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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy Easter! I love Sister Rowe!!

April 14, 2014

Hey Fam!
Today wasn’t exactly an exciting P-Day, but we had fun!   We got the computers first this week.  Those are my favorite weeks!  I’d rather have the e-mail first always but the elders need it first sometimes too I suppose.   Ah!  I wish that we could all just e-mail at the same time!  Life was so much easier when we could do that - Bugger!  Ah well.  Thanks for all the e-mails.  It’s always nice to see y’alls names on my screen!

Gabe!  I can’t believe you get your call this week! Ugg!  I hate that I’m missing that.  Well, if all goes accordingly I will get to watch you open it with the video the Dustin’s hopefully get.  We’ll see what you decide I suppose!

After e-mailing, we went to Chick-Fil-A and got a shake and went home.  Sister Rowe’s mom sent her a really cute Easter package.  Then I brushed my teeth and headed to the dentist.  Sister Potter was really sweet and got everything taken care of.  I hadn't realized that even though I've only been gone 9 months, it’s been over a year since I went to the dentist. Oops!  It was really nice to get my teeth all cleaned!  They checked and said that there are two spots that I need to watch but as of right now I’m good.  Haha hopefully it will stay like that!  Sister Potter loaded us up with stuff…dental floss, tooth brushes and toothpaste.  So that was awesome!  Then we headed to the Canton sister’s apartment where Sister Taylor cut my hair.  She did a great job and I like it!

Then we had dinner at the Araves.  They live on the other side of our area so it took us a half hour to get to them but it was totally worth it.  For the lesson we did the Armor of God, which is now trashed after so many kids have used it.  We need to make a new one because that is a pretty good object lesson!

April 15, 2014

Today was such a long day!  I’m totally wiped out.  Which is good, that means we are working hard.  It started out with a district meeting.  Ah boy!  What an adventure.  Haha!   For the most part I really like our district.  I love the Canton elders, Elder Anderson and Elder Winter.  We’re good friends, them and I!  Yesterday for P-Day they went to the YMCA and did some class that one of their members teaches.  In the paper work they had to fill out, they needed an emergency contact.  What do they write?  Mama George and our number.  Those dorks!  Haha all I could to was roll my eyes.  They just shrugged their shoulders and said “You take care of us Sister George!” Oh elders…

Sister Rowe gave a training about opening your mouth.  The example was from Acts 8:26-38.  She had Sister Taylor and I act it out.  We looked so dumb but it was fun.  We “rode” in our chariot, aka bouncing up and down in our chairs.  I’m sure we looked like the biggest dorks, but everyone loved it so who cares!  It is nice to know that you can have fun, feel the spirit, and learn all at the same time.

We had Sister’s lunch at the church after DM.  Ellijay sisters stayed!  It was a happy miracle!  It was fun.  After lunch we headed to Sister Bragg’s.J   I just love that lady!  She was looking at my blog and joking about how she is sure I say stuff about her, well yup of course I do cuz I love that lady!  Therefore it’s only ever good things, so ha!  Then we went and visited Sister Tye.  She is recovering really well from her surgery.  We talked about her friend and sharing the gospel.  She wants us to “drop by”  tomorrow because Bev, her friend, will be there.  So we will see how that goes!

Then we went tracting.  In the FREEZING cold, with winds. L  Ugg!  It was awful! And everyone was either not answering or being mean.  The whole thing was just off and not pleasant AT ALL!

Dinner was with the Edges.  Ashley is the member, but her husband isn’t.   He is a great guy and is basically a baptism waiting to happen.  When the time comes that  Jason moves forward he will do it quickly and with his whole heart I believe!

We ended our night visiting the Morris', a part-member/less active family.  Sister Morris is the member.  Her husband Merril is basically the best man ever.  He knows everything about the church!  And they are a hoot!  They help out and are “parents” to a bunch of boys from messed up situations.  It’s really awesome.  That’s mostly why they don’t come to church each week, because they are with the boys every Sunday, it’s a bummer.  The church needs more people like them.  It was a good ending to our night. J

April 16, 2014
It was quite the day today!  We were supposed to see Jenn but she ended up not being able to meet.  So we switched plans and met up with Sister Dustin to go visit a potential, but she cancelled on us, so Sister Dustin took us to lunch instead. J  I love that lady!  She is a total angel!  She just makes me so happy, and I love being around her.After lunch, we met up with Sister Bond to go visit ladies in the Relief Society.  That took up a good two to three hours, but we got a lot of lessons out of it!

First, we visited a lady who just moved back into the ward.  She and her family were living in Costa Rica before that.  She is really nice.  She and Sister Bond talked about how they are not overly fond of our current US President and whatnot.  I just sat there and tried not to laugh. J  It was funny!  They got quite fired up!

Then we visited three less active women.  Nothing too exciting happened with that.  All the time we were driving, I was in the back and got pretty carsick.  Cute Sister Rowe switched me and that made it a little better.  Georgia roads can be killer ones on the stomach! 

After Sister Bond dropped us off at our car, Sister Rowe made a few calls while I laid in my seat trying not to puke.  Stupid carsickness!  When my stomach calmed down, we headed over to the Tye's.  Bev, Sister Tye's friend, is awesome.  She is so cute! She is from England so she has an awesome accent!  When they lived in England, they used to feed the missionaries all the time!  And she really likes the church.  So hopefully something will happen with that!  Seth, Sister Tye's oldest, and Nicole, Bev's girl have a thing for each other.  Ahh high school crushes.  All I can say is thank heavens that I am no longer in that stage.  I’m just glad to be me and where I am! J
Coloring our Easter Eggs!!

Good times with my Sister Rowe!!

We tracted for the rest of the night.  Tracting lately has just been blah.  Mostly cause we haven’t really found anyone to teach.  But we usually have fun together J so that’s good!  We play Book of Mormon baseball while we tract, and that’s fun!  One person is the “pitcher” and the other is the”hitter”.  The pitcher says “Pitch!” and starts flipping pages, the other person says “Hit!” when they want to stop.  Whatever page you’re on when they “hit” you stop on.  The pitcher then says, “Bases 1, 2, 3, 4?”  The hitter picks one of the bases which determine the column.   The pitcher then tells the hitter the verse numbers in that column.  The hitter picks a number which the pitcher then reads to them.  It is the hitter’s job to guess what book and chapter that verse can be found.  Pretty fun!  And we learn where stuff is which is always fun. J

April 17, 2014

Today was fun!  It went against our normal schedule, which was fine.  It was fun to shake things up a bit!  We started out at the Cooleys.  Since they are getting ready to move, they needed help painting.  Sister Dustin came and picked us up and we all went over and helped paint.  It was fun!  It wasn’t the usual kind of service that we normally do, which was nice!

When Sister Dustin dropped us off, we went over to Jenn’s.  I really love her.  It has been a true privilege to share the gospel with her.  We read the first two chapters of the Book of Mormon together.  There is always something a little thrilling about starting at the beginning and reading “I Nephi having been born of goodly parents…”  It’s like even though I know the stories and what is going to happen, I get excited because I know that I am going to find something new.  It’s never quite the same.  Jenn told me that she is reading through my whole blog, funny girl!  Not going to lie, it’s going to be fun to read what I wrote.  That is the one bummer about sending these home every week.  I guess it will just make re-reading them that much more fun!

After Jenn, we went over  to see Sister Vaughn.  She is a sweetheart!  And so lonely!  She just talked and talked to us.  Turns out her husband was baptized too but we don’t have his records, so we are just going to ask the bishop about it.  I asked Sister Vaughn if we could reteach the lessons to her and her husband and she said that she would talk to him. I hope that we can.  It would be awesome to get them reactivated and to the temple!
It was around 3:30 when we finally went home to eat lunch.  Our scheduled dinner appointment cancelled on us so we just did a late lunch and then late dinner, which was nice!
Sister Carrigan and I judged mailboxes while tracting.

This one would have received high marks!
We went and visited Bill.  We tried to re-explain the whole Easter concept, but he is just too stubborn about that!  Hopefully he will understand it one day!  We tracted into a neighborhood with castle houses!  They were giant and it was crazy!  We got some potentials to follow-up on so that was nice. After tracting, we came home at about 8:45 to have dinner.  It was a crazy and fun day!

April 18, 2014
It’s so crazy that it is already Friday!  This week feels like it’s flown by! Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not so much.  It was nice this week!
So we stopped weekly planning in the middle, to go teach Theresa, the lady that we were supposed to see with Sister Dustin on Wednesday.  She is cute.  I don’t think that she got it all though, so hopefully we can go over again soon and teach her some more and hopefully she’ll understand it a little better.
We went home, ate lunch, and finished weekly planning. We had a few appointments set up but they all cancelled.  We hadn't been to see Morgan in a while, mostly because she is the elder's investigator now, so we decided to go see her.  We called the elders and asked them if there was something specific they wanted us to go over.  Elder Pena said that she had questions that she wouldn't ask them about and to see if she would ask us.  Oh boy!!!  Did she ask!  We ended up having to go over the law of chastity in depth.  Morgan was saying words I had never heard and didn't want to know the meaning of!  I am very thankful for the law of chastity it makes me feel very safe in a world that is out of control when it comes to sexuality.
After cute Morgan we tracted.  In the rain. Always an adventure!  Everyone always tells us to stay dry after they tell us to go away, which is nice, I suppose.  We are not dry when we get to their door and we won’t be dry when we leave!  We went over to the Kings and ended up going to dinner with them.  Jon leaves tomorrow for BYU, he is very excited and I am happy for him. I will miss the discussions we have with him.  He is nice  and since Jon and I are the same age so it’s like sitting there talking with my friends from home.  Oh well, he will be happier at college.  

April 19, 2014
This morning was tons of fun.  The Hickory Falt and Canton wards got together and had an Easter brunch.   So the Canton elders were there and we all just talked with each other.  They also had a little petting zoo with little chickies, rabbits, and a lamb.  It was super fun.  The Canton sisters wouldn’t come for most of it because they don’t think that we should be there with the elders even though it is a ward party.  I don’t know!  That meant I didn't get to see Sister Alvey who was with me in the MTC and who I love!  She was also in my greenie district which made it better for me.  I love that girl.
After the party was over and people were leaving, little Elaina was walking around trying to find the rest of the Dustins, turned out they forgot her.  Oops!  She started sobbing so I scooped her up and just held her until they came back.  It was so sad and Sister Dustin felt terrible.  Ah, the life of having six kids!  And the funny memories that are made!
Then we left and tracted for a while.  We met this cute old British lady named Stella.  We offered service and I hope that she will take us up on it.  I liked her!  We went home and grabbed lunch, and then headed to the Wymans for service.  Sister Wyman broke her toe and has to have surgery on it, so we went and helped her to clean her house.  Then we tracted some more and ended our night with a  late dinner at the Dustins.  I love that family so much!!!  I can’t wait to come back and visit not as a missionary and just hang out with them! 
I hope that you all had a fun hunt with the Easter bunny!  It’s a little crazy to think that I’ll come home and do that again next year!
April 20,2014
Cute Jenn, me, and the yummy cake she made!!
Happy Easter Y’all!!  I hope that you had a grand day.  We sure did!  It was a pretty good Easter!  Jenn and Max texted us and asked if we could come over for a minute before church.  When we did, they showed us that they had made us a cake.  It was so cute!  So before church we sat together and had some cake.
Church was interesting.  The music selection was…interesting.  In all reality Sister Rowe and I were trying not to giggle a lot of the time.  Sometimes it is nice to just have a friend who you don't even need to say anything to and they know exactly what you are thinking.  But it does create a few bad giggle moments.  I love my Sister Rowe.  She has been a huge blessing to me and our Hickory Flat ward!   Brother Petit spoke and did a really good job.  He was the highlight of the whole meeting.  Brother Wyman gave the closing prayer.
My giggle friend!!  Good times when we are together!
Work hard, laugh lots, and be happy!

The rest of church was good!  They had me play the piano in Relief Society.  I always end up being the back up once they learn that I can play.  I don’t mind.  After church Sister Dustin and I took pictures of our twinner dresses! Ha! That was fun!
Sister Dustin has favored nation status!
We stopped by the Tye’s before dinner and held their puppies.  Their other dog had her puppies just a few weeks ago!  I wish we could just freeze them where they are! They are so cute!  Sydney, you would love them!!!
Out dinner tonight was on the other side of our area, which take a half hour to get to.  It was at the Andersons.  They are a cute senior couple in our ward.  At the dinner, Brother Anderson gave us these cool wooden cases he had made.  They are so pretty!
We drove back home and stopped by Max and Jenn’s really quick.  Max has a 200 gallon salt water fish tank and I got to hold the starsfish!  It was awesoie!  Like being at sea world!  But in Georgia! HA!

Well, ya’ll,  I love you buckets.  Only three more weeks until I get to hear your voices.  Crazy that it’s gone by so fast since the last time we Skyped!



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