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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First P-day email!

Molly did actually email us as well as hand write letters.  This is from her first email which happened to be on Friday.  So really only 2-3 day's after she left us.

July 19, 2013

Mommy Dearest!

Oh my goodness how I love, love, LOVE mail!!! I love snail mail the most but I really really do like e-mails too :) If the letter that you handed the guy at the airport was from the day before I left then yes, I got it! I really hoped that somehow I would get a letter but then I wasn't so sure so I just kept telling myself that I wasn't going to get one, I'm so happy that I was wrong!!!

That is so very much fun that Nanners got to fly the plane! I bet that none of the rest of us will ever be able to say that! Ninny may not have been able to fly the plane but she sure had fun in the front! She would have loved it a ton if she had been able to though!

I'm glad that Lacey really does love me so much that she will miss me. I know that we have had a rocky relationship sometimes and a great relationship other times. It is good to know that our good outweighs the bad for the most part! I really do love her lots and lots and I know that I really don't tell her that even kind of enough! Dang it! Now I might start crying in the computer lab! Luckily it's pretty empty! It is kind of hard knowing that Gabe and Lacey are just over the fence but I can't see them! If I look hard enough I can see Helaman Halls through my window. I try not to think that they are just a 2 minute walk away!

I'm glad that the peas are growing! Yay for peas! I think that is one thing that I miss a lot even just after a few days is not having fresh garden food! It's not bad here, but I like my momma's cooking best!

I know that it is really hard with Daddy's surgery and I don't want you to be stressed and worried about it Momma!  If I have learned one thing here it is that the Lord blesses us in ways that we didn't even thing were possible!  I love learning about Christ every single day!  Who would have thought how fun it could be ?!?!  I love it here!  I love all my little 18 year old elders in my district!  And yes, every  single one of them is 18!  I love it though!  All of the sisters in my district are 20 so that is kind of fun.  Wanna know a way that I found out how stinkin' small this world is?  Tell Grandma that my companion is Sister Painter . . . . Guess where she is from. . . .   YUP!  Grantsville!  I'm sure that you know her family too.  It's funny how things work out like that!  Small, small world!

I have had the hardest time not just pulling out my phone to text you when something funny happens or I just want to talk, so because of this, you have a (so far) 2 page letter coming to you! I know it will be way longer than that by the time I am finished with it though! Plus that letter isn't timed so I don't have to cram everything I can into an e-mail! Are you going to save all my letters and put them in a binder? I sure hope so! Cause I'm saving all of mine!

Well my beautiful Momma, My time is almost up! That darn little times is a ticking away and I want to be able to send this thing to you before it kicks me out! I love, love, love you with all my heart and I pray for you, and daddy, and the kiddos! Write me cause dang it is fun to get handed a letter and rip that thing open!


Brad got a letter too and email that was separate from mine.  We'll just let him keep that to himself!  Hannah, Syd, Lace, and Gabe got one that was hand written.  Those are in her book of letters.  If you want to read them I guess you will have to just come visit us!

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