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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Uncontrollable Giggles, Elder Kopischke, Ever Expanding Hearts

March 10, 2014

Hello!  Hello!  Familio!☺

Today was a REALLY long P-day.  I'm not complainin' about it though!

We dropped our laundry off at Sister King's cause we still don't have  washer and dryer.  It was almost 10 and the elders asked us if we would switch them emailing shifts from the evening to the morning so we headed over to the library.  Well, they had a sign on the door that said the internet was out. : /  NOOOO!
We decided to go to Canton's library (we use Hickory Flat's).  We got there and the sign says they don't open until 12:00!!!  Of all the rotten luck.  So we went to the store instead.

We have Zone Conference on Wednesday and they are inspecting our cars so we washed it but we decided to vacuum it tomorrow cause it'll be cleaner for Wednesday.  But we held with the wax job today after we dropping off our gorceries.  Neither of us knew how to wax a car properly though so we went and the elders showed us. : {  Haha!  Man!  That makes your arms get tired!!!  But we had a beautiful shiney car gosh dang it!  Elder Residori sent me an e-mail yesterday that basically said if our cars didn't pass we got them taken away. : /  We better pass!!

By now it's like 2ish and we still have no place to e-mail!  So we called the Dustins.  They said they would be home at 3:45, so we still had almost 2 hours to kill.

Well guess what? We got a call from the Lowe's guy and he said he was on his way with a washer and a dryer!!  Yay! SO while we waited, we cleaned our apartment and moved things so that they cound bring them in.☺ Oh! Happy day!☺  It's pathetic but I was SO excited!

Then we finally got to go e-mail!  We only had about 2 hours.  I don't think I've typed faster in my whole life!  I got everyone responded to but two.  Pretty good though for the time I had.

My friend Mckay Harmon e-mailed me!☺  I had written him last week and he said that it had made his day.  He is one of my great friends! I just love that darn kid!☺

We had the Potters for dinner tonight.  So we headed that way after e-mailing.  Brother Potter is so funny!  We were getting the whole story of how they had met.  Sister Potter is really pretty.  He found himself a good one!!  It was a lot of fun.

We stopped by the Dustins just as the elders were starting their thought.  So we stayed for that and then headed home.

All in all, not to shabby of a P-day!  And the weather was beautiful to top it all off.

March 11, 2014

Today was strange.  We kinda had to wing it cause most of our appointments fell through.

We went to Sister Bragg's and helped her.  I love going over there!  She is so funny and thanks us over and over every time!  It for sure makes us feel loved.☺

We tried to go see Ingrid with sister Olah.  Of course, Ingrid wasn't' there. : /  We felt bad for having Sister Olah come and getting ditched.  She was cute about it and we got to have a great discussion with her and her mom!  Her mom, Gloria, is SO funny!  I just love her!  She'll accept the gospel but it may not be in this life.  She is also an AMAZING painter!  She is super good!  I would love to have one of her paintings!!  They are beautiful.  I may have to take some pictures of them.

Then we had a lesson with Cydnee Maikowski's friend Kaylinn.  they are both freshmen.  We taught the Restoration and it went really well!  Cydnee told us later that Kaylinn had said it cleared up a lot of stuff!  Yay!  And Kaylinn kept saying, "If I do convert. . . ."  Which basically means she knows if she gains a testimony then she will be baptized!  Which would of course be awesome.

After that we headed to Morgans really quick.  Today was her birthday and so we got her a skirt.  We seriously don't know what to do with her anymore.  Hopefully we can figure it out soon!  I love her and I want her to have all of the blessing that the gospel can bring into her life.  But I can't force her - - I believe that was Satan's plan - - to force peopl.

We tracted in a retirement community subdivision tonight.  Haha!  That was fun!  Most of the old people were pretty nice!  We did get a few grumps though.  It makes me sad when we talk to those people.  Their lives must be so miserable!  One of the things I have learned on my mission is the kind of person I want to be.  Especially after experiencing how people treat us when they are in the comfort of their own door.

We didn't have a dinner tonight and Sister Rowe has been craving pizza.☺  So we went and got $5 pizza!

I like daylight savings cause it makes the work so much easier when it's light out until like 8:30.☺  Plus, even though it's the same time at night, people are a lot nicer about answering their door when it's lighter!

March 12, 2014

Ah!  Today was just a super awesome day!!  We got to have Elder Erich Kopischke of the 70 come and speak to us for Sone conference!  it was FABULOUS!☺

Our Zone (Marietta) combined with the Roswell and Peachtree Zones.  I was pretty bummed cause the people I really wanted to see are in the other 4 Zones and their meeting is tomorrow in the Suwanee building!!!  Talk about jealous!!  But I did get to see Elder Calkins and Elder Zimmerman (who is the ZL in Peachtree Zone)!  So that was good part!  They are both great!

So before we began, Elder Kopischke (he is German by the way) told us to write down questions that we wanted answered and he promised we would receive the answers.  I fugured only like one or 2 of my questions would be answered cause I had quite a few ranging from one thing to the next.  By the end of the meeting though, every single one of them had been answered!!  Part of me isn't surprised but the other part of me is.  I feel like it surprises me every time that happens!  I don't know why. . .it just does.  It was a good meeting and I got a lot out of it.☺

We drove back home and stopped in a subdivision at kinda the bottom of our area.  It was SUPER windy!  We started walking and Sister Rowe's skirt is flyin' all over the place.  She was walking with her legs together sorta waddling to try and stay decent.  I lost it!  I was laughing SO hard!  And I had to go to the bathroom so I'm crouched down, trying to catch my breath and control the rest of me to boot.  We struggle to the door and suddenly a gust of wind comes and flings Sister Rowe's skirt up!  So now we are both laughing and I've got tears streaming down my face!  We get to the door and we both get semi composed so Sister Rowe knocks on the door, and I just lose it again.  So she starts giggling too.  We were just a mess.  This guy answers the door and between giggles Sister Rowe, bless her, gets out who we are because there is NO WAY I am going to be able to say anything.  He just looked at us like we're nuts, says no and shuts the door.  And we can't help but burst out laughing again!  Certainly not my finest hour.  But I have to say that sometimes there is nothing more fun than a good out of control laughing session.  And I have to say I haven't laughed that hard in a loooooong time!

Since we couldn't control ourselves and it was still crazy windy, we decided we would tract after dinner.  So we went home and ate.

We then tracted and tried to follow up on some people with Sister Olah with no luck.  Darn!  Ah well!  We got to hear Sister Olah's conversion story.  It's pretty crazy!  Basically the missionaries baptized her without her having a testimony of anything.  She got the discussions but she mostly just wanted to be baptized by immersion like Christ was and she knew that's how we did it.  Luckily, later on she did gain a stellar testimony!

So that was my day, great spiritual upliftment, mixed with uncontrollable laughter and a sweet conversion story to top it off.☺

March 13, 2014

Sister Row and Me
This morning we went to the chiropractor again.  The one the Dustins took us to didn't help Sister Rowe.  So we went to her family's friend in Woodstock and Sister King took us.  His sister and wife were both there and I'm sure you got the picture the sent you.  I've been having a lot of "I don't care what I look like" days.  Today was one of 'em.  I feel like the longer I'm out the less I care what I look like.  Which is probably no a very good mindset to have.  I guess I feel like I don't have much variety.  I hate doing  anything with my hair, I only do my make up- -well on Sundays, and I feel like my clothes (though cute!) are redundant.  Maybe if I started making myself care, I would feel a bit better about myself.  Hmmm!  Maybe I'll just have to try that experiment.  I'll let ya know how it goes!

Okay, anyway, after the chiropractor, Sister King took us to lunch at Firehouse Subs. I dunno if they have 'em out west, but they should!  There are a lot of places out here that they should have out west!  Maybe I'll just have to make that happen.☺

Sister King took us home and we hopped into the car and went over to talk to Amanda.  it was about 3 and we had a good discussion with her!  We found out that she is still trying to figure out if there is a God (Actually she does know there's a God.  She just doesn't see that she knows.).  She is trying to transfer stores at work right now.  So I challenged her to put God to the test (probably not the BEST wording, but it was th only way I could think to explain it).  I told her to pray for SUPER specific things she needs to happen in order for her to transfer.  She liked that idea!  Now we have to do our part and pray like crazy that Heavenly Father will answer her in a way that will open her eyes and understanding of who He is.

Then we went tracting.  Guess what we ran into?!  Sister Rowe's first basher!  It's been a while since I've talked to one.   This girl was 21 and studying women's ministry- -or something like that.  She was nice enough but she irritated me none the less.  She asked why we didn't carry a Bible if we believed in it.  I told her that EVERYONE has a Bible, and so there's no point in carrying around a Bible when they already know about it.  Our message is of the Book of Mormon.  She had no answer for that.  She kept bringing up the Revelation scripture about adding and taking away.  When I asked her about WHEN John wrote that, she avoided the question.  Mostly cause she knew that more books were written and added after that scripture was written even though it is the last book in the Bible.  I hate bashing though so basically I just tried to politely cover what she had brought up and we left.

Then, because it's "Cancel on the Sisters for all appointments and dinners" week, we went home and ate.  Seriously though, we have had SO many appointments cancel.  I don't mind dinner cancellations so much but when we have an opportunity to teach go away well . . . of that I am no fan

Sister Rowe, our Billie, and Me
We ended our night with visiting Billie.  Oh how I love that sweet woman!  I don't feel as though I've made as many connections with people here as I did in Suwanee.  Billie is someone who makes my list of definite people who I feel ever so blessed to know.  And to be honest if I start thinking about it my list just gets longer and longer. . .and there really are a lot of Hickory Flat people on that list.
I am amazed at how many people and families I have fallen in love with here in Georgia!  I really never thought it was possible, but your heart just grows to make room for every single one of them!  And it continues to grow!  It's an amazing gift that Father has given.  I can only imagine how big HIS heart is!  Especially when He loves even more than we can comprehend!  There is a reason why love conquers all.

March 14, 2014

So today was weekly planning but we didn't finish it all the way so we're doing it tomorrow night.

We had a meeting with Jenn this morning.  She is Max's (the elders recent baptism who's baptism I spoke at) wife.  The elders have been teaching her and she wants to be baptized but she just isn't clicking with the elders, so they asked us to go over and meet with her.  It went REALLY well!!  We were able to clear  things up and we clicked with her.  We're still working on it with the elders, but we're thinking that we will take Jenn and they will take Morgan.  They have been visiting Morgan and it's been going really well!  She has actually been listening to them.  Maybe this is an answer to our prayers for her.  We will pray a little more before we make any decision but I think we are going to pass off Morgan to the elders and they will pass Jenn off to us.  I guess we'll see!  I just really want to see both of them to progress.

After Jenn we went over to sister Bragg's and cleaned her windows.  They have 3 dogs so just like on the back door when Meisje (our family dog) wipes her little snot nose on the back door, that's how their windows were.☺  Haha!

Then we went tracting. Whoot!  It was pretty dang hot today.  I haven't been sweaty while tracting for a while.  Well!  I was sweaty and gross.  : {  Eww!  Spring is here and summer is itching to shove spring out of the way.  Luckily it wasn't humid though.  THAT is what will get ya!  The humidity!

We tracted until dinner which was with the Delahunty's.  They are the first dinner this week since Monday that hasn't cancelled on us.  So that was nice!  the Delahunty's have 8 kids so that was way too much fun.  their oldest is 17 and is SO cute with his siblings.  It was like watching Gabe.☺  I wish guys could figure out that when they are good with kids, girls find them all that more attractive!  Ah well, it may just remain an unknown secret for eternity.☺

Then we went to try and see some less actives.  There were a lot in the area that we were in so we just picked one.  The Sucars.  When we drove up, all we could hear was crazy loud Hispanic music playing.☺  It made us giggle.  They invited us right in!  Sister Sucar speaks English and Brother Sucar understands it but doesn't speak it.  Well, he doesn't LIKE speaking it.☺  We had a great conversation with them and I think we are gonna work on reactivating them!  Sister Sucar knows they are less active.  We'll see what we can do!

We finished our night with the Frias'.  We're hoping to introduce Sister Sucar to Lilia so a) that will get them both fellowshipped, and b) Sister Sucar can translate for us!  That would be super awesome.☺  We shall see.  It would be nice for both of them though!!

We found out we're going on exchange next week, which I think will be good.  If there are things that I need to change or do better on to make my Sister Rowe happier I would like to know.  I want to just continue loving her and have her love me back.  I am always happy to get back with companions after exchanges.

March 15, 2014

Today felt like it just went super fast!  We were super productive but it went so fast it almost feels like we didn't do anything!

We first went to see Bill and took Sister Olah with us.  We tracted into Bill a few days ago and he said he had a Book of Mormon and had read it in the 90's for the history side of it.  Which, hey, if that's how the spirit will touch him, I'm all for it.☺  He even knew about Joseph Smith and Moroni coming to him and he said it all makes sense to him.  Serious?!?  Psh!  I won't argue with that!  He is having heart surgery in May so hopefully we can keep meeting with him until then!

Then we went and saw Ingrid.  Poor lady.  Her outlook on life is pretty dismal.  She just talks about how everyone is dead.  It's pretty sad.  she read a little of the Book of Mormon and she liked it!  I dunno where we will get with her though but I am happy to teach and visit with her while we can.  I sometimes get the feeling we are just planting a seed for the missionaries in the next life.  But, ya never know!  Crazier things have happened.☺

We tracted for a little bit but nothin' came out of it.  We got to enjoy the sun so that was nice.☺

We headed over to Sister Dobson cause we were riding with her Andrea Rethke to the Stake Center for the Stake Relief Society activity.  On the way there they were talking about crashes and accidents they had been in.  Andrea and Brother Rethke just got in one the other day.  Well, we're at a stop light and we all hear the squeal of tires and the sickening crunch of metal.  Behind us 2 cars ran into each other.  Of COURSE that would happen right after the conversation that we just had!  Ya gotta hate that sound!

All of the sisters got to go to the activity so that was fun!  I got to see Sister Knight, Sister Hamilton, and Sister Breinholt.☺  Sister Breinholt will be coming here with Sister Rowe for exchanges.  So that'll be fun for Sister Rowe- -everyone loves Sister Breinholt!  Thus I am a bit bummed that I don't get to be with Sister Breinholt again!  Darn!  But on the bright side I get to be with Sister Moon who I LOVE!☺  We were in the same district in the MTC!  So that will make the exchange fun because we love each other.  If Sister Rowe needs to vent (which I hope she doesn't) Sister Breinholt is a good confidant.  I guess I just hope she would tell me so that I can fix anything that may annoy her.

The Relief Society put on the 10 Virgins as a musical.  Basically it's about each of the virgins and their backgrounds, who they are, traits they may have had.  I wasn't super sure how it would turn out, but it ended up being AWESOME!!  They did SUCH a good job!!  The Spirit was super strong and it was just really cool!  It was an awesome way to end our day!  On a spiritual high.☺

March 16, 2014

The verdict as to whether we are getting elders or sisters next transfer.  Drum roll please. . .Elders!  Yay!  So, we'll have 2 sets of elder and 1 set of sisters!  Rumor is they're splitting the zone and our new set will be the ZL's.  We shall see!  Sister Cooley is trying to convince Brother Cooley to move us out into the new apartment and put the elders in our apartment. >: {  NOOOO!  We are not liking that idea.  Luckily Brother Cooley doesn't seem too keen on moving us so that's good!  So there ya go!  that's our big news!

It was a pretty stinkin' awesome day!  We started our day off with teaching Katelynn.☺  she is so cute and so very in tune with the spirit!  It's so awesome!  We told her about General conference and she was SO excited.☺  She even said she wants to go to the church to watch it, not stay home.  What 12 year old says that?!?  She asked Heath (her dad) if he would come and he just said, "We'll see.  It's like 7 hours long!"  It made me so sad and little Katelynn's face looked so crushed. : (  But she shook it off and bounced back up.

Both Katelynn and Kaylin came to church today!!  And they both loved it.☺  Kaylin told Cydnee that she liked Joseph Smith and that she could relate to wanting answers to questions!  Yay!  We are meeting with her on Thursday.  Hopefully she likes the Plan of Salvation!!  I know I do!☺

I had a couple of "bite my lip and don't laugh" moments today.  One was in ward council and the other was in Relief Society.  People can sure get intense over things.  I am amazed at how strongly some people feel about the culture of our church.  I mean, feel strongly about the doctrine for absolute sure, but the culture so does not matter!!

Dinner was at the Slocums.  Sister Slocum oh my she is a keeper to be sure.  Brother Slocum is just a hoot!  He loves to tease and he was teasin' all over the place!  Luckily I can hold my own and he liked that.☺  It was a fun evening with them!

We needed just ONE more contact in order to meet our goal this week.  We just picked a house right across the street from the church.  The sweetest lady answers the door and we talked with her for a good 10 minutes.  She wasn't interested but she was so stinkin' cute!!

Our last thing for the night was we visited a less active family, the Bloxhams.  They were so nice!  The acted like they were super active!  I have never understood that.  We had a really good time with them!  They have a shih tzu and I was  in heaven petting that little dog!  I didn't actually think that I would miss Meisje!  But I do!!  Hopefully it won't take her too long to get used to me again when I get home!

Well family!  I just love ya lots!!  I can't wait for tomorrow when I can e-mail ya!

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.☺  Tell Tilly and Frodo hello for me!☺  Haha!  I love ya!


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