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Saturday, March 15, 2014

"My Dear Friends in Christ"

February 24, 2014

Hello, hello, Family☺

I know I say this about every time, but I love P-Days!!  Not because I get a "break" from missionary stuff, but because I get to read e-mails from y'all!☺  Since we can't e-mail with the elders anymore, we have to sorta split the day. . . 10-2 and 2-6.  Since we got the 10-2 last week, the elders got it this week.  Next week it's ours again!☺

So this morning we did the usual, shopping, cleaning, laundry at the Kings.  I've told you that we don't have a washer and dryer, right?  We don't! : /  Lowe's is supposed to have delivered one to us 6 weeks ago.  But I guess they've been on back order.  So, cute Sister King let's us do our stuff at her house!  If we don't get a call from Lowe's this week, we are just going to call Sister Jessen at the office and tell her we will have one of our members pick them up for us.  I'm praying that we get a call this week!!

The Dustin's texted us and said, "Going to lunch. . . Labamba? or Waffle House?"  How cute are they?!?  We decided to introduce Sister Rowe to Waffle House since that is a southern staple.  We met them there and had lunch with Allen, Abram, and Brother and Sister Dustin.  It was way fun!  The boys wanted to play the juke box so Brother Dustin goes and helps them and picks the most terrible songs he can find!  We were laughing so hard!  The boys were dancing all over and it was so funny!
Sister Rowe and  George

Then it was time to e-mail.☺  Yay!  We went and kicked the elders out and emailed away!  I should have my camera cord back by next Saturday.  So I'm hoping to get you pictures by next Monday.   Sorry!

We had dinner with the Douglas'.  This is the first time that we have had dinner with them.  We like them and I think they like us.  They have 2 super cute little girls!  They are adorable!  They were all over us.  It was so fun.  Cute little Caroline grabbed my had and pulled me around showing me everything.

Then we went to the Wyman's.  They have a girl named Amanda living with them right now.  She hasn't been willing to take the discussions.  She clicked with us though!  She's really cute and Sister Wyman texted us after we left and said Amanda really liked us . . . sweet!  So hopefully we can start teacher her!!

February 25, 2014

Today was pretty much fan-freaking-tastic!  It started out with District Meeting.  We had 14 of us cause the ZL's came.  When they add another set to our ward next transfer, they will probably end up splitting us. . .which is a bummer. : /  But for now we are good!☺  Normally the first day with a new district is awkward but today was pretty awesome!   My favorite district will forever be the #Friends of Justice#  But this one will be good too.☺

The elders all left to go for lunch.  Luckily the Canton Sisters came with us.  So we had fun!  It really was fun when we could go out to lunch as a district.  And I used to say "stupid missionaries" about the ones who messed up and made it so we had these new rules.  But I just can't bring myself to say that anymore because I know and love one of the missionaries who messed up.  I am sure they would do anything to roll back the hands of time.  I am learning too.

After lunch we went and tried to go talk to some of the potentials we had met last week.  One was an inactive member, Daniel, whose mother sent a referral to us.  He is really nice.  His wife isn't a member.  Hopefully we will get in with them and be able to help reactivate him and get his wife on the same page.

We met a lady named Luanne last week.  We met her husband, Andy, today.  They are in maybe their 50's, no kids, and they both seem sincere, elect even!!  We are doing back on Friday to meet with them.

Then we went tracting and we met a guy named Mark.  He is married, with 3 kids,  WE stood on his porch for like 30 minutes and he kept saying things that I just wanted to look at him and say, "Just be baptized!!"  We invited him to the ward's chili cook off on Friday.  He said the he really wanted to bring his family. . . so cross your fingers!

Tonight we had dinner with the Pettits.  They have such cute kids!  Sister Rowe is AWESOME with little kids!  It's fun to watch her interact with them.  She'll get down on the floor to be on their level.  I don't think I have to do much to help make her the ward favorite, Mom (that was in reference to a letter I wrote about how the best companionship come from companions who love each other and are more concerned about the other part of the companionship than they are themselves, and that trainers who really love their greenies help in every way possible to make them the ward favorite!).☺ She is really good at it on her own!  But that doesn't mean I don't help out where I can.☺  I like her A LOT!  She is a hard worker and we get along so well!!

Canton ward and our ward had a combined Relief Society activity.  They were talking about food storage and what not.  We were invited and figure it's a good way to have a better fellowship with the women of our ward, so we went.  Sister Carrigan had given me her cousin's info who just got home from his mission.  She is bound and determined to get us married - - silly girl!  But whatever!  I'll write him!  It's another letter in the mail for me.☺  If he is half as fun as Sister Carrigan we will have a good time just writing.  So that's what I did while they were explaining food storage.  Haha!  I use my time wisely!☺

Momma!  I got my Valentine's Day package.☺  I LOVE my new cardigan and scarf!!  THANK YOU!☺  I'm saving it for when Elder Cook comes.  I feel like it's a good occasion and I will feel so pretty.☺ Haha!  Thanks for the other stuff you sent and the Hot Tamales☺  Sister Rowe thinks it's so funny that I like them so much.  I know, it's a weird candy to like!  But I like'em!  Plus they have my name. . .ish in them!  Just ask Blake!☺

February 26, 2014

Today was a PepBoys day. : /  I hate PepBoys!  Dumb cars!

First though, we started out with service for Sister Bragg.  She is a lady in our ward.  She had colon cancer and just had surgery.  They found it in stage 1 when she just went to go get her routine colonoscopy (cause you're supposed to get on of those I guess. . .).  She had to have a bag for 3 months and last week she had surgery to get everything back in and in order.  She asked if we would help her since she can't lift anything over 4 pounds.  So we went and cleaned her floors and stuff.  It made me miss Marni!☺

After, we had an appointment with Morgan but she cancelled on us 10 minutes before.  The ward loves her and keeps saying not to give up on her.  I am not - I just don't know what to do to help her.  Especially when she won't keep our appointments.  I guess we just try again.

Our breaks have been squeaking and grinding.  So we called Elder Residori and he sent us to PepBoys. UGG!  I know it's necessary but I hate it!  The only nice thing is that usually I can get caught up on all my people that I need to write and what not.☺  Luckily PepBoys only took like an hour and a half.  I've been stuck there for 3 hours before!  So an hour and a half was short!

We got home and had about 30 minutes to tract before we met up with Sister Bond to go VTing with her.  Only 1 person answered their door. : (  I hate it when tracting is ineffective for the day.

We didn't have dinner and Sister Bond found out.  So she got us Wendy's which was super cute of her!

First we went to VT Sister Wyman.  I love her.  She gets onto us about having no investigators right now.  We are trying!!  I am too sassy for my own good a lot of times.  But I try to keep my mouth shut when I get frustrated.  I guess I just have to hold on to the fact that we really are working, trying to be effective, and obedient.  If she thinks it's frustrating for her she ought to be us.

After Sister Wyman we went to see Sister Ross, who goes to a Methodist church.  She almost didn't let us in but cute Sister Bond wiggled herself right in. ☺  We only stayed for a couple minutes though.

Last we went to see Sister Geocowitz.  She is also less active but really sweet with us.  Her husband has major back problems so that is normally why they don't come to church.

I was SO exhausted when we got home.  I'm fighting a cold again.  So it just wipes me out.

February 27, 2014

Today was a very busy day!  It was the kind of day that we did so much but feels like we did nothing. . . confusing. . . I know!

After lunch and what not, we went to Billie's cause we were going to do some cleaning for her.  We pulled up and she had left us a note.  We were laughing when we read it.  It said, "My dear friends in Christ, I went to take clothes to my sweet man.  Be back soon.  Love, Billie."  She is just the cutest thing!  I love her so much!  We just couldn't stop giggling and smiling at the "dear friends in Christ."  How true it is. ☺

We went over to Matt and Jillian's after that.  We were going to drop them but Sister Dustin said to try them again.  We sat and talked with Jillian.  She is interested, but Matt isn't.  And she won't do anything without him.

Then we went and stopped in to visit Sister Olah and her mom.  They are both just awesome!  Even though Sister Olah's mom isn't a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints she is SUPER into family history. . . so is Sister Olah.  So,  for an hour we talked, well okay we listened to them talk about family history.  It's so cool that the spirit of Elijah touches members and non members alike!

After that we went tracting.  We talked to so many people!  And not one of them is a potential investigator.  Ah well!  We are doing what we are supposed to.  The Lord will provide.☺

Before dinner, we went and saw Amanda.  She is really cute!  She lives in the Wyman's basement , and has taken the discussions from the Young Single Adult sisters.  But she felt like she was just another number to them and stuff was said that troubled her.  So for right now, we are just being her friend and loving her!  We do thoughts and things, she just isn't ready for the lessons right now.

Dinner was on us tonight so we went home, ate, and worked on the map.  We will get that darn map fixed gosh dang it!  It's just taking forever.

February 28, 2014

Happy last day of February!  Man!  I can't believe how fast the time is flying!  I feel like I blink and another month has gone by!!  Ah!  It's going too fast!

So today was weekly planning and also Sister Dustin was going to take us to the chiropractor!!  Yay.☺  So we planned while we waited for her to call.  I was so excited cause I have been waiting to go for like 3 weeks now.  Around lunch time cute Sister Dustin texted us and told us that she had called. . .and they are closed on Fridays!  Darn!  That's a pain!  Literally! ☺  Sister Dustin felt bad but it totally wasn't her fault!  She said she would take us on Monday.  Hopefully that works out!

After weekly planning we  headed over to Andy and Luanne's (the people we met while tracting).  On our way there, we stopped and got some boiled peanuts!  I've always wanted to stop by this guy's stand but I've just never done it.  We stopped and got some and chatted with the guy for a while.  He was really nice!
Boiled peanuts, or "bold" peanuts if you are a southerner (that's what they sound like they are saying☺), aren't too bad, but I can't say I would ever crave them.  They have a taste that I can't exactly decide if I like them or not.  Ah well!  I was a fun adventure to get them.☺

When we got to Andy and Luanne's, Luanne's car wasn't in the driveway.  Well we can't just go in there when it's just Andy, so we decided to try back.

We headed over to the Dustin's to share our "bold" peanuts with them.☺  We chatted for a little bit.  When I grow up☺ and get married and what-not, I want to be a household like the Dustins.  Where anyone can come over (especially the missionaries) and just feel loved and part of the family.  They take                                                                                     good care of us.☺

Morgan called us and told us she was home and that we would come over.  We were a little doubtful because she has ditched us twice this week.   But we headed over there and low and behold, she was actually home! We talked to her for a while and she told us that she started drinking coffee. . . again. She she went out and bought cigarettes and smoked 2 of them. But she ripped the rest of them up. : / I wanted to bang my head on the table. . . Ugg! It's so frustrating!! I don't know what to do with her or how to help her. The members all tell us we can't give up on her. She has a good testimony and she loves the Book of Mormon, but until she gets a testimony of the Word of Wisdom, we are really at a sticking point. . . because she doesn't care about what she doesn't have a testimony of! She is pretty flippant about it and just waves her hand and says, "I'll just quit a week before my baptism" That is really something that no missionary should tell their investigator. Technically, according to Preach My Gospel, it is a week, but Morgan really needs to dedicate herself to a longer period than that. I do love her and am praying on her and us to know what to do.

We went tracting before the chili cook off.  We talked to a lot of people but not potentials.  One lady said she had been to our church multiple times and that she really liked it. . . but that her roots were Southern Baptist. : /

The Chili cook off was really fun!  I got to be a judge, so that was pretty fun!  The guy we tracted into who said would come and bring his family, Mark, didn't show. : (  But Amanda did!  So that was nice.☺  It was fun just being with the ward and chilling.  They're the times that I feel "normal"☺ Haha!

March 1, 2014

Well, it's officially March now.  Another month has come and gone. : /

Today was a good/crazy day.  Since it was Saturday we could tract in the morning.  That was nice because we had appointments in the afternoon.  We have done stellar with our numbers this week!  Basically we just tracted cause we are supposed to, not cause we needed to boost our numbers, so that was nice.

We followed up on a lady we met on Tuesday, Claudia.  She is Hispanic and really cute!  We told her Spanish elders could come but she said she wanted to practice her English.☺  We are going back next week.  Hopefully that will turn into something!

We were supposed to go help Billie clean, but she wasn't there.  She spends almost her whole day by Mayo's side in the nursing home.  It's so sad and just breaks my heart!

Since Billie wasn't home, we went to follow up on a lady that the elders traced into.  She said the sisters had talked with her and she had been waiting for them to return.  We looked to see if we could find records for her.  Yup, waaaay back in October they had made a return appointment and had never gone back!  For heavens sakes!  We really do sometimes miss opportunities because we neglect to follow up.  I am thankful for second chances.  We knocked and she answered.  She had just put her son down and so we exchanged numbers.  Hopefully we can get with her sometime next week!!

We had about an hour and a half before dinner. So we went to visit the Arrowoods.  They are an older couple in our ward who I've never met.  They are sweet!  They got married when they were probably in their 40's, after both gone through divorces.  Brother Arrowood's ex-wife married his ex-brother-in-law.  Crazy!  Super random.  They both have 5 kids from their previous marriages.  Kinda Brady bunch right there. ☺

Dinner was at the Rethke's.  I like 'em!

After dinner we went to Billie's.  She had called us and told us to come over.  The sweet little thing.  This whole thing is just killing her!  She told us she wished her grandkids would love her like we did.  It just kills me that there is only so much I can do for her as a missionary!  The elders came over.  Boy!  Does she LOVE them!  She keeps telling them that they are cute, it's so funny!  Elder Peña gave her a blessing and it was so sweet!  He is so good at listening to the Spirit!  He told Billie to remember that families could be together forever.  She just burst into tears.  The Spirit was there and I know it testified to her!  Bit by bit, slowly but surely, she will get there. ☺  It was so hard to leave her but we were late for curfew.  But the reason was good.

We went home and checked the mail.  It's like the 3rd time this week that Sister Rowe has gotten a stack of letters.  I would be lying through my teeth if I didn't say I was a little jealous.  But I was also very glad!!  Cause I know how important mail is!  Especially when you first get out!  I feel like you slowly get used to fewer letters/mail as time goes on.  Ah well! ☺  I like being glad for her!

March 2, 2013

What an amazing Sunday!  Better yet, it was Fast Sunday!☺

This morning we had a lesson with Katelyn Wyman!☺  It was also Sister Rowe's first official lesson!  I felt bad because when I trained Sister Knight, she got to have her first lesson the day she got here.  Of course, when cute Sister Carrigan trained me, I didn't officially teach an investigator for a long time.  It's just interesting to see the work progressing at different stages.  Anyways, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and, like last time, she gets it all!  She is SO incredibly darling!  AND guess what?!?  She will be baptized at the end of this month after we get written permission from her mom.☺  Sweet!  I'm so excited!!  We are going to talk to her mom this week so hopefully it will work out!

Church was good today!  We got there a little early and were talking to the Arrowoods,  Brother Arrowood's daughter and son-in-law were visiting.  We were talking to them and aksing them where they were from.  They said Roosevelt!  So I asked if they knew any Syndergaards.  They do!!  They know Scott and Liza!!  Fun!!  I can't remember their name.  But he is their dentist.  Small world!  It was such a fun connection.☺

Told ya they are adorable!
After church we went to see the Tyes before dinner.  Sister Tye got home this week.  Their puppies are ADORABLE!!  Ah!  If you could just freeze German Shepards to be a puppy forever, I would have one!  We both got to hold and cuddle with one while we sat and talked.  It was super relaxing!  It was really hard leaving their house cause I didn't want to give that puppy up!  But I finally did so that we could go to dinner.

Dinner was at the Ashments.  She was the one who trimmed my hair.  They have 3 little boys.  While they finished dinner we goofed around with the boys.  It was fun.☺  I like being able to play with little kids.  One of the reasons is probably because if I can't hold 'em I might as well be able to play!!

We ended the night with a lesson at the Dustin's.  We did it on tithing.☺  Remember how I said we had a ton of candy?  Well, I just did what Bishop Jenkins used to do with us at tithing settlement!☺  Haha!  Got in a lesson AND got rid of the candy!  Sweet!  When we first walked in, they were watching Anne of Green Gables.  Talk about killer!  It took all of my will power not to plop down on the couch!☺

Well family, know that I love you buckets!  Y'all are my faves and I'm so very glad that you are MINE!  Can't wait to email ya!


P.S.  Pics for sure next week if Sister Heyland remembers my camera cord.  If she forgets, I'm just gonna go buy one.  I'm tired of not being able to send pics and Elder Roderick isn't here anymore for me to steal his.

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