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Saturday, November 29, 2014

What I Wish I Could Go Back and Tell My Greenie Self

November 17, 2014

At the top of this letter there are Chinese characters then the following:  (pronounced nee-how) J

Sister Kang wrote it on a sticky not and I copied it.  Hers is much prettier!  She told me mine was very clear.  Yeah!  Cause it took me forever to write!  Haha!  I’m pretty sure it’s actually terrible.  But I’ll just let her tell me that it’s good. J

It has POURED all day long here!  And it’s super annoying cause we have Zone Conference tomorrow and we have car inspections.  It would rain on the day we have to clean our car. : /  But that’s a story for a little later.

E-mailing was good today. J  It was kinda annoying though cause our library only lets you on for 30 minutes and if someone else is waiting, it kicks you off and you have to wait for another computer.  That happened to me a few times, so it took me a while to get e-mailing done!  I try to go fast so my companions don’t have to wait.

After shopping, we went to Ulta (it’s a makeup store) and it got my eyebrows waxed.  They have been driving me NUTS!  Haha!  Sister Kang told Sydney about in in her letter.  So funny. J

 We shopped and what not.  By the time we got done with everything it was 4:30ish.  We were driving all over to find a carwash.  Even though it was cold and windy and looked like it would start pouring again at any second!  Finally we found one so we got the car washed and vacuumed.  THEN we went home and I waxed the car (it was FREEZING!!) and Sisters Kang and Motuliki cleaned the inside (wiping everything down and cleaning the windows).  It was cold and dark by the time we finished at 6:00.  Gosh dang it!  We better win!!  I want the 50 extra miles the winner gets for 3 months until the next zone conference.  The Sister Training Leaders (STL’s) got their car done by a detail place for $20 and I know the Zone Leaders (ZL’s) paid $25 for theirs.  Ours was $5 and an hour spent in the cold.  Just for that we should win!!!

Sister Beaver was supposed to have us over for dinner but she didn’t feel good.  She was so thoughtful and got us Chinese takeout.   That probably worked out to our advantage cause we were tired and cold after cleaning the car and we were able to just sit in our apartment and eat. 

We had a lesson with Yin!  Her mom and dad were working but we still taught her. J  Before we went in for the lesson, we were sitting in the car saying a prayer.  After the prayer, Sister Motuliki points outside and goes, “Ah!  A giant mouse!!”  I look out and start laughing, a possum was crossing right in front of our car.  It was SO funny!  I mean, they DO look like giant rats. J

Our lesson with Yin went great!  We taught ½ in English this time and taught the Plan of Salvation.  About ½ way through, Yin told us that her grandma had taught her some of this before. . . SO cool!!  Oh my goodness!  The Lord has TOTALLY prepared them for this!!  AND Sister Kang put Yin on date for December 6th all by herself. J  Ah!  So cool!!  I don’t think Yin fully gets what she is committing to yet.  Sister Kang had to explain what baptism was, but by the time the 6th comes around, she’ll be ready. J

Ah!  I forgot about my other funny story!  So while we were grocery shopping, I again was trying to keep an eye on both Sisters.  Sister Motuliki was in one isle getting toothpaste and Sister Kang was in another isle.  Sister Motuliki comes back to me and throws her toothpaste in the cart.  I look at it and ask her what brand she got.  I grab it and look at the label and just start giggling. . . she had gotten denture cream!! J  Haha!!  When I explained to her what she had grabbled, her face got this disgusted look.  It was SO funny!!

November  18, 2014

Today was a good day, but also a very sad day.  Today was Zone Conference, which was great!  But, it was my last Zone Conference, which was not so great.  Where did the time go?!?  Most of Zone Conference I just sat and thought about my first Zone Conference.  That was the ZC that the AP’s (Assistants to the President) had me do a duet with Sister Macedone.

I remember that first ZC watching all these missionaries stand up at the end to bear their testimonies.  They all talked about how fast it all goes.  I remember sitting there and thinking, “Yeah right!  I still have FOREVER!”  I remember thinking how much like missionaries those missionaries looked . . . and then there was me, this greenie from Idaho who still really didn’t know what exactly she was doing.   Who thought the day would never come when she would get up to bear her testimony and know that it was the last ZC she would attend.   But it happened- -it happened today.  It doesn’t feel real, I still feel like I have a few more ZC’s in me.  I don’t feel like I’m a missionary who looks like a missionary.  I feel like I’m a missionary just getting the hang of things!

I hate bearing my testimony in front of other missionaries.  I don’t know why, I love doing it with investigators, recent converts and members.  I guess I feel like maybe they’ll think my testimony isn’t as strong or something.  Totally irrational, I know.  But I did go up at the end.  My heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest!  But I did it.  I bore my testimony.  It wasn’t big or extravagant, it didn’t have a story in it, I just bore it of the things that I know.  I wish I could go back and tell my little greenie-self that it really would go fast, it goes so fast that it is almost like a dream. 

I still have 2 months left though!  Yes, they are going to fly by, of that I have no doubt.  But, they also hold many things.  These next 2 months hold people who need the gospel, they hold sadness and they hold joy, they hold many laughs and a few frustrations, they hold memories that will last for eternity, and I can’t wait. J

Haha!  Our car won!!!  Whoot!!  So now we have 50 extra miles for the last few months that I’m here!  Everyone kept telling us the reason we won was cause our car is newer than the rest of theirs.  Psh!  We totally worked for those miles!  They’re just jealous! J

We got home from the meeting around 5ish.  We didn’t have a dinner appointment so we decided to go out and tract then come in at 8 for dinner.  As we tracted we talked about Zone Conference.  Sister Motuliki was so cute!  She told me that while I was up bearing my testimony the sisters behind her were whispering to each other and saying how pretty I was.  It’s always nice to hear those kinds of things. J  They make ya feel good!

We had a return appointment with a potential, Myriam.  Not gonna lie, I didn’t really think she would be there, lack of faith on my part. : /  But she was home!!  She let us in and we taught her the first lesson.  She is a super sweet lady and she said we could come back. J  It made me sad though cause when we asked how she would feel to know she could be with her family for time and eternity, she said she wasn’t sure if that would happen but if it happened, it would happen.  ACK!  I will never understand why people aren’t more excited about this news that they can be bound to their families for eternity.  But we will get her there. J

We also went and visited the Beckstrands.  I like them!!  Brother Beckstrand is AMAZING with wood.  Right now he is making a beautiful heart box for his cousin.  He showed us how he steams the wood in order to bend it and shape it.  What a cool talent!  He is a funny guy.  He’ll start talking about growing up on his ranch and just tell story after story.  Poor Sisters Kang and Motulikot confused and had no idea what he was talking about.  A language barrier has really got to be hard sometimes.

When we got home Sister Motuliki asked me why Brother Beckstrand was talking about a coat.  Haha!  No, a GOAT!  I am not sure what she misunderstood but she goes, “Oh!  So do goats not drink water?”  I said, “No, they do, all animals drink water.”  Then Sister Kang pipes up and says, “Except fish!!”  I said, “Well, but it’s how fish breath.”  Then Sister Kang goes, “Oh! I guess they do drink water cause fish pee.”  Sister Motuliki gets this thoughtful face on and goes, “Wait!?!  Fish go pee?  I swim in the ocean.  There are ton of fish in the ocean!!  Eeewwww!!”  Haha!  Oh the discussions that occur, all because of a goat. J  I love my life!  It does make you think twice about wanting to swim in the ocean though!!

November 19, 2014

This morning we went to teach Coco.  She spoke a lot more in English today!  I was so impressed with her. J  She went to her English class last night and they learned cooking terms.  We went over that again.  She wanted to learn more fruit and veggie names so we got her iPad and got pictures of a whole bunch of different fruits and veggies.  One popped up that was a dragon fruit.  I said I had never tried it before.  Coco got really excited and said she had one.  She cut it up and let us try it. J  Not too bad!  I think I’ll stick with kiwi though.  It’s very similar; I just like the kiwi taste better. J  It was fun to try though!!

We went home and did our studies and had lunch.  I got a letter from Sister Hooker!!  She says that we sit next to each other on the plane ride home!!  Ah! J  I will be SO happy if that’s true!!  She also wants to know when my homecoming talk will be.  We want to try and be at each other’s homecoming talks. I dunno when I am giving mine though.  Do you know Daddy!  I’m good with whenever. 

Then we tracted until dinner.  I have been having Sister Motuliki and Sister Kang pick the streets we are going to tract.  Every night they pick 3 roads from off the map and that is where we go!  We drove to the first street and all our eyes got huge.  But not as huge as the houses!!  They were GINORMOUS!!  The subdivision next to the one we were at was called something like “Mansion Way.”  For real?!?  It was ridiculous!  We tracted about 3 houses and just felt like it wasn’t where the Lord needed us to be, so we went to the other street they had picked.  It was this random ½ circle off the main road.  I missed it the first time we drove past it.  There were only about 6 houses on this little street.  We knocked on the first 2 and got nothing.  At the 3rd house as we were walking up we saw an older man watching us and talking on his cell.  I inwardly sighed when I saw that cause 99.9% the time people just tell us they’re busy when you catch them on the phone.  This guy, Tom, was one of the 0.1% though.   He got off his phone and talked with us.  He told us that he wife wasn’t home but could we come back on Saturday to talk with them more.  What?!?  YES!

I know that these miracles aren’t happening because of me and my faith.  It’s all because of my 2 comps!  I’m so glad that I get to be with them and experience these tender mercies too!!

Dinner was with the Fritz’s (the Belnap’s daughter).  They have 2 little kids Andde and Carter who are just adorable!  Ah!  I love them. J  During our thought after dinner, Andde just snuggled up to me. J  She is so stinkin’ cute!  I just love her!!

After dinner we did a few drop bys with people.  Our last stop was Jackie (in our apartment complex).  Her son, Christian, is 7 years old and he is just the cutest thing ever!  He has started sassing off to his mom a little bit so we gave him a challenge; he has to tell him mom 3 things each night that he is grateful for.  Jackie talked about how she wanted to get him around church kids and have church in his life.  I hope this is what will get her to start coming to church!  I know that whatever the reason is that gets her there may not be the same reason that gets her to stay.  You just never know.  The Lord works in mysterious ways. J

November 20, 2014

Okay, another funny story from the life of Sister George and her foreign companions.  J  So we were talking and Sister Kang rubs her rear and says, “AH!  My a_ _ hurts!”  Part of me was laughing but the other part of me was like, Ah!  No!  Haha!  I just told her not to say that  because in English it was a swearword.  She was so confused.  I guess in Taiwan it is a common word that is in their textbooks and stuff.  Oh my!  I was trying SO hard not to giggle!  It made me feel like a parent teaching their child not to say something even though it was a little funny. J  I have to tell you that I am loving pretty much every second of this companionship.  Ya know, there are always a few frustrations, but it is basically the best. J  I just love both of these two companions of mine!

This morning we went to see Sister Hopkins.  She is a good lady.  I haven’t spent the time with her that I spent with Miss Billie or Sister Shirley but I do love her.  Poor Sisters Kang and Motuliki just kinda nod their way through our visits with her because they have no idea what she is talking about half of the time.  Poor Sisters!!  They do good though. J

Tomorrow is the follow up meeting for Sister Kang, which is nuts!  I can’t believe that it has already been 3 ½ weeks since transfers!  The weeks have flown!!  But since we have the meeting, we had to do our weekly planning today, but we also still had to do the studies with 12 week and language study.  Ah!  So much stuff!

As we went to tract we hung our garbage on our bike rack. . . and then forgot all about it.  :P  So we drove all the way down the road to where we were going to trac, with our garbage hanging behind us!!  Haha! J  I’m surprised it didn’t break!  Oops!  Luckily we quickly found a dumpster to throw it in.  Sister Kang and Sister Motuliki were giggling SO much.  It tickled them to no end!  And it made me laugh cause they though it was so funny!

After that we were all on one!!  Tracting was just hilarious!!  Sister Kang kept hip checkin' us as we walked, but her hips only come to mid thighs for us.  Sister Motuliki was just being so silly!  And I was just laughing at them both!  I love these sisters so much!  I am so glad the Lord gave them to me as my companions for these last 2 transfers!!  I’m praying with everything I have that Sister Motuliki doesn’t get transferred this next transfer.  Everyone thinks she will, but I’m not so sure about that.  Not only do I still need her, but she and Sister Kang really need each other!

We had our dinner cancel so we had dinner from 7-8 before our appointment with Siddi.  Instead of just going home, we went to Chik-fil-a. J

Sister Mack texted me and told me she had a recipe for me.  Thanks!  She can be your Johns Creek Georgia Peep. J  I love the Macks so much!  They are just the best!   Their son got home on Wednesday from his mission in the Philippines.  I am so happy for them.

Siddi is just as cute as ever!  She is so funny!  She goes onto and studies and reads a ton!  She takes notes and then will give us a slew of questions when we go over!   She loves the gospel SO much!

We got home the elders texted us and told us to keep someone who we knew in our prayers.  The elders had found out that this person was in the hospital.  When we texted why, they called us.  They told us that a friend had reported that this person was planning on committing suicide and so they had been taken to the hospital.  When my darling Sister Kang heard that, she just dropped to the ground and started crying.  I got off with the elders and started talking with her.  She shared a very personal story with me about someone she loves who had tried to do that.  She just cried and cried and all I could do was hold her.  My sweet, happy, amazing Sister Kang has had her fair share of hard times.  My heart just broke!!  She looked at me and said, “I don’t understand Sister George, why would anyone want to do that?!?”  I told her I didn’t know.  That it was a place in their mind that thinks the world would be better off without them.  And even though they are 100% wrong, they don’t believe there is any other choice.  I shared with her an experience I had when I was in Suwanee.  We talked about how the gospel can change peoples' hearts and minds but that many still struggle.  It was so very sad!  I felt honored that she would share that piece of her life with me.  I know it wasn’t easy.  You think I was a mama bear before?  I think this experience just upped that!  I never want either of these two beautiful Sisters to get hurt.  I just love them.

November 21, 2014

Okay, something really fun that I learned today!  And I have to tell y’all before I forget!  Do y’all remember the Moons from Suwanee?  I LOVED their little girl Kalia.  Anyway, I was talking to the Suwanee sisters during the followup meeting and guess what?!  Brother Moon’s dad is the mission president in Cambodia!!  Kiah’s mission president is President Moon, right?!?  Ah!  Fun connection. J

The follow up meeting was good today!  It was so weird to know that it would be the last time that I would be able to be in a follow up meeting.   My 4th time.  WOW!  President kept referring to the “veterans.”  I don’t feel like one!!  There are 4 of us ending our missions training.   There are 18 missionaries leaving when I do.  Most all of us have had leadership positions.  I think we are all going to miss this place more than we want to think about. 

After the meeting I asked President if I could talk to him.  So he pulled me into his office.  He is such a great leader and man.  I told him that I knew he probably wasn’t thinking about transfers yet, but when he did start thinking about it, could he keep the 3 of us together?  Sister Kang and Motuliki really do need each other.  They are so cute together and the love each other.  I don’t know what will happen but I do know that Heavenly Father will take care of each of us.  I’m pretty confident that we’ll stay together til I leave.  Not gonna lie, I’m ever so grateful that we will probably be together.

On our way home the STL’s called us.  They were stsranded at a mall that was in the Lilburn zone.  They had been out on a team up with one of the girls in our ward and the lesson went over.  The girl had a movie she was going to see and was upset because she wasn’t going to make it.  So the sisters just told her to go and they would call a ride.  Well, what they didn’t know  was theater where the movie was playing was outside our zone.  By the time they figured it out it was too late.  Luckily we were pretty close and went to pick them up.  I love Sisters Spainhower and Rueckert.

Sister Spainhower and I go home at the same time.  I am embracing the Dr. Suess motto, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  NO, I am not happy to have my mission end, but I would rather not waste my time being sad that it will be over all too soon.

Dinner was at the Seamons.  Brother Seamon wasn’t there so it was just Sister Seamon and her 2 boys.  We had a good time!

We ended the night with a lesson with Yin and her mom Sally.  I could tell that the lesson wasn’t going super well, but because it was in Chinese I couldn’t do anything to help!  I grabbed Ivan and Wendy and we colored/drew pictures while they (Sister Kang and one of our Chinese members) taught Sally and Yin so they weren’t a distraction.  Ah!  I LOVE Wendy and Ivan!!  Those kids have my heart!!  They are just so very great!!  I gave them both one of my nametags to wear and they LOVED that!! J  Kids love to wear our nametags.  I think it is so cute!  It helps pump that desire to be a missionary someday.

Sister Kang told us after that they want proof of the Book of Mormon.  They are lacking the faith right now.  I wish I spoke Chinese so I could help teach.  Sister Kang is pretty frustrated.  We had it pretty easy with our sweet Siddi, who was an unusual case, so now she will get to learn patience with those who have to work harder and longer with.  She will learn and it will get easier. J

November 22, 2014

Well, today was an adventure!  After studies we went to the church to fill the font for a member baptism.  We are still confused as to why they asked us to do that.  We were also asked to be in charge of the middle part.  So we picked a few Mormon messages.  One of them was the Thanksgiving one our family likes to watch with the people in New York.  It made me think of y’all!

After the baptism we literally tracted the rest of the day.  We met a few nice people and a few mean ones too.  Sister Kang experienced her first real door slam.  The last time a guy tried to slam the door on us the rug got caught in the door.  That was funny!   We tried so hard not to laugh!!  But this other guy, the one today, slammed the door hard.  How rude!

We tried to go visit a less active but her complex was all gated.   So we parked our car and went through the gate.  As we walked to the less actives apartment, there was a lady outside her car.  Sisters Kang and Motuliki had already walked past her but I have decided that these last 2 months I’m going to be the boldest I’ve ever been and talk to EVERYONE!  So, I went up to her and started talking.  She told me she didn’t agree with the Mormon’s beliefs.  I had asked her what she had heard, already having a pretty good idea of the answer.  I was right - polygamy.  We quickly got that cleared up and she goes, “Okay, so what do you really believe?  Do you believe in Christ?”  I told her we did, that our church was called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I also told her about prophets and latter day revelations.  We have a return appointment with her!  I’m excited to see where it goes with her.

We finished weekly planning tonight too.  I got a bit frustrated.  I know I shouldn’t have but I did.  Sister Kang told me we needed to be more on time to things and she was pretty frustrated about it.  Well 9 times out of 10 if we are late it is because of traffic.  I can’t control that.  I tried to explain that the examples that she was using were times when things were really beyond my control.  I felt attacked and then I went into defense mode which is never really a good thing.  I really do try to be on time.  And to be honest I agree with Sister Kang - - I hate late.

November 23, 2014

This morning we had correlation meeting.  It sometimes takes me a while to figure out some people.  I am in that situation right now with one of the members we work pretty closely with.  It is a frustrating thing for me right now but I will get it figured out.

Sacrament meeting was really good today.  The Mack’s son, Jordan, got home from his mission Wednesday, so today he gave his homecoming talk.  As I sat there and listened, I had so many emotions run through me.  So many thought and memories.  It made me a little teary eyed.  My mind flashed forward to 2 months from now.  I will be in the same place Jordan is in just 2 months.  I know how quick those months go.  I wondered if I would look like the same person to people in the ward, or would they look and see an RM who had fully taken her mission into her life.  I hope they see that person. J  I have always loved homecomings because of the stories that are told.  I don’t know which stories I will tell, but they will be fun ones with a good chunk of spiritual. J

After church we tracted around the Burleson’s  before dinner.  I really like that family!  Before we ate I used their bathroom.  Well I discovered too late that there was not toilet paper!  Haha!  I had to yell through the door to ask for some!  I’m glad it was their house where that happened at!  With 5 kids, stuff like that doesn’t even faze them. J

After dinner we went to go introduce ourselves to a part member family who moved back into the ward after being in the Peachtree Corners ward for a while.  The kids are baptized but their mom isn’t.  The kids range from 13-19 who have been baptized, there are 4 of them.  Their mom wasn’t home but we talked with them for a food while.  I asked if their mom is interested at all and they said yes!  I really hope so!  That would be awesome if we could teach her and get them  out of the part member status.

Well!  It has been quite the week!  I can’t believe that another one is gone.  This transfer ends in 2 ½ weeks!!  Darn!!  Life goes by quick!!

I love y’all!  Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S.  Oh!  I forgot!  Guess who I saw at church today!!!  The Wolferts!  Their son lives in the ward that overlaps with us and their grandson got baptized.  It was fun to see them. 

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