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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heartbeak, Love, and Gratitude - Goodbye my Monroe

October 20, 2014

Hey!  Hey!

Ah!  Finally!  P-day got here!!  The only problem is that it went by WAY too quick!  Ugg!

Most of our P-day was spent at the library.  Sister Hulme is trying to apply for BYU-I.  So I just sat for a couple of hours and looked around on  I didn't have a ton of emails to respond to, but that's okay cuz I FINALLY got an e-mail from Jenn!!  The Lord for sure answers prayers. :)  I'm so very glad!  And one day I will get a letter from Ben telling me he is active again!  One day. :)

So while we were at WalMart and waiting for some pictures to print, we were just looking at all the new tablets and stuff.  Normally they won't let you on  the internet with those things, but I just wanted to try to see if Daddy had e-mailed me.  It worked!  And there popped up Daddy's name and my email. :)  Sorry about the miscommunication!  P-day was switched to Tuesday just for the holiday.  They figured we would be able to talk with more people because it was a holiday.  The were wrong.  We didn't really.  Ah well!  At least I know you didn't forget about me. :)

The rest of the day we hung out at the apartment and just talked.  I'm going to miss Sister Hulme!

We didn't have a dinner so we went tracting.  We talked with a few people that we'll follow up on this week.  For my Sister Hulme's sake I hope they will turn into real investigators!!  She is getting really frustrated and tired of not having anyone to teach.  I don't really blame her, I'm getting tired of it too.  She is getting REALLY tired of it because she knows for sure that she is staying here.  I love her lots and want to help get a teaching pool back up.

So Elder Anderson spent P-day with the AP's in Helen.  His job was to find out where I'm going!  Normally I don't mind waiting, but it's driving me crazy not to know.  Probably cuz it's my last area and Elder Johnston hinted I might stay STL.  Oh boy!

Well, he didn't do a good job at all!  The AP's totally fooled both Elder Johnston and Elder Anderson!  While I was talkin' with Elder Anderson, the AP's called!  Ack!  It's official. . . . I am training and so  that means I have to be whitewashing too.  I know I asked President Bennion if I could train.  And I knew that meant whitewash as well, but now I am freaking out!!  What was I thinking?!?!  Oh my goodness.  These are going to be an intense 3 months.  I'm really nervous!  Out of the 3 times I have been told I was going to train, this one, for some reason, is the one I am most nervous for.  (Mom's side note: She has forgotten what she wrote when she found out the two previous times.)  What was I thinking?! : /

October 21, 2014

Last night was rough.  That was just rude of Elder Smith to call right before I went to bed!  I did not get much sleep.  Al I keep thinking is, "What was I thinking?!?"  I was not in my right mind at all when I asked Preisdent if I could train and acknowledge that it would be a whitewash/train!  Oh my goodness.  I feel so stressed!  And I woke up a good hour before the alarm went off with a stuffy nose and sore throat.  Now is not the time to be getting sick!!  What is my body doing to me?!?  Ah!

So District Meeting was . . . well, just another District Meeting.  We went over about a half hour.  That was a little rough.  Elder Johnston came to our DM and made us do a district inventory.  SO awkward!  Sister Hulme and I were the only ones talking and we were trying really hard not to not say everything we felt.  We got through it though, thank goodness!
My District

We think we are so very cool!!
We then had a "bible study" with a lady, Marilynn, we had tracted into.  In all reality all it was, was her bashing on us because we read in the Book of Mormon too.  She and her husband both kept telling us we didn't have the Gift of the Holy Ghost cause we don't speak in tongues.  Crazy people!  They're nuts!!  I don't have a high patience for people who sit there and just tell me I'm going to hell.  It is a big pet peeve of mine.  Ah well.

I got 2 letters today! :)  One from Sister Knight and one from Sister Rowe, my 2 favorite greenies!  I love them both SO much!  I'm going to have to do my best not to compare this next greenie to the 2 of them.  I will love her!  It will just be a different love than I have for both Sister Knight and Sister Rowe!!

So fun thought!!  Gabey and I will be doing 12 week at the same time!  Him for his first time and me for my last time.  It's pretty crazy that I really am training again.  You don't often hear of sisters training 3 times on the mish.

Well, after Marilynn's and lunch, we went to help out Sister Stone.  I love her but I was getting a little frustrated because she kept saying things like, "Eh, you'll be gone in a week anyways."  Gee thanks!  I know!  But I'm still here right now and I will be for a week!

So on Saturday when we went to the Fall Festival.  We entered some drawings, just for fun.  Well, Sister Hulme kept winning them!  She won a Mary Kay thing and then Bishop's office had a free teeth whitening drawing and she won that too!!  Bishop is so awesome though and said he would do my teeth too!!  Sweet!  So on Thursday we're getting our teeth whitened. :)

We went to the church to change out of our service clothes for dinner at the Carter's and Charlize was there getting her temple recommend  for the youth temple trip tomorrow!!  Yay!  I'm so glad. :)  I'm going to  miss her lots and lots!
My Carters!!
Dinner at the Carters was great!  I'm going to miss them SO much!!  They are a great family and I am so glad I get to have them in my life now. :)  That is the great thing about being a missionary!  You meet people that you wouldn't normally meet who change your life forever!

October 22, 2014

Today was rough.  I discovered a lot of emotions I didn't even know I had building up inside of me.  We had the trainers meeting this morning.  That was fine.  I sat and watched the greenie trainers as they asked questions after question, some of them were the roll your eyes kind of questions.  I don't remember if I was like that or not.  More than likely I was.

Sister Residori was ordering my group's plane tickets today.  When we were in the office she told me she was on mine and showed me the paper.  I saw your handwriting on the papter Momma, and I could see you writing each word.  More feelings than I can explain filled my heart.  That is when my headache started.

At the end of the meeting, I was talking to President.  I asked him if I could know where I was whitewashing.  He looked at me and said, "You know Sister George, I was looking at you during the meeting and thinking, 'Is she training?  Are we sure?'  I can't remember.  You see, you're on of my wildcards, a solution, not a problem.  I moved you around at least 4 times.  So in all honesty, I can't remember!  I'm hoping the AP's didn't make a mistake when they called you!"  All I could do was grin and say, "Well President!  I'll go wherever you and the Lord need me!  I'm glad that I can be a wildcard."  Inside though I could feel the panic.  I am glad that I am seen by President as a solution.  But stressed beyond all belief because of the unknown.

I got a letter from Elder Barnett's brother again.  He is funny.  I'm having fun writing this kid.  It'll surprise me if we ever meet, but he seems really nice, and I can't complain cause I get letters!  And those things are the best!

When we got home, I broke down.  Things were coming out of my mouth that I didn't even know I had been stressing out about!  I'm so scared to whitewash and train.  And then on top of that, not even knowing if it is really happening.  And then to be in the office while Sister Residori ordered my plane ticket home.  Poor Sister Hulme.  I just let it all out and she just sat and listened.  My head hurt SO much.
I love my Sister Hulme and my little photo bomber!!  He is so CUTE!
We tracked for 3 hours and met a few nice people, all the while my head was getting worse and worse.  WE got home and had dinner.  Well, we were going to have dinner.  I ended up going to bed at 8 with a massive migraine.  Yuck.  No bueno!!

October 23, 2014

Today was better.  I woke up with not migraine and felling a lot less stressed. :)  We went and got some imprints at Bishop's office done so that they could make our whitening trays.  Yay!  Bishop is SO awesome to do this for us!

After that, we went and had lunch and I started packing. : /  I hate packing.  But I also want to make sure that I don't have to pack on P-day!  I just want to spend that time with Sister Hulme, hang out, relax and have fun!!  And I also don't want to be packing late into the night, which is what I have had to end up doing my last 2 transfers.  I don't want to do that this time!!

Then we went over to Sister Shirley's.  I am going to miss going over to her house and visiting her and singing to her!!  She is so lonely and so very ready to join her husband.  It makes me so sad!  She hates asking for things.   The problem is, she gets so stubborn that she goes without her medication cause she won't ask anyone to pick them up for her!  So we went and got them for her.  And then, when we got back, she asked us to run to the bank for her.  It took us most of the afternoon to go on the little errands that she needed, but we got it all done. :)
Dear to my heart is Sister Shirley
Dinner was in Social Circle with Sister Taylor and we wanted to go see Faye so I could say goodbye to her.  By the time we had finished all the errands Sister Shirley needed, it was time for us to head out.

It was sad to say goodbye to Faye.  I wish we could have come to Social Circle more to see her.  I really love her. :)  She showed us the video Sister Iketau posted of her in the airport and seeing her family.  It made me get teary-eyed.  I just can't believe that will be me in 3 months!  Goodness how time flies!!  Bean you're in charge of filming when I get home. :)  Okay?  Good!
My kind, sweet Faye!  Thanks Cassie for helping me find her!
Dinner with Sister Taylor was fun.  She is a sweetheart!  It was her husband's birthday today.  Sister Taylor's way of coping is to make lots of jokes, so she was all over the place tonight!  I could tell she was REALLY missing him.  It made me so very sad!  She sat and just showed us a ton of pictures of her family.  I think that made her feel a little better to do that and I was more than happy to be there for her. :)
Sister Taylor!  Love her!
We ended our evening with the Pecks.  They're finally back!!  Yay!  I have missed them lots!  They had a good time in China and I was glad that Vila got to spend so much time with her family and friends.  It's one thing to go on a mission to a different country; it's another to move to one.  I know she was glad to be able to be back at home for a little while.  But I'm glad to have them back!  And right before I leave too. :)

October 24, 2014

Well, weekly planning basically took us all day today.  I got a little stressed cause as we were planning what Sister Hulme and her new companion would do, I just kept thinking, "I don't even know where I will be this time next week!!!"  But it's okay.  I will be fine!  The Lord wouldn't have put me here if He knew I couldn't do this.

Dinner was at the Galbreaths.  When we got there, the elders were there doing service for Sister Galbreath.  They are having a Halloween party tomorrow and she needed the backyard cleaned up.  She fed the elders after they were done but they were in and out pretty fast.

Our last stop was at the Musgroves.  I mostly wanted to say goodbye to Kayla, but she wasn't even there!  It was a little awkward. . . ah well, at least I got to say goodbye!!

October 25, 2014

Today was another goodbye day.  The Sisics had us over for breakfast, so that was fun. :)  I was glad that y'all got the text from Tiffany telling you that I am training.  Oh man!  I am going to miss this family SO much!!  I just love the Sisics!  They are all just beyond amazing and an answer to my prayers in so many ways.
My Mary Poppins Family - The Sisics - Practically Perfect in Every Way!
We went and had studies and then went to the Murphy's to say goodbye.  I love their family too!  Sister Warren told me that Brother Warren said, "Sister George, with her smile, is going to get snatched up quick!"  It was so sweet.  It made me smile. :)

I played with my little Evie for quite a while.  I'm going to miss that girl SO much!!  I really hope that when she is old enough to serve a mission, and that she will remember the "sister mishamary" (that is what she calls us) who loved her so much!! :)  And then she can be a "sister mishamary" to some other little girl!
Sister Murphey and my little Evie - I'll be your mishamary any day!

We came home and had lunch then headed to Marsa's.  She just got back from seeing her daughter in Chicago.  It was a hard trip for Marsa,  Her girls are both having problems right now and she is really worried.  It made me so sad!  And talking with her made me a little worried.  She slipped in to the Marsa that I knew at the beginning, the one who couldn't listen, but just talked and talked.  It's amazing to me how the gospel can help change someone mentally.  When Marsa comes to church and reads the Book of Mormon, she is much more able to cope with the issues that are part of her life.  She cried a lot when I said goodbye.  I know she will be okay.  The Lord will take care of her. :)
Sweet Marsa
We tracted for quite a while and then headed to April and Tony's to say good bye.  I will miss them.  They are just really good people.  When you read in the scriptures about the good people of the earth, these two, are people who fall into that category.  I am so thankful that I was blessed to have them be a part of my life.  I really want for them to want the gospel in their lives but they just don't see the need for it.  I hate goodbyes!
Two of the best people I know - - Tony and April

Tonight the Galbreaths had their party.  A ton of people were there!  It was a lot of fun. :)  Anyone wearing a white shirt got attacked by zombies.  We brought pants and had white shirts on. :)  Haha!  It was a tone of fun!  Then we zoomed out as they started playing the scary movie.  No sir!!!  None of that for me!  Even if I wasn't a missionary I would have been out of there super quick. :)  It was a good day!  We had a lot of fun and did some good missionary things too. :)

October 26, 2014

It was so hard to say goodbye today to people I love.  Saying goodbye just keeps getting harder and harder!!

Brother Warren spoke in church today and called me out in his talk.  He said something about asking the missionaries and then he sighed and said, "Well, except Sister George cause she is leaving us. . ."  Afterwards I had a ton of people come up to me and give me hugs.  I had to explain to everyone that I wasn't going home yet!!  The someone told me that in ward council that morning they talked about me and how I had helped this ward a lot and a few other really nice things. :)  I'm glad that this ward loves me as much as I love them!!  Dang!  I really do love this ward!!

We had our last lesson with Charlize.  I'm going to miss her SO much!!  She is amazing!  After our lesson, as she was leaving, she turned back, ran to me and said, "One last hug!!"  Talk about pulling my heartstrings!
My Charlize is beautiful inside and out!
We also went over to Sister Shirley's to say goodbye and kept kissing me over and over.  I have loved every minute with that wonderful woman!  She has bee a light and a joy in my life!!

Dinner was pent with the Browns/Musgroves/Pratt clan.  Oh my goodness I love them!!  We were laughin' and jokin' the whole time.  There aren't words to express how I will miss them.  We played one last game of Zion.  When we left, I got hugs from everyone.  It was just a really hard good bye.

President and Sister Bennion spoke at the youth fireside they had tonight for our ward.  After the fireside we went up to talk to them.  President looked at me and kinda raised his eyebrows and grinned.  He came over and said, "Sister George, I have a special assignment for you."  Oh boy!  did that make me wary!!  He then told me that I would be in John's Creek and in a tril with Sister Motuliki (Sister Hulme's greenie) and my greenie who is from Taiwan.  He said we would need to work a lot on language study.  We have a car to chase all the Chinese speaking referrals.  He said Sister Motuliki needs help with English too.  I couldn't tell if that hurt Sister Hulme's feelings because she trained Sister Motuliki and did language study with her.  I hope it didn't.  There is no doubt in my mind that Sister Hulme was the best trainer ever.  I just think learning a language is hard.  I know that Sister Motuliki's English is better than it was when she first came to Georgia.  And that is in part because of my sweet Sister Hulme.

I'm not sure what President is hoping I can do, but I will not disappoint him!!  Pray for me!  This will be a very interesting last 2 transfers.  I can already imagine some of the hilarious things that will happen. :)

I love  ya'll!!  Have a fabulous week!!


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