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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Molly's first email from on location!!!   GEORGIA!  Followed by her handwritten very long letter!! 

Momma, momma!

I loved hearing your voice too! I was so so sad when you didn't answer! And I knew that you knew I was calling and I was just hoping and praying that Daddy would answer his and that you would be there with him! I didn't realize how important hearing your voice was until you didn't answer! I mean, I KNEW it was really important but it didn't register how important until you didn't answer. Luckily we have more than one phone :) 

I LOVE Georgia and I LOVE Sister Carrigan. Oh my goodness, the Lord knew what He was doing when he put us together! We are so much alike and we have so much fun together. We laugh and giggle and feel the spirit! It is AWESOME! We have started a quote wall and we hope that we will be able to fill the whole wall, which we will because we think we are very funny :) 

Momma I do know that if I am always obedient then I will be just fine and everything will be peachy! I know that I have found life long friends and that they will all bless my life! 

Yay for packages :) They are fun to get! So are letters! Oh how I love letters! You will be getting another really long letter in the mail in a few days. I just finished it this morning and it is all sealed and ready to go! I just can't help it, I need to tell you everything so they end up being really long! 

YAY for Sister Missionaries! I'm so glad that you finally got some! Take Lacey on splits! That could be way fun! I guess it's nice that they are both allergic to gluten so that one sister isn't missing out on awesome food and both of them are instead :) 

Well my beautiful Momma, I'm going to e-mail Daddy now. In my hand written letter there is EVERYTHING that has happened so you will know even more things and all about my adventures soon :) I love you lots!


P.S. I have a few requests. Could you get me a small PMG? I LOVE my big one for studying but the small ones fit easier and are a lot lighter to carry around. Also, could you send me pictures? Like ones printed off? People ask to see my family a lot and plus I wanna be able to hang some pictures up! Also, could you write birthdays on the calendar? I know birthdays but if it's not written down I know that I am going to forget! Could you look in my purple backpack I have a planner from school. Rachy Face's birthday is in October but I can't remember what day it is. It should be written in my planner. Then if you could also send me some CDs? We LOVE listening to our church music but CDs are the only way we get to listen to it.   I love you lots!    

July 23, 2013

Mommy and Daddy!!

Hello to you from me in Georgia!  Oh my goodness I can't believe I actually made it!  It is so stinking beautiful here I can hardly believe it!  Oh the green!  The trees!  The many many green trees!  Holy cow! AHHH!  I'm here!  Tomorrow it begins!  My new life changing adventures is really here!  I have taken lots of pictures.  Now I just need to figure out how the heck to get them to you. . . . I'll figure it out! 

Wanna hear where my first zone is?!?  AHHH!  I'm in the Suwanee in the Sugar Hill zone/stake!  My trainer is Sister Carrigan who just finished being trained.   The work is progressing!  I just love it!  

President and Sister Wolfert are so cute!  I already just love them lots!  I asked about the Lindleys and they got all excited.☺  They are coming next week to visit so that is fun!  Mom!  The mission home is a monster!  It 's gigantic!  All of the homes in their neighborhood are!  And the inside is crazy beautiful!  They have some of the prettiest pictures all over!  Oh!  And Sister Wolfert will be providing me my very first recipe from the South!  Oh yummy!  It is so good and made with fresh Georgia peaches!  I might gain weight. . . .  Oh dear!  Sister Wolfert was telling us that we pretty much get fed every night for dinner and I'm not sure if we are biking or not.  They didn't really tell us.  Oh shoot!  I hope I'm biking!  No!  I will not gain weight!  I won't do it!  I will figure out an even balance of things.☺

I'm a bit sad right now because I don't know what zones my elders are in.  The sisters found out first at the end of the night then they took us back to the hotel before we found out about the elders.  My fabulous Sister Hooker is in the same zone as me so we will see each other at zone conference!  President Wolfert told us that 2 elders were being changed to Spanish.

July 24, 2013

By now you will have gotten 2 e-mails and a text letting you now that I am here safe and sound!  Yay! I am completely exhausted and fully expect to be that way for a year and a half!  I'm happy though!  Suwanee is beautiful!  There are trees EVERYWHERE!  That is great, but sadly that is the same story for the bugs. . . .  In the last 2 days I have been bitten more than I can count!  I itch like crazy!

My bike was there and waiting for me all pretty and green.  I will just blend right in!  I saw one sister when we were getting ready to head out.  She told me she had been transferred every transfer, even when training.  I said, "Really? Wow!"  She told me, "Yeah, I 'm one of THOSE missionaries.  President Wolfert and I don't see eye to eye on things."  I will never be one of THOSE missionaries!  Exact obedience!  I promised the Lord my heart, might, mind, and soul and I'm going to give it to Him!

So in Suwanee there are pretty much only gated communities.  It's kinda weird.  Not at all what I pictured.  Sister Carrigan said that areas will go like this . . . (She drew a curvy line that goes up and down and up and down) with teaching and investigators and such.  Guess where Suwanee is at right now.  Yup, that bottom part.  She said it already hit rock bottom and we are S-L-O-W-L-Y making our way up.  So, it's gonna be a lot of tracting for us!  Pray for people and us so that we can find people will you?  I knew you would!☺

We went tracting yesterday.  No one was really home and the people that were home were very much not interested.  We are trying to come up with ways to get people interested.  On Saturdays we will be service tracting, which is just wearing our jeans, service shirt, and knocking on doors, asking people how we can help.  If you have any ideas, let me know!  We could use all the help we can get.☺

Okay, so that was this morning during our getting ready time.  We did a lot of tracting today it was so hot!  We were sweating all over the place.  It's strange, I had a picture in my mind of Southern hospitality.  Don't get me wrong!  There are some people who fully live up to my expectations but so far most of them don't.  I have already had quite a few doors shut in my face!  That's okay though!  Eventually we will find someone who the Lord has prepared! 

We had a girl today who I got to talk to and she said she would like to talk with us but later in the day.  We called her later and she said to come over.  Then she called us back like 2 seconds later and said her husband or someone told her no.  Dang it!  It had gotten me really excited!  We met another lady after many door slams later and she was so cute!  That's when I really saw Southern hospitality.  She talked with us for a while, not interested, but just encouraged us and was just really very nice!  After talking to someone we always ask if they need help with something and give them our number.  No one believes us even though we tell them that we really will do anything!

There is a lady who finally might take us up on the offer!  She is a 6th grade school teacher and we told her we would help her with setting up.  She said as long as we didn't go all preachy on her she would give us a call.  We told her we wouldn't.☺  Ha!  Little does she know that service IS preaching!  Just not out loud!☺  We are really hoping that she will call! 

Oh so I forgot to tell you that yup we have a car.  If our miles run out for the month then we bike.  For now it just means that I have to work extra hard in the gym.  I know it has only been 2 days but I have been weighing myself and I can totally do this!!  I will come home looking even better in that dress I love.

July 26th 2013

She called!  Yay!  Caroline, the lady who needed help with her classroom called us!  She asked us some questions and we answered.  She asked how a mission works and about BYU cause Sister Carrigan went there.  Oh side note!  Did I tell you that Sister Carrigan knows my Rachy Face!  They went to Davis together!  Fun!  Okay, now back to Caroline.  She is sweet!  I think that she really could come to love the church!  She asked if we would like to come help her in class when school starts.  We both really want to but we have to make sure that's o.k.

Okay so now I am going to let you in on one of my really blond moments that in all reality we know I have a lot of.   So as I was writing you I was looking at our kitchen.  We have an air popper and the box is on top of the cabinet.  In the picture there is butter in the scoopy thing. . . MOM!  You can melt the butter in the scoop while the popcorn is popping!  AH!  I thought it was just to measure the kernels!  And to keep the popcorn from exploding everywhere!  My mind has been blown!  The end - that's my blond moment. :)  Haha!  I'm so silly!☺

July 27th 2013

Well yesterday was weird, and fun, and funny.  We asked about helping Caroline and we got the answer we didn't want.  I understand why though.  It is just really sad that the world is so dumb.  It's dumb that parents would freak out and that could get Caroline in trouble and the church in trouble.  Darn!  We really thought it would be a good way for her to see that we care.  Hopefully we can still visit her and help her with other things!

We also went and visited a recent convert.  Adrienne.  She is a sweetheart.  I guess she gives people nicknames and when she found out where I was from she goes, "Awwwww!  You're a potato baby!" so, I think that has become my name.  Not too bad.  She was lonely so we just sat and listened to her.  It's kind of funny/weird, every convert that I have met so far (actually I would say recent convert) swears.  More so when they are telling a story.  Even some of the members that have been in the church their whole lives do too.  It's like they think if they are telling a story then it's o.k.  

After we visited Adrienne we went to our dinner appointment!   Some other family had cancelled so the family in charge of dinners for the missionaries in our ward decided to feed us instead.  We got there a little early and she wasn't ready yet and her husband wasn't home from work.  Sister Carrigan and I asked if we could help her with anything, her kids were making the lemonade and she looks at us and her children who were also helping and told us "No."  So we just kind of stood there not really knowing what to do and trying to be polite.  Finally we went to the couch.  About 15 minutes later she comes in telling us that dinner is ready, so we went into the dining room.  Her husband is from the Middle East so she had made some really good food. 

We sat down and she asked her son if he would pray.  The look he gave her would have earned me a major spanking. . . except you guys never really spanked us, that was just an example.  It was not a good look.  He prayed, she told us to eat and then she got up, took her baby and left.  I think she needed to change her.  Her husband still wasn't home.  She had put her kids in the kitchen to eat, so it was jut me, Sister Carrigan, Elder Baker, and Elder Howell that was a little strange.  Then her kids started fighting, I am SO very sorry for the times I threw a temper tantrum, especially when people were over!  She was really frustrated I am sure and I felt badly that we added to the frustration.  We never even got to share our message.   The food was really good!   

July 28th 2013

Oh my goodness!  I am so stinking SORE!  Yesterday was Saturday and also service day.  We went to go help a family in our ward load up their moving van.  They are moving to Colorado Springs.  We were there for 10 hours!!!  From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Everyone in the ward was skeptical when they saw Sister Carrigan and me.  I guess all of them think that girls are just in the way and will complain.  We pulled our weight just fine!  We proved ourselves!  That's for sure!  We worked way harder than a lot of the men there and we never really stopped for breaks.  We may have proved our point but it came with one of those consequences that I hate so much! ☺ I am so stinkin' sore!  Who knew that being a missionary would make your body feel 10 times older!  I crack and pop when I move.  It's ridiculous!

After moving for 10 hours, we went to a recent convert family's house.  The Elders go over every night to read scriptures with them and we sometimes go with them.  The parents are having a lot of problems and he kicked her out for a while.  He asked us to come over and help him clean the house and they had signed up for dinner so we figured after we were done we would eat.  So, right after moving we went and cleaned, like DEEP cleaned for another 2 hours.  Then Brother H. told us he forgot to thaw anything so they were going out and we were on our own.  We were all  very hungry and very tired!  So we just went to Burger King.  It was too much work to do anything else!

Oh I forgot!  When we were moving we met this man named Todd.  He had come with his friend, who is in our ward, to help.  He was the sweetest guy ever!   He kept telling Sister Carrigan and me that we were tons cooler than the sister missionaries in his ward.  That was funny maybe he just doesn't know them very well.  He is an investigator (which we didn't find out until the end of the 10 hours) and is going to get baptized soon.  He is in his lat 30's probably and he was telling us about his family.  It's sad.  One of his brothers is gay (not that he is a bad person but he will hate that Todd is joining the church!), his sister just became a grandma from her son who is only 19, and his other brother swears and screams.  He says that they are really mean to him and tell hem he is dumb, and stupid, and a bunch of other stuff.  He lives across the country from them and never visits.  I don't blame him!  It's sad .  Luckily he will have the love of a ward family who will love him lots.  I'm glad that the church can bring happiness to people.☺

July 29th 2013

Oh my goodness.  I feel like I have been here forever!  I can't believe that I was still in the MTC last week!  So me being loud is not such a bad thing!  Ha!  No one knows I'm a greenie cause I chat and talk and put myself out there.  So even though you all tell me to be quiet (except Mom, she always accepted me for who I was!) it is not a bad thing!  Ha!  Is it quiet at home without me there?  I should think so!

Church was fun yesterday.  The Suwanee ward is all very nice and welcoming.  There is a 16 year old whose name is Molly.  She spoke yesterday.  it was kind of weird cause after sacrament everyone was talking to her and saying "Molly."  I got so confused!  They kept saying my name but that's not really my name right now.  I'm Sister George!

We had PEC before church and afterwards Sister Carrigan and I were standing in the hall and a lady came running up to us.  She asked what ward we were in and when she heard Suwanee she got sad.  She told us she served in Switzerland and really wanted to go on splits and have her daughter go too.  It's a good thing that she wasn't in our ward cause there is no way I could have done splits!  I wouldn't know what to do!  Too bad we never had sister missionaries in our ward.  It would have been cool to do that!  

After church we went to go visit a lady who Sister Carrigan had found and who had actually been contacted by missionaries before.  We decided we would get to know her and invite her to church if we got the feeling to.  She is really sweet and we enjoyed getting to know her but when we got back in the car we both said that we felt that she wouldn't progress anywhere.  We will still drop by and visit but we aren't going to persue it.  

We had a really great dinner last night!  Not awkward at all!☺  We had Navajo tacos.  I haven't actually had a REAL Southern meal yet.  Sister Carrigan said we aren't rural enough for it.  There are a few people in our ward form rural areas who do know Southern cooking but for the most part there aren't.  

After dinner we were sitting around talking and Elder Baker said something we all thought was pretty profound.  He said, "I think that I have had more negative experiences than positive.  But the positive outweigh the negative."  I thought it was a good away to look at things, just always let the good outweigh the bad!

Well today is P-day so hopefully I have lots of e-mails!  Y'all are going to make me depressed if I don't hear from you soon!  I love you lots!!  Keep being my fabulous family!


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