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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tis the Season and I LOVE it!

December 9, 2013

Hannah, Happy Birthday.  Happy birthday baby girl!!!  I’m glad that you are mine.  I hope that you had a great day.  And school was cancelled?  You lucky duck.  Guess what?  Your new boots look like mine.  We are twinners, sweet!  Daddy said you like your name tag.  Good, I am glad.

Today was pretty dang fun.  E-mailing was great.  That is the fastest e-mailing that I have ever done.  Just think, next week when I have e-mailed there will be less than 2 weeks until we get to see and talk to each other.  Ah!  I am so very excited!  For now, we are planning on doing it at Sister Fullwood’s.  I’m not sure what time yet.  We will get it figured out.  It sounds like everyone is doing really great!  You all sound happy.  Good.

So the elders borrowed our car today to get groceries.   This is a vital point in our day.  Just remember, they took our keys in order to drive the car.  When they got back we headed over to Gainsville.  Whoot!  It was and adventure driving over there.  It was pouring rain.  I had my windshield wipers on as fast as they would go.  No worries.  We got there safe and sound.  Then, we hopped in the car with Sister Hooker and Sister Parrins and went to their member’s house.  I have always wanted to learn how people do the roses out of frosting.  Guess what?  She taught us.  I think that mine turned out the best.☺  We had a blast laughing talking and decorating.  No worries.  I took pictures.  You will get those before you get this letter.
 The ever lovely Sister Knight!
 Me and my heart's friend Sister Hooker!!
 Sister Knight, Me, Sister Hooker, Sister Parrins
Sister Knight and ME
After we were done, we went back to their apartment and sat on the floor and just talked.  It was SO nice to just feel like a regular girl for a moment!  Not that we didn’t talk all missionary stuff cause we did.  It was just fun to have it be more than just Sister Knight and Sister George.  Although we are pretty awesome when it is just us!!  We all just had a great time!

We headed home for dinner at 6.  We ate with the Cooks tonight.  They are a sweet older couple in the ward.  It was fun.  Boy, can they talk your ear off. ☺  They talked about their kids and the ward and everything in between.  We had a blast with them!!  When we left Brother Cook handed us presents.  They got us cute fuzzy socks and chocolate.  Brother Cook kept asking us if Elder Hales was okay?  Brother Cook is worried that he may have some lingering effects from his crash and a concussion.

Ok, now on to why the elders took our car.  So we get back home and start to plan.  I look over at our tree and there is the little gold box we had given the elders yesterday that had the heart in it.  We looked but the heart wasn’t in the box.  Finally we found it in the fridge.  Those sneaky buggers.  We were laughing hard though.  All in the name of good fun I guess.

December 10, 2013

Holy Cow!  Can you believe that I have been out for 5 months.  I sure don’t feel like it has been that long.  It is crazy how time can fly by when you’re busy.   I’m glad that I am still in my first area and that I haven’t been booted yet.

Today turned out to be one of those unplanned days.  It started out with zone meeting.  I had to give a training :\  “How to get investigators to come to church”.  According to the ZL’s we have had the most consistent number of investigators coming to church.  Well great.  So we get in there and before we start, in walks President Wolfert and the AP’s.  OF COURSE!  The one time that I have to give a training in zone meeting, the president shows up.  I hate giving training.  I really do.  So I had a training to give and President Wolfert was there.  I was a wreck.  But it turned out okay.  President told me it was good (even though I think that he has to say that, like when your parents have to compliment you).  The rest of zone meeting was just long.

We went to lunch at Panda Express.  I got to be with Elder Harmon and Sister Hooker.  So that was fun.  Our meeting ran late so everything was pushed back.  The elders didn’t come to lunch with us because they had a lesson with an investigator.  They did text us later and said “Investigator with a baptismal date? Check!”  I’m really excited for them.

We were getting ready to head to Marni’s when the elders called us and said they had a broken bike.  Sisters to the rescue.  We borrowed Marni’s husband’s bike and took it to the elders.

We went back to Marni’s , cleaned, and then went to get our dinner from Sister Rodriguez.  We had to drop it off at home.  We didn’t have time to eat because we were headed over to the Qureshi’s to help them move.  Sister Queshi has cancer and they decided to move back to Arizona to be by family.  None of their family knows, they just think that they are coming home for Christmas.  We showed up and knocked, and rang.  Nobody was home.  The McKennas live next door so we called Sister McKenna and asked if we could come over and visit.  She was making sugar cookies for our ward Christmas party on Friday.  So we helped her with that.☺  It was lots of fun.  

Making cookies with Sister McKenna - doesn't get better than that!

We listened to Christmas music and made and ate cookies.  Daddy!  The song that David Bowie and Bing Crosby sing together was on.  You know the Little Drummer Boy?  I know that you like that song.  It made me think of you.

December 11, 2013

Oh my goodness.  At the rate this week is going we are never going to have a normal day!  So this morning was a little crazy.  First, our elders came over to get some materials from us and then the Buford Spanish-speaking elders came over.  They are getting transferred and President is shutting down the Buford Spanish area for a little bit.  President is changing some sisters over to Spanish-speaking and they will probably open that area back up later.  So they came over so that we could sign each other’s books.

After lunch, we decided to try and go see Mary and Arianna.  They still haven’t moved.  They weren’t home though.  We didn’t have any appointments so we went tracting.  Ugg!  Nobody was home today.  We tracted for over two hours and only got one stinkin' contact.  Last week our numbers were amazing.  This week, not so much! 

There was one house that we thought was really cute.  It had a bridge to the front door.  We knocked and nobody answered, so we rang the doorbell.  Nobody answered.  Sister Knight wanted her picture taken on the bridge and I thought that would be fine because nobody was home.  I was taking her picture when a lady throws open the door.  Sister Knight turns around and says “Oh, hi!”,  and starts talking.  The lady turns around and starts doing something at the entry table.  She whirls around and slams a paper on the door, yells at us to read it, and SLAMS the door.  I didn’t even bother reading it, we just turned around and started walking away.  Suddenly we hear the door fling open and she starts yelling at us again, telling us that we woke her up, that she is a Jew, and that nobody wants to hear us, and that they were going to put up a no soliciting sign.  Then, she SLAMS the door again.  I have never seen someone with such an ugly countenance before.  It was really sad.  I guess that just goes to show that our mood and actions really do show on our faces.  It was 2 in the afternoon and how would we know someone was sleeping.  What does it matter that she is a Jew.  They need Christ in their life too.  People do want to hear us!  Our families, the members here, the Lord, our investigators.  The list goes on and on.  And as for having a no soliciting sign out in front of the neighborhood.  A) we are not soliciting  B) it’s actually illegal for subdivisions to put that out and C) a sign isn’t going to stop the Lord’s work.  

At 3  we went over to the Qureshi’s to help them pack to move.  They have been packing all week and are moving back to be by their families.  Sister Qureshi said that everything just fell into place for them in the space of a couple of week since they found out about the cancer.  So we helped them pack everything.  The elders came over too.  We will miss them they are a great family.

We had a relief society activity tonight, “The Christmas Social” oooh, fancy.  We invited Brittany and she came!  It was really fun.  Sister Gertson took our picture and sent it to you.  She is a funny lady.  She kind of reminds me of Jenny.  There was shrimp but it was still a little frozen.  So Sister Gertson stuck hers on a toothpick and put it over a candle so that it would thaw.  It was pretty funny.  Oh!  Just so you know that was Brittany with Sister Knight and I in the picture.  Have you sent any photos to the sister’s families in your ward?  I hope so.

 Me, Sister Knight, and Brittany

December 12, 2013

Good heavens, December is just flying by. 

Last week we had made an appointment to see Richard for today.  We called him to just make sure.  He didn’t want us to come.  I haven’t told him that I will probably be leaving soon.  I’m afraid he won’t let the missionaries come any more once I’m gone.  He is pretty leery of missionaries that he doesn’t know.  I am the only one left that he knows.  I will try to stay in touch with him when I leave.  He has made so much progress!

We went over to Bro. Hiers today with Sarah.  Because of the rule, we don’t get over there much anymore.  Tomorrow is his birthday so he really wanted us to come.  The elders still go over there and they had told us that Brother Hiers didn’t have any ornaments for his Christmas tree.  We all ended up writing on an ornament.  He was pretty pleased with the ornaments.  It was the elder’s idea, pretty good one too.  Good job elders!!!

After Brother Hiers we met up with Kiaundra at the church.  She is leaving for North Carolina for 3 weeks.  This is probably the last time I will see her.  Someday she will be baptized.  Another seed has been planted.  She will get there, I know she will.  Heavenly Father has a plan.  I don’t know what the heck it is, but He has one.  I did my part in His plan and I will continue to do so…

We went and helped Marni after that.  Ah!  I love her and her kids and her husband!  They are all just amazing.  I cannot wait until I get the call that they are getting baptized.  I know that it will happen.  I will do my darndest to be there when it happens.  I love that little family.  I am amazed to see how intricate the details of our lives are and how Heavenly Father works little things into our lives to make big differences.
We tracted before dinner and then headed over to the Watkins.  They were coming with us to visit our family, Wes and Julie.  They took us out to eat.  They are funny, those two. ☺ I sure do like them.
We went over to our family’s house but Julie said to come back later.  Hopefully they really do want to learn.  It would be a bummer if they don’t.

December 13, 2013

Momma!  I forgot to tell you.  I got your letters Wednesday and the one from Sister Allen too.  That one letter was from forever ago.  It was fun to get though.  I like having you send it straight to me.  They get here so much faster!  So you said to write Lindsay Kuhn.  I e-mailed her a letter but if she wants a hand-written letter then I need her address.  She said she would give it to me and never did. Thanks for getting me Trevin’s address from his mom.  I can’t believe that Boston and Tanner are home!  Crazy.  Have you seen either one of them yet?  Have they changed at all?

I got quite teary when you said you had talked to Zach at Thanksgiving.  I don’t think he will ever really know how much it meant/means to me that he would be so nice to me in high school.  He will forever be one of my favorite cousins!  He probably takes the cake for the George side (though I do love a lot of my cousins on that side).  I so wish I could be at his wedding, I pray that I can be at the sealing!  I would love a wedding invite.  Even if I can’t make it.  I got one from Wes a few weeks ago.  That was fun! 
Missionaries can have headphones for the computers when we go on P-day and are all watching different messages….(totally random).

Today was grand ole’ weekly planning.  Nothing eventful happened there.  Afterwards we got ready and headed out.  The elders had texted us and asked us if we wanted to do service.  We had an hour until that so we headed over to the church to make copies of a few things.  The elders bikes were there and we saw them in the family history center.  The door was wide open so we said hey.  Turns out they were having a lesson.  :\   I felt so bad.  They should have shut the door though.  It was with their investigator that is getting baptized on the 28th.  I’m excited for them.

We got a media referral so we headed out to see her.  Her husband answered the door and told us that nobody with her name lived there.  We double checked in the phone book.  She does too!  We will try again later.

Tracting was pretty boring.  We did knock on one door and the lady answered and when I told her who we were she said, “Oh!  Well you had better get out of here because I am a pagan.”  I still talked to her for a few more minutes.  She was pretty nice.  It was like she was warning us that something bad was going to happen.

Sister Watkins had asked if we would help her with the food she had to cook for our ward Christmas party tonight.  She was cooking turkey and they had asked people to make gravy out of the drippings.  Sister Watkins was looking at and she kept saying she had no idea how to make gravy.  Well, Momma, I had watched you make it enough times that I figured I could do it.  I told Sister Watkins last time she wasn’t allowed to call and talk to you while I was there.  Darn that lady!  I’m making gravy and next thing I know she is on the phone with you.  I don’t think it is bad for her to call and talk to you when I’m not there but it’s another story when I’m RIGHT THERE.  She just was so proud that I had watched you enough times to make gravy and she wanted you to know it…oh boy!  She's a stinker but a stinker that I love.

Before we left for the party we got on the topic of stockings and I said that Sister Knight and I had some hung up with our names taped to them.  Sister Watkins rolls her eyes, grabs my arm and pulls me to the hallway.  Hung up are 10 stockings.  On one of them it says “Molly”,   The  other missionaries also had stockings as well as Sister Fulwood.  I just lost it.  I couldn’t stop crying.  I just kept thinking how grateful I was to Heavenly Father for placing this amazing lady in my life!  I got a stocking with my name on it.
 My Name on my Stocking 
 Don't look at the date cuz it's a little confusing
This is REALLY Christmas Day
But I wanted you to see the stockings
Sister Knight's Stocking!

Sister Watkins let everyone know about the gravy.  Tons of people came up to me and talked about it.  It was pretty funny.  Ben came.  I’m so very excited for him.  He is so elect!  I almost feel like we are not really teaching him.  I’m just grateful that I get to be his missionary.  I just hope that he know how much I love him and what it has meant to me to be blessed with the opportunity of teaching him.   The primary put on the nativity for the program.  It was pretty cute.  They did a good job.

We helped clean up and talked with people.   As we were leaving we got handed these huge pots of mashed potatoes.  They wouldn’t not let us take them.  I am not sure what we will do with all of those potatoes.
Happy Friday the 13th!

December 14, 2013

We did a bunch of stuff this morning.  Service and a luncheon.  We stopped at the Galts on our way home to drop off some extra decorations Debbie had that were being given to Brother Hiers.  We ended up talking with them for about an hour.  Momma, Sister Galt is very excited to meet you.  Do you remember Theresa?  She was the one walked into the church needing some help.  Well, she hasn’t been meeting the elders anymore.  That is sad to me.
We had dinner at the Adams tonight and we taught Ben.  He is just super awesome!  I am so excited for his baptism.  It is going to be awesome!  Then we went to the stake choir’s Christmas concert.  It was really good.  I was super tired though and trying to stay awake.  We get to go to it again tomorrow night too.  So I can pay attention better tomorrow night.

December 15, 2013

Only 9 more days.  It’s weird to think that I haven’t talked to you guys in almost 6 months.  Lately it seems to me like I just left.  Sister Knight and I are getting along great we really love each other, both us and the elders are picking Suwanee back up, we are all friends, I love my ward, the list goes on. ☺

Today we were at the church all day long!  We had ward counsel at 9:15 this morning.  We got out to the car and the battery was dead.  Oops!  We had left a light on.  Luckily Brother Pickett was picking up the elders so he came and jumped our car for us.  Of course, all we did was drive to the church so we had to get it jumped again later.  Both Ben and Will (the elder’s investigator) came to church.  They are both great.

After church, Sister Johnson asked if I could play the piano for her family while they sing at sacrament meeting next week.  So we practiced that.  Then we helped set back up for the Christmas concert and all the props.  They had a stable made out of birch.  
 This is how I found out I am allergic to birch.
Kinda glad you can tell I am allergic yet.

We set that up, and then the itching started.  My arms and neck and face.  I was red everywhere!  I couldn’t stop scratching.  Sister Galt looked at me and said, “O, sweetie!  I think you are allergic to the birch!”  It was about 5:00 by this time.  One of the ladies went and got two Benadryl.  We went over to the John’s for dinner and that is when it hit me.  Man, was I tired!  Then we went straight back to the church.  We got there and President Galt had saved us 2 seats.  So, we were in the front AND by President Galt.  I was SO tired!!  My eyes were closed for more than half of the program, I wasn’t sleeping but I was on the verge.  Sister Knight kept feeding me candy to keep me awake. She was a life saver!!

After the program we ran into the elders and they “kindly” told me I looked just about dead.  Elder Rahman said something and I couldn’t even respond.  He laughed and told me that is how he knew I was tired, because normally I don’t have a problem talking. 

We got home and I got straight into bed.  I would fall asleep and then someone would call us and scare me awake.  Ah well!  Life as a missionary on Benadryl.

I love you fam!  I can’t wait to talk to you.  Make sure you get me the facetime information by Monday.

Love, Molly

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