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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Training Again! ☺

February 10, 2014

Hey Family of Mine☺

Another Monday, come and gone.  I feel like everything is going so quickly.  Where have these last 7 months gone?!?  I have less than a year now.  That scares me a little.  I don't have much more time to fulfill all the Lord needs me to do!

E-mails were good this week.☺  I have to say, Gabey's e-mail was my favorite this week.  Mostly because I haven't heard from him in FOREVER!  While I was reading it, I felt like he was right by me.  I could hear his cute voice saying every word.  Thanks Gabe.☺

Rumor is that it's supposed to snow again.  This one is supposed to last longer.  WalMart was PACKED!  The bread was literally ransacked!  Poor Georgians.  They just don't know what to do.☺
The look you see on the face of this child, which is a
combined product of Utah and Idaho is NOT the look of a
Georgian when they hear the word, "SNOW!

So my deal to get Sister Nettleton to go to Zone P-day was that we would do whatever she wanted.  she wanted to go get her nails done. :{  I'm all for that if I'm not a missionary and actually have money.  I just decided I would study while she got hers done.  She invited Sister Dustin, so we went over there first. I played with the kids while we waited for Sister Dustin.  That family is dear to my heart.

President left us a voicemail and told us there would be no zone meeting anymore  this week because of the snow.  It will be next week instead.  so no throwdown of rules this week.  We will get them and I know that they are for our own protection and best good.  So I will just be happy and obedient.

When Sister Dustin was ready we got in the car, Aunna was with us.  Sister Dustin had errands to run first.  I was good with that!  Aunna and I just chilled together.☺  We found my blog.  That was kind of weird to see.☺  You're a bit behind!  Kidding!! We all know she wasn't kidding!! 

There ended up not being enough time for nails.  Sister Dustin said she would go next Monday and pay.  Funny lady.☺  I had fun with my Aunna!  She is a lot like Sydney so we just had a blast messin' around together!

Sister Nettleton kind of freaked out on me yesterday because I had told darling Autumn she "looked hot," (cause she did!).  Sister Nettleton wouldn't let it go.  So today (in hopes that I wouldn't have to be chastised by Sister Nettleton any more)  I finally looked at Sister Dustin and told her I was sorry.  Autumn is her daughter.  Sister Dustin, bless her heart, laughed and said it was fine.  My inner child wanted to stick my tongue out at my companion but that wouldn't have shown any of the patience that I am trying so hard to develop.

Dinner was at the King's tonight.  We had steak.☺  Yummy!  Sometimes what we eat reminds me of home and then I just wish I could have whatever it is handed to me by my momma or daddy.  This time is was Dad.☺  I asked Sister King if she knew any good chiropractors.  She said she didn't but that her neighbor was a massage therapist.  I don't know what the difference is, but Sister King said she would talk to her neighbor for me.  Hopefully I can get rid of all these back problems soon!!  We read scriptures with them.  That was nice.☺  I have missed family scripture reading!

February 11, 2014

Today was not really productive.  Our cars were grounded.  There was snow everywhere.  So, we walked.  We got about 3 miles down the road when sweet Lilia Firas pulled up in a truck and we hopped in.  I wish I could speak Spanish!  Language barriers are so difficult!  She was headed to clean the Owen's house, so we just went with her.☺

Sister Owens fed us lunch and I sat and talked with her cute boys.  It was fun!  It was nice to be able to stop at their house too because my boots got soaked and water got into them and my feet and socks were sopping wet! : (  No bueno!  We gave a lesson real quick and then set out again.

We got a text from the ZL's asking if anyone played the organ. : /  Umm, yeeess. . . so I told them I did.  Dang the parable of the talents is coming back to bite me!☺  Sorry Grandma George.  I should have been more diligent.  I wasn't too worried until I remembered that next month one of the Seventy will be here and that's probably what its for. : {  Ah!  I kinda wish I could take back.

After walking a mile or so, Sister King drove by us and gave us a ride to the Dustin's.  Nana was with the kids while Brother and Sister Dustin ran errands.  They were cleaning, so we helped them.  Then Autumn and Aunna asked me to do their hair.  Funny girls.☺  So I did.  I miss doing that big sister kind of stuff!  It's nice when I can do it sometimes.☺  Brother and Sister Dustin got home and told the kids they were taking them to go see the new lego movie.  They dropped us off at home.  Then like 3 minutes later they came back and said they decided to go to dinner before and did we want to come to Five Guys with them.  No need to asked me twice.☺  So they took us to dinner and then took us home again.

Oh!  I forgot!  I asked the Dustin's if they knew a good chiropractor.  They do!!  And they said that since I'm a missionary the guy will not make me pay!  Sweet!

February 12, 2014

Today we were grounded to inside.  All.  Day.  Long!!!  It was so boring!!

Training calls were today.  I have been praying that I can train again.  I kind felt like I was going to.  I felt like that was why I got moved to Hickory Flat.  But the call didn't come during companionship study.  I was pretty disappointed.  I had gotten myself really excited and it didn't help that the elders kept telling me I would.  But, no call.   So for the whole day I read every Ensign we have.  I LOVE the church magazines!  They are awesome!  And there are so many great stories!  I found a new favorite scripture while I was reading.  Doctrin and Covenants 50:40-42.  "Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth.  Fear not little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me;  and none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost."  I love that the Lord calls us His children and talks to us like a parent would.☺

At about 4:30 I was going nuts being cooped up.  So, I got on my boots with my b-ball shorts, grabbed my hat and coat and told sister Nettleton I was going to play in the snow.  My outfit looked SO readneck!  But I didn't care!☺  I opened the door to go outside when the phone rang.  Sister Nettleton answered it but didnt' put it on speaker so I didn't know who it was.  She talks for a minute and then handed the phone to me.  Elder Van der Toolen, one of the AP's was on the line.  I'M TRAINING!!! ☺☺  Whoot!!!  So, my inkling as to why I'm here was at least partially right.☺  I'm excited!!  Sister Hooker isn't training. : (  I so want to see her!  She will probably train next transfer.  Dang it!  But Sister Hamilton is training!☺  So that makes me happy!  Elder Howell is training and so is Elder McMurdie.  I'm way excited!!  Whoot!

Then I went outside and made a snowman.  Sister Nettleton came out too.  It was fun.☺

February 13, 2014

Stuck inside again.  I'm going crazy!  We were supposed to visit Pauline yesterday. : (  Hopefully she is stilled interested.  We were supposed to have dinner with Billie tonight but had to cancel.  : (  Her husband is in the hospital.  I don't know if he will make it much longer.  That makes me sad for Billie.  I love that little lady!

I went on a cleaning frenzy today.  I got so much stuff done!  It was awesome!  I felt very productive even though we were stuck inside.

We did walk a mile up to the gas station. Elder Roderick was super sick so they asked us to get him some ginger ale.  That was about as adventurous as it got today.  We walked to the gas station.

I also listened to Grandpa's funeral.☺  It was so sweet!  I wish I could have been there.  It was fun to hear your voice Daddy.☺

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love y'all!!☺  We FINALLY got to go out today!!  Yippee!!☺  But first we had to weekly plan.  That took a while cause I was trying to get a good first few days planed out for my greenie.☺  I'm excited!  Poor thing though, basically she is coming into nothing but a few potentials.  We have a lot of work to do!  But I'm excited for it!

We went and visited Sister Olah and her mom today.  Her mom is so funny!  She LOVES having the missionaries over but doesn't like talking about "churchy" stuff for long periods of time.  She totally feels the spirit though.☺  Then we went and got some flowers.  We took one to Sister Tye, wrote a note and set it on her door.  Sister Nettleton was driving and I'm running  to the car.  I get one leg in the door and she starts going!  So the car runs into me and I sorta fall into the seat.  My companion ran into me!  It was kinda funny.☺  We are trying to drive away and Seth opens the door.  Pretty sure he saw us!  Darn it!

Then we went to the Dustin's to give Sister Dustin flowers.  I just love that family!☺

We tried to give Billie her flowers but she wasn't home.  I'm thinking that her husband, Mayo, is not doing well. : (

We had dinner with Morgan tonight.  Sometimes I think Morgan likes me and other times I don't.  Tonight, she liked me.  She told us she wasn't ready to be baptized yet.  Luckily she came to the conclusion on her own, the conclusion we already knew.  We'll get this whole thing figured out eventually.

So that was my Valentine's Day.  Hope all y'alls was fabulous.☺

February 15, 2014

I woke up feeling terrible.  I had a wicked sore throat, my head was pounding and I had a stuffed nose and a fever.  Yay. : |  But we went out gosh dang it!  Cause I was NOT going to be stuck inside for another day!

The elders had a spur of that moment baptism today.  Max is one of the maintenance guys in our complex and Elder Roderick wanted to have the baptism before he left.  Max asked if I would give a talk.  I was really happy that he would ask me.☺  The baptism was later in the afternoon so we went and visited Sister Tye.  We got busted!  Darn it!  Seth did see us but he didn't tell until Sister Tye guessed us.  Ah well!

Sydney guess what?!?  I got to hold a new born German Shepard!!  The Tye's breed them and one of their dogs just had a litter.  They were SO cute!!  Mine just snuggled into me and made little sounds!  It was SO cute!!

Sister Tye is having major surgery on Tuesday.  Her spine is 'S' shaped so they are putting a rod in.  It will take 6+ months for her to recover.  But they say it will be worth it.  I sure hope so.  She is so very nice.

We went and had luch.  Well actually, I took a nap.  I was so not feeling well.  I hate being sick as a missionary. : /

Then we went to the baptism.  It was good!  My talk didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped and I was trying so hard not to have my voice go out on me.  It went fine just not at good as I wanted.

After the baptism we went tracting for a little bit.  Not much excitement there.  We ran into a Baptist pastor.  He told us no.  Ah well!  I guess that was to be expected.

I was basically a blob today.  Because I felt sick I didn't even try very hard to encourage Sister Nettleton to continue tracting.  I just am tired of caring and trying so hard and we still don't seem to be pulling in the same direction.  She had some people that she wanted to say goodbye to so that is what we did.  We went to the Burkharts.  Brother Burkhart was watching "Field of Dreams."  I really like that movie!  Sometimes it's hard not being able to watch movies.  It's not a common feeling mind you but sometimes it would just be nice!  Especially when you are sick.

We had dinner with them.  It was yummy!  All fresh veggies!  I don't get those kind of meals out here.  So Gabe, live it up while you can!  Who knows where the Lord will send ya!  Some veggie-less place maybe.

February 16, 2014

Last night was the first night this week that I slept, like a rock!!  Brother Burkhart gave me some benadryl.  That stuff knocks me out!  Oh! Sweet Bliss!☺

We went to Mt. Zion Baptist Church today.  I would rather be a Methodist.  It was fine but I liked last week's Methodist church better.  It probably didn't help that we went to the modern worship.  I dunno.  It's interesting to see how other churches work though!  I like it!

Sister Nettleton and Elder Roderick spoke in church today.  So I sat by the Dustin's.☺  Sister Dustin leaned over to me and whispered, "We are really glad that you are staying!"  I told her I was too.☺  She told me that I had been really good with Sister Nettleton and that she needed someone who was patient with her.  That made me grin, cause I'm pretty sure that the Lord has been trying to find a way to help me learn patience for quite some time.

I played tic-tac-toe with Elaina and I taught her the dot game and the game where one person makes a shape or squiggle line and the other person has to make a picture out of it.  You know the one Brother Haslam taught us.  She is really good at it!

I got asked to play the piano in Relief Society.  I think I may become the sub for the rest of the time that I'm here.  I don't think anyone is called as the RS pianist right now.

We had dinner with Ashley Edge today.  She just went through the temple yesterday and she was SO excited!  It was cute.☺  Then we went to Sister Fisher's house.  She is cute.☺  Her husband isn't a member.  He is an interesting man.

Then we went to the Frias family and sister Nettleton said goodbye.  Man!  This week was pretty slow and mostly boring!  Only 7 pages long.  Pathetic!☺  Haha!  Well, I love you guys a ton!  You'r my faves.☺


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