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Friday, January 17, 2014

The New Me!! RM - - Means So Much More To Me Now!

December 2, 2013

Hey my favorite people in the universe!

Oh P-day!   How I love them.  Getting e-mails from you guys just makes everything brighter.  We started off today by going to the ENT specialist.  UGG!  The doctor that I had an appointment with at 11 didn’t even get to the office until after 11.  We had to waste an hour and a half of our P-day waiting!  I wasn’t too pleased about that!  When he finally came in to see me at 12:30 I was just about done.  At that point I didn’t care what I had!  I was just ready to leave.  He asked me some questions.  Does it hurt, itch, swell…yada,yada,yada…  No, it’s just weird and I want it gone.  Well, he looked and hummed and hawed for a second.  Then he asks if it changes and how it looks when it changes.  Yup!  Well, turns out I have a common case of geographic tongue.  Well!  Is that all?!?  Really?  There isn’t anything that you can really do about it.  Just let it run its course.  Well, okay then.  So there ya go.  All this worrying and wondering and all I have is a tongue map.  Haha.

After that we went and e-mailed, and hung out with the elders.  Sugar Hill is the ward next to us.  They are getting sisters next transfer so they kicked one set of elders out.  I would love to be one of the new Sugar Hill sisters.  Me and Sister Hooker!  We could white-wash Sugar Hill together.  That is what I am praying for.

We had to end P-day a bit early.  Last Sunday we announced in relief society that we would like to give families lessons and help them with visiting teaching.  Well, people are taking us up on that.  Along with dinner we had 2 other FHE lessons.  We asked the Holgados if we could eat a bit early in order to fit all the lessons in.  So we had dinner at 5:30 instead of 6.  I love the Holgados.  They are a fun family!  Sarah says she would like to come meet you when she stops in IF on her way to BYU Idaho.  That could be kinda fun.

After the Holgados we went to the Tuley’s.  They got baptized a little over a year ago.  Sister Tuley is divorced and has two sets of twins.  Rachel and Nick and then Scott and Daniel.  When Rachael was in high school she wanted to find a church.  She searched and searched, finally she found us and got baptized.  A little while later, Sister Turley and the rest of the boys got baptized too.  Pretty cool!  Rachael and Nick are both at BYU now.  You would never think that they are converts.  They are pretty main-stream.  
Then we went to the Willsons.  I like them.  We taught them the first vision.  They pretended they were investigators.  It was kinda fun.  And good practice too!

Oh!  Happy news!  Ben Willard is for sure getting baptized on the 4th of January.  His cousin is LDS and lives in California.  She told him she would fly here to be at his baptism!  He let us know tonight that he talked to her and she is for sure coming!  Ah!  What a great way to end the transfer!

December 3, 2013

Today wasn’t too eventful.  It rained all day long! Man, today was rainy!  Our first district meeting since transfers was today.  Have I mentioned how much I hate transfers?  They change everything!  Everyone in our district has new companions except Sister Knight and me.  It’s weird.  Do you remember Sister Stott from my MTC district?  She was Sister Hooker’s companion.  Well, she is now in my district again.  Sister Macedone got transferred out and Sister Stott will finish training Sister Jones. 

After district meeting we went and did our usual, off to help Marni.  Someday I hope that I can attend her baptism.  It will happen!  She gets so bored being home while the kids are gone.  We always end up just chatting with her before we clean.

It’s been pouring rain all day.  We got to tract in it!  I actually like tracting in the rain…  Which is good cause it is supposed to rain every day this week.  We went to one street and just weren’t feeling it.  No one was home.  So we headed to another street, still not too many people were home, but we felt okay about it.  So we tracted until dinner.

We ate at the Kemps tonight.  I haven’t eaten there since I first got here…  That may have been my first dinner here, I’m not sure.  It was fun.  I like the Kemps, we don’t get to interact with them a lot, but when we do it is always a good time!

We try to do some small acts of random kindness.  We decided to leave some flowers on Sister Azizi’s front porch.  I hope that she liked them.  But more importantly I really hope that she knows that we love her.  She is really a good lady.

I got 2 little packages in the mail.  One was from the stake YW presidency.  Did you put mine and Michelle’s (Tavener) pictures up on the wall?  Good.  I’m glad people cans see that one!   They wrote a really nice note.  So that was a fun little present.  Then I got one stuffed full of KitKat bars from Shawn Nance.  Funny man.  I sent him a thank you note both times he has sent to me in the past.  I hope that he is getting them.  I am grateful that people are thinking of me.

December 4, 2013

Well, if you had asked me how I thought today would turn out, I wouldn’t have predicted correctly.  So we get a text from the elders saying “congratulations district leader Elder Kilmer”.  What???  Elder Hales is the district leader.  Nope!  Turns out the AP’s told them wrong and they have switched it.  So Elder Hales kind of got demoted.  Not really I know that but sometimes it feels that way.  He is kind of bummed about it.  But he was district leader in his last district.  Kind of weird for both of them.

Then during 12 week we got a call from Elder Residori telling us we needed to come down to Lilburn to get our car checked out for the mirror.  So, we drove down to Lilburn.  We got to grab our mail and didn’t have to wait for it.  I got your two letters Momma, a wedding announcement from Wes and my new missionary tags that I ordered.  I got one for my scriptures!  Whoot!

We got our car looked at.  Elder Residori said there was no need to fill out an insurance claim for it!  Yah!  Only a small repair.  He had gotten our car mixed up with one that had a bigger problem.

We drove home, had lunch, and dropped off some Christmas invites to the elders.  We headed over to the other side of our area.  We parked and got a call from the elders.  Elder Rahman asked if we had any band-aids and napkins in our car.  They said that Elder Hales had crashed pretty bad…  We went to Walgreens real quick and got some band-aids and Neosporin thinking it was just a scrape or something.  Oh no!  We pulled up and Elder Hales is holding a little napkin to his chin, blood all over.  They said, “Sister George, you are in nursing, does he need stitches?”  Haha, kinda, sorta, and maybe on that.  I couldn’t really see because there was too much blood.  We got it cleaned up a little and oh ya he needs stitches.  His chin looked like someone had taken a big chunk out of it.  It was like 1:00 on a Wednesday, with no male members around or home to give them a ride.  I told them to get in our car and we took them to Urgent Care.  Five stitches later Elder Hales was all taken care of.  We got him home.  The doctor told them to take the rest of the day off.  I don’t think he could have done anything anyway. 

We had dinner with my darling Sister Watkins.  Oh how I love them.  She showed me that she had been texting you Momma.  I love that y’all talk to each other!  It makes me happy.  She said that she will text you every Tuesday once I’m out of Suwanee to see how I am doing.  I’m so very grateful that Heavenly Father sent me here to have the Watkins and the Galts and the Johnsons and well, everyone here in Suwanee!
So that was our crazy adventure of today…  Oh wait!  There is one more part to the crash story.  So while they were waiting for us a cop pulled up by them.  He just sat in his car texting.  He could see that Elder Hales was hurt and did nothing.  Elder Rahman asked if he had any napkins or anything.  He gave them napkins, rolled up the window and wouldn’t help!  So when they told us that I was so mad.  Dumb cop!

December 5, 2013

Well today wasn’t as adventurous as yesterday.  But, not every day can be an urgent care, blood filled mess of a day.  For that, I am glad though.  Oh boy!

I dyed my roots this morning.  Now I’m very auburn again. ☺  It’s weird how just your roots can make you look like you have a totally different color!  I miss dying my hair a different color every time.  Eh!  It’s only a year and a half that I have to do that though. ☺  No biggie!  My purple is going back in after my mission though!

So I don’t know why I was thinking this or why it’s such a weird thought to me.  In 2 months I will have had my mission call for a year, cause I got it in February.  A year after that I will be an RM.  It’s strange to me probably because I always used to associate RM’s with guys, but soon I will be in that group.  An RM just used to be someone I wanted to marry; now it means so much more.  It’s weird to thing that this has and will continue to be my life for only a year and a half.  I’m not the same person I was when I came out.  I like this new me better. ☺  This new me is more patient, loving and caring.  This new me is confident and feels good about herself.  This new me loves this gospel even more than I thought possible.  This new me has met some of the most amazing people in the world.  This new me understands the Atonement and how it can work in people’s lives more than ever before.  Yeah, I like the new me.  When people say that a mission is a sacrifice I want to shake my head.  They don’t understand.  This is not sacrifice.  Yes, some days I want to sit down and cry, some days you get door after door slammed in your face, but those are the days that Satan is getting really worried, because something great is just around the corner.  It is a privilege to be her.  I’m on the Lord’s errand.  I love how many scriptures there are about missionaries!  During personal study I came across one in 3 Nephi 5:13.  It says, “Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people that they might have everlasting life. “  I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  But I don’t see it as a sacrifice.  There is not sacrifice in getting to wear a little black name tag with my name right next to Christ’s.  There is not sacrifice in finding and teaching people about the gospel who are ready.   Okay, I guess there is one sacrifice for me.  Y’all.  Not getting to see and talk to y’all is hard.  But we will talk in a few weeks. ☺  This time next year you’ll be able to say, “See ya in a few weeks.  Kinda crazy!

Well today we did the usual.  Went and helped out Marni.☺  The rain let up while we were there.  For a little bit.  Poor elders.  Sometimes I feel guilty that we have a car while they are on their bikes.  Not so guilty that I want to switch them places though!  There is a fine line on my guilt. :-/

After Marni’s we went tracting.  Our mission really needs to get Korean speaking missionaries!  Holy cow!  So many Koreans!  I’m putting in another request for them this Monday.  Even our members ask about them.

We had dinner at the Tolivers to night.  Bother Toliver is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric.  I have never been over there before.  It was fun.  Sister Toliver went to France for her mission and Brother Toliver went to Bulgaria.  Man!  He had some wild stories!  His mission was rough!

After dinner we tried to go visit some less actives.  No one would answer.  It was about time to go home so we started heading back,  the heavens’ opened, and poured down rain.  LOADS of it!  My windshield wipers were going as fast as they could and I still couldn’t see!  We texted the elders, hoping they were okay.  Next thing we know they are calling us.  They were at the Glenn’s but needed us to come get their bikes, so we headed over.  All the DL’s and ZL’s are in training for today and tomorrow so Elder McMurdie, Elder Kilmer’s companion is with our elders,  so we had 3 bikes to load.  We got there and I just started putting bikes in the car.  Elder Hales runs out and told me he would put them on.  He said in his family his sisters say, “Jump.” and his dad say, “How high?”  I just laughed, I was fine with putting them on.  He told me when we got to the apartment we weren’t allowed to get out of the car.   We beat them by 10 minutes.  I got out of the car.  When they pulled up, Elder Hales kinda threw up his arms and said, “Sister George!  Why are you out of the car?”  I had a raincoat on . . . they didn’t.  They are good guys.  I sure do like those elders of ours.  I think so far I have served with some pretty amazing ones! ☺  Heavenly Father has been oh so nice to me!!

December 6, 2013

Depending on who you talk to I only have 19 more days until I get to talk to y’all! ☺  If we are going by the way we count in our family though there are only 17.   Today doesn’t count, Christmas Eve doesn’t count and Christmas doesn’t count. ☺  I like how we count better!

The elders came over for a minute during planning.  They came to get a back fender for Elder Hales bike.  We took it off of Sister Knight’s bike. ☺  We talked with them for a minute, Elder Hales reached into his bag to grab something and out fell a heart.  Like the Halloween decoration ones, the anatomically correct ones.   He picks it up and says, “Here.” And hands it to me.  I looked at him and said, “What is this?  I don’t want it!”  Elder McMurdie pipes up, “Sister George!  He is giving you his heart!  You’re denying it?!?!”  Whatever!  They are silly.  It was kind of a thanks for helping with stitches and such.

Oh! Random side note. . . I forgot to tell you when I found out. . . Sister Hooker knows the Beckhams!  She knows Brayden and Brittany!  Kinda fun!  Oh!  And speaking of Brittany. . . was she in the Philippines when the storm hit?  What about Kade Bodily!  I know all the missionaries are safe, but how are they?  Also, do you remember me telling you that one of our YSA guys, Scott White, knows Matt Monk?  Well on Sunday Scott comes running up to me to tell me that Matt is engaged!!  FUN!  Some sister that he served with.  I am really happy for him. 

We met with Kiaundra today.  Oh I love that girl!  I know she will eventually get baptized.  I just wanna know when. . . her family makes her feel guilty for coming.  She has been going back home to North Carolina a lot.  I don’t know if I will see her again before I leave.

Tracting was quite the adventure today.  We knocked on one door and a lady answers the door, looks at us and says, “Oh no.  This is a lesbian house.  You need to leave.”  Well, alrighty then!  At another house the guy answers and we start talking and he goes, “No, I’m Catholic.”  Okay, well then I asked him about family history (our family history center is having an open house tomorrow and I was going to invite him).  I said, “Do you like doing family history?”  His response, “No, I’m Catholic.”  Umm, okay but I’m pretty sure Catholics do family history. 

When we were getting ready to head to dinner we decided to do 2 more houses.  The first, the guy looks out the window and tells us to go away.  So we go to the next one.  Suddenly I hear, “This is a no soliciting neighborhood!  There are signs all over!  You get in your car and leave!”  I said, “Yup, okay.” and kept walking.  I told Sister Knight we were going to do the next door even though we had decided that was the last one.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  She asked, “Do you want him to call the cops?!?”  Yes actually I did!  He was rude, we aren’t soliciting an the cops can’t arrest us.  He didn’t call the cops

We had dinner at the Moores.  But you know that cause Sister Moore sent you a picture.  More and more families are doing that!  I love it!
Thank-you Sister Moore for the picture!!

After dinner we tried to go see less active again.  None of them want to talk to us :-/ bugger!

December 7, 2013

Oh boy!  What a crazy, fun day!  Missionary work during the holidays is for sure not the same as the other times of the year!

Today we went over to help the Galt’s neighbor, Debbie, put up her Christmas light.  Do you remember Tim, the guy who died in September, we helped set up his memorial service?  It’s his wife.  Us, the elders, and Galts.  You already know that because Sister Galt sent pictures.☺  It was way fun!  We had a good time.  Debbie said she really wants to learn more so we are going to tag team teach her!  It will be fun!  We are excited.

We had lunch with Brother Pickett and talked  about what was going on with all our investigators.  I think the elder’s pool is picking up so that’s good!  They have had a VERY rough week.  I hope this next one is better for them!

The family history center had an open house today so we all went over there.  We talked with the sisters that work there for a while.  The family history ladies blame EVERYTHING that goes wrong on us.  President Galt just rolled his eyes when we talked about it. ☺  He just says to ignore it.  Thanks!  Cause all we do is e-mail!

Then we went to the Watkins…  Kelsey Barrett used to be a sister here and is back visiting so we got to meet her.  She’s cute, I like her!  She is an Aggie.  She might Facebook me.  We hung out there for a bit and then the elders came over to give a lesson.  They just followed us around all day. 

The Collins Hill ward was having their Christmas party at our building.  Sister Paepae asked if we would come, she was doing the hula.  I told her we wouldn’t miss it!  To the end of the night we went over to the Smith’s.  Sister Smith was doing the Forgotten Carols.  Michael and Brittany came and so did Ben and Casey.  It was fun.

Poor Casey.  She is having a really hard time with her mom being gone and it being the holidays.  It breaks my heart.  She feels pressure with school and learning the gospel.  Ben told us last time the whole story of Judy’s death.  It is way sad.  They are absolutely awesome and I love them so very much.  I know they love each other and that is the only way to get through something like that.  Well their love for each other and the gospel of course.

December 8, 2013

Ben came to sacrament meeting today.  He didn’t feel too good though so he left.  But he came to the most important part!

After church we hung around for a while.  Because of tithing settlement a whole bunch of families were there.  We talked to them for a while.  Then we went tracting.  We had to contact 22 people to get our 70 for the week.  It was SO cold!  Luckily we had our gloves and stuff thanks to Sister Fullwood!

We had 5 more until we hit 70 and then we got a call from Sister Galt.  We were supposed to have dinner at 6 with them and Debbie.  There was a mix-up though and Debbie was coming at 5.  So we tracted back to our car, just barely getting our 5 other contacts!  Whoot! 

It was a good dinner.  Debbie so needs the gospel.  She is ready.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said “Oh, I am so excited to read this!”  It was awesome.

She had to leave so we sat and talked with the Galts.  Sister Galt got the videos that you sent me to work!  They made me cry!  I’m glad I got to see them.

President Galt loves that I like to be up there doing stuff with the guys.  He loved that I wanted to go up on the roof to hang lights.  At dinner he couldn’t get a jar open so he handed it to me.  It tickled him silly when I popped it open on the second try.  I’m not as strong as I pretend to be, but nobody needs to know that!
We got to watch some of the Christmas devotional, so that was fun!  We did have to leave to do numbers, but what we saw was great.

Well, I love y’all.  I can’t wait to e-mail.

Love, Molly

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