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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Gabe and Billie-And the Armor of God

March 24, 2014

Hey Y'all!!

Ah!  What a great start to the week!  We had an awesome P-day!☺

It was the elder's turn to e-mail first so while they e-mailed in the morning we did our shopping and what not.

We had a blast and we went all over the place! We went to the christian bookstore and spent some time in there.  I got a CD and it's some awesome christian music.  It's great!  Gotta love those christian singers.  I talked to the lady who worked there and another customer about being a missionary and what we do.☺  Nice!  We always try to get contacts while we are out doing our shopping and what not.  It is not always as easy as you might think.

Then we were at the post office and giggling and having fun and ended up talking to the lady in front of us who was a pastor's wife.  Score!  That was fun and she was nice.

Emailing is always fun.!  You can never go wrong with that!  I got an e-mail from McKay Harmon.  He is doing well and asked a bunch of questions about how the work is going and stuff.  I had asked him if he remember the blessing he gave me.  He said that of course he did as it was his first.  I am so glad that he is my friend.

Dinner was at the Wyman's and we had a lesson with Amanda after dinner.  She kept saying she really didn't feel anything.  I think that may not have been totally true.  She was crying through a lot of it.  We just don't know what to do at this point and it's frustrating cause we love her so much and want her to progress.  But I also understand that the choice has to be hers.  No matter what she decides I will always love her.  She is my friend.  Sister Rowe feels the same.  It is hard to have something so precious and have someone willing to listen for a bit and then turn away.

Then we had a lesson with Bill.  Ah!  I love that man.  I was so proud of Sister Rowe!  We hadn't discussed it, but she invited Bill to be baptized if he comes to know this  gospel is true and he said yes!☺  I would love for him to be baptized before I leave.  But with his heart surgery, it probably won't be until later. : (  Darn it!  Ah well!   As long as it happens all is well.

So we got contacts and 2 lessons in with investigators today!  A P-day no less!  It's going to be a good week!

March 25, 2014

It was a pretty good day!  We had district meeting this morning and that got a little crazy.  Most of the elders were totally on one!  Let's just say it wasn't the most productive district meeting we have ever had.  Sister Rowe gave her first training and she did really good!  I just felt badly cause the elders all had the attention span of a flea!

We had lunch with the Canton sisters at Labamba (pretty much our only Mexican place here in Hickory Flat).  The Ellijay sisters skipped out.

We were supposed to help Sister Bragg but she cancelled on us.   So we went and contacted a referral we had gotten from the Wyman's.  It was their neighbor.  They pretty much told us to go away, nicely but still.

So then we went around to the little fire station in our area.  Sister Breinholt gave the idea to Sister Row to ask for a service project.  President said that if our greenies have ideas that we need to at least try.  We weren't exactly sure what we were thinking and so that became a bit of an issue when we were trying to explain that to the firemen. : {  Eh well!  At least we got a few contacts out of it!  And we may just have to keep working on it to figure out exactly how to go about it.

We were in our service clothes and needed a place to change.  So we went over to the King's and changed there.  We talked with Sister King for a little bit.  I feel bad for Jon (her new returned missionary son).  He is having a hard time being back at home.  He doesn't really have a job and he is just in limbo.  At least i know that Tay will take me back when I get home and hopefully I'll be able to find a CNA job too!  That would be great!☺  The Lord will provide!

Then we went tracting.  We started in one neighborhood but we weren't quite feeling it.  So we hopped back in the car and went to to a different area.  It was  a bit more lively and we talked to a lot of people but no one who was interested.  We had parked at the beginning of the subdivision and so after tracting we hopped back in.  I had to flip around and Georgia streets are not very wide.  So I just flipped around and  one of my tires  went onto the sidewalk.  Well a lady was coming the opposite direction and she rolled her window down and stopped.  So, I rolled down mine and she just starts screaming at me.  I said sorry and she drove away.  It was pretty ridiculous!  So that was our adventure for the day!

Dinner was at the Taylor's.  Sister Taylor's daughter was the one who got baptized on Saturday.  Their home is amazing!  It is super pretty!

Then we went to the Alley's.  They are a hoot!  We had a blast with them.  They both served missions and went to USU!  It was awesome!

March 26, 2014

Happy 18th Birthday  Gabey Baby!!  I wish I were home to throw my arms around you!  I hope you had a fabulous day!  I thought of you lots!
Gabe's final good bye for the next 3 years!
Gabe--he misses his sister too.

So we started off our day with a lesson with Jenn!  She is so awesome!  I just love her!☺  We brought the Relief Society President, Sister Jensen with us.  Jenn is really golden!  I know that she will get baptized!

Then we got our mail.  I got a LETTER from Ben☺!!  AH!  It made my day 20 times better!  I'm so proud of him!  He moved to Sandy Springs and only lives a mile from the church and the temple!  The sisters took him out on a team up and he was so excited.☺  I'm so happy for him!  I so very hope I get to go to the temple with him when he gets to go!

We tracted far a little while and then went to our lesson with Amanda.  The whole meeting was just off.  We weren't feeling the spirit.  It was rough.  Everything was just off.  UGH!  We will have to try to figure that out.

After Amanda we went and taught Kaylin.  It took us a little to get her and Cydnee to pay attention and focus.  But luckily they got settled and focused.  Kaylin was talking the whole time basically like she was planning on getting baptized.  Finally I just asked her and she said yes but she is scared what her church will say.  So we've just gotta pray that everything will be okay!!!

Dinner was with the Pettits.  I really like their family!  They have such cute kids and Sister Pettit is due with another in October!  So that is exciting for them!

Me and Our Sweet Billie♥
After that we headed to our cute Billie's cause it was her 77th birthday today! ☺  I love that you and her share a birthday Gabe!!  We had gotten her flowers.  When we drove up, there was a flower delivery car but no delivery person.  Billie had invited him in.  He was SO creepy!!  Both Sister Rowe and I did NOT feel good about him!  It was really different from almost anything I have ever felt and Billie talked with him for forever!!  Sister Rowe and I just prayed that he would leave!  It was messed up!  The Spirit was totally gone and he wouldn't even look at us.  FINALLY he left!!  I was really thankful.

Billie is so proud of my picture up on her fridge.☺  And she just kept raving about your letter Momma.☺  Haha!  I just love that lady!

Happy Birthday Gabe Picture!!
We went over to the Dustin's so I could send a happy birthday picture to Gabe.  Sister Dustin wasn't there so Autumn did it on her iPad.

Well I hope y'all had a great day!  I love you Gabe!  I thought about you lots today!  Thank you for being forn an choosing our family even thought your the only boy.☺  But on the bright side it means you are forever the best brother!☺  All 4 of us sisters will attest to that .

March 27, 2014

Well, today and yesterday cannot be compared.  It was quite boring.

We first taught Jenn, which was awesome.☺  She asks deep doctrinal questions.  We just try to answer as simply as possible.  She is so darling and I just love that girl!!

Here we are!!
Sister Row had to go to the chiropractor again so we were there for a couple of hours today.  While she was in getting fixed, I read Grandpa's personal history that Grandma sent me.☺  That was fun to read and it made me giggle reading some of the stories.  Grandpa was a good man!  I'm sure he is doing tons of missionary work right now!

When we got back, we went and saw Sister Jenkins.  Her 2 sons were there.  They are like in their late 30's, early 40's and still not married.  They are both nice.   Sister Jenkins is always trying to get them married off.  But that's not to say that is what she did with us, just that she frequently tries to get her boys married.

Dinner was at the Moran's tonight.  That was fun.  Afterwards we tried visiting a bunch of people but no one was home.  : /  Bummer!

On our way home, we went and stole the elder's welcome mat. So far they haven't noticed.  We talked to them not to long ago.  We'll see how long it takes 'em or if they ever will notice.

I have decided that one of the great things about a mission you get to see lots of different relationships within marriage and how they work.  You see ways that you want your marriage to be like and ways you don't.  I think that it is good to get perspective.  Not that you have control over every little thing but you can choose how you react.  Some ways are definitely better than others.

Oh!  One more thing!  So I may or may not have been the cause of a squirrel's death today!  Well actually the dumb thing committed suicide!  We were just driving along and I see a squirrel in the middle of the lane.  I start slowing down but then it runs into the other lane so I stop slowing down.  Suddenly, it decides it can take life no longer and mid hop, changes directions back into my lane and flings itself under our car!  It had no chance.  It hit us so hard our car floor shook as it hit 3 different times!  I hate hitting little critters!

March 28 2014

Well today was partially one of those days that you want to crawl under a rock, plug your ears, and sing "La la la laaaa!" at the top of your lungs. : /

The beginning wasn't so bad.  We had a 2 1/2 hour comp study!  That was fun!  Mom, you know how you did surveying on your mission!  Well!  We decided we're going to try it with our own twist while tracting!  We're excited.☺  There are 6 questions, we are doing a few experiments with them for a little bit and we'll see what happens.  Basically we lead them from if they believe the Bible was written by prophets in Jerusalem, would they be interested in prophets in other places and their records.  We know that it's going to take us a while to work out the kinks but we can do it!!  We're hoping this will get us better results!  Elder Astle (one of our ZL's) said right now, we are one of the top companionships in the zone!  But we want to the THE top companionship leading the zone!! Just kidding! ☺  Actually we like to think we are.  We like us and that makes all the difference.

After that and weekly planning, we went to help Sister Bragg.  She keeps telling us not to come over but when we do she always takes it back.☺  Haha!  So we just ignore her and keep coming!

Morgan signed up for dinner and then texted us and said she had no food.  That always makes dinner a problem.☺  Sister Bragg was there when we got the text and heard us talking.  It is really no big deal but she told us to come back and have dinner with them.  That was sweet.

We stopped by Bill's.  He had an EKG today and probably will be having his surgery here now, instead of going back to New Jersey to have it done.  We see that as a blessing in disguise!

We also stopped at the Dustin's cause they had a bunch of stuff for Sister Rowe.  Brother Dustin just got back from Utah and had met up with Sister Rowe's dad and her mom had made her a huge package for Brother Dustin to bring back.  Fun for Sister Rowe!!

Then we went back to the Braggs for pizza.  I like that family!  We had a fun time at dinner!

When we left, I was not feeling good. We had decided we were going all the way to the other end of our area (which takes like 30 minutes) to visit a less active, Sister Kang.  We talked with her for a while.  She lived in Idaho Falls for a while and worked at the Hong Kong on Broadway.☺  So that was kinda fun to talk about!

We got home as fast as we could and mad our curfew just in time!  Hopefully we will have better adventures tomorrow!

Oh!  I forgot.  So the reason why this day was crawl under a rock day. . . .   So we texed Katelynn Wyman cause her baptism is next Sunday and Sister Wyman hasn't given us any info as to if she still want to be baptized or not.  Katelynn tested back this whole list of excuses.   So we have pretty much figured her baptism is off.  That always is a bit of a heartbreaker.

And then Kaylin (Cydnee's friend) texted us and told us her mom freaked out and told her she wasn't allowed to go with Cydnee to seminary or church or anything.  Kaylin is so sad and so are we.  STUPID Satan!  I would like to throttle that guy!  UGH!  He is the worst!!

So there's that! : (  Oh!  We decided we are now praying for a specific family.  So if y'all could keep in your prayers that we find a family of 5 that would be GREAT!  Thanks!☺

March 29, 2014

Today was interesting and pretty fun!  It pretty much rained on us all day, and since we tracted most of the day, we were pretty soaked.
That little Book of Mormon that I am holding in my hand is indeed
Guaranteed Satisfaction !!
We decided to try our our new tracting technique.  It was awesome!  We had longer and more detailed conversations with almost everyone we met!  AND we proved our point, without fail, every single time!  We still got denied pretty much every time.  Still, we got them thinking!  And I think we planted a bigger healthier seed than we would have if we had just done our regular spiel.  So that's awesome.☺  I was pretty nervous at the beginning cause we weren't doing the norm that I was used to!  But once we started to do it, it became a lot easier!

At one door we went to, Sister Rowe asked the guy what his name was.  He sorta looked around like he was thinking and then said, "Sammy."  Sister Rowe looked at him and said, "Did you just make that name up?"  Haha!  I was thinkin' the same thing but I wasn't going to say it!!  I'm pretty sure my eyes went really wide cause, a.) I couldn't believe she had actually asked that, and b.) I was just trying my hardest not to laugh!!  Gotta love Sister Rowe!!

At another house I sorta lost my cool.  He started calling us a cult and telling us that we had been brainwashed.  I finally looked at him and said, "Sir, what is your definition of a cult?"  He started going off about twisting the word of God and a bunch of other stuff.  I said, "Actually, if you look it up, it means any formed religion or a system of religious beliefs and ritual.  Which means any and all religions are a cult."  I was much more irritated than I should have been.  It's not like I haven't been told we are a cult before- - over and over again.  I don't know what it was but he really ticked me off!

Finally it was time for dinner.  It was a really long but productive day.  We went home for dinner and then headed to the church for the broadcast.

Ah!  It was so good!  I really enjoyed it!  Momma, know that I sent a smile your way.☺  We were sitting with the Dustin's and cute little Elaina snuggled up to me and conked out on my lap.☺  Maybe Sister Dustin sent you a picture of that, I don't know.  I just really love this family.

As they were speaking I realized that if I were at home all us girls would have been  there together!  That made me a little sad, cause we couldn't be there altogether.  But I know that it will happen soon enough.☺  For sure this time next year!!

March 30, 2014

So today we thought it was fast Sunday.  Nope it wasn't!  Elder Thorne kept complaining cause we had told them it was.  He's getting on my nerves.  He is SO trunky!  Poor Elder Peña!  Elder Thorne goes home this week.

We tracted before church and we think we may have found a family!  They just moved here from Oregon and they have a little boy and a girl.  Maybe we were just praying for 1 too many kids.☺ Haha!  We are going to keep praying to find that family of 5 too but we would love tot each this family of 4!!

We got a new Relief Society President today.  Sister Owens in now the president.  She will be awesome.  I am really happy for her.  Sister Jensen was great too though.  I guess that is one of the things about our church and callings.  We only have them for a time.

After church we went home and ended our fast before dinner.

Oh! Wait!  Back up.  We got to teach sharing time today.  The Dustin's went out of town for spring break and Sister Dustin texted us during Sacrament meeting and asked us if we could do it.  So we whipped out one of our object lessons.  But, while we were teaching, I had like a deja vu moment but it wasn't.  I was talking to the kids and Mom, I got this feeling like you were doing the same thing.  I had just laughed and flipped my hair over my ears to get my hair out of the way.  It was like you were standing beside me and had just done the same thing.  It was a sweet feeling and memory of you being in primary.  I know you love it there.
Sister George before her mission putting on armor
It was really heavy and she couldn't stop laughing!
Okay, so after church, we went and broke our fast and we made the armor of God for our dinner lesson with the Markhams.  Haha!  It was  a hoot!  They looked so cute!

We ended our night at the Kings.  Sister King gave us a referral!  We are really excited to contact this lady!  Hopefully it'll work out!!

Well fam,  That's it for this week.☺  I love all y'all!!


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