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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gabe Got His Call and Morgan Got Baptized!

April 21, 2014

Howdy Y’all:

Well, another P-day come and gone.  Nothing too crazy and exciting happened, but it was a good day.  During our studies, Sister Jessen called us from the mission office and told us that she and Elder Jessen were coming to sign the lease for the new apartment in our complex for the 3rd set of missionaries.  So we went shopping for groceries and then met them at the complex.  We saw the new apartment and it’s nice!  It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom.  Our lease is up in July and they are moving us to a different complex then, so we asked Sister Jessen if we could just move into the new apartment, have the new elders take our apartment, and them move when the lease is up.  She said yes!  So this week, we’ll be moving apartments.  So for at least 2 weeks, we'll have our own bathroom!  Exciting!  Haha.

We e-mailed and then went to dinner at the Alleys.  I love their family!  Brother Alley told us he only had the missionaries over for dinner when he saw that they were working hard and knew their purpose.  Whew!  We passed the test…  Haha!  One of their boys, Max told me that I cackle like a witch.  Hmmm  I haven’t  heard that one in a while.  He also asked me why I had hairy arms.  Ah the perks of the Syrian blood.

Then we went and said goodbye to Sister King.  She is going to Utah for a week to take her daughter, Anna, mission clothes shopping, and to get Jon all set at school.  She took us out to frozen yogurt.  So that was nice.  Good ending to our P-day.

April 22, 2014

Today was a really awesome day!  President came to our District Meeting to do interviews.  Before interviews, he gave a training on faith and how President Hinckley said if missionaries have more faith, they will have more miracles.  It was a good reminder! 

Interviews with President were a lot happier today.  President didn’t have to give me any sad news.  I walked in and he told me that Sister Rowe and I seemed very similar, we’re both happy and hard working and we know our purpose.  He told me that Sister Rowe would have a rude awakening when she got a new companion cause she has a great trainer.  It was a really nice compliment.  Though I don’t want her to have too bad of an awakening.  Haha!  She deserves only the best.  I hope she adores her next companion and that they laugh, work hard, and are successful!  He said he was proud of the work that we were doing in Hickory Flat.  I almost asked him that he not make me a Sister Training Leader (STL) or even think about it.  But, well, if it happens, it happens.  No amount of begging that it won’t happen will stop the Lord.  I have 3 more weeks for sure being a regular missionary!  The missionaries in my district have gotten into my head a little bit and it's a little disconcerting. 

After interviews and district meeting, we went to Wendy’s for lunch, which was a really bad idea.  I didn’t even have anything heavy.  But I did NOT feel good afterwards.  I had a huge headache and felt sick.  Luckily that only lasted for about an hour and a half.

We went to Sister Bragg’s and helped her clean.  I like her a ton!  She is so funny and just awesome.  Her kids are really cute.  It’s always a nice little break from our normal routine to go over there and help them out.

We didn’t have dinner tonight, so we decided to pack a dinner and head over to the farthest side of our area (a half an hour away).  Because it is so far, and we really don’t have the miles to go there very often, it NEVER gets tracted.  And we just feel like there are lots of prepared souls waiting to be found, but aren’t being found because of the stupid miles issue!  It’s frustrating. 

So after Sister Braggs, that is where we headed off to.  We talked to tons of people and had some great conversations.  We met one lady, Patsy, who we sang to and we are meeting again with her.

We are going to try and ask President to up our miles for just 3 weeks and let us go over to the other side and see what we can do with the people over there.  Hopefully he will let us!!

Ok, now for the best story…  We tracted into this really cute family.  We talked with them but they were not interested.  So we kept tracting and then we were heading to the car to eat dinner.  Then we see one of the little boys running after us.  So we start walking back towards him, hoping that they had suddenly changed their minds and wanted to learn more about the gospel, especially cause when we were walking to their door, we were saying that we had the faith that they would let us in.  Well, they still weren’t interested in our message but they did invite us to eat dinner with them.  So that is what we did!  It was awesome!  They were so nice to us!  I wish I had my camera with me so that I could take a picture of them.  Darn it!  We shared a spiritual thought with them.  Though they still weren’t interested. 

Sister Rowe and I were on cloud 9 for the rest of the night.  It was awesome!  So that’s our fun faith adventure!  Sometimes with faith it doesn't work out exactly like you want.  Just like prayer I suppose.  But there are always answers and with faith you can always see God's hand working his tender mercies and miracles.  Hopefully we’ll have lots more of those. 

April 23, 2014

Today was chiropractor day.  But before that, we helped Sister Cooley move some stuff into the new apartment.  Even though I’ll probably only be here for like 2 weeks, I’m excited!  While we were unpacking stuff, our downstairs neighbor came up and knocked on the door.  He told us that he was doing interviews downstairs and he could hear every step we were taking.  Well, so sorry!  We really weren’t even being loud or doing anything crazy, we were just walking so let’s hope that it was only a one time thing that he heard us, or he is in trouble!  Luckily we really aren’t home except in the mornings, so he should be fine!  Then we went to the chiropractor.  Always a good time.

After that we came home and visited Jenn.  She is doing really well!  I’m so proud of her.  She always has questions when we come.  It’s cool, cause usually Sister Rowe looks at me, like, “you answer!”  I know that I don’t always know the answer, but the Spirit ALWAYS brings something that I learned in seminary or that I read a long time ago to my head and I am able to answer her questions.  I have gained a huge testimony of the Spirit bringing things to your remembrance!  It’s awesome.  I love that blessing that comes with the gift of the Holy Ghost!

After Jenn, we had lunch and then we tracted.  We went down a long dirt road that probably no one had tracted in YEARS!  We met a few cool people.

Sister Fisher took us to dinner and then we headed home to move stuff into the new apartment.  And that is what we did for the rest of the evening!  The new apartment is nice!  We both have our own bathroom.  Which I like!  And I am pretty sure Sister Rowe does too.  Even if it is only for 2 more weeks.

April 24, 2014

Today was quite the adventure!  We started out with going to try and see Theresa with Sister Dustin.  Again…  Theresa wasn’t home.   Again…  So then Sister Dustin looks at me and says, “Sister George, your little brother got his mission call last night.”  WHAT!?!  AHHH!!!  So we drove to her house and got it all set up.  GABE!!  YOU’RE GOING TO PERU!!!!  AH!!!  I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU BUD!!   With all of my heart I wish I could have been there!  The only part I’m super put out about?  You leave just  4 months before I come home.  Bugger!  Ah well!  I guess I’m just going to have to take a sight-seeing trip to Peru next Summer.  Haha!  I basically have been telling everyone I see that you are going to Peru.  I’m SO excited for you!
Gabe with his mission call!
So after that, which made my whole day 100% happier, we went and visited Sister Hall.  She and her husband just moved here from Rosewell.   She is SO cute.  I love her.  Her daughter is in Colorado on her mission, so she is a missionary mom, which is always nice!   Missionary moms are usually pretty good about taking care of us cause they hope that other moms are doing the same.

Then we went and helped Sister Bragg plant flowers.  While we were planting, their neighbor’s grand-daughter who is about my age, came over and sister Bragg gave her some extra bulbs.  I helped Zoe (the other girl) carry them back over to her grandmother’s yard.  She asked me my name while we were talking and I said, “Molly”.  WHAT???  NO!  I’m not Molly right now.  Where the heck did that come from?  Oh geez…  It just slipped out of my mouth.  In all my time here, that is the first time I have ever done that.  It was weird.  I didn’t like it! 

Then we had dinner at Sister Judd’s.  We are going to teach her grand-daughter, Lilly, the lessons.  Lilly is 9 in May and probably won’t be baptized until after she is 9.  She reminds me a lot of Sydney when she talks.  It makes me giggle!

We finished our night off with tracting.  The last house we tracted was a guy named Bob.  As we talked with him, we both just got a really bad, creepy feeling and we couldn’t shake it.  Which was frustrating cause he seemed really interested.  Well, we left and were just really frazzled.  Everything was off.  Nothing was right after that.  When we got home we knelt in our apartment and prayed and as soon as we did that the Spirit filled the room and we were okay.  I learned a lesson about the power of prayer.

April 25, 2014

Today we weekly planned.  It’s always a frustrating time planning when you’re in finding mode, cause you don’t really have people to plan for.  BUT!  We stayed positive and made goals with faith that we will reach them!  I was reading the Ensign a few months ago and there was a story in it that was about a sister missionary who was really discouraged.  They were working hard, but just weren’t finding anyone.  One day she snapped when they were planning and setting goals.  She looked at her companion and said, “What’s the point?  We aren’t going to reach these goals anyway!”   Her companion looked at her and said, “We set goals to show our faith.  We follow up on goals to count our blessings.”  It’s true.  Sometimes we set goals with no idea how they are going to be accomplished but at the end of the week we get to see the miracles of us either meeting the goals, or the blessings that come from us trying our very best to meet them.

We went out to lunch with Kristin King.  Her parents are Utah getting Anna packed up to come home and Jon moved in.  She is funny!  If you want to hear the truth, just ask Kristin!  She will tell you straight up. 

Then we went to Bill’s.  We love Bill.  He is a cutie!  We asked him what made him let us come back.  He said we were the most sincere and plus he was lonely.  Haha!  That man can fight it, but he is going to get baptized sooner or later!
We are "fishers of men!!!"
Then we tracted.  It was so hot and humid today!  Yuck.  And not many people were home either, probably because it was Friday and people have lives besides waiting behind their door for us to knock on them.   Though we wish that were the case!!  We are totally worth the wait cuz' we have the best thing ever to give them!!

The Watsons signed up for dinner but they cancelled, so we went over to the Dustins.  I love Sister Dustin so stinkin much!  And I love their kids.  Brother Dustin is in Florida right now on a gator hunt.  Haha!  He planned his mid-life crisis trip.

Oh!  So the elders called us yesterday and told us that Morgan is getting baptized tomorrow.  Well!  Alright then!!  So, yup!  And for some reason, we have been put in charge of getting her ready.   And, I have to play the piano.  Oh the things that we do for the elders…  Haha.  But it will be good because we love Morgan and I am happy for her.

April 26, 2014

Today, Morgan finally got baptized, after more than 2 years of investigating the church.  I know that is not the longest anyone has investigated, but still!  It is a long time.

We went over almost 2 hours before because we knew that’s how long it would take to get ready.  Well we were right, almost.  It took a little longer than 2 hours.  Finally, we headed off to the church.  Morgan’s mom was there and was very helpful.  She is a total cutie!  Morgan is lucky to have such a sweet mom!

The service was really nice.  A lot of people showed up, which surprised me being how last-minute this baptism was.  I was a little bitter because more people came than came for Jenn and we had planned for weeks.  But it was really good that so many people turned out.  The most important thing is that they both got baptized.
Do you like the sign above our heads!?!?
After the baptism, we went tracting and Sister Dustin went with us.  Haha.  It was the best!  She did an awesome job and it was fun to have her there.

Then we went and visited Patty.  She was working on her lawn mower while we talked to her.  It was quite the lesson.  We invited her to church and she said she would come!  So that is awesome.
We had dinner with the Walls tonight.  We had hot dog burritos.  Cool.

April 27, 2014

Happy last Sunday in April!!  My, oh my!  Where are the months going?  I can’t believe that it is almost transfers again!  President and Sister Wolfert only have one more transfer before they leave.  I’m thinking they can’t wait.  I don’t blame them.   Three years is a long time.  Our new mission president is President Bennion.  Nobody knows anything about them but plenty of missionaries think they know.  I will just wait and see. 
Georgia Atlanta North Mission

John E. and Sondra S. Bennion
John Edwin Bennion, 64, and Sondra Shumway Bennion, eight children, Parleys 6th Ward, Salt Lake Parleys Stake, succeeding President Mark A. Wolfert and Sister Carol A. Wolfert. Brother Bennion is a former bishop, high councilor, ward Young Men president, seminary teacher, and missionary in the French East Mission. Program director, LDS Business College. Born in Oakland, Calif., to Donald Clark Bennion and Margaret Marie Jacobsen Bennion.
Sister Bennion is a former counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, ward Young Women adviser, ward and stake music/choir director, and Primary music leader. Born in Baltimore, Md., to Hyrum Smith Shumway and Sarah Bagley Shumway.

Ok, so church was GREAT!  Patty and Bill came!   I told Bill he had to come at least once before I left.  This morning we called him, and he came!  And he stayed for all 3 hours.  He wouldn’t admit it outright to us, but he really liked church, you could tell.  Patty stayed for sacrament and she liked it too!  Sweet!
After church we had our ward correlation meeting and then we tracted a little before dinner. 
Dinner was at the Bonhams, who we had never met before.  It is always nice to meet and get to know more ward members so that was fun.

Then we went tracting some more.  We only had a few more contacts to reach our goal.  Sister Rowe got really sick but wouldn’t stop until we had gotten our contacts.  The last house we knocked on, the lady invited us in.  So we sat down and she asked us what we were teaching about.  We told her the Book of Mormon.  She said she didn’t believe in it and she had heard lots of things about it.  I asked what.  She then proceeded to tell us “what we believe”.  She said that the Jesus we believe in is not her Jesus.  That we think He is just a prophet.  I then informed her, no, we believe he was our Savior.  She pressed back but I wouldn’t back down.  Poor Sister Rowe was just trying not to puke, so after, she told me the whole time she was just praying for me.  I love this Sister Rowe of mine!!  She is a trooper!  Now back to why she was praying for me - yes I did need those prayers!  If there is one thing that makes me mad, it is when people tell me what I do and do not believe in.  But I kept my cool and was very polite for the most part.  There was one point where I looked at her and said, “You know, we were both raised in our church.  We have been in it our whole lives.  I think we know what we believe in.”  That did kind of settle that point.  She then started talking about having prophets in the latter days.  She asked me how I know they are real?  She said she could not believe in a living prophet.  I asked her if she lived at the time of Isaiah or Noah, how would she know that they were a prophet of God.  There wasn’t even a bible back then.  It was all by faith.  She didn’t have a response for me.  I love knowing we DO have a prophet today.

I was trying to pay attention to the Spirit the whole time.  I knew that if I started to lose the Spirit it would not be good to continue talking.  Luckily, the Spirit stayed with us the whole time.  I love having that gift!!

I think we did help her heart soften a bit and we cleared up some of her wild mis-conceptions!  We stopped by Max and Jenn’s real quick to end our night.  They just got a hedgehog and I got to hold it!  It was so cool!  We came home early so that Sister Rowe could go to bed and get better.  So, that was our eventful Sunday.

I love y’all!!  Have a happy week.



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