test went ok and everything is fine!  Keep me updated on everything!

I hope by next Monday, sister Knight will have sent me my camera cord so that I can send pictures.  Luckily the Dustin's texted you some pictures so you know that I am safe, pretty happy and you have seen some pictures of me and Sister Nettleton. 
Sisters George and Nettleton

After e-mailing was shopping.  Now, I left Suwanee’s pantry fully stocked for Sister Heyland.  (I didn’t buy stuff for her, I just didn’t take anything ).   On the other hand Hickory Flat's pantry is completely empty.  It makes me laugh because Sister Nettleton told me that was normal for there.  Oh my.  They have never had any food in the apartment.  So we went and got food… and cleaning supplies.  There is black mold everywhere.  Now, in Georgia you are going to get black mold in your bathroom, it is inevitable.  Therefore, cleaning is vital.  After cleaning, we dropped our stuff off and just went and hung out with the Dustins.  They are a crazy super awesome family. 

We had dinner at the Curvelos.  I guess Sister Curvelo signed up for us and the elders.   They really haven’t enforced the new rule about sisters and elders at the same dinner appointment.  Brother Curvelos was still at work so we just ate with Sister Curvelos.  She is nice.

After than we went home to deep clean.  We basically sprayed everything down with pure bleach, killed the mold, and scrubbed.  All our doors were open!  Fumigation and all.  It was quite the task.  But, we got it done and it feels more homey now.  Hey, what would one use to get rust off of your bike?  Mine needs to be cleaned.

January 14, 2014

Man, do I miss Suwanee!  I miss knowing the area and the members.  It makes things so much easier.  We just go visit people all day long and mostly it is members.  Tracting is not the highest priority in this area.  I hope to work into more of that.  I really do enjoy tracting. 

I miss my old district.   Today was district meeting.  It is hard getting to know new missionaries.  It takes a while to feel comfortable.  Sister Macedone, so nice to have her here, gave a training on listening to the Spirit.  She did a role play and had Elder Jackman whisper stuff to her across the room.  At first she just ignored him.  The second round she was trying to follow what he was telling her.  But she couldn’t hear at one point in time and said “WHAT?!?”  Fail.  It was funny though and probably no unlike listening to the spirit.

We went to lunch with our elders and the elders from Jasper (there are like 4 areas in our district).  Sister King was there.  So we just sat with her and talked.  She is a cutie! 

We went and visited Sister Tye.  She has a lot of health problems but she is the sweetest lady ever!  She told us that she is working her way to the temple.  I hope it is soon.  She is just awesome!

We had dinner with the Dustin's after that.  They took us to a BBQ place.  It was really good!  I like the Dustin's a lot.  They have been added to my People-That-I-Love-In-Georgia-and-will-come-back-and-visit-list.  I gotta come up with a shorter name.  We were a huge group cause there was us (2), the Dustins (8), Sister Dustin’s mom (1) and friends (2).  There were 13 of us and it was a little crazy but quite fun.  I have now officially had the Southern BBQ.  Yummm!

After dinner there was a relief society activity.  It was cute.  They had a game called telestrations that is pretty fun.  I think y’all have a game like it on the ipad.  You draw a picture and then pass it on to the next person, they write what they think it is and pass it to the next person, they write what they think it is and pass it along to the next person who draws again.  So on and so forth.  Well we played and then each table had to choose which drawing they thought was the funniest.  I got chosen at my table to stand up and show mine.  I could tell by the looks on faces that nobody knew who I was.  I heard someone say, “Where is Sister Kelly?”  So I just introduced myself, “Hi, I am Sister George!  I am the new missionary in the area.  I come from Suwanee and I have been out for 6 months.”  I then answered the common questions everyone asks to cover everyone at once.  

It is always awkward going to a new area.  Some people inevitably miss the old missionary.  Others may be glad that person is gone.  I can tell that they loved Sister Kelly.  I find my spot but I am missing Suwanee right now.  I knew where I stood with everyone. 

January 15, 2014

So today we went visiting teaching with Sister Lineback and Sister King.  They took us out to lunch.  I try to have a salad when we go out.  One of the families that we went to visit was Sister Presley.  She is a nice lady and it was fun talking to her and getting to know her.

After that, we went home and I changed into some service clothes.  We were going to take lights down for Billie, an older lady that we often go and visit.  Sister Nettleton chose to not change into her service clothes, which is a good thing I guess, because when we got there the lights were already down.   Her daughter must have done it for her or something.  Darn it!  I was in my pants all ready to go.

Instead of stopping at Billie’s to chant with her, we went to a lady down the road named Ashley Rose.  There was nowhere to change so I was still in my pants…  Ashley is a single mom with an 11 year old daughter named Bella.  Bella very much wants to be baptized but her mother isn’t ready for that yet.  The church fascinates Ashley and she loves the people and everything.  But she wants them to do it together if they do it.  Bella would like to be baptized right now.  Ashley goes to a church called “Revolution”.  We asked her if we could come with her this Sunday since our church doesn’t start until 1:00.  So we are going to Revolution.

We had dinner at Morgan’s.  We had a fire and cooked hot dogs.  Morgan has become a good friend to Sister Nettleton and to Sister Kelly.  It is good to be friends but missionaries need to be careful about that.  Note to self - - be conscious of that in the future. 

I have been struggling lately.  This routine is so much different than what I am used to.  It is hard to just come in and change everything.  I miss tracting and teaching lessons.  I am happy, but struggling.  Elder Pena asked me today if I was doing okay.  I told him “Yah”.  He said, “We could give you a blessing, would you like one?”  Yes!  So, sometime this week I will be getting a blessing.  Sometimes I forget about blessings and I think it is a gift that is taken for granted a lot.  I haven’t allowed the elders to exercise their priesthood in that way as I should.  I know that it’s not only doing a disservice to me and also to them, but I’m doing a disservice to Heavenly Father because I’m taking for granted, and not using all the tools He has given me.

We went to visit one of the ladies that we teach in our apartment complex.  Her name is Judy.  She is the mother in-law of one of our members.  She smokes which is a smell I am not fond of but she is a sweet lady.  It is kind of funny, she is like the girl version of Richard.  She has a dog named Lucy that is really overweight and she has to sit on Judy's lap.  Judy sits in the rocking chair with the tv on but the sound off.  I dunno, but it was kinda nice to see/feel something similar to Suwanee.

January 16, 2014

Today was quite an adventure.  We went out with Sister Owens for about 2 hours this morning, trying to visit people.  Not too much luck.  But, I got to get to know Sister Owens a bit and I got to sit in the back with her son Caleb, who is 6 months old.  Ah!  It was the best!  I hate the rule that we can’t hold little kids.  It kills me!  I just want to sit with a baby on my lap.  Is that too much to ask?  I think not!  But alas, no such luck! : (  In a year I can hold all the babies I want.  Just not mine.

After lunch we went to visit Sister Craig.  She has a crazy life.  She just got back from Hawaii.  The second day she was there she got hit by a car and landed on her knee.  So she got surgery before coming back.  She has a boyfriend that lives in some foreign country.  She has 8 kids and is really active.  When we got there, she had us help her paint her nails, do her makeup, and she had us put some purple in her hair.  It was kind of crazy. 

We then went to go see Sister Jenkins, a less-active member.  She is really sweet.  I wish that she would come all of the time.  She is a good missionary and talks to people all of the time.  She just doesn’t come.  We sat and just visited with her for a while.  Hopefully, having church at 1:00 will help.

After that we went tracting.  Ah!  Yah!  I really don’t feel amazingly productive unless I have tracted.  Well, since we have only tracted one other time since I have been here, I haven’t felt productive.  But I finally got Sister Nettleton to tract.  Happy day!  I was driving today and controlled the agenda a little more.  I found a house that made me think of Sister Watkins.  It made me miss her.  It had a skull knocker and was just all her personality.

We had dinner at the Wymans.  Sister Wyman reminds me of Grandma George.  You all know how much I love Grandma George.   It was nice.  I really do appreciate the kindness of member being so willing to share what they have with us and feed us all the time.

After dinner we went to a meeting with the bishopric, relief society president, elder’s quorum president, and the high priest group leader.  It was called the “lost sheep meeting”.  Basically we went through as much of the ward list as we could and talked about all of the less-active those that want no contact.  We were there for 2 hours and only got halfway through the list.  We are doing the other half of the ward next Thursday.  Oh boy, hopefully it won’t take too long.

January 17, 2014

Weekly planning today.  Sort of discouraging.  We updated the map of the area.  Not a whole lot going on right now on the map.  We spent some time trying to get that updated.  And one day we will work on the area book.  Cause it is also not up to date. 

We went and contacted a referral.  She was really sweet!  Her husband just passed away in December.  Hopefully we will be able to get in and teach her about how she will be able to see him again.
After that we went to Andrea’s.  She is like the first person I met.  She is a recent convert .  We talked to her for a while.

Then we met up with Sister Tye to go to Morgan’s  She has been dying to meet Morgan.  They clicked really well.   We tried to get going after an hour but they were still talking.  They really clicked. 

We had dinner at the Dustin’s tonight.  Brother Dustin made ribs…  Yummy!  So while we were eating we were talking.  There is a girl named Molly in this ward and they were talking about that family.  Brother Dustin knows that my name is Molly but he forgot.  He said, “What parents would name their child Molly when they are Mormon?!?  It’s like naming your son Peter!”  I was laughing so hard.  Sister Nettleton looked at him and said, “Ummm,  Sister George’s name is Molly.”  Poor Brother Dustin.  He was so embarrassed.  He kept apologizing the whole dinner.  He felt really bad.  But I don't know why I didn’t mind and to be honest I am still giggling about it.  I would be in trouble if I got offended every time I was called Molly Mormon or got teased because of my name. Thanks Mom and Dad!  Luckily it takes quite a bit to offend me.  And anyhow he was really talking about you Mom and Dad not me!!  HAHA!

January 18, 2014

Today was a productive day.  We went tracting!  Whoot!  The road we tracted was kinda out in the middle of nowhere which made it lots of fun.  The driveways we walked up were super long and curvy and bendy.  It was tons of fun.  Sister Nettleton had a good time too but we walked quite a bit.  She also is scared of dogs.  That is a bad thing because everyone seems to have a dog.

By the time we got done tracting, it was about 4.  At the Lost Sheep meeting on Thursday, Bishop gave us some people to try and go see so we decided we would try to see them before we reported back on Sunday.  We pull up to the first house and got out of the car.  A boy about 13 opens the window and asks if he can help us.  We told him that we were missionaries and that we were looking for Lisa.  He told us she was out but that his dad was home.  We told him we would just come back later.  Then we asked him what his name is.  He got flustered and starts saying “Ummm…” and rubbing his face.  Then he says, “Uh.. Capper!” and throws his hands up.  Well….Sure that is his name.  It was pretty funny.

I finally got my blessing tonight!  Elder Pena gave it to me.  He was really in tune with the Spirit.  He said a little silent prayer before giving me the blessing.  In my blessing he said that Heavenly Father knows of my struggles and that He placed me here because it is where I need to be.  He said that I will have some trials come up, but that they will make me stronger and better.  I was told that I need to remember why I came out on my mission.  I was instructed to read my patriarchal blessing and pay attention to the counsel in that blessing.  Then he said one of the most important things.  He said don’t worry about my family.  They will be okay and be blessed because I am here and while I am here.

It amazes me that Heavenly Father allows these young men to give blessings and lets them know exactly what to say.  I feel like I can’t even put into words the awe that I feel each and every time I have hands placed on my head.  I feel honored to be serving with these young men who are worthy to give blessings and to hold the priesthood.  I am filled with pride knowing that I have an amazing brother who is like one of these young men and that I have a Daddy that has shown me what I want to have in my life always.  Thanks Daddy!  Thanks for being that example to me!  Gabe, thanks for being you!  Thanks for being the brother that I can boast and brag on.  Because I know many sisters here who can’t say that about their brothers.
After I got my blessing we went to the Frias family.  They are an awesome family!  Towards the end I started feeling REALLY sick.  We left, got home and I just laid down and was out for the night!  Not too bad of a day for the most part though.

January 19, 2014

This morning I didn’t even hear the alarm.  I still felt really sick.  Anyways I got up but I was just laying on the couch.  Sister Nettleton got up and took a shower.  I was trying not to die.  I dunno what happened but my stomach felt like there were knives in it and I felt like I had stayed up for 48 hours even though I had slept all night.  I finally got up off the couch and got into the shower.  I don’t know what it is about a shower but they always make me feel better. 

We went to the Revolution before church.  The elders came with us.  The elders and Sister Nettleton all wanted to take their name tags off but I said what was the point of going if we didn’t have our name tags?  I won.☺  It started out with a band singing hard rock Jesus music.  Everyone was rocking out and yeah, the music was fun, but it didn’t feel like church to me.  I am glad that I went, but the whole time I was waiting for the warm feeling that I get during church.  I kind of felt empty inside the whole time.  I am grateful that I know what church is really supposed to feel like.

After Revolution the elders asked us if we wanted to have a tracting competition.  They were trying their way to get us to go tracting.  We beat them by one contact.

Then there was ward council.  So cute Autumn Dustin is the Beehive president.  She came up with this amazing idea to do a mini-mission for the youth.  They have set up 4 missions that the youth can get called to.  On Sunday at their fireside as each youth walks in, they will be handed an envelope with their name on with the church logo.  But they are not allowed to open it.  When they do open it, it will be exactly like the official mission call (they took a real mission call and copied the text).   Everyone will be assigned to one of the 4 missions.  They got people in the ward who served in those places to teach about the culture and a little of the language.  They will split up and go to the different rooms and be in the Missionary Training Center.  They will be given name tags, a copy of the Book of Mormon and some pass along cards.  Basically, their goal is to place the Book of Mormon before mutual on Thursday.  On Thursday for mutual the missionaries (us) will teach them the Restoration, then they will be split into companionships and go teach investigators (ward members).  At the end of mutual they will get together and have a testimony meeting.  It’s going to be so cool!  I’m way excited!

They are going to encourage the youth to wear the name tags to school too.  I hope the youth get into it cause it will be awesome if they do!

After church we went tracting.  One guy told us he wanted nothing to do with our “cult”.  I think that he mistook us for somebody else J  Dinner was at the Burkharts.  It was fun but we probably stayed a little too long. 

I miss Suwanee.  I do like it here and I love the people but this just doesn’t seem like home to me like Suwanee did.  I know you tell me that it takes time and that I will love it and I will love these people and not want to leave them when the time comes.  I just need to figure out why the Lord sent me here.  I know that I need to help myself and to help Sister Nettleton be better missionaries.  I hope that I grow stronger while I am in this area.  I dunno.  I guess that I will figure it out. 

Well, I love y’all!  I’m excited to e-mail you.  We are at the King's tomorrow because the library is closed for Martin Luther King day.  Love you.


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