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Friday, November 29, 2013

Goodbye to My Sweet Sister Carrigan - Hello Sister Knight!

October 14, 2013

Hey Georges!

Oh what a day!  Ok, so first off, I'm sorry about how short all my emails to y'all were!  We were super crunched on time today and I only got about an hour and a half to write and for some reason this week is the most e-mails that I have gotten in quite some time!  But you know the important stuff!  Like that I'm training and that I get my greenie on Wednesday!  Ah!  I'm excited!☺  The other important thing is that I'm still in Suwanee and I am VERY happy about that!

Second of all, boo that you didn't get my last week's bunch of letters!  I'm praying that it get to you!  That is a whole weeks worth of important news, info, and  memories!  I really hope you get it.

Today was a zone p-day.  We went to Amicolola Falls to hike.  Oh boy!  It was so much fun but boy am I tired!  We had to walk up 604 stairs.  My calves are killing me!  All of our legs were shaking when we got back down to our car and we were just standing and talking.  I hung out with Sister Hamilton and Sister Alder (our sister training leaders).  Sister Hooker's comp wouldn't come so I didn't get to see her! : /  I will get to see her on Wednesday though!  I am so glad that we are both training!  We took lots of pictures!  They are fun!  I will try to send you some next Monday!

We hit traffic on the way back home so we were super late for dinner with the Holgados.  I felt so bad!  Sister Holgado was really sweet about it.  She is just so stinkin' cute!  She sure does love having us over.☺  After that we had our FHE lesson with Scotty.  A very, very watered down version of the plan of salvation.  I think he got most of it so that was good!

After dinner and the lesson we went over to the Galts.  I'm sure that  you got the picture she took.☺
We love Sister Galt who randomly sends us text pictures!!!
I'm sure I look completely exhausted!  But happy, as long as I look happy and exhausted then we are good!

October 15, 2013

Today was kinda a sad day.  In district meeting everyone was saying good bye to each other.  Sister Carrigan is leaving, Sister Alvey is headed up to Delonega to white wash and train (luckily that is still in our zone☺) and they are sending Elder Smith over to Marietta to be a zone leader.  Elder Howell found out today that he is the new district leader.  They forgot to call him and tell him yesterday.  Elder Thomas is leaving too. : (  They are sending him over to the YSA ward in Rosewell zone.  He will be amazing there.  I'm selfish and don't want to share though!  He shared his testimony with us and it was amazing.  I almost started crying, it was really good.  He is going to go far in this life!  We went to lunch together and just had a good time as a district.  I'm really gonna miss all these guys!  Luckily most of them are staying here with me!☺

After lunch we went home and Sister Carrigan packed.  I cleaned.  Like, deep cleaned.  Our apartment isn't dirty, but it's nice to come "home" to a clean apartment.  I'm nervous for tomorrow but excited too!

We stayed home packing and cleaning until our dinner with Sister Fullwood.  She is an amazing lady!  She is teaching Relief Society for the first time and she is so nervous.  She will do an awesome job though!  She took us to Olive Garden cause that is Sister Carrigan's favorite restaurant.  We had a good time talking to her.  After that Sister Carrigan wanted to visit everyone!  It is hard to shove everyone into one night.  We used a ton of miles but leaving is hard and we have to say goodbye!  We have to drive to Lilburn tomorrow too.  On the bright side, if we run out of miles I will finally be able to use my bike!!  HA!

Oh!  So our balloon prank failed!  Our elders were supposed to get the keys.  They were way too obvious.  The Spanish elders found us out!  Darn it!

October 16, 2013

Today I was officially made a trainer!  Oh boy.  We got up this morning at 5:50 am YUCK!  I have been so stinkin' tired the whole day!   We had to be in Lilburn by 7:45 and we figured there might be a ton of traffic.  We packed all of Sister Carrigan's stuff in the car and we ended up getting to Lilburn at like 7:15.  So much for a ton of traffic!

We pulled into the parking lot and I found Sister Hooker right off the bat.☺  We went into the office and got Sister Carrigan all figured out.  She got a brand new 2014 car!  Lucky duck!  It even had the yummy brand new car smell!

We went into the chapel with all the other trainers.  The greenies were in the Relief Society room learning some other stuff.  President Wolfert then told us each about our trainee.  When he finally got to me I was excited but nervous.  He looked at me and said, "Sister George, how are you?!?"  I laughed and told him I was doin' ok.  He then said, "You will be training Sister Knight.  She has lived in Kennawick, Washington most of her life but her family moved to England at the beginning of this year.  She was a dancer for 10 years.  She went to Utah State and is 20 years old." and moved onto the next person.

After he had told all the trainers about their trainees, we went out into the hall to greet them.  I was at the front of the line and Sister Knight was one of the first ones to get to us.  I gave her a big hug and we then went into the chapel.  Sister Hooker followed with her greenie. 
Sister George, Sister Knight, Sister Hooker, and Sister Parrins 
 Then we had a meeting with Sister Atkins, the mission nurse.  President Wolfert talked about things and basically there was just a lot of info for all the greenies to take in.  I looked over at Sister Knight and she was fighting to stay awake!

After that they sent all the greenies to have a lesson for their bikes and how to take care of them.  We went to go grab their bikes and luggage and get all that in our cars.  I was so nervous!  I had to drive home!  My first time in three months!  Ahhh!

I kind of liked that both Sister Hooker and I are the senior companions now.☺ We got to go to lunch together with our greenies.  Sister Alvey and her greenie came too.  We had a ton of fun!  It was so sad to say goodbye to them after lunch!  Luckily next week on Saturday we will see them at the Elder Oaks meeting.  We got home, and like Sister Carrigan did to me, I asked sister Knight if she wanted to unpack or go to work.  She wanted to take a minute to unpack.  

When she finished unpacking it was time to go to dinner at the Johnsons.  They were having a greenie meal.  We had fun!  I really like their family, all five of their boys are just stellar.  I think that Gabe would get along really well with their son Jordan.  I wish you could come and meet them!  Someday you will.☺ After that we went over to the Galts.  I love Sister Galt.  Love her!  I'm guessing you got the picture that she texted you of sister Knight and me? 

Sister Knight and Sister George sent from Sister Galt

I hope I looked less dear in the headlights than the first picture she ever sent.  And not going to lie, I still feel like that!  The Galts had invited over Ben and Casey Willard.  They are the ones whose wife and mom died and the funeral service was Sunday night.  They really want to be baptized.  We taught them the first lesson and the spirit was so strong.  Probably one of the strongest times I have felt the spirit while teaching a lesson.  It was awesome!!  I think they will be baptized within this next month.  They really need this gospel and a great thing is that they know it.  And it was cool because Sister Knight got to teach a lesson on her first day.  Now that I'm training I can look back and see how rocky it was for that first little bit.  I think that I have grown a lot but I'm not done yet.  Not even close.

After Galts we ran over to Picketts.  Sister Knight didn't have any blankets or anything so Brother Pickett gave us some for her.  I was glad that she got to meet some of my favorite people today.  I think it was a good day to start off her mission!

October 17, 2013

Oh boy!  Rain, rain, rain!  It was a rainy day!  I don't think Sister Knight approves of tracting in the rain.  We did run to Walmart.  I know it is not Monday but we had no toilet paper and no food.  Seriously, like none.  I was fine because our members are good about feeding us, but I felt like I needed to get Sister Knight some food.  And toilet paper, well ya.

When we got back we ate lunch and headed over to brother Hiers and Brother Nevin's.  Oh boy!  Brother Nevin was on one!  We did have a productive lesson though.  Brother Pickett, our ward mission leader, has asked us to continue these lessons.

After we finished there we headed over to Marni's house.  By the time we got done at Marni's house we had time to change and go tracting for about 15 minutes before dinner.  It was raining a ton.  I was carrying a Book of Mormon and it got a little wet.  We went to the Hunsakers for dinner.  Their little girl makes me want to break all the rules and pick her up!  She is so stinking cute!  They are super good at making new missionaries feel welcome.

After Hunsakers we went tracting.  It was getting dark and I was fine with that, but Sister Knight not so much.  After all this is just her second day.  We did find a couple that wants us to come back.  Sweet!
Sister Watkins called us and asked us where we were and what we were doing.  She wanted us to come by the church so she could meet Sister Knight.  We went over to the family history center and Sister Fullwood was there too.☺ Sister Watkins was appalled that I had not asked you to send my winner stuff to me yet.  She made me give her your e-mail address momma.  I don't know if you got her e-mail or not.  She is a funny lady and I love her.☺  Then we went home and planned for tomorrow.  Training is hard!  I'm not sure how much I like it.  I just feel so very inadequate!

October 18, 2013

Oh man.  Today has been rough.  I just got a few hugs tonight from the sisters in our ward and I just wanted to collapse into their arms and cry.  I am trying to lead this companionship.  I am finding out how hard it is to train a new missionary.  I feel like I'm constantly praying that I can be better and not have her hate what we're doing.  At first it is hard to understand the importance of weekly planning.  You talk about your investigators and what they need.  I remember my first weekly planning session and being shocked that you planned for 2 to 3 hours.  I have learned how vital that time is when used wisely.

After weekly planning we went to see Shanna.  Sister Carrigan and I had tracted into her like two weeks ago.  We had been trying to go back but just hadn't been able to catch her.  Well I just called her to see if there was a time we could come over.  She said "How about today at 2:30?"  OK!  Sweet!  We went over and taught her the first lesson.  She was very receptive and I think she liked it.  I love watching people as we teach.  My favorite is when you just see in their faces, how familiar it all sounds, like the veil has become a little bit thinner and their souls rejoice because it is the truth.  I think it happens more often than not.  But then in some people you see the natural man fighting back and they close up.  In others the natural man loses (yay) and they are able to recognize the truth.  THAT is one of the things I love most about teaching.  Hopefully she will bring her family on Sunday.  If not, we will try some more and possibly be successful.  The Lord's work is progressing!  I see it more and more each week!

After Shanna we went tracting.  I love tracting!    I don't know though, it's not as much fun without Sister Carrigan.  I really miss her!  But Sister Knight and I are going to be awesome together.  I am sure that when I have to leave Sister Knight I will be very sad.

Funny story.  So I didn't check my GPS before we started tracting this area.  We knocked on a door, and the lady comes to the door.  I do the door approach and then she grins and giggles and says, "Sister George, I am Sister Collette.  I am a member".  Oh my goodness!  I'm dumb!  I knew she looked familiar.  It was pretty funny.☺  I had met Sister Collette like once on one of my first days here.  I won't forget her now!
We tracted for a little while longer.  After tracting we went home, had dinner, and then went over to the church.  They were having an enrichment activity and had a ton of non-members there.  I had a blast and it was good for Sister Knight to meet some of the sisters in our ward.

October 19, 2013

Holy rain!  It rained all stinking day!  We tracted pretty much all day long.  We contacted 44 people and had a ton of discussions!  I was proud of Sister Knight.  She is willing to just talk to people.  I usually try to have a small conversation before starting on the message.  She just starts as soon as they open the door.  Maybe this is just the way it works for her.

At 3:00 we had a lesson with Brittany and Michael.  Sister Galt came with us.  The lesson went OK.  I let sister Knight take the lead.  She didn't do too badly but I wish she had taken role playing more seriously in the MTC.  You realize how important that is when you get in the field.  I went back and covered a few of the things that she missed in the first vision discussion.  Michael had some really awesome questions and they said pretty much everything we talked about they already believed.  Again, that thinning of the veil.☺ We are going back next Saturday.  They said they want to make it a set thing so that would be awesome!  I hope they gain a testimony!  That would be so awesome!

After the lesson we went tracting again for a while and then headed over to the Watkins.  Dang I love them.☺  They are an awesome couple!  I do like being with them.  I know they love me and I love them!   Yea for Sunday tomorrow.☺  I really like Sundays!

October 20, 2013

It was a good Sunday.  We had ward council this morning.  I love being able to give them a big long list of people that we're teaching.  It is always so satisfying.  I hope the Elder's pool can pick up soon.  They are struggling.  Church was fabulous.☺  Our primary program is next week and we got to help them during the first hour.  Its cool what they are doing.  The kids are running the show.  All the songs they are singing are being accompanied by a primary kid.  Not the primary piano pianist.  Cool, right?
Third hour we help Sister Fullwood with her lesson.  She did an amazing job.  At the very end she had me recite the standard of truth.  I started crying during that.  Not one eye was dry in the room when I finished.  It was so cool.  The spirit was amazing!

After church and lunch we went tracting.  We ran into this old lady, Miss Dot Botwell.  She was so cute!  We chatted for about 30 minutes.  I don't think there is a possibility in this life of her getting baptized but for sure in the next!  She might come to the primary program next week.  We are going to check up on her this week.

We went to a baptism today.  Sister Howison's (who just got back into the church after being less-active for a while) son, Thomas.  It was good that we went.  Then we had dinner with the Picketts.  They are a stellar family!  Have you tried their salmon recipe yet?  It is so good!

Well I love you all!  I'm excited to read all of your e-mails tomorrow!  Hey!  Tell grandma to write me!  Will ya?

Love Molly

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