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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ah! Jenn's Baptism!!

April 7, 2014

Hey-O Fam!

So this morning we woke up to POURING rain.  I haven't seen it rain like this since the summer.  I liked it.☺  At one point, the thunder was so loud and big that it shook our apartment.  I twas like our neighbors upstairs decided to throw a party and everyone was stomping.  It was nuts.  It was Sister Rowe's first legit rainstorm and she loved it!  We all do!!

We were very productive this morning.  We have car inspections for Zone meeting tomorrow, so even though it was pouring rain, we soaped down our car and let the rain wash it off and we vacuumed  really good.☺  We also went shopping and cleaned our apartment really good, all in 2 hours!  Go us!

We were super excited cause we have a lesson at 1:00 with a family we had met.  Even though it was in the middle of P-day, we didn’t care because we think they are an elect family and we LOVE teaching!  Alas, they texted us a couple of hours before 1:00 and cancelled.  We were pretty bummed.  We were all ready for them.  Hopefully they will text us back so we can teach them sometime this week!!

So instead of teaching them a lesson we went and hung out with the Dustins.  I’ve missed them!  It’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve seen them and sat down and talked! 

It was Sister Dustin and the 2 little boys.  Allen got it in his head that he wanted to call Mater on the phone (Mater from the Disney movie Cars).  So we called “Mater”.  Sister George, aka Mater, was on the phone in the next room.  Abram was so star-struck he couldn’t get a word out and Allen just chatted away!  When we hung up Abram burst into tears!  It was so sad and so cute all at the same time.

After that we went down and e-mailed.  I got a random, cute e-mail from Zach Peterson.  That was fun!  It was a good e-mail day!

Dinner was at the Kings tonight.  We had stir fry.  It was yummy!  It was a nice change from the run of pasta we have been on.  And it was just fun to be with the Kings!  I like them.  It’s always fun to see Bishop King at home and not just as a bishop at church.  And we liked talking to Jon their son.

April 8, 2014

Today was mostly just zone meeting.  40 something-odd missionaries jammed into the Relief Society room.  Haha kind of crazy but fun.  I like our zone.  And again, I’m friends with more of the elders than the sisters so I talked to a lot of the elders.  I just like that I can laugh and joke with other missionaries.  Some of the missionaries are very serious though.

Elder Vandertoolen used to be one of the President’s assistants but now he is our zone leader.  He kept telling me I was gonna be made a Sister Training Leader next transfer.  Ack!  Please no!  Though I have a feeling it’ll happen eventually.  I promise I’m not being vain when I say that, like, “Oh, look at me!”  No.  It’s just that I had a feeling I was going to train again.  And I’m having a similar feeling about being a STL.  We shall see!  But I hope I’m wrong with my feeling.  That would just be great!

We went to lunch with the Canton sisters afterwards and then went over to help Sister Bragg.  I love Sister Bragg.  She is awesome!  She is having a hard time right now with recovering.  We’re keeping her in our prayers!

Then we stopped by Sister Miles, a member in our ward.  At first she wasn’t too happy that we were there, but she still invited us in.  We had a nice talk.  I hope that she will start coming to church again.  I liked her.
The rest of the evening we went tracting and then had dinner with the Rethkes.  They are funny.  It was a good dinner.  We ended our night with the Relief Society activity.  That was fun.  It was “Around the World”.  We have a few ladies in our ward from like Russia and Columbia and a few other places.  So we learned about their countries and cultures.  So that was fun!

April 9, 2014

Ok, before I start in on this day.  Mom, I’m SO sorry I chastised you about mail.  Today we opened the mailbox and there were 4 letters to me.  2 from you, one from Sydney, and one from Sister Hooker.  One of the letters from you was post marked on the 26th of March!!  Grr.  Stupid postal service!!  And one to Sister Rowe from you as well.  So, thank you for being my amazing mother and taking such good care of me! 

We started of the day with “Sisters Fat Camp”.  Remember when the sisters in my zone a few months ago got together with Sister Wolfert and we exercised together and talked about our feelings and what not?  Well, that’s what we did again.  Yippy!  Luckily it was at the Hickory Flat building so we didn’t have to go too far.  It was fine.  I got to chat with Sister Hamilton and Sister Knight, so that was good!  Sister Hamilton and her companion had a baptism last month and the mission had 40 so she gets to go to the temple tomorrow.  I am SOOO jealous but excited for her.  I want to go so very badly!  So, I have a plan!!  We have one on Saturday.  Everyone else needs to get theirs and THEN we can go on the 8th of May!!  My birthday!  Ah!  I seriously cannot think of a more amazing birthday present!  So, y’all just pray that we get 40 in the mission in April so that we can go in May.  Deal?
After our “fat camp” we went home, got ready, and went to Jenn’s.  Ah!  I love her!  She wants to go into some deeper doctrine.  So today we talked a little about the 7 seals in the last days from the Book of Revelations.  Honestly, I feel that most of us need to focus mainly on the basic tenets of the gospel.  Spending a lot of time on some of that other stuff just doesn’t do it for me.  But Jenn took it all in good stride.  She tried on a few dresses we had for her baptism.  So we figured out which one fit her best.  Ah!  I’m so excited for Saturday.

Oh the things you finding tracting!
After Jenn, we went tracting.  We got to one house and knocked and no answer.  So I rang the doorbell/intercom button.  A guy answered over the intercom and so I tell him we are missionaries and he gets really mad.  Over the intercom he starts yelling how we’re on private property and to turn around and get out right now.  Blah, blah, blah.  So I just say, “Ok, sorry!  And um, you have a really beautiful lawn..”  There is a long pause and then, “Thank you”.  Click.  Haha!  Oh boy!  That was sort of funny.

Then we stopped by a lady named Patty we met last week.  She was home!  So we talk with her for a little bit and then she says, “Ok, tell me about the Mormons”.  So, I gave her the first lesson!  It was awesome.  And then Sister Rowe asked if she were to come to know that this is true would she be baptized?   And Patty said yes!!  She is awesome!  We’re meeting with her again on Saturday.  Maybe we could have 2 baptisms in April.  That would be sweet.
Despite what you may think because of
the signs I am in Georgia not Alaska!

Then we went and tracted some more and then went to the Dustin’s for dinner.  I love them.  On our way home, the STL’s called us.  We’re going on exchange this weekend and will switch back before Jenn’s baptism.  Sister Rowe is going to Woodstock with Sister Moon and Sister Breinholt is coming here again to hang with me in Hickory Flat!  Whoot!  So that’ll be fun.

April 10, 2014

I’m not really sure how to feel about today.  Part of me is happy and excited.  I’ve made it half way.  The end of my mission is getting closer.  Another part of me is devastated.  It’s getting closer for me to be done, and I want to curl up in a ball and go back to the beginning.  I need more time.  These feelings have been battling with each other all day long, and neither are winning, because just like my mission is half and half, my emotions are half and half.  I don’t like it!  There are a few times today that I almost burst out in tears.  But, I was able to keep it together.  I think the scariest thing for me, is that I know everything is just going to go by even quicker now.  I think I’ll just hide from that thought.
Sister Rowe and I have twinner Princess Ducks!
Despite my battling feelings, today was a good day.  We took Sister Rowe to the chiropractor again.  While she was getting her neck worked on, I wrote letters.  I was glad for that time because I so very much hate getting behind in letter writing!  We came home and went over to Jenn’s.  Sister Taylor and Sister Vickery are Jenn’s visiting teachers and they came with us.  Sister Owens is the new Relief Society president and got right on top of getting Jenn involved.  She will not become a lost soul after she is baptized.  I’m glad for that.
Then we went and helped Sister Bragg do yard work.  It was nice to just be outside in the dirt, planting…I know, I know!  Shocker that I enjoyed it.  Who would have thought that this queen wheel barrow breaker would like being outside?  Well, it happened!  I’m just sorry it took so long.

Then we had dinner with Sister Judd and her grand-daughters.  Sister Judd is from New York and has the accent to go along.  She is great!  She and Brother Judd take care of their grand-daughters a lot.  The girl’s parents are divorced and both remarried with other kids.   Sister Judd is a quilter and has her own quilting room with bubble gum pink walls.  Haha!  It’s pretty legit!  You would love it Mom.  Quilting galore!
We finished our night off with some tracting.  We met a lot of nice people but no one was interested.  Well actually, the last house we went to for the night was a family.  The mom has lupis and crones disease.  We did the harvest prayer and sat and talked with her about eternal families.  Hopefully something will come out of that!

So despite my feelings of mixed love and desperate sadness of today, it was a pretty good day.

April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!  We were busy this morning!  Sister Owens took us around to go visit people on her list.  We first stopped at a little stand on the side of the road that is an “on your honor pay” kinda thing.  No one watches the stand, you just take whatever veggies or flowers you want and then put your money in the little lock box.  It’s so awesome!  We got some flowers there and went and visited some ladies in our ward.  Then we came home, ate lunch and weekly planned before our exchanges.

Then I got Sister Breinholt.  I love her!!  She is always a happy light!  I feel bad though because she is tired of being an STL.  I don’t blame her on that account.  She has been one for quite a while.

Basically before dinner, we tried to visit less-actives and tracted.  Nothing too much fun.  Sister Breinholt really liked the questions that Sister Rowe and I use for tracting.  She got really excited about that.  Sister Rowe and I decided that we would use our new approach while we are on exchanges and see how that went.  Sister Breinholt was a big fan.  Haha.  I like her.

We have been trying to get a hold of a certain woman in our ward for a while and she was FINALLY home!  She attends church in her parent’s ward so we never see her.  So we are trying to get her to come to church in our ward.  We shall see.
Sister Breinholt with ME!!
Then we had dinner with the Dustins.  They like Sister Breinholt.  We had a blast!  The Dustins compared me to Sister Beasley.  Well that is okay with me because I have only heard them say good things about Sister Beasley.  I’m all for being like Sister Beasley!

After the Dustins we went out tracting.  Poor Sister Breinholt.  None of the places we tracted were right, she said that is how her whole week has been.  Just one rude person after another.  Finally we went to our “little Mexico” trailer park.  We met two little boys who spoke English, they showed us around and pointed out the “English trailers”.  They were just adorable.
Our little scorpion friend!
Finally, we headed home.  We discovered a surprise in our apartment.  A little scorpion!  No joke!  We had a baby scorpion in our apartment!!  We put him in a tupperware—where he shall stay!  Ha! 

April 12, 2014

Today has been quite an adventure!  This morning Sister Breinholt and I spent study time just chatting.  It was fun.  She thinks that our zone will split and that she and I will be companions in one zone or the other.  I don’t want to be a STL but it would be good if I could be companions with Sister Breinholt.  Everyone loves Sister Breinholt.

Then we went to McDonalds and contacted the referral the Canton sisters gave us.  Her name is Yvette and the sisters were meeting with her about 5 years ago.  Hopefully she is more prepared now.  That would be awesome.  Patty called us and said she couldn’t meet with us today, BUT she did say that she would try to come out to church.  So we are crossing our fingers.

Then we started getting calls from Brother Cooley.  He is the ward mission leader.  He asked Brother Wyman to be in charge of the baptism this week.   The Cooleys are moving soon.  When we exchanged back I was happy to see Sister Rowe.  Exchanges make one thankful for the good that you have or lift you up so that you can continue on.  I was thankful for the companion that I have.

Off we went to the church!  But first we stopped and got mail.  Momma!!  You got me colorful envelopes!  Thanks.  I had been missing the colorful ones.  And thank you for the meds too.  Hopefully they will help especially since my face has just exploded with acne.  We hung out at the church and filled up the font and set everything up.
♥Max and Jenn!!♥

Max, Jenn, Sister Rowe and Sister George!  SOOOO Happy!

Jenn and Max got there at 1:30, got dressed and we took pictures.  Jenn was super nervous.  She was so cute!  While she was getting ready, she got a FB notice.  She grinned at me and said, “Sister George!   You just accepted my friend request!”  Haha!  It was fun to have you do that Momma, while I was with her.
So blessed to have our Jenn!
We had a pretty motley crew at the baptism.  But it didn’t matter.  Jenn looked beautiful!  And it was a happy time!  Max baptized Jenn and he did a fabulous job.  It was the coolest thing to see them both there!  It was a happy, happy time!  Both Sister Rowe and I spoke.  I did the talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost which is funny because that is what I spoke on at Max’s baptism too!

This time though, I started crying and I got Jenn crying too.  Oops.  Haha!  Sister Rowe did a really good job on her talk.  The best part about the whole thing is that even though it was a baptism for an individual, we also got a baptism for a family.  Max and Jenn can now go to the temple in a year and be sealed for time and all eternity and raise their future children in the church.  The work of us and the elders will affect generations of people!  So that is cool.

After the baptism we cleaned up and locked up the church.  Sister Rowe had a really bad migraine and couldn’t see.  So I took her home and she slept for a couple of hours.  Meanwhile, my face was puffing up.  My lips looked like someone had punched me.  It’s HUGE!  Here’s what we figured out.  Neither of us have sinus allergies with pollen.  Nope!  Our allergies show up with Sister Rowe getting a headache and I break out and swell all up.  It’s awful!! Ugg!  And we are supposed to have even more pollen in the next few weeks.  So I will just look like an overstuffed pepperoni pizza for another few weeks.  Great….  Hopefully those meds will tone it down a little…  If not, I’ll just look like I did all through high school.  Lovely. 

After Sister Rowe woke up and could at least see, we went over to see one of our members,  Sister Vaughn.  She had MS and her husband is not a member.  It is really hard for her to get to church.  She is super sweet.  We had a good chat with her.  She is lonely, so our plan is to go visit her at least once a week, so that should be good.

We ended our evening with dinner with Max and Jenn.  It was really yummy.  Jenn is a good cook!  After dinner we talked about tithing and fasting, and then Jenn went on Facebook and read some of my blog and looked at some of the pictures.  Haha!  So that was our fun.

We found another scorpion by our door when we got home.  I don’t like those things too much.  Hopefully they will disappear to wherever they came from soon.

April 13, 2014

Happy fast Sunday.  This morning we went tracting and the pollen was SO bad.  We basically were walking through huge clouds of it.  My nose itched and my eyes itched.  Bugger…  Our name tags had a layer of pollen on them.  It was nuts!  It didn’t help that we picked a middle of nowhere street to go on, so we had trees all around us, which resulted in more pollen. 

Gotta LOVE my Georgia!
"Weddin' This way y'all"
On our way to the street we were tracting, we passed a wooden post that said “weddin” and “This way y’all”  So redneck.  Haha!  We took pictures.

Church was awesome today.  Elder Pena confirmed Jenn. When she walked back to us after, she was just grinning from ear to ear!  It was so awesome.  Ah!  It was just a happy time.

We had a “linger longer” after church and that was nice, especially since it was fast Sunday.  After church and the linger longer, we just tracted for the rest of the night.  The Dustins drove by us and Sister Dustin took a video of us “in action”.  Haha!  It was awesome!

Then we went home, tired and gross.  But we got our contacts goal.  We both took a shower and dragged our beds into the living room for a “sleep over”.   Haha.  Ah!  The life of a missionary and the things that excite us!

I love y’all!!

Love, Molly 

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