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Monday, May 26, 2014

Heartbreak Leaving Hickory Flat - - Hello Monroe

May 12, 2013

Hey Fam,

Well today was transfer calls. . . .  My  heart is so sad!  I so very badly wanted to stay here another transfer.  Instead, at 8:01 a.m., just as we were starting comp study, the phone rings with President’s name.  I know I looked at Sister Rowe with absolute fear.  You only get a call from President if you are getting called to leadership.  I let it ring a few times before I answered.  Then I started crying as President told me he was calling me to be an Sister Training Leader (STL) in the Cornelia Zone.  I am sad on two fronts.  I would rather not be an STL and I so love Sister Rowe and Hickory Flat!  President said he would only give me one piece of advice, just love the sisters.  He then told Sister Rowe she was getting Sister Webster and I was with Sister Arbon.

After we hung up, I just cried for a little bit.  I am just a little scared and I have watched other STL’s and it just seems to be a lot of extra work and responsibility.  My mind and body just felt a little drained.  Then the calls and texts started pouring in.  Rules about calling other missionaries go out the window on transfer day.

When I was emailing I asked my Sister Hooker where she was headed.  Cornelia Zone is the one she is in now.  OF COURSE!!  She is now headed to the Peachtree Corners Zone and I’m headed to Cornelia.  We just switched sides of the mission!!!  Bugger!  I know I should be grateful that we had each other in the MTC and at the beginning we were in the same zone but I really want to still be in the same area as her. 

After e-mailing I came home and started the dreaded packing.  I’m REALLY gonna have to start sending stuff home.  : ?

Dinner was at the Markhams.  I really like their family!  We also stopped and said goodbye to the Alleys and Pettits.  Of course I got pictures! J  I hate saying goodbye though.  It’s so hard!
My Pettits
Sister Alley and Thatcher - - Brother Alley wasn't home.
May 13, 2014

Sister Rowe, Me, and Elder Peña my most solid Missionary friends in Hickory Flat!
It was a hard day today!  I really do hate saying goodbye.

We had a really good district meeting today.  Man!  Now I’m going to have to learn to love a whole new district!  Bugger.  Hopefully it’s a fun district.  Hopefully there will be totally awesome sisters in my new district.  The other sisters in my district didn’t want to go to lunch with us, the elders all went over to the Dustin’s to have lunch with them.  So we just went home for lunch.  I really couldn’t eat anyhow so maybe it was just as well that the other sisters didn’t want to go to lunch.  I’ve kinda been sick to my stomach since that call from President.  I know I will eventually learn to love the STL thing but for right now not so much!

Max, Jenn and me!
My sweet Jenn!!♥♥♥♥

We went and said goodbye to Max and Jenn.  That one was hard.  I’m going to miss that girl!  I love her lots!  I cried big time!  She wrote me a sweet letter.  She’ll be fine.  She learn to love the gospel more and more.  She and her sweet Max will be a great addition to the strength of the church where ever they go.

Afterwards we went to see Billie.  It was a little different than I expected.  She talked about how she didn’t want to say goodbye to the missionaries anymore.  Basically she told Sister Rowe not to come over anymore.  It was so sad.  I know Sister Rowe will keep going and I know that Billie will be glad to see her and meet Sister Webster.  My Billie is a stubborn little thing but she loves us and the gospel really does change lives.  I love these people so very much.  How does it happen?  They have become a part of the most cherished part of who I am.  I am better because Father chose to share them with me in this life.  What a gift!

Sister Rethke and Taylor - - Brother Rethke was at work!
We tracted for a while, and then went to the Rethke’s.  Darn I am going to miss them!  They have added a delightful spice to life here in Hickory Flat.

♥♥My "Mary Poppins Family"- - The Dustin's Practically Perfect in Every Way!!♥♥
Dinner was at the Dustin’s.  Oh man!  This family has become my family in so many ways.  I love them SO much!!  They are the most amazing family and oh how I love those kids!!  I am so going to miss this family!  Brother Dustin had everyone say something they had learned from me.  It was embarrassing but so very sweet! J

Our Relief Society activity was tonight so we went to that.  I said goodbye to some of the women there.  Sister Dustin spoke about how we need to love ourselves.  She did a great job!

We took pictures with the elders and attempted to burn Elder Winter’s suit since he is leaving.   Haha!  Epic Fail!  It wouldn’t burn.

Oh my heart is so sad!  When did I come to love this place so much?!?  I knew it had wiggled itself into my heart, but I didn’t know it had wiggled itself in so deep!  I don’t agree with the Lord making me leave, but I know that He sees a lot more than I do!  I know I will eventually come to love Monroe. . . someday.  I’m so thankful for the people I have met here!  For the memories, the joy, and the sadness. I have grown in ways I never knew I needed to grow.  They haven’t gotten rid of me. J  I’ll be back!

May 14, 2014

Today was hard and scary.  But mostly hard.  I woke up at around 5 this morning and I was so nervous I couldn’t go back to sleep.  Last night I had stayed up until 12 to finish packing and everything.  So on top of being crazy nervous I was exhausted.  I couldn’t even eat.  My darling Sister Rowe made me some food but I could only eat like 2 bites.

Sister Dustin took us to Norcross where we were meeting up with a bunch of sisters to exchange.  The closer we got, the more scared I got.  I don’t know why I’m freaking out so much.  Ah!  Annoying!!  When we got there Sister Alder came up to me and told me I would do great.  My response?  Bursting into tears.  Pathetic!!

Sister Arbon found me about 10 minutes later.  She is SO cute!  And instantly eased my fears just a little.

It about killed me to say good bye to Sister Dusting and Sister Rowe.  I just wanted to jump back in the car with them and drive right back home to Hickory Flat with them.  But they headed one way, I headed the opposite.

Sister Arbon is DARLING!  It wasn’t hard for me to instantly love her.  We figured out that she is in Aunt Diana’s ward!  Actually, Aunt Diana wrote me about her when I first came out but I had forgotten about it! 

The day was a whirlwind.  We got back and Sister Arbon let me unpack and get settled, then we ate lunch.  Which I was actually able to eat.  Then we went tracting.  Loganville is pretty much the most city I have served in.  Even more so than Suwanee.  We had fun and laughed a lot.

We then visited people.  Though I am unable to tell you who.  It will take me a little while and then I’ll be fine. J  Transfer days are always just long, exhausting and overwhelming- -well at least when you are the one doing the transferring. 

May15, 2014

Oh my!  I’m just never going to be able to sleep again. : /  Last night was rocky.  Basically I was just exhausted all day.

We decided to call all the sisters in our zone and get to know them.  Our zone is tiny!!  There are only 4 sets of sisters, including us.  It was fun to talk to them.  Sister Smith, Sister Nettleton’s companion is in Cleveland replacing Sister Hooker.  I guess I will probably find out where I stand with Sister Nettleton.

Then we went and got Sister Arbon some medication.  She has got a really bad cold.  Poor girl!  She is a trooper though.

After the medication we went and visited Sister Shirley.  She is the first member I’ve met!  She is such a sweetheart!  Her husband just passed away about a month ago and so she is so sad and very lonely.  She writes poetry and is really good at it!  She read us a poem she wrote for her husband after he died.  It was so sweet!  I got very teary-eyed.  Sister Arbon and I decided that we would make a set appointment from now on to go and visit her weekly!

After lunch we drove to Monroe (which is about 20 minutes from us) to visit a lady named Amanda.  She lives in a big trailer park.  When we go there a lady from DFAX (which I’m 97% positive is like social services) was there.  Someone had reported Amanda and her husband saying that they weren’t taking care of their 2 little children properly.  It is a sad situation.  They are so poor and in order to help make ends meet they have a bunch of other people living with them.  The lady left and we read with Amanda the first chapter in the Book of Mormon.  She kept talking about how she wanted read Doctrine and Covenants first cause her friend who referred her to us has talked about it frequently.  I love all of the scriptures but the Book of Mormon just has what we need to teach as missionaries.  Most people know the Bible, the Book of Mormon covers the gospel in such simple understandable terms.  At the same time it teaches the very deepest doctrines. 

Then we went to see Carlos, who just got baptized last week.  He was playing video games when we came in.  I hate those things!!  Kids get hooked on them.  He was a cute kid and I’m sure he’s a lot more focused when he isn’t’ glued to the TV.  Most people are.  Technology is good but it really does interfere with interpersonal communication and relationships.

After visiting Carlos and talking with him about his baptism, we went and saw Sister Kakulani.  Her husband was from Hawaii.  She has 2 children out on missions right now.  Her daughter is in Paraguay and her son is in Italy.  Her husband passed away so it is just her.  I can’t imagine how hard that would be.  She was nice.

When we were finished visiting we went home and had dinner.  They forgot the dinner calendar, so meals don’t exist this week, which is fine. J  We had about an hour after dinner, so we went and visited the Pecks.  Brother Peck is working on getting back into the church.  His wife Villa, is from China and wants to be baptized.  I think Brother Peck really wants to baptize Villa.  He knows that he has a little ways to go so I don’t really know what will happen there.  Sister Arbon says they finally convinced Villa to be baptized now instead of waiting.  But I guess we’ll see what happens.

Once we got home we did our voice mail and introduced ourselves.  It took us 3 times to get it in!  We were laughing the whole time!  It was so much fun. J

May 16, 2014

Weekly Planning is always interesting the first few weeks in a new area.  Basically whoever has been there, gets to plan it all by themselves.  Today was no exception.  I’m slowly putting names with information, now I just need faces!  I’ll get there eventually. J  Sister Arbon is the sweetest she makes me feel loved and happy so that’s nice.

Poor Sister Arbon is so sick!  I feel so bad!  I feel like as a missionary your body takes on sickness about 10 times more drastically that the norm.  So after planning, she went and took a nap.  So I took the time to get caught up on stuff that had been piling up because of transfers.

Sister Arbon slept most of the day.  I felt so sad for her.  It is no fun to be a sick missionary.  When she woke up, we planned our gospel principles lesson and went and got the mail.  Four letters for me. J  One from Grandma (thanks for the monies!!  The letter was cute!  I loved it!)  One from Sister Alder, love her.  Another from Britt (with a Wendy’s gift card).  And finally one from Momma!  I like the promise of a Smitty’s breakfast. J

So that was our Friday.  Nothing too exciting at all.  Except for the letters!  Those were VERY exciting. J

May 17, 2014

We started our day off with visiting a less active, Sister Conchola.  She is from Germany and her husband is from Mexico.  She is 2 children, a 2 year old girl and a 3 month old boy.  Mostly she is just lonely and needs some friends.  Her husband works all the time and so she is just with the kids.  It’s not fun to be lonely.  That is one of the truths I have learned on my mission.  Father really did mean for us to be together and to love each other.  We ended up helping her fold her laundry.  And strangely enough that isn’t the first time I’ve done that while here in Georgia. 

Then we went tracting for a while before lunch.  Unfortunately, for us it’s the first weekend of the summer break, so out of the 15-20 houses we knocked on, we talked to 2 people. : /

After lunch, we went to visit Sister Swancey.  She is super sweet!  The whole time we were talking with her I was fighting to keep my eyes open!  It was SO dark in her house and I was SO tired!  She found out we didn’t’ have dinner, so she invited us back later to eat.

We left and went tracting for 3 hours, on top of the one we had done this morning.  Door after door either never opened, or we got it slammed in our face.  Oh boy!  And we both got sunburnt!  Seven contacts.  We only talked to 7 people today!  Out of 4 hours!  Kinda totally disappointing!!

There were members in the neighborhood, the Longs.  So we stopped by them.  Their 2 kids entertained us by having us do their flashcards for math.  Division has left my brain! J  Then they did some “magic tricks” for us. J  Haha!  It reminded me of being with Hannah while she does magic tricks.

We went back to Sister Swancey’s for dinner and then tried to visit some people.  I got my birthday letter Momma. J  It made me cry!  Dang I love you!!

May 18, 2014

Welcome to the Monroe ward!  The first Suday in a new ward is always an adventurous time.  Everyone is coming up to you, asking where you’re from, how long you’ve been out and telling you their names, along with their children.  It is a little overwhelming cuz you know you are never going to remember all of them.  It’s kinda hard core overload on the information.  Luckily I feel like I keep up kinda pretty well.

Our ward is the only ward that meets in our building and they STILL have it at 9!!  They are nuts!  So, because of that, we have meetings at 7:30 in the morning!  Ah well!

This ward is kinda a big melting pot.  We have a little bit of everything.  Brother Coe is our ward mission leader.  I really miss my Suwanee ward mission leader, Brother Pickett.  He is simply incredible.  I know I will never be a ward mission leader but if my husband is I want him to be like Brother Pickett. 

Church was good.  It’s interesting, no matter where you go the doctrine is the same.  It’s the people and personalities that make wards so different.  Each has their pluses and minuses.  Each is endearing in it’s own right. 

We sent home afterwards to eat, plan, and study.  Then we had a lesson with the Musgroves.  Andy (Brother Musgrove) grew up in the church.  Jamie (Sister Musgrove) and Kayla (a step daughter) are getting ready to be baptized.  They are all awesome.  Kayla is 11 and won’t talk . . . um like for real won’t talk.  She doesn’t say a word.  My and Sister Arbon’s goal is to get her to talk!  Two of Andy’s siblings, Sister Brown and Adam came over for the lesson.  It was the biggest hoot ever!  It felt a lot like when the Syndergaards get together.  Oh my!  I was lovin’ it!  It felt like I was home. J  Adam is the youngest, 30, and not married.  Such a nice guy.  He will totally find someone awesome someday. 

Love you all,

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