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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day and splits with sister trainers!

September 16, 2013
I love Mondays.  By the end of a long week they become the day that I look forward to!  So today was my appointment at the dermatologist for my thrush (I still don’t understand what I’m going to a dermatologist for…)  That was a fail!  We typed it into the GPS but the wrong city.  We drove 15 minutes away.  Come to find out it’s like a 5 minute drive from our apartment!  Oops!  Needless to say, I missed my appointment.  Now it’s for next Friday.  I won’t miss that one.  After failing with the doctor we drove to the church to e-mail.  Sis. Carrigan and I were hyper or something!  We turned up the music as loud as it could go and were singing at the top of our lungs.  It was fun.

Thank you for e-mailing me every week!  Out of my whole P-day, e-mailing is my most favorite!  It’s when I feel closest to you guys.  I love picturing each one of you at the computer typing away!  Even though Idaho and Georgia really aren’t that far away, sometimes it feels like it.  E-mailing helps me remember that it’s actually not that far away. 

Grandma George sent me a letter that she calls her “sisters e-mail” or something like that.  It was nice to hear from her.  I still haven’t gotten a letter from Grandma Syndergaard yet.  I know that won’t happen for a while since she is in Belgium though.  Lucky Hatches!  After E-mailing we went to the Mall of Georgia.  Oh my HUGE.  It was gigantic.  Sister Carrigan was on the lookout for b-day presents for two of her sisters and I was on the lookout for Sydney’s present and an epic pirate present.  Well, sadly I didn’t find anything awesome for Sydney there and though I did find a pretty fun pirate present it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  I almost waited for Christmas to send that to you Momma, but I couldn’t wait.  So, I stuck it in there with Sydney’s. 

After the mall we headed over to WalMart for groceries.  When we walked in, one of the first things I saw was the masks for Halloween.  I have ALWAYS wanted a cool masquerade mask and they had some fun ones.  So I got one. ☺  I also found Sydney her mustache present.  I’m sorry if it doesn’t fit.  It was so cute and fun.

We still had about an hour left of P-day.  So we went back to the church and checked for e-mails for the last time and just hung out.  Sis. Wolfert found out about the red shorts and the Elders got in trouble.  They think that Sis. Carrigan told on them so they are mad at us.  She says she didn’t.  I believe her.  I dunno who did but I’m glad they did!  The Elders said we will discuss it in district meeting tomorrow.  I don’t know why they care.  They know they shouldn’t have worn the shorts.

Oh!  Here is something crazy cool that happened.  So, there is a lady who has been being taught by the Sisters in Collins Hill.  Well, one of them got really sick so she went home and instead of putting another Sister in Collins Hill, they just took the companion and transferred her.  Anyways, this lady wants to be taught by Sisters.  The lady’s name is Kelly (therefore she is awesome).  She is friends with a guy whose parents are in our ward.  Kind of complicated.  His parents have said we could teach her at their house so now she is our investigator!  We called her and the first thing she said to me was, “You have no idea how close I am to baptism!”  Sweet!  She had a date but the day after she set a date, her husband said he wanted a divorce.  Stupid Satan!  Ugg!  So, she is trying to figure all that out… I am sad that she lost her other sisters but I am excited to teach her.  So, that is my fun thought.

We had dinner with the Higginbothms.  They have 2 cute red headed kids.  They are a fun family.  We finished our day off with attempting to tract.  It was really dark and the road we were doing was busy and didn’t have a sidewalk.  So, we decided that wouldn’t be so good, and went to go see Mary.  She wasn’t home.  By that time it was almost 9 o’clock so we headed home and called a bunch of people.  We are doing an exchange tomorrow with the Sister training leaders.  I’m nervous!  I’m staying here so I will be in charge of our area…  Yikes!  I’m pretty nervous!

September 17, 2013

Today was quite eventful!  First was district meeting.  It went really well.  When we split off to do role playing we found out that Sis. Alvey  (she came out with me) was the one who told Sis. Wolfert about the shorts.  I was so glad and pretty proud of her!  She said if the Elders asked her straight up she would tell them.  They did.  She told them and now they are all mad at her.  I stood up for her but I don’t think it helped too much…

After the meeting we went to go meet up with the Sister training leaders.  Ahhh!  Sis. Hamilton is with me.  She is really sweet!  We have been having a good day.  We did a lot of service today.  First we went to Marni’s and helped her clean.   Did I tell you about Marni?  She is the Pickett’s neighbor who completely busted up her ankle and can’t do like anything.  She is a sweetheart!  After Marni’s we went to a lady named Fae.  We tracted into her.  She is a widow and doesn’t want to listen to what we have to say but called and asked if we could help her fix her railing.  She is sweet but unless she lets us share a message we can’t really go back and do things for her.  We had dinner cancel on us and neither of us were really hungry so we just decided to tract.  A lot of people answered their doors!  And they talked to us!  That was kinda crazy but way fun.  I have learned how to do better door approaches from Sis Hamilton.  While we tracted, we talked a lot.  I asked how they decide who goes where on exchanges.  She said lots of prayer.  Then she said the reason I stayed here was they wanted to see if and how I led an area.  She said that I would be okay and that I had done a good job leading.  It was really nice to hear!  Especially since I had been so nervous!

                                                                 Sister Hamiton and me!

After tracting we headed over to see Stephanie.  She wanted to go outside so that she could smoke while we were talking…yup a little frustrating that!  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and then somehow we got on the subject of her smoking…  Probably cause she was smoking…  She said that she would quit when she was married, had a 4 year old and was done with school caused then she wouldn’t be stressed anymore.  So Sis. Hamilton asked her why not now?  She told her the church has a program.  At first Stephanie was stubborn and said no.  Slowly as we kept talking though she convinced herself she would try the program!  Sweet!  Then she got really excited and asked if we would come in while she told Sis. Rhodes.  I wish Sis. Rhodes would have been a little more excited.  Hopefully she will get more excited and supportive of this program and Stephanie.  It’s a pretty intense 7 day program and she needs all the support she can get!  It’s not gonna be easy but the end result will be so worth it.  I’m so excited!

September 18, 2013

We exchanged back this afternoon.  It was pretty fun to be with Sis. Hamilton!  She is awesome!  It was nice to get Sis. Carrigan back though.  Before we exchanged back we went to try and see Clara.  Sarah Holgado had texted us and asked us if she could come with us.   Sweet.  We went and got her and then headed over to Clara’s.  She didn’t answer!  Dang it!  Sis. Hamilton turned to me and said, “OK senior companion, what’s the plan?”  I decided we would go tracting for a bit in a neighborhood that Sis. Carrigan and I hadn’t quite finished.  Then we would stop at the post office cause in Coal Mt. where Sis Hamilton is at, they don’t really have a post office.  It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.  Luckily, I had the package to send off to you guys so that worked out well.  So we did all that, dropped Sarah off cause she couldn’t come with us.  We were gonna pick her back up after we exchanged back.

We went and drove to the half-way point and waited for Sis. Alder and Sis. Carrigan.  They drove up in a 2014 Mustang (a member was driving them).  It was a nice car.  We took pictures, talked for a little bit and then went our separate ways.  I was nervous at first but the exchanges were really fun!  I learned lots and Sis. Hamilton is awesome!

When we got back, we ran home, dropped off Sis. Carrigan’s things and went to pick up Sarah again.  There was a neighborhood we passed a few days ago and we have been wanting to tract.  It isn’t gated and the houses are huge.  The first house we went to no one answered.  The 2nd house, the lady came to the window with the phone to her ear.  She then started telling us we were lost sheep… blah, blah, blah.  Poor Sarah!  She was pretty shocked.  We got out of there and the last thing the lady says is, “I really hope that y’all end up in heaven.  I would like to see you there.”  Well, gee thanks.  As we were walking down the driveway I looked over to the first house we had tried, the lady is on her phone looking at us and talking…  The women were on the phone with each other!  Good grief.  We tracted for almost 3 hours. 

Then we took Sarah home and we went to dinner at the Garfield’s.   They are crazy tall!  Bro. Garfield is like almost 7 feet tall and Sis. Garfield is like 6 feet.  Their kids are all tall too.  The 4 year old is as tall as Sydney.  Their kids are crazy fun!  They run around and yell and scream.  We had a really awesome conversation with Bro. and Sis. Garfield though.  When we were leaving Bro. Garfield asked if I liked cranberries.  He then gave me a 1 lb. bag of them.  They go against his diet.  Yah for me.  Bummer for him. 
After dinner we went to see Ethan Pittenger.  A few weeks ago we went to visit his dad (a less active).  Ethan was outside talking on his phone.  He told us he really wanted to talk to us and could we come back later.  He is the only one not baptized and he is a really awesome kid!  He bounded out of the house when we came and listened intently.  He was so focused on what we were saying.  It was awesome!  Hopefully we can get him involved in Young Mens and get him baptized.  Hopefully his dad would come back to church if we could do that!

September 19, 2013

HAPPY NATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!!  I have been thinking about you all day long Momma.  I still haven’t gotten my package…  Maybe it is stuck at the mission office.  I check for it every day!  Richard cancelled on us this morning.  His son is getting a divorce and so his grandson is staying with him for a little bit.  I was so hoping to find out how his temple visit went!  Dang it!!  Instead we tracted until it was time to go see Bro. Hiers.  After Bro. Hiers we went to meet Kelly.  She is so cute.  Oh boy, does she need to get baptized.  She is so very ready and I wish that she would just get baptized!  She is really cute and I like her lots.  I guess Pres. Wolfert is going to need to interview her though but that shouldn’t be too big of a deal hopefully…  Oh!  Fun thing for the day.  I saw a man driving and he had an eye patch on.  Haha!  Way to celebrate!  Basically that was all that was exciting today.  We had dinner at the Brintons today.  They are a really cute family.  They have two little boys and Sis. Brinton is 22.  So it was pretty fun to hang out with members our age.

I saw this bumper sticker when we were driving.  I tried to take a picture from the car.  So that is why it is a little bit blurry.  It says, "My other car is a pirate ship!"

September 20, 2013

Today we went and saw Moses.  It was kind of our make or break lesson.  We had no idea what we were going to talk about…  Well, kind of.  We had talked about just asking him to be baptized.  Sis. Carrigan asked him to be baptized, which was awesome, but he said no.    Who knows what will happen with him now.

After that we went to go meet Lauren.  She is from the other ward that meets in our church building.  She leaves on her mission to Salt Lake in November.  At church she asked if she could come out with us.  We were just going tracting but she was okay with that.  So our last house a lady answers the door.  We told her who we were and she invited us in!  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was very open to it.  She has 7 kids, they are modest and basically a perfect Mormon family!  We are going back on Monday night to teach her and her husband.  She said he would probably be pretty skeptical.  That is okay.  The Spirit can speak to him.  It would be so awesome to teach them and have them all be baptized!  I could go to their sealing!!  Ok, getting ahead of myself there.  First we need to get them baptized.  So that was fun.

Haha!  I have a funny story to tell you!  Ok, so, mom, you know when we were looking for your missionary calendar and we found the book with the stories in it?  Well, just keep that in mind… Ok, so I was talking to Bro. and Sis. Olson (we were at their house for dinner).  I was telling a story and I meant to say the word fault…only I didn’t say the word fault but one close to it.  (This was a book that had a story of a man that had a speech impediment where he could not say the letter “L”.  Replaced it with the letter “R”)   Ah!  It was so embarrassing and super funny.  Only Sis. Carrigan seemed to notice and she was trying so hard to not start laughing.  So was I!  I finished what I was saying and took a drink of water to cover up my laughing.  Oh boy!

September 21, 2013

Since we didn’t weekly plan yesterday.  We did it today.  It has been raining  pretty much nonstop today and it has been raining hard.  We went and helped Marni clean her house for about an hour and a half.   Actually probably 2 hours.  After Marni’s we went to Yogli Mogli for frozen yogurt.  Sarah Holgado just started there and she asked if we would come to see her there..  We have become really good friends with her and I love it!  She is so cute!  After that we went tracting in the rain.  I loved it!  Take a Saturday and add rain and EVERYONE is home.  Whoot!  We got 24 contacts in the space of 2 hours.  We felt very proud.  After tracting it was getting dark.  We went and grabbed dinner and then after we ate we went over to Bro. Picketts.  He asked us to come meet with him to talk about our investigators (he is the ward mission leader)  Not super eventful but fun never the less.

September 22, 2013

So I woke up with a super sore throat.  We were fasting for our investigators today so not only did I have a sore throat but I wasn’t able to drink any water to sooth it.  It was ward conference today.  Kelly came to sacrament meeting and sat by us.  She is really cute!  I hope everything works out with her.  During the second hour they called Sis. Carrigan and I up to give like a one minute review on how members can be missionaries.  Sis. Carrigan went first.  When it was my turn Bro. Pett just asked me a few questions and then had me sit back down.  After church we were going to really quick finish figuring out the smoking cessation program.  It turned into like a 3 hour deal.  A little frustrating but I tried to make the best of it. 
We had dinner at the Noblits.  That was fun!  Bro. Noblit served his mission in Madrid Spain.  Is that where Benji went?  It was funny.  He actually reminded me a lot of Benjamin.  They are fostering 6 puppies right now.  And when I say puppies, I mean like 5 week old puppies.  Sydney!  You would have loved it!  They were so cute.  They were as close to holding babies that I will get to for a while.  So that was fun.

After dinner we went tracting.  We only needed to contact 5 more people to hit our goal of 70 contacts.  We made it.  We got 74 contacts for the week.  Sweet!  So that was fun!  Man, I say that a lot.  I will try not to.  We then went home and added up our numbers for the week and sent them in.

We were both really hyper so we turned on the Inside Out CD and filmed ourselves singing the snowman songs in different outfits we improvised from around the apartment.  I would send them to you but the e-mail will not allow it.  Guess you will just have to watch them when I send you my memory card.  I know you will roll your eyes but we had fun!  I love you all.  I hope you have a fabulous week.


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