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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Exchanges, and a Good Week

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I woke up thinking about y’all and I was hoping Tilly and Frodo had made it to you safe!  While we were getting ready we heard a little tap on the door.  When we opened the door, there were chocolate coins and a shirt and Lucky Charms!!  Tilly and Frodo found me even when I was all the way in Georgia.  And they didn’t forget about Sister Rowe ☺  AND.  They had kissed us on our feet!  We hadn’t even noticed.  Crazy!
Kissed by a leprechaun! 
Frosted Lucky Charms their magically delicious!
We love Tilly and Frodo!
We got the e-mail for the morning so we went and did that.  Thanks for y'alls e-mail!  I love em!  They make me happy.

I’m jealous about your Spring break trip!  If grandma makes it another year I‘ll do a road trip over there and say goodbye to her.  It’s been almost 11 years since I have seen her.  Wow!  That’s crazy to think about.  I hope that I can go and visit her before she dies….  I would like to do that.

Ah!  We got to do our laundry at our apartment today.  Best day ever!  Ok, that sounds so lame.  But it really was super awesome to be able to do our own laundry.  I think Sister King is a little sad about it because we won’t be over there as much.  But we will try!  And she is the most darling life saver in the world!  She took care of us for a long time on the laundry front.

We then went over to the Canton Sisters apartment and hung out with them and the STL’s.  That was a ton of fun!  And Sister Rowe had a good time.  Sister Taylor is a hair dresser and she cut Sister Moon’s hair.  Not gonna lie.  It made me want to cut mine.  I dunno… But with Summer coming, I really shouldn’t.  But it’s a tempting thought for sure!  I guess we shall see.

Dinner was at the Mecalfs tonight.  They moved from Woodstock in February, so they knew Sister Painter so that was fun.  Sweet Sister Painter.  We had a really simple meal of egg salad sandwiches.  I loved them.  They were great. 

After dinner we went to one of our less actives, Sister Johnson.  As we were driving, Sister Rowe asked if we could turn around and and go to a house that we had passed.  She kept saying that she didn’t know why.  I turned around and we said a quick prayer.  A man answered the door and I started doing the Harvest Blessing.  He interrupted and said that he was agnostic and that he was fine with being agnostic.  He was nice but we didn’t get anything from him.  Sister Rowe seemed to be disappointed.  I told her there was a reason that we turned around, although we may never know that reason.   Sometimes Heavenly Father just knows more than we do.  And I believe that if we stop following the promptings that we are given they will go away and we will lose the ability to hear.  I am glad that we stopped.  We visited with Sister Johnson for a while.  She is really nice.  She is a labor and delivery nurse so I talked to her about that for a little bit.

When we left there was a dog fight going on.  Ah!  It was a pretty evil noise!  Yuck!  All in all it was a pretty dang good day☺

March 18, 2014

Man!  I cannot catch a break when it comes to giving trainings.  We pulled up at the church and there are the AP’s.  Dang!  Last time I gave a training, President told me right before that Grandpa had died.  And the time before that it was zone conference and both President and the AP’s were there.  Obviously there is something that I am supposed to learn to do better.  But it went well and I feel like I did a good job.  I was asked to train on strengthening new and less active members.  I know I’m not very good at less active work and the Lord knows that, so, I needed to give a training on it and learn how to better do it.

After District Meeting we had brought our lunch and so we ate while Sister Macedone and Sister Taylor practiced their musical number.  It was SO good!  Ah!  They did such a good job.  They are super crazy talented and it was fun to hear their talents.  After they practiced we finished up our lunch and Sister Taylor played with my hair.  She is a hairdresser and she likes my hair.☺  Haha!  She gave me a double waterfall side braid that was Katniss style.  It was awesome!

Then we went to Sister Braggs.  We basically have it down pat what to do while cleaning her house.  It only takes about 20 minutes and we try to do other little chores for her.  She is so cute about it and is really grateful.

Then we met up with Sister King.  The elders had given us a referral and so we asked Sister King to come with us.  While we were driving there, she told us that one of the Woodstock elders got arrested.  What!?!  She watched the whole thing.  Yesterday they were shopping and he was with other elders and he got accused of shoplifting.  They searched him and the other elders but didn’t find anything.  So the elders gave them a card and they left.  Well, about 10 minutes later they called the elders back and arrested one of them!  And that is all that Sister King knows.  Hopefully we will find out soon!  Ah!  It is nuts!

We finally got to the lady’s house that the elders had referred us to.  I knocked on the door and no one answered.  So I rang the doorbell.  I heard the vacuum going so I looked in the window.  The vacuum was lying on the floor, turned on, like someone saw us coming while they were vacuuming and ran and hid.  Oh boy!  Dang!  People make me laugh☺ 

So then we took Sister King to Morgan’s.  She is the elder’s investigator now but we still go see her once in a while.

We gave a lesson to Sister King and then headed to dinner.  The Bessons took us out to Olive Garden, so that was fun!  Sister Besson wants Sister Rowe to date her son, who just got home from a mission to Ecuador (of course after her mission!).  It makes me giggle.  But it makes you feel good that someone likes you enough to set you up.  And all I know is he would be one lucky boy!

Kinda a crazy, nutso day!  Tomorrow is the follow-up meeting so that should be fun!  We are car-pooling Sister Hamilton and her greenie.  We have to get up at like 6:10 in order to get there on time.

March 19, 2014

Well, today was an up and down day.

Ah Sister Hamilton what's not to love?!?
The follow-up went really well!  It was fun to see some of my elders and be with them.  Elder McMurdie is in Sharon Springs (nest to Suwanee) and we became friends while I was there.  He is having a hard time.  His new missionary is presenting a few challenges for him.  Sister Hamilton is having a hard time too.  But she is so amazing.  Her new missionary is super struggling.  But Sister Hamilton leaves her sticky notes of encouragement all over.  She makes her bed and her breakfast every morning to help get her going.  But it is a real struggle for her.  Recently, Sister Hamilton has had a rough go of it with companions.  but to say that she is anything other than amazing would be an understatement.

Oh…President turned me down to be able to skype when Gabe gets his call.  So, Mother’s Day it is.  I dunno how you want to let me know about his call.  Maybe you could send it to me or just an e-mail on P-day.  However you do it.  We have a little time to figure it out!

When we got home, we had about an hour before dinner so we tracted.  We had fun but nothin big happened with that.

Dinner was with the Rethkes.  Haha!  I love them, they are characters!  It is always a fun adventure over there.

We had a lesson with Amanda and that was our downer.  She has so much faith!  And she can’t see how much faith she has.  I just wish so much that she could see what we see.  She just doubts herself and it’s so sad and frustrating.

The adversary is just hitting all of our investigators hard right now, and it’s so annoying!  But, the elect will stick, hopefully all of them will stick and to be honest all of them are elect.  I just have to remind myself that obviously we are doing well if Satan is trying that hard.

March 20, 2014

Ah!  We have so much to do but so little time to do it this week!  We had the follow-up meeting yesterday, we have exchanges tomorrow.  And we have tons to do!  We did some weekly planning this morning and Sister Rowe was in charge of it.  She did a good job!  It’s nice to not always be heading it up. 

We were supposed to go see Jenn after lunch but she cancelled on us.  So, we headed over to help sister Bragg.  She had us work out in the yard (yes, I know it is shocking I would do such a thing).  We had fun though!  Sister Rowe said she would rather do housework too if she had a choice between working in the yard and cleaning the house.

After Sister Bragg it was about 3:00.  We stopped at the Dustins to see if Sister Dustin would come with us to follow up on a lady we had tracted in to.  She couldn’t, darn it!  So we went ourselves and of course, she wasn’t there.  Ugg.

So, we went and tracted.  A whole subdivision.  How many people did we talk to?  Two….  We talked to two whole people.  And we seriously knocked on like 40 doors.  It is days like today that I just want to sit down and ask, “What am I missing here?”  Obviously there is SOMETHING I’m supposed to learn and I’m not getting it.  So what do you want???  But, I can’t do that.  So you just keep trudging along!

We had an appointment with Bill at 5:00 and our team-ups kept cancelling!  We were calling people the whole day to try and find someone who could go with us.  Nobody could come!  So we had our lesson with Bill outside on his front porch.  Bill reminds me of Richard.  I just love Bill!  He is so great.  We asked him how he got his Book of Mormon in the 90’s.  He requested it.  He knows all about Joseph Smith and he told us he knows that the Book of Mormon is the most true book he has ever read.  He really likes meeting with us.  But he also tries to be nonchalant about it too☺  Haha!

Me being Sassy!
Sister Fisher took us out to Zaxby’s for dinner.  She is quite the lady!  She just loves to talk and she tells us stories about her life.  After dinner we went and tracted some more.  We found a street called Sassafrass.  It was awesome.  We took pictures of us being sassy.

We finished off our night visiting the Speidels.  They are awesome!  We had a fun time with them visiting.  It was a rough day though.  I hate cancel-on-the-Sisters day!

March 21, 2014

Today we went on exchanges!  I got to go to Woodstock with Sister Moon and Sister Rowe stayed in Hickory Flat with Sister Breinholt.  I think Sister Rowe was pretty nervous, though she didn’t show it much☺  I really hope she has a good time!
Sister Moon and I tracted for quite a while.  But we really weren’t feeling the streets we were on. 

The darling Sister Moon and me.

At one point we almost got attacked by a dog.  Finally we found a neighborhood that had people in it and we tracted that and talked to them.  But without much luck.  We tried a few less-actives but found nobody at home.

We had dinner at the Beaty’s house.  It was just us and Sister Beaty.  Sister Moon said that they are less-active but just got called to be ward missionaries so they signed up for dinner.  Sister Beaty is awesome!  Brother Beaty works for Vitamix and is one of their sales guys.  So that is pretty cool.

After dinner we went and taught a man named Terrance.  He was really cool and super open.  I hope he ends up being a good solid investigator for the Sister Moon and Sister Breinholt. They are amazing sister and work so very hard but sometimes that does not always equal out if you are looking at just numbers!!  The zone leaders called and asked Sister Moon who they could have a baptism date for in April.  Our zone goal is for one baptism per companionship (later I found out that they asked Sister Rowe if we could get two).  Our numbers have been pretty good lately.  Hickory Flat seems to be prepared for success right now. 

Our last visit was to Sister Foxx.  She is an older lady and so very sweet!  All of her kids are less-active and she just tries to be a good example to them.  So that was our exchange!  Nothing totally exciting but it was fun and Sister Mood is so sweet!

March 22, 2014

This morning was really fun!  Our stake did an activity day thing at the Woodstock building and they asked the sisters who met at that building to come.  So that is what we did before we exchanged back.  Sister Hamilton was there too!  Our job was basically to mix and mingle with the girls.  They had activities and games.  During the games we were supposed to cheer for the girls by name.  I’m sure I looked like a moron, but boy did I ever cheer for those girls☺  If nothing else, I had a blast acting like a moron.

I asked Sister Hamilton how she was doing.  She said that basically she has laid down the law with her companion.  I think that they are doing better.  Sometimes tough love works a little better for all concerned.  I hope so as I love them both.

We exchanged back and I was SO happy to be back in Hickory Flat with Sister Rowe!  This exchange made me realize that I really do love this place.  I had fallen in love with it and hadn’t even realized it.  Suwanee still holds a VERY special place in my heart but Hickory Flat just snuggled its way into a spot without me even realizing it.  And I really missed Sister Rowe!  I love Sister Moon but it just wasn’t the same.

She and Sister Brienholt had a good time on the exchange.  They found a lady that we will teach while they were tracting.  Sweet!

After we switched, we went tracting.  Oh people!  They can be quite the grumps when they want to be.  We had a lady tell us she would never be a part of a church who’s foundation was polygamy.  Those people aren’t even worth wasting our time on.  Some people are pretty hard-hearted and just mean.

After tracting for a bit, we headed over to the church for a baptism.  One of the girls in our ward was getting baptized and her mom asked us if we would play the Restoration while they waited for her to get dressed.  It was a good baptism and we had fun.
The ever lovely Malia and Bella
Love Them

When we walked out to our car, on the ground in front of the car, someone had left a note made out of sticks.  It said “God loves you”.  Haha!  Malia Dustin and her friend Bella did it while we were inside at the baptism☺  It was fun and we enjoyed being with them.

We ended our night with a lesson with Amanda.  She is coming to church tomorrow!  We told her to bring 3 questions to church tomorrow and they would be answered.  We know that they will be, and we are praying that she recognizes the answers.

March 23, 2014

Ah!  What a FABULOUS Sunday!!  Everything just went so well today.  We went to  the Revolution church again because Elder Pena begged us and Sister Rowe has never been.  I don’t really like that place.  I think that is the last time that I will go there.

Church was awesome!  Both Amanda and Jenn came!  The speakers were amazing and the whole meeting was just great.  Amanda was just crying and Jenn was just a happy little clam.  Amanda left after the 2nd hour because she didn’t feel well.  But we will talk to her tomorrow and hopefully she will recognize her questions were answered.

After church we tracted for a little bit and then went to the Burkharts for dinner.  The elders were there too…  They had signed up for both of us and we didn’t know about it.  Ah!  So basically we just hurried and ate and gave a quick lesson and left.  The elders weren’t as worried about it as we were.

After dinner we went and taught Jenn.   We just love her!  She is so awesome.  She started crying when she talked about us eventually leaving.  It made us sad, but glad to know that she would miss us. 

Katelynn was our only hiccup today.  Sister Wyman said she was saying she isn’t sure if she wants to be baptized anymore…  Stupid Satan!  Arg!  We aren’t giving up with her yet though!!  Hopefully we can meet with her this week!

We hit almost every single goal we made for this week!  It was a good week.  And tomorrow is P-day.  Whoot!
I love you’all.

Love, Molly

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