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Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Epic 21st Birthday!!

May 5, 2014

I have heard more about this holiday out here than I ever have in my live!  Probably cause it's a holiday and missionaries love any holiday that they can get ☺ haha!

Last night Sister Hamilton called an asked if we wanted to meet up with them this morning for breakfast.  She had a doctor appointment in Canton and figured that since they were by us we should do something.  So we had Chick-fil-a for breakfast with them.  It's always a good time with Sister Hamilton!  Love that girl!

After breakfast we decided to go with them to e-mail cause the elders had the library first.  That way we wouldn't have to wait for them.  So we still got to e-mail in the morning.☺  After e-mailing we had planned to go bowling, but then the Woodstock sisters wanted to come, but they wanted to do it later.  Well, that didn't end up working for us because Sister Rowe and I had an early dinner appointment.  We ended up just going home after e-mailing.  We cleaned our apartment and car and did our laundry.  I dyed my hair back to dark brown.☺

Dinner was at the Kings.  We had Sister King's chicken pot pie that is delicious!  Anna and Sister Rowe have become fast friends.  So that is good.☺

We had an appointment with one of our less active/part member families, the Tenczas.  Sister Tencza is super sweet!  They have great kids!☺  We mostly chatted and got to know her better, so that was a fun ending to our night.

May 6, 2014

Today we had Zone Meeting.  I don't know why, but it was SO boring!  Oh man!  I was dying!  And so it seemed was everyone else when I looked around the gym.  I was looking around the gym and a lot of the elders and sisters looked like they were ready to fall asleep.  It wasn't a bad meeting.  I still learned a lot of stuff, it was just loooong!

After, Elder Henson and Elder Anderson started teasing me and making fun of my hair, the little punks!  It's a lot darker than it was before.  I think it threw them off . . . AND just about everyone and their dog kept saying I was getting an STL (Sister Training Leader) call on Monday.  That made me a little sick to my stomach cause I don't want to be an STL!!!  Love 'em but don't want to be one!  It just seems like a terrible burden.  So I'm really hopeful that it doesn't happen.

Since we were in Woodstock for Zone Meeting and the chiropractor is in Woodstock, we just made an appointment for afterwards.  I figured that since I'm most likely getting transferred and we had to go for Sister Rowe anyhow I might as well make an appointment.  Sister Rowe got her neck fixed and that was the most important, so she should be good for about 2 weeks until she needs to come again.  I feel so bad for her.  She gets these really NASTY headaches because of her neck.  Hopefully they will eventually get it figured out for her!!  I really love this girl and I don't like her to have pain like she does.

After that we came home, dropped off our stuff, and grabbed the mail.  Lucky me!☺  I had a package from y'all and 4 letters!  Sister Rowe wouldn't let me have my package.  She grabbed the medicine out for me but wouldn't let me look at the rest until Thursday.  Haha!  Funny Girl!  I just love her.

We had a few people on our list who were not coming to church.  We picked one and headed over.  When we pulled up, her whole family was outside loading up a moving van.  We talked to all of 'em for a bit and offered to help.  They said no, but it was good we got there when we did or we would have missed them.  At least now we have the info we need to transfer her records.

We then headed to another house on the list.  Her sister answered and she told us that Emily (her sister) had moved out a few months ago.  We had a good discussion with Elizabeth (the sister) and shared a message.  We also got the info to transfer Emily's records.

Then we had dinner with the Halls.  They just moved into our ward and I love them!  They are so awesome!  Their daughter is on a mission in Colorado Springs.  You should have gotten a pic of us from them.☺  I love when members do that cause I know how happy it makes you!!
My Sister Rowe and Me

Afterwards, we went tracting.  The first house we knocked on, a man answers the door.  I introduce myself and Sister Rowe.  He then smiles and tells us he is a member, but hasn't been active in 20 years.  His parents got divorced when he was a teenager and he didn't have a great support system, so he fell away.  He is divorced and remarried and has 2 children.  He asked where the church was and said he has thought a few times of going back.  I told him maybe this was his sign he needed to come back and that we need him.☺  We invited him to church and go his info.  He said he would talk to his wife about coming.  Oh!  I hope he comes!!  The gospel really does make life different and better for those willing to adhere to the teachings of our sweet Jesus.

So that was our little miracle of the night.  The rest of our evening tracting was good.  We met a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun!

May 7, 2014

It has been quite a day!  We went over to the Moran's this morning for a few hours and helped her get a room fixed up for a previous sister missionary from like 5 years ago who is moving in with them for a while. Mom, Sister Moran has THE COOLEST craft room EVER!!  It is painted robin egg blue and has everything you could ever imagine.  She has a quilting frame, 3 sewing machines, stacks of fabric, scrapbooking supplies, stamps of every kind a STICKER MAKER! (which I din't know existed, but it does, and I want one cause I LOVE stickers!!!)  It is such a cool room!  Ah!  I'm not gonna lie, I got a bit jealous and I felt like I had died and gone to craft heaven.  She even had a flat screen on the wall.  It was such a cool room!

After that, we came home and had lunch then went over to the Dustin's.  Sister Dustin has invited quite a few non-member friends over tomorrow night (SUPER AWESOME!☺) and we went to talk about a few of them since we've never met some of them.  The Dustins are so cute!  I just love 'em.☺  They take such good care of us!

Then we went to go find an inactive who had moved but we kinda knew where they lived, so we went to go find 'em.☺  We found them!  We had a long talk with his sister who turned out to be an inactive member too!  She was really nice.  Hopefully we can meet her brother soon!

Dinner was with Sister Judd and Katie and Lilly.  We attempted to teach Lilly the Plan of Salvation.  She kept asking why Jesus couldn't have been a girl.  It was a rough less. . . .☺

Sister Judd made chicken and rice and had the table decorated in birthday stuff.  It was really cute.☺  She made German chocolate cake too!!  It was yummy and transported me home a little bit because that is what you always make Daddy for his birthday Momma!  It was fun to get a little taste of home.
How very CUTE

are my girls?!?!
And Sister Judd too!

We finished our night by visiting a less active couple, the Brunsons.  Man!  Could they talk!  We said a prayer with them and then the talking began.  It was delightful and I couldn't help but giggle just a little bit.  Okay well, that didn't quite finish our night because we had a little bit of time to tract which we did.  Then we headed home.  On our way, we passed a car that had flipped on its side.  There were cops, and firetrucks all over.  It was pretty scary lookin'!

May 8, 2014

Ok, talk about an awesome birthday!!  So we woke up and I walked through the living room to go to my bathroom and turn on the lights.  When I came out, the lights were all off and Sister Rowe was sitting in the middle of the living room with a flashlight (my "spotlight"☺) and her camera yelling happy birthday over and over.  Haha!  I lover her!  She is such a cutie!
My Angel Sister Watkins!!!

We did our studies and when we were doing 12 week, we got a call. . . .  Who could it be!  SISTER WATKINS!!!!  Oh!  How I have missed that lady!!!  As we are talking, I hear her GPS say she is on 140.  WHAT?!?!  That is the road in front of our apartment!!  Then there is a knock on our door and I run to it and fling it open and trow my arm around her!!!  HA!!  What a fun surprise!!  She came with brownie pie and lots of hugs!  Really good hugs!  She took us to lunch at a little shop called the Sugar Pike Junction.  It was so cute!  The food was yummy but the company was better!!

We had an appointment with Billie and I asked Sister Watkins if she wanted to come with us.  Of course!!  We found out that our Billie has been in the  hospital for the last few weeks.  Which is why we haven't been able to get a hold of her.  It was so fun to be in the same room with 3 people who I love!  I felt like I was squished in between a bunch of spiritual giants!  It was just a happy, happy time!  Ah!  I just couldn't stop smiling!☺

It was hard to say good by to my Sister Watkins.  Oh!  What a happy, happy, surprise!!

Then we headed to the Braggs.  We got to paint!  Ah!  It was so fun.☺  Haha!  Woo!  Paintin' some stairs on my birthday.☺  It really was a fun time though.  I love hangin' with Sister Bragg!  She is so awesome!  Then cute Teá gave us some of those erasers that you can take apart and put back together.  She bought them at the book sale at her school.

Dinner was at the Dustins!!!  When we walked in, I got told to stay out of the dining room and kitchen.  So I hung out in the living room with my back to them.  Then I went out with cute Malia and Elaina and Allen and we went and jumped on the tramp.  The elders showed up for about 15 minutes, that made me happy because Elder Peña is really one of my favorites elders and a good friend.

We had so much fun!  They didn't get the gator back from the butcher in time but we still had hamburgers!  One of the best ways in the world to make me happy is feed me a good burger!  YUM!
The fun has arrived!!  

Love my Hickory Flat Peeps!

The only way to open presents is with a friend!!

Need a little help blowing!
Sister Rowe had Sister Dusting go get me the "Forget-me-not" statue from the Will Tree Collection cause she knows it is one of my all time favorite talks!  It was so sweet!

After the best time ever, we went tracting.  on the 1st house we knocked on (which was in a pretty sketch neighborhood) a bunch of guys answered the door covered in tattoos and piercings.  A guy on the couch had a bong he was smoking.  They were hitting on us hard core and invited us in, which we declined.  It was an unwelcome adventure.

All in all, I would chalk this day up to be an epic 21st birthday!☺  I have a FABULOUS companion to share it with, got a surprise visit from one of my favorite ladies in the world, had service with another one of my favorite ladies, and dinner with one of my favorite families on earth!  Yeah, I'm on lucky missionary!!☺

May 9th 2014

Sister Rowe told me in companionship inventory today that now that I'm 21 I'm a lot wiser.  Haha!  She's a funny one!☺  I love her!

We went on exchanges today.  Not fun.  One sister came with me here and Sister Rowe went with the other one to their area.  Okay, I DID NOT want to go on exchanges, cause it's probably our last week together.  I just want to be with Sister Rowe!  They were a little annoyed with us cause we told them we needed to switch back early tomorrow cause we have a lunch appointment with Bill.  Whatever.  They can be annoyed, because I care more about Bill and his feelings than theirs.  They will be okay no matter what happens.

So we switched and then went to go see one of our less actives, Sister Blakey.  This is the first time she has ever let us sisters come, so we were mainly trying to get to know her.  The whole time we were there the sister who was my companion for the day was nodding off or checking her watch!  Literally every 5 minutes she would look at her watch, super obviously and then she would yawn and practically fall asleep!  Let's just say I wan't too pleased,

After that we went tracting for 2 and a half hours, in the pouring rain.  My shoes were SOAKED so I just started walking in the super big puddles, not stepping around them.  It's not like I could get any wetter.  My companion for the day kept looking at me all appalled, but I didn't care.  At every door, she wouldn't let me chat with the people.  She would just butt in and start talking.  I usually like to compliment people or comment on their house or something to get it less awkward and tense.  There was no doubt that she didn't approve of that methodology.  I was so glad when it was finally time for dinner!

Dinner was with Sister Craig (she is hilarious and once had me dye her hair purple)  Again, my companion of the day spent her time literally checking her watch every 5 minutes.  Sister Craig is really lonely and likes to talk.  She really opened up during dinner, and even started crying.  And there she (my comp for the day) is checking her watch.  I just wanted to throw the stinking thing out the window!!  I offered to do the dishes and Sister Craig said yes.  So I did them and chatted with my sweet Sister Craig the whole time.

When we got to the car afterwards, my companion for the day looks at me and says, "I'm sorry dinner went long."  Then she looked at me like I should say sorry to her.  Instead I said, "I'm not.  Sister Craig is sweet and kind and fed us dinner.  She is lonely and needed to talk.  I enjoyed every minute that we were able to spend with her."  Side note. . . dinner was an hour and 10 minutes.  NOT long whatsoever.

Our last appointment of the night was at the Dustins.  Sister Dustin's old babysitter was there.  She is pretty open to the church.  Autumn was having a late over with some girls in the ward and a bunch of her non member friends.  When we walked in I got attacked with hugs from the girls.  And yes I got a look of disapproval.  It wasn't really a lesson environment, so we were left with a getting to know you opportunity!  All opportunities are good ones!

I talked with Jessica and got to know her.  She is really sweet!  As we were talking, the girls came and grabbed  us (me and Jessica that is - they were giving my companion for the day a wide birth) and brought us out to the deck.  They were playing the game where donuts were tied to strings and you had to eat it without hands.  So I played with them.  I know the non member girls though it was cool and it eased Jessica up some more.

The girls left to watch a movie and they settled down.  So then we sat and I gave a quote and talked about prayer.  Jessica gave her input and we discussed it as well.  After being there for about an hour and 15 minutes, we left.

Not much talking for the rest of the night.  I know she was frustrated with me.  I planned for tomorrow and she got ready for bed.  I feel like this day started out great with Sister Rowe and I planning, and it could have ended great to if my trade for the day weren't so grumpy and uptight!

May 10, 2014

This was really not a fun exchange for me.  That is sad because usually even though I always want my companion back I have a good time.  This time there wasn't a second that I didn't want my Sister Rowe back with me!

So it was pretty obvious that my companion on exchange for the day wanted to talk to me about last night because she didn't approve of how I handled things.  So I was just waiting for her to say something.  During companionship study she kind of went off about our purpose as missionaries and how most sisters don't know their purpose.  Then she says, "Missionary work is supposed to be fun, but missionaries aren't supposed to have fun."  That is word for word, not kidding.  It took everything I had not to retaliate.  Elder Ellis and his wife came to talk to our mission and Sister Ellis said, "Elders and Sisters, if you are not having fun on your mission , you aren't doing your mission right!"  I have decided I will stick with her advice and wisdom because I so agree with her.

It's so sad that my companion on exchange honestly believes what she said.  She then brought up last night and told me that she felt the whole day was inappropriate and a waste of time as our purpose was to find people to baptize.  My tongue hurt cause I was biting it so hard.  I was so mad at her.  I just did whatever I had to do to make it through the exchange.

I know my purpose!  I know why I'm here and that is my focus.  But I also know that "men are that they might have joy" and I know that the Lord sent ME on a mission, not a robot missionary.  I am obedient.  I work hard.  But I have fun doing it!

All I can do is pray that I never have a companion like her.  I had no idea it was possible to be more thankful and adoring of Sister Rowe!!  But I am!!  Oh, how I love her!!  When she came back I was close to tears because I was so mad and frustrated.  Being with her was like a balm that soothed this savage soul.  Thank you my sweet Sister Rowe just for being you!

My flowers from Bill
Then we met up with Bill.  When we got out of the car, he pulled out 2 bouquets of beautiful flowers! He had gotten me flower for my birthday and so that Sister Rowe didn't feel left out, he got her some too!  It was the first bouquet I have ever gotten!  Who would have thought the first bouquet of flowers I would ever get would be on my mission?!?  He also paid for our lunch.☺  He is so sweet.  We kinda adopted him as our grandpa her in Hickory Flat.☺

After lunch we went to Sister Judd's.  She fixed my dresses so that they weren't as low.  We also helped her with service.  We got all the wall paper off her cupboards and scrubbed off the paint.

Then we went with Sister Bond to visit some less active ladies in the ward.  I love that lady!  She is so stinkin' sweet!!  She truly loves the ladies in the ward!  She is amazing!

We went tracting after our visits.  We ran into some really mean people.  I will never be able to understand why people think it is okay to be SO mean.  It was pretty sad.

Then we went home for dinner.  My happiest part of the day?  Well, there are 2 parts.  The first happy is when Sister Rowe came back to me.  My second was lunch with Bill.  It is amazing how having a terrible situation can make an already fabulous situation even better!!

May 11, 2014

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOMMY!!  It twas quite a dandy day today!!  Sister Rowe is officially done with her training.  We finished it today.  At the end I looked at her and said, "Congratulations you are officially done being trained!"  She grinned, threw up her arms, and said, "Yea!  I don't feel any different!"  Haha!  She makes me laugh.  She has grown so much in the past 3 months and she has taught me SO very much!  I know that I too have grown so very much during my time with this amazing daughter of God.

Church was pretty good.  we sat by cute Emalee Makoski and the whole time she sat and drew us pictures.  It was cute.☺

After church, I grabbed families and took pictures.  I still have a few families that I want to take pics with but not too many that we will be running around with our heads cut off.

Me and Bill 
After church we went and saw Bill for the last time before his surgery.  When we got in the car, Sister Rowe looked at me and asked if I though Bill would make it through his surgery (it's his 3rd heart surgery).  I said, I thought so but if he didn't, he was prepared for the spirit world missionaries.  She said she felt like it ws the last time we would see him.  I really hope not.  I don't particularly want to deal again with the death of someone I love.  It's not a fun time.

Then we headed to the Kings for dinner and to skype!!  Oh man, it was fun to see y'alls faces!  I can't believe how old you kiddos look!  Man!  Oh man!!

Sister Rowe went after me.  Poor thing.  she wan't even sure she wanted to skype.  she came out with red eyes but a big smile.☺

It was a dandy Mother's Day.☺


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