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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sister Rowe!! My new Companion!!

February 17, 2014

Sup Fam!?!

T'was pretty uneventful P-day.  Not too much happened.  Sister Nettleton packed and got everything ready.  she was a little antsy cause we hadn't gotten a call from the AP's yet.

We went to the library to e-mail.  I was SO happy that our library wasn't closed for President's Day.  Most of the sisters in our zone went to the Stake Center.  I would have been fine with that but we got 50 miles cut because the mission went WAY over.  I'm a little frustrated about it cause we didn't go over on our miles.  I think they should have cut the miles for the missionaries who did go over. : |  The other thing was that we wouldn't have had as much time to e-mail.  And I like my email time!!

While we were at the library, the AP's called.  Sister Nettleton is going to the Rosewell ward, which borders  Hickory Flat ward but is in a different stake/zone.  Kinda crazy!  Then she handed the phone to me and they told me all the transfer info.  Sister Nettleton gets dropped off at one church building and will go with her new companion, while I take Sister Merback, who is headed home and we go to Lilburn.

Oh! Oh! GUESS WHAT?!?  Sister Knight is going to be in my zone!! ☺☺!!  I'm so excited!  She is like 45 minutes away from me, but still!  We are in the same zone.☺
Do I love my Sister Knight?  Yes, I love my
Sister Knight!

Today was cute Sister Dustin'g birthday!  I just love her lots.☺  she is a cutie and she has an AMAZING family.  I just love 'em all!  They were an answer to my prayers when I left my Suwanee!

We had dinner with the Owen's tonight.  I like their family.☺  They have some stinkin' cute boys!

We headed over to the  Rethke's so Sister Nettleton could say goodbye.  Brother Rethke drew her this super cool picture of Rafiki (off the Lion King) holding a Book of Mormon.  He wasn't done though so they asked if we could come back tomorrow.

Sister Nettleton is kinda calling the shots right now.  We are going to say goodbye to whomever she chooses.

February 18, 2014

Today we had Zone Conference.  It was a nice relief after not having any meetings for 3 weeks cause of snow.  I feel like I  haven't seen any other missionaries in SO long!!  I have missed it very much!  Zone meeting was good!  They informed us of the new rules. : /  But it's okay!  they will help us be better missionaries!  And in all reality, President doesn't want to give us these rules. . . but he has to in order to help us be the best that we can be.

They inspected our cars afterward.  So I was just hangin' out with the other missionaries just laughin' and talkin'.  Sister Nettleton came over and seemed very irritated with me.  She told me that we had to leave because she had people she wanted to go see.  I told her that we couldn't leave until our car was inspected.  That didn't seem to help and I didn't know what to do to make it better.  I even asked her what she wanted me to do and I would have tried to do it.  She walked away very frustrated.  Well, of course I had to follow her because she can't be without a comp.  I just stayed close enough that we were legal but basically as far away as I could be so as not to irritate her further.  I do understand wanting to say goodbye to all these people you come to love so very much.  I just didn't know what else to do.

Our car finally got  inspected and we left.  We started with the McGuffey's.  Then we went to the King's.  We had dinner with Sister Lineback and that was good.  We went over to Morgan's after dinner.  That girl is a trip!  I have no clue what is going to happen with her but we won't give up.

We then went to the Dustin's and spent time over there.  They had taken the elders to dinner at a sushi place.  Lucky!  they showed me the pic of the "sushi boat" that they got.  I was totally jealous!!☺  I was glad that the elders got their last dinner with them though.

We finished off with the Rethkes.  Sister Nettleton's picture that Brother Rethke made ended up really cool!  What an amazing talent!

When we got home we loaded her stuff in the car.  Hopefully, that will help us leave on time.  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time for tomorrow to come.  I feel like I'm white washing the area with my new companion.  It'll be an adventure!

February 19, 2014

This has been a really good day!!☺  We left late, and you know how I hate late.  I think I got that from Mom!  It took us forever to get to our switch off point, where I would drop off Sister Nettleton, and pick up Sister Mereback (who's going home tomorrow) who would come with me.

It was so fun as we headed to Lilburn to listen to Sister Mereback talk about her 18 months.  Traffic was terrible so I was late!  That stressed me out!  But I go there before they let loose the greenies.  I pulled into the parking lot and the fist face I see is my Sister Knight.☺  I ran and threw my arms around her.

Then I hurried into where the trainers were.  As I got into the room, President said, "Ah!  Sister George!  There you are!"  he then told me that my greenie's name was Elsie Rowe.  She is from Springville, Utah.  She is 19, went to USU, is a CNA, plays basketball and soccer.  He told a couple other trainers about their greenies and then he went and got them.  Sister Rowe was one of the last ones in.  She saw me, grinned and gave me a big hug.☺  She is SO cute!  We sat down and just started talking.  President always stands at the front for a minute and watches as we talk and get to know each other.  then he asked if someone would play the piano.  Sister Hamilton grins at me and says, "Sister George will!"  President looked at me and goes, "Oh thank you Sister George!  I love volunteers!"  I laughed and said, "No problem."☺

Sister Rowe and me later that night at the Dustin's
Then we sat for 45 minutes and listened to President.  It was weird for me to think that this was my 3rd time listening to it all.  My 2nd time hearing it as a trainer.  We got a break and Sister Knight came up to Sister Rowe and said, "Hi!  I'm your sister!"  The nut!  I just grinned and rolled my eyes.  According to the elders I'm middle aged, with a teenager (Sister Knight) and a newborn (Sister Rowe).  All the elders think it's so funny.  They're weird.  I also said goodbye to Sister Paepaetata. : (  She's going  home.  She has been an amazing example to me!  I'm excited for her cause, well, even though you're so sad to go home, it's also really exciting!

We went back in and finished up the meeting, then they let us loose.  We grabbed mail!  SIX letters!  Whoot!  One letter was  from the Hooker family.  Each one of them wrote me a letter.  They all told me thank you for being Sister Hooker's friend (crazy I know - best part of my life needs no thanks!) and they said sorry about Grandpa dying.  It was so sweet and I cried all over the place!!  I LOVE that family!!  They said y'all are meeting up in April.  JEALOUS!!!  It's okay.  We'll all see each other in 2015.  That's not so far away.
Sister Hooker and me in the MTC - - I can NEVER get
enough of this girl!!  LOVE HER!

We went to Wendy's for lunch with Sister Hamilton and her greenie and a few others.  Then, we were off!  It took FOREVER!  But driving home was fun.  Sister Rowe is AWESOME.  I love her lots already!  She is the oldest of 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls), plays the piano, and sings.  She is an amazing missionary!  I can already tell.☺

We got home and had an hour before dinner with the Dustin's.☺  She unpacked for a bit and then we went to the Dustin's.  We were attacked by happy children.  I love the Dustin's.☺  They are a happy spot for me.

I love the Dustin's here are just a couple of the
Dustin faces that I love!

After the Dustin's we went to the King's and introduced Sister Row to Bishop and Sister King.  We left cause the elders were over to give a lesson.

I took Sister Rowe to Target to get food and a few things.  The Lord wants to bless His missionaries.  I know He does!  I also know that obedience is the key.  While we were there, we were looking for noodles.  One of the employees had been watching us for a while.  He finally comes up to us and asks if we need help.  So he helped us find the noodles and we start talking.  He told us how much he respected us and that the elders had given him a Book of Mormon at one point.  We got his name and info and he said we could come and teach him!!  Ah!  It was a good way to end the day.☺

February 20, 2014

Ah!  I love all the blessing that you receive when you are being obedient!☺  I have missed 12 week (the training program).  It was nice to be able to do that again.☺  We went over to the Kings to talk with Sister King some more.  And to do my laundry.  Did I ever tell you we don't have a washer and dryer!  Nope!  And I wasn't able to do it on Monday as I normally would.  Sister King is kind to let us do it at her house.☺  So we visited for a bit and then she took us to lunch and around to meet people.  She's a cutie!  I like Sister King!

We got a media referral about an inactive member who's records we don't have.  His wife answered and said we could come back on Tuesday.  Sweet!

Then we went tracting.  While tracting we met a lady named LouAnne.  She worked for a Mormon and LOVED him.  A big ole shout out to members who make good impressions on those you work with!!  She told us we could come back.☺  Ah!  It's awesome!!

Dinner was with the Wyman's.  Sister Wyman appears to love my Sister Rowe.☺  She told us about a friend she wants us to teach.

It's amazing.  I know that if we are obedient the Lord will pour down blessings.  The saddest thing ever is when we miss out on blessings so readily available because we choose to do what we want instead of being obedient.

We ended the night with a lesson at the Kelley's.  Sister Rowe and I are just getting to know the members together.  We will learn, grow and build up the ward the best we can with the help of the Lord.☺  We will do it together with happy hearts.

February 21, 2014

Today was weekly planning.  It's always kinda weird and awkward the first few weeks when there is a new missionary, whether it be a brand new missionary, or just one new to the area.  I feel badly because we don't have a ton to plan for.  But we will get it to pick up!

I took Sister Rowe to meet Billie.☺  She is having a hard time. : {  On top of her husband being in the hospital, her daughter is in the hospital too.  My cute friend is just havin' a rough go at it!  I just love her!  She asked if I would come live with her after my mission if her husband doesn't make it.  I'm highly considering it!  Of course, a lot can happen in 11 months.   Billie liked her flowers.☺  They made her sad day a little brighter.  She asked if we would come with her tomorrow to the nursing home they are moving her husband to.  So we are going with her.

We went tracting after that.  Sister Rowe is still a little nervous so I did most of the talking but she still piped in here an there.  She is a cutie!  I really like her!  I'm so glad Heavenly Father is allowing me to train her and be her companion.  It really is an honor.☺

We went to the Cooley's for dinner.  I was glad Sister Rowe got to meet Brother Cooley since he is our ward mission leader.  We got their girls who are usually pretty shy to talk.  Both Brother and Sister Cooley were pretty amazed.☺  We were talking to Sister Cooley about how she was is in charge of putting together our apartment and how much we like it.  She commented on how Sister Owens had put together all the quotes and stuff.  Sweet Sister Owens her design and how she put them together was darling!

So then we went home and started fixing our mess of a map.  It's chaos on that thing.  We're making it easier to work with.  Hopefully we can get everything more organized so we can be more effective

February 22, 2014

I had a hard time this morning.  I was sitting, reading my scriptures and I felt like I was just going through the motions.  It's like a wave of depression came out of nowhere and threw itself on me.  Like everything that I have had to deal with this transfer just hit.  Leaving Suwanee, missionaries who had to be sent home, Grandpa dying and a couple other things.  And it scared me!  I felt like I did back in high school. . . unhappy.
I haven't felt that kind of unhappiness in a while.  I know that it hasn't just hit all at once but this is the first time that I have recognized it.  I have to get better!  I have to get my motivation and happiness back!  It's not fair to myself, to Sister Rowe, or the people we need to find and teach!  I've just got to throw my whole self back in but that's easier said than done sometimes.

We went with Billie today to the nursing home to visit Mayo.  I walked in and nursing homes have a very distinct smell.  I know that it's not too pleasant, but I like the smell, mostly cause it is familiar.  I felt comfortable there.  We walked in and Mayo had undressed himself.  All the way.  Luckily he was a little covered by blankets.  Poor Billie!  It's so hard to see the spouse of the patients.  It hits them the hardest.  She was happy we were there.  She kept introducing us as her daughters from another church.  It was pretty cute!

We stayed at the nursing home for a little while and then Billie took us to Crackle Barrel for lunch.  She kept telling us how much she loved being with us.  She kept saying how she would much rather be around young people as opposed to older people.  She's so funny!☺

I got some zotz (the candy with the fizz in the middle) and she wanted one.  I told her they had a kick in the middle!  She wasn't ready for the fizz though.  It was SO funny!  She was a good sport about it.☺

After Billie's we went over to the Dustin's.  They started talking about investigators that Sister Beasley and Sister Kelly had.  They are so awesome!  Our area book is not helpful.  So they said they would help us out.☺

We went tracting after that.  We talked to an 11 year old, Sarah, who wanted to listen but her mom totally shut us down.  Ugg!  It's so frustrating to have kids be so open minded and have their parents not be.  At another house, this 12ish year old boy opened the door and the dog ran into the yard.  He asked us to get the dog.  So I went up, petted his head, grabbed the collar and walked him to the door.  As soon as I let go the dog turns around, jumps on me and lunged to bite me.  I pulled back enough that teeth didn't connect though.  I held him off with my leg, looked at the boy and said as calmly as I could while internally screaming, "Could you grab your dog?"  He just looks at me and says, "He just wants to play, he won't bite."  I wanted to strangle the kid.  Hello?!?  Your dog TOTALLY just tried to bite me!  Little punk.  So I slowly backed away without turning my back, until the moronic little boy shut the door.  Ah the life of a missionary. : /

We had dinner at the Dustin's.  So we went over there, and then ended our night by introducing Sister Rowe to the Rethkes.  The elders had dropped by so we had to wait for them to leave.  We had an appointment with the Rethke's but they had just called and stopped by.  They felt bad but I didn't care!☺

February 23, 2014

Happy Sunday!  Today, I introduced Sister Rowe to church hopping.☺  We went to Mt. Zion again.  this time the elders came too.  Guess what?!  It's the church that Billie goes to.☺  She was sitting more in the front.  So we went up and gave her hugs.  She kept telling us how much she loved us and then told us how cute she thought the elders were.  I was laughing so hard!  The elders took it all in good stride.  After Mt. Zion we asked Billie if she would come to church with us.  She said her daughter was coming or she would, but she said she would try next week.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

Church was goodish today.  Sister Wyman and Brother Wyman got back from their missions last year.  They tell us lots of things that they did on their missions.  Sometimes she doesn't think we are doing as well as we should.  I feel badly when that happens but I love the lady so it is all good.  That and I know that I am doing my best and I would like investigators at church also.

Dinner was with the Markhams.  I like them!  They have 5 kids all under the age of 7 - - crazy!  They are great!  We had tons of fun with them.

We had an appointment with Sister Bond but she cancelled on us.  So we ended up at the Kings.  Sister King showed us her wedding pictures.  We were all laughing at the styles and everything.☺  It was fun!  Then we talked to Bishop about some people who we needed to see.  I think we have a good list to work with now.  Between the Dustin's and the King's giving us names I hope that next week will be better!!

I love y'all!!


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