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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ups, Downs and "Cults Overview"

August 26, 2013

Greetings Mi Familia! (Lacey, did I write that right?)  Hmmm!  That was a pretty dang big letter that I sent off this week!  I hope that you all got a kick out of my little random tangents and venting and other weird, awkward missionary thoughts…  Today was fun.  We stayed at the church the whole time.  We e-mailed, hung out with the other missionaries in our zone who came over to our church, played board games and just relaxed.  We got a gift card to Chick-fil-A from one of the ladies in our ward so Sis. Carrigan and I went to go get lunch.  We told the Elders where we were going and suddenly we had about 5 extra orders.  When we got to Chick-fil-A we looked like pigs because we had 5 bags, 2 drink carriers and just the 2 of us.  At about 5 o’clock we needed to run to the store for groceries…  Momma!  Guess what I found!  Stroop waffles!!  Oh!  I was so excited!  I indulged, I confess.  But man.  Oh, so very worth it!

After P-day we were going over to the Henderson’s for dinner.  

August 27, 2013

Today was pretty dang near perfect!  We had district meeting today.  That went really well!  I had to do a 15 minute lesson on hope…  That did not go so well..  But!  It is over and done with and I won’t have to worry about that again for a while…  I think.  It really wasn’t terrible but for some reason the subject of hope was difficult for me.  I studied and studied but I just don’t feel like I taught it that well.  Anyways, that is done and over and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

After district meeting we went out to lunch at a place called Stevie B’s.  It’s basically a pizza/salad buffet.  I ate a lot of salad.  I wasn’t feeling too great.  We found out I had a fever.  But I didn’t care!  We were going out tracting today!  I wasn’t going to let a stupid fever stop me!

We had called Moses yesterday and asked if we could come over.  He said he would let us know…  He texted us this morning and said we could come at 2.  That was awesome!  But since he is only 21 we had to find someone to come with us.  Bro. Wernli had been talking to Moses a lot at church so we texted him and said we knew it was short notice but could he possibly come?  Thank heavens for miracles!  He said he could come from 2:15 to 3.  We went and taught him the restoration and the history of the Book of Mormon.  He accepted everything really well and even related to Joseph Smith.  That was my first official lesson!  Whoot!  We are trying to set up another appointment with him for this week.  We will see.  He said he would read the Book of Mormon and we are so hoping he does.  After Moses we went tracting for a while.  It went fine.  We found a few possible investigators…  We shall see.

We tracted until 5 and we were heading to dinner with the Holgados (they were the ones we missed dinner with because of our stupid car).  We saw the Spanish-speaking Elders walking and so of course, Sis. Carrigan pulled over and asked if they wanted a ride.  I guess they ran out of miles and so they had to walk.  I didn’t mind giving them a ride too much.   They had been walking for 6 miles and still had about 6 to go to get to dinner.  The only problem is that we ended up late for dinner.  I hate being late!  It gives me a yucky sick feeling.  And we had already missed dinner once with them.  We got there 15 minutes late.  The Holgados are super cute!  They have 2 sons with disabilities.  Bro. Holgado is from Spain and they are both converts.  They are so cute!  

After dinner we decided to stop by and try to see Cherese.  When we drove by her house there were a bunch of boys with no shirts.  We just kept driving.  We figured it was her little brother and we would just try later.  So we tracted.  We started walking down this side road but it was getting dark… it was about 8:30.  We turned around to come back when a car pulled onto the lane.  We talked to the lady, it was a 2500 foot driveway!  Crazy!

We stopped at Cherese’s house on our way home.  Her brother Colt answered.  He was so sweet!  He said Cherese talks about us a lot.  YES!  He also said she would be home all day tomorrow.  So we will try then.

August 28, 2013

I have never been this tired in my whole entire life.  Bed time is blissful happiness.  Last night I was having the hardest time sleeping even though I was so tired!  And then when I did start to fall asleep I suddenly got a charlie horse in my calf.  Ow!  One of Pres. Wolfert’s favorite things to say when a missionary tells him he/she is tired is “You can sleep when you go back home!”  Guess I’m not sleeping for a while!

Ok now about my day. Oh wait, back up!  I forgot to tell you something from yesterday…  We were tracting on a road kind of like East River Road where it is pretty busy and the houses are spaced out.  A group of bikers (not motorcycles but real bikers) rode past us and we got whistled at.  It made us laugh.  Ok!  Now, so we tried to go back to a lady’s house who had answered the door yesterday and said to come back at 10 today.  She wasn’t home.  Our appointment with Sis. Hefton got cancelled.   Again.  She has been pretty less active and about 2 weeks ago she came to church and asked us if we would give her the lessons.  We said sure and have set up 3 appointments to go see her.  She has cancelled every time!  Well Adrienne called us right after Sis. Hefton (Adrienne is a recent convert..  She is something else.  Oh Ya!  I told you about her.  She is the one who calls me potato baby.)  Anyways, she asked us if we would come visit.  Last week she had strep and I guess now she is getting over pink eye.  She promised us we wouldn’t get anything though cause she isn’t contagious anymore.  She better not be!  I don’t want strep or pink eye!  We went and saw her.  Basically she told us her childhood.  It was…well ummm she had a pretty sketchy childhood and she did a lot of not so great stuff…  Yay for the repentance process!  She is a sweetie!

After we went and heard a whole lota things we didn’t need to hear we went tracting.  Not many people were home.  We did run into a guy who talked to us for quite a while.  He was very much not interested though!  There are a few JW’s in his neighborhood so he has learned to twist words.  He wasn’t mean and he did take a B of M but that seed isn’t going to be growing quickly anytime soon I think…We finished tracting that neighborhood and went to another one we had picked out.  

We pulled over and had just finished praying when a tree across the street and about 50 feet ahead of us just fell down!  A biker was just riding by us and looked over to us with the expression on his face like, "Tell me you just saw that!"  We were pretty surprised and very glad no one had been there on the road when it fell.  We knocked on a few houses and no one answered.  One house a lady answered the door and talked with us.  She was really cute!  She gave us some water bottles too.  It was so nice!  After her house the Elders called us.  They had somehow gotten to Cummings because E. Baker had to give a baptismal interview but didn’t have a ride back.  We had a referral we were supposed to go see but we went and got them instead and were late for our referral.  After getting the Elders we went to go visit Loyce, our referral.  She answered the door with a towel on, a shower cap, and a toothbrush in her mouth.  She let us in and talked to us.  It was so funny!  Her towel kept slipping waaay down.  As a CAN I have seen worse.  Mostly it was just really funny!  She was way sweet and totally willing to listen to us.

We went to the Ketchums for dinner.  They are definitely one of my favorite family in the ward.  Sister Ketchum is Phillipino and she is the sweetest thing ever.  Brother Ketchum is awesome!  He is half Japanese and one of the nicest guys on the face of the planet.  We had a fun time with them.  All I have heard since I got here is how amazing Bro. Ketchum’s sushi is.  Sadly no sushu tonight but he did say next time… Yay!

Elder Baker wrote you guys.  I have no idea what he said but I hope it’s all nice!  I didn’t even know he was going to do that.  He wrote Sis. Carrigan’s family too.  He said he didn’t really know how to say things in her letter cause he doesn’t really know their relationship.  I said, “What about my mom?”  He said, “I figure you are exactly the same as your mom.”  Bingo!  I talk about you guys a lot.  Sis. Carrigan doesn’t talk about her family that much.

After dinner we dropped the Elders off at their appointment.  On our way there Sis Carrigan ran into a bird.  I was in the passenger seat looking down and suddenly she starts screaming.  Loud!  I thought we were getting hit by a car.  So then I start screaming and looked up.  I see a ball of feathers slam into our windshield and fall to the driver’s side.  I started laughing when I figured out we weren’t being hit.  It was funny.  We drove all the way to the Elder’s appointment with a bird on our car because Sis Carrigan didn’t want to touch it and she didn’t want anyone else to touch it.  We finally got it off!  Thank goodness!  After that we were supposed to go talk to Sis. Rhode’s niece Stephanie.  She isn’t a member so we were just going to teach her the first discussion.  We started talking and the Spirit was really strong.  All of us sudden she just starts making jokes and making fun of us.  She was being really rude.  Basically she could feel the Spirit but she felt uncomfortable with it and so she was trying to drive it away.  It was so frustrating.

August 29, 2013

This morning we went and saw Richard.  He is the one who believes in the Book of Mormon but thinks he doesn’t need to become a Mormon.  He is a sweetheart but a very confused sweetheart.  He reads everything and believes it.  Some wacko wrote a book called The Secret Teachings of Jesus and it has lost parts of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Peter.  Richard believes it.  He is a handful!  Cute, but a handful nonetheless.  He has had like 4 sets of missionaries knock on his door.  We are the first who he has ever let in.  He doesn’t have any teeth and can’t afford dentures.  He is VERY self-conscious about it.  It is really very sad.

After Richard came Bro. Hiers set appointment.  After Bro. Hiers we went tracting.  We went to a house and no one answered.  We were walking back down the driveway and a lady pulled in.  When she opened the door I started talking to her.  She shook her head and signed “I’m deaf”  Ha!  Sweet!  So I started signing to her.  She was so not expecting that!  Sadly she said no.  Dang it!  It was fun to sign to someone for a little bit!  I miss that…

We had dinner with the Rodriguez family tonight.  It is supposed to be our last time eating at the same house with the Elders.  Our ward isn’t very happy about that new rule.  I don’t think that some families will be willing to help us keep that rule.  I guess we will see when we get the dinner calendar on Sunday… They are a fun family.

August 30, 2013

Ahhh weekly planning and comp inventory.  Even when you love your companion and things are going pretty good I think comp inventory is a blessing.  I guess this week we have both had our patience tried.  To be honest I don’t think either one of us has been very good at being patient.  We are just going to both have to work at it I suppose.

We went to dinner at the Smith’s tonight.  They have 3 little boys that are all over the place!  They were way cute though.  After dinner we went to see Moses.  We met his mom.  She was really nice and we talked for a little bit.  We read chapter 2 with Moses cause he hasn’t been reading.  He told us that 2 people stopped by and gave him some pamphlets.   He showed them to us…  JW’s.  He is checking out a lot of churches right now.  He is a lot like Joseph Smith.  We are just praying that he sees the difference of ours!  He isn’t coming to church this Sunday.  He got his car back and is going to his church.  Well, we can only pray that he listens to the Spirit on this one!  Besides visiting him and encouraging and inviting him there isn’t much else we can do.

August 31, 2013

Oh boy.  Today did not go as planned.  Dang it!  We had some really awesome plans.  So we had to finish weekly planning a little and do some 12 week.  That meant that we weren’t going to leave the house as early as we would like.  We had a list of people we were planning on seeing and a lot of tracting to do.  We have been trying super-hard this week to get our 70 contacts.  We had 22 contacts to go to reach our goal.  But we had it.  We knew what we needed to do and where to go!  But, so sad, too bad.  That was not in store for us today.  We got a call from Ben, Loyce’s husband.  The cute Jamaican lady who’s towel kept falling down.  They were planning on moving today and could we help?  Well, we are nice!  We said yes.  They didn’t have a truck yet and he was on his way to get it.  THEN we got a call from Bro. Hiers and Bro. Nevin.  They wanted us over for waffles.  Again.  Today.  We told them we could but only for a little bit.  We grabbed the Elders and headed over to Loyce and Ben’s.  Loyce didn’t know that Ben had called us.  They had no truck and she had been waiting to call us to help with the big stuff.  She was annoyed with Ben but so cute to us!  She kept telling the Elders how much she loves us and how we were best friends.  We have met her only once.  She felt bad that we came over and they weren’t ready.  She is SO cute!  I can’t wait to start teaching her!

After we finished we only had like 15 minutes before dinner.  We went to go check out some of the streets we have been planning to tract.  We have also started judging mail boxes.  I know, it is weird but it keeps us entertained when we are tracting.

We had dinner at the Johns.  Their 13 year old daughter is an even crazier reader than me and Lacey!  She read Les Miserables the unabridged version in 5 days!!  Crazy!

After dinner Sis. Carrigan asked E. Baker for a blessing.  We went to the church and he gave her one.  It was good.  I love the priesthood.

We finished off the night with tracting.  People don’t like us tracting at night.  It has been getting dark at 8:30 and will continue to get dark earlier and earlier..  Dang it!  We will have to start figuring out new things.

September 1, 2013

Today, today was a fabulous day!  So in the morning we went around to a bunch of churches to talk to them about an emergency preparedness seminar going on for Gwinette County.  It is being held in one of our churches but not by us.  They asked Pres. Wolfert if we could go around and talk to churches.  They don’t like us coming into their churches though.  Almost every single pastor that we talked to said they don’t need to do this cause their church has a plan.  But it’s not for the churches!  It’s for the county!  Ahh well.  I sent you a picture of the cult.  It was so funny!

Moses didn’t come today.  That was okay though.  You know how there are people that get up to bear their testimonies and you do a face palm?  That was Sunday.  It was a little wild!  It was pretty funny though and made me giggle.

Church was good.  It always is.  After church we went tracting.  We were having so much fun!  In order to get our 70 contacts we needed 25 people.  We got so close!  We ended up with 62.  Darn it!  We will get it for sure next week.  Mom, to answer your tracting question…  We kind of just pick a street and tract.  If they don’t answer then they don’t answer.  We probably should start keeping track…  I like how you did it…  After tracting we went to the Picketts for dinner.  It was so good!  They had salmon and the way that it was seasoned was SO good.  I’m getting the recipe from Sis. Pickett.

After dinner we went and saw Cherese.  She hadn’t been home when Colt said she would be but she was home this time!  She is SO ready!  She asked us for a Book of Mormon and is for sure coming to church next week!  Yah!  Ah!  She is awesome!  Well, that was our day.  I will keep you updated on Moses and Cherese and Mary.

I love you all! 



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